tagFetishValentine's Heartbreak

Valentine's Heartbreak


A months passed since the awful day that Bill, my horrible bully, fucked my mum. Again and again and again. I don't know if he's been back for more or not, after begging him not to my next move was to run away. I couldn't live there any more. I haven't spoken to my mum, I haven't gone near that house.

Living with my uncle now and my life has improved no end. No longer get any beatings at gym, no longer see my slut of a mother. No longer live in torment.

Uncle Harry has turned my life around in a matter of weeks. I now go to a new gym, a boxing gym, and Harry has taught me that when he was a kid people tried to pick on him. He'd just answer with "Want to fight? Meet me in the ring."

No one would mess with him.

I'm not staying here for good, though. I need to make my own life. Applied for university two weeks ago. Last minute decision. Going a year late but who really gives a fuck. Girls love a bit of maturity.

Talking of girls, I've met one! She's a life guard down at the beach. Zoe. Beautiful brunette with the cutest smile. Somehow she has a banging body too even though I swear she's always eating. Wish I could take her to uni. Think I'm a little bit in love.

Taking her on a date later, maybe I'll get my first proper kiss! Going to go down the bowling alley, her idea. She texts me all the time, every morning and every night. I called her beautiful the other day and she blushed! I think she likes me too.

I'm so nervous, I hope it goes well. One week till Valentine's day. Hopefully my least favourite day of the year will turn into the best.

Later on that night, after spending two hours getting ready and swigging down some whiskey to calm my nerves. Uncle Harry drops me off outside the alley. "Go get her, remember to be yourself, take some chuddy..." before whispering in my ear "...and smash her back doors in." ********************************************************

"Oh god he's finally here" Zoe chatters to her mate on the phone.

"He's getting dropped off by his dad." She giggles. "...That's so nerdy... he's so my type."

Dressed up in a hot red dress with her finest perfume on, slender as a model, and with her legs on show. "I hope I don't look just, too sexy, ya know."

She hurries the phone call " Okay okay I'll call you later he's coming over. Mwah mwah byee"

The suddenly shy guy approaches wearing his shiney new shoes and ripped jeans. Almost shaking as he holds out his hand for her to shake. "Hi- hi... I'm Matty."

She chuckles and goes in for a hug, embracing him fully. "I know dafty, I've been speaking to you for weeks!"

Hours go by, Matty really opens up to her. He smashes her at bowling by nearly getting strikes every single bowl. He pays up and then takes her out to dinner.

She slides her foot up and down his leg during pudding, and tells him "...I just want a little excitement."

Queue raging boner in that mans jeans.

However, sadly, this story doesn't have a happy ending, yet.

Matty gets a text on his phone that makes his blood boil.

Unknown number: "Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know that I'm moving away, but I'm going to fuck your mother again before I leave. She can't get enough of me :'D :'D :'D loves the D too much"

Literally sends me messages begging me to come back every day"

How are you anyway, Virgin?"

The look on Matty's face is of pure disgust. Zoe tries to play it off with a "...well aren't you Mr popular?"

The heart broken man cannot answer her, he just looks at his date with his jaw dropped.

Zoe asks "Hey? What's up?... Can we please pay up and... go back to mine?"

He can't do it. He can't. "...sorry. I have to go."

Matty storms off in tears into the street to holla a cab, leaving Zoe with a £60 Bill to pay.

Drink. Drink. Booze. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Weed. Pizza. Booze and more drink is the answer for poor Matty.

Hungover in the mornings, feeling shit during the day, smashing the shit out of punching bags in the afternoon, and swigging down more drink at night fills up the next few days.

It's made even worse by a picture message that he cannot stop looking at. Cum. Drizzled all over his warn out mother face, her mascara running down her cheeks like she's been crying.

And to top it off "SLUT" written on her forehead with big black writing.

Shamelessly, this photo isn't just sent to Matty's phone. It's shared on Bills Facebook. With 250 likes and dozens of comments. ***************************************************** I have to do something. I can't just sit here and wait. Moping around like an idiot. I have to fix this.

"Please can I see you?" I send Zoe a message, the first for a week. Sent at 2am on the 14th of February.

The reply "No." At 7am doesn't stop me "I'm going to be working today."

I leg it. Sprint down to the beach. I have to sort my life out.

When I get down there, panting, my legs aching, sweat dripping off my top and forehead. The sun scorching my skin. The sight before my eyes makes me shiver.


Standing at the lifeguard hut with his top off, and Zoe, one of three girls talking to him. Her face visibly blushing.

I freeze to the spot. What the fuck is he doing there?

Storming in, I have to get her away from him. "Zoe! Please. Please speak to me."

I somewhat shock her, she gasps, and Bill smirks.

"No, go away, please. I don't want you to be here." She shakes her hand at me.

"C'mon c'mon please can we talk?"

Bill watches, with his c.v in hand. Clearly applying for a job at the beach. This is all just a huge coincidence.

Our exchange of words last about a minute longer before the bully steps in.

"Cutie, is he bothering you?" He acts all gentlemanly.

Before she openly nods her head with a blunt "Uhhh.. yes."

The huge teen steps forward and sucker punches me in the gut.

It winds me, but I manage to land a blow back, punching him in the jaw. "Jesus, you're strong."

But sadly not strong enough as he grabs me by the arm and shoves me out the hut into the sand "Learn to respect women, if she says no, then go." *************************************************** Zoe is overcome with emotions. She looks down at matty with hate in her eyes and she looks up at Bill in awe. She was going to fuck him anyway this just made certain of it.

She steps up to him and with her heart in peices she looks down at the nerd in the sand and says "You deserve this. Now fuck off."

Weeping, Matty rubs off into the street back to his uncles. Bill places his arm around Zoe and she lets him know "You've so got the job."

With devilment in his voice Bill whispers into her ear "...and you on your knees."

She doesn't know what to say, can only blush and nod.

"I've never had sex on the beach before..." Bill smirks, looking up and down the coast for a secluded spot.

Zoe gasps and giggles, letting him know "...I've never had sex before."

This is just open infront of her two other co workers, who are beyond words. Is their colleague going to skip off work for a bit to fuck a complete stranger?

The answer is yes. As she grabs his hand and leads him down the beach to a pile up of rocks. Anyone could see if the went round the corner.

He spanks her bubbly bum as she leads the bully. Making her giggle.

"You do realise that as soon as we get behind those rocks you're mine. My fucking whore. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll never want to have sex with anyone else ever again."

She is stunned, but flirts "...if you say so... I'll be your whore."

She kisses him. Once. Plump on the lips. She's so sweet and she's so gorgeous, and she's kissing the bully.

She wriggles her fingers down his six pack and onto his beach shorts. Feeling the outline of his dick. She whispers "Oooh you are big."

Getting on to her knees in the hot sand and pulling down those shorts to his ankles slowly. His monster cock gets revealed and pokes her in the cheek as it's released.

"HOLY..." She's in shock. Mouth wide open. Eyes gawping as she looks from bottom to tip of his huge dick.

She measure it by comparing the size of her forearm to it "Its bigger! How the fuck is this even possible?"

Bill smirks, he's heard it a hundred times. He doesn't say anything. He doesn't want to. Just grabs hold of the shaft and lays it across her face.

"Shut up."

The words shock her to the core. But she gets the picture. Slipping her wet tongue out of her lips to lick all along his shaft.

"Fucking whore."

He rubs his cock from side to side over her face and whacks her with it once, twice, three times.

She only replies with kisses. How can he be so mean? So horrible. And she just adores him.

"Get those cocksucking lips around my mother fucking cock." He demands, while playing with her. Slapping her with his hard cock till her cheeks are red.

"What's the matter, slut? Can't make it? Can't fit?" He smirks, spitting down at her. His glob landing on her rose red cheeks.

"Skinny whore." He degrades her, before finally letting his cock rest on her face again.

She is almost crying, but can't stop herself. Her lips continue to kiss his heavy dick and she works her way up to the top.

Just like Matty's mum, she struggles to fit his bellend inside her warm lips. She let's her tongue do some work and she suckles on the tip for a good couple minutes. She can't get very far down at all, but dribble still seeps down her chin and coats his cock.

Suddenly, Bill grunts "Ah fuck, I cant believe you were with that whimp earlier."

Just before the big strong bully grabs hold of her hair and rams his cock down her throat.

Zoe can barely handle it. It's hard and fast, he keeps slamming it deep down like his fucking her with a vengeance.

He throats her. Holding her down as far as she can go. She chokes and gags at the base. He holds her there for a good few seconds until he lets her go.

Letting her gasp for air that she badly needed.

"You're a whore. A worthless whore."

Tears stream down her cheeks while she looks at his cock, it's coated with her spit, dripping down it.

"Worthless whore." He repeats, before yanking her lifeguard top off. Her bare boobs on show to him.

"Get on your back." Bill demands, and she willingly obliges. He smoothly draws her panties off. Her clean, tight, untouched, and soaking wet fanny open to him.

Spreading her legs he plants his massive dick ontop of her pussy and lays it up her tummy. He really is too big for her. He's going to destroy her.

Seconds later the sound of her screaming bellows out over the beach. Her co workers can hear her moaning over the rocks and 50 yards further.

Until he plants his hand over her mouth and humps her more slowly. "Shut up, worthless whore. People will hear."

She tries to keep it contained but seconds later she orgasms hard on his dick, forcing it out and squirting on the rock behind them.

"Hahaha. Whore." He smirks, fucking her again, making sand cover her sweaty body and hair.

Soon he's had enough, because he's not doing this for her enjoyment, he's using her as toy to make him cum.

He gets up and stands over her. Letting her writhe around in the sand for a few seconds while his load builds up. Spraying her with several jets of spunk. Some lands on her face, some on her chest, tummy, legs. He sprays her again and again and again.

Grabbing her top to wipe the juices off his cock, he smirks. Looking down at the poor girl who has one aching pussy. "How was that?"

"...Please can we do it again?" She groans "...not now... another time..."

He just laughs and dumps her top back down next to her, grabbing his phone from his beach shorts. "...only if you do one little thing for me." *****************************************************

Back at my uncle's house, half a bottle of rum down my neck, I receive one more message from the number saved as "Dickhead"

"Guess this will end up online too. Hahaha. Virgin."

A short video of Zoe's worn out and used face, with cum shot on her cheek, and her lipstick smudged all over. Just her face. I don't get to see her body.

"Please Bill. Please Bill. I'm begging you. Please fuck me again."

More cum shoots onto her face, splattering in her eyes. "What are you?"


"WHAT are you!?"

"...I'm - I'm a worthless whore."

I will get my revenge... right?

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/28/19

Love this!

Amazing how he kept the humiliation going. I’d love to see what would happen if he had a sister, or if in the future bill was more successful, and came across his family e.g. wife and daughter.

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by Anonymous03/13/19

There is always a bigger fish in the sea

Matty has a bigger dick and fucks whoever Bill fucks

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by Anonymous03/02/19


Would have been perfect if bully made the nerd clean Zoe up. Biggest humiliation would be to taste his cum.

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by Anonymous03/02/19


Mr.author please write revenge story

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