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Valentine's Victory


Should I do it? I think I will. I am going to bring him his Valentine's gift at work. That will surprise him to no end. He has been after me to get out of the house for over two years. Ever since I was in the car accident that left me scarred, I have not dared to go out into the world.

I am scared of cars, scared of traffic lights, scared of everything. I have to overcome these fears. I know that I am scarred, and I know that everyone has told me that it isn't as bad as I think it is, but I have to overcome these psychological fears by myself, and I know that if I don't do it today, it won't happen. What is it that scares me? I have to tell you. On New Year's Day a few years ago I was hit by another vehicle. I was driving to my in-law's house and I was late, so I was speeding a bit. Taking all that into account, the accident was not my fault. The pick-up truck slid through the stop sign and ran directly into the driver's door on my car. Shattering glass is what has scarred me on the left side of my face and my arm.

When I asked what my husband would like for Valentine's Day, he simply said that he would love to have the "old me" back again. Everyone has taken to calling me Val because I have been anything but, as my name implies, anyone's Valentine. Yes, my name is Valentine. I have been working on trying to find her, but I am not having much luck. Before Christmas I was actually able to get into the car - although it was not running - and sit there for a while before I got completely freaked out and had to run back into the house before anybody saw me. Since then, I have been working on staying in the car for longer and longer periods time. As it has gotten colder I have had to turn the car on to get the heat.

One time one of the neighbors saw me leaving the car and called out to me. As soon as I got back inside I was actually able to call her on the phone and we talked for quite a while. It seems that she has been watching me and making sure that nothing happened to me when I was putting my time in, in the car.

My husband knows nothing of this. I have wanted to be able to surprise him and drive to his work to pick him up for a romantic night out. I know that I am pushing it, but I have to do this. I have only been working on this for just over a month, but I have to drive to the Hotel and get the room all ready. I have to make sure that all of the orders that I have made have come to pass. I ordered all of my husband's favorites and I have also ordered a bottle of champagne with some chocolate covered strawberries. Those are for me.

Early in the New Year I ordered a new negligee for myself and I actually talked a friend of mine into coming today and giving me a hair cut and a new style that I know my husband will like.

Okay, here goes everything. I put everything in the car and I drive it down the street. Coming up to the first stop sign I have to steel myself as I apply the brakes and come to a gentle halt. Making sure that there is not a vehicle in sight I gently pull out onto the otherwise busy street. By the time I drive into the valet parking at the Hotel my nerves are shattered and I am not sure how I am going to be able to do this. Since I am so early, I get us checked in and go up to the room. Upon entering I see that the roses are there and so are the chocolates and the sodas. I can not believe that I am actually here. I decide to take a quick shower before going back out on the roads.

I am glad that I was able to purchase the new clothes for us online, since I have our entire evening planned and it includes a concert by Celtic Woman. I didn't think my husband would like going to that dressed as he will be at work considering he works in a factory. I bought him a new suit, a red shirt and a black and red tie. For myself I was able to find just the right gown and cape that I figured I could be comfortable in. I used some old contacts and was able to get the use of their corporate box at the arena, and was told that whatever we wanted while we were there was on them.

Getting dressed in a new pair of slacks and top, I reach further in the bag and get the candles out that I have brought with me. I place the big 3 wick on the table next to the bed. And then the smaller ones around the room so that it will give off just the right light. On the table I place the bucket with the champagne, the strawberries, and the chocolate.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When we get back to the Hotel, I am a nervous wreak. I was able to drive there and shock my husband by picking him up at work, then I was able to drive back to the Hotel. When I handed the valet the keys My hands were shaking to the point that I almost dropped them. In the elevator on the way up to our floor, Jackson turns to me and gathers me close to him in an embrace that is so gentle it reminds me of the tenderness I saw in him when our children were born.

Taking the key card from me he opens the door for me. Upon stepping in he stops to look at everything that I had done and the clothing that is hanging up. "Wow! You have been busy! Do I get to know what we are going to be doing tonight, or is that a surprise as well?"

Just at that moment there is a knock at the door. "Room service!"

"Go and sit down, Honey, and let me handle everything. You have done so much for me in the last couple of years, that you deserve tonight." When he goes into the other room, I open the door and take the cart inside.

Everything goes great for the rest of the evening. The concert is everything I had hoped that it would be, and since we were in the corporate box, we were able to sit in relative darkness so that no one would see us. On the walk back to the Hotel I have the hood up on my cape and thankfully our city has put in covered, heated walkways from the arena to various hot spots in town.

When we get back up to the room Jackson takes me into his arms and kisses me like he use to. Quickly we shed our clothes and find ourselves in bed. Pressing into me I hear him groan. "Oh my! You are tighter than I remember. It has been way to long My Dear." Feeling him inside me seems to shatter the last of the wall that had been built up and I had been hiding behind. When he starts to move in me it is like flint on dried kindling. The sparks ignite a flame that immediately flare into a raging fire.

"Oh, Baby! That feels so good. Fuck me like you have never fucked me before!" I can see the surprise on his face, but I know that he is pleased. Harder and harder he slams into me until with a shout he unloads and I have the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. Rolling to the side he looks over at me and has surprise and awe on his face.

"My Dear, I am glad that you are back. Valentine, my Valentine, I am so glad that you have finally won your victory." Getting up, he walks into the bathroom and I hear water running in the tub. Since I had already noticed that it was a Jacuzzi style tub I was not surprised at this.After a few minutes, the water went off and I heard the jets start up. When I walk into the bathroom, Jackson has blown out most of the candles, just the ones that are right around the tub are lit. Holding out his hand, he guides me to the tub and lovingly helps me into it.

After soaking away all the stress of actually driving again and getting all of this put together I feel much more in control. When I get out I find that Jackson has taken out my robe and my negligee and laid them out for me. I look around and notice that he is not in the room. I shrug and go over to the champagne. Pouring out a partial glass, I take a small sip. Hearing someone at the door I turn around and see my wonderful husband walking into the room with a waiter right behind him.

"My Dear, I know that you have a sweet tooth and I know how much you love chocolate, so, if you are interested in having a little fun, we can." Motioning for the waiter to unload his tray on the table, he comes over to me. "We had always talked about doing some fun things, but we never got around to trying them. I went and got them to bring us some warm, melted chocolate, and some more of those strawberries that you always like." Turning, he tips the waiter and watches as the boy walks out of the room. Reaching behind him, he pulls out a couple of silk scarves, and immediately I know what he is planning. We had always spoke of him tying me up and having his way with me, with melted chocolate and whipped cream. Sure enough, in his other hand he has a bottle of whipped cream. Looking toward the bed he lets me know that he wants me to lay down without saying a word to me. I slip out of my robe and lay in the center of the bed with my hands gripping the headboard. Sure enough, Jackson comes over and ties my wrists to the headboard. Tying my ankles to the footboard has me feeling very vulnerable and very nervous.

When he reaches for the chocolate, I can only imagine what he is going to do with it. Before he does anything with it though, he reaches down with a chocolate covered finger and lets me lick it off. "Mmmm, that tastes so good, Jackson."

"I know. I had a taste before we brought it up. Think you can lick it off my cock? I know that you don't usually like to give me a blow job, but if you are getting the chocolate off, would that work?" Eagerly I nod my head. "Good."

Without warning, he takes the can of whipped topping and puts it at my opening. Spraying it up into me I shout in surprise. When he has filled me with cream, he reaches for the strawberries. "I like a little desert too, you know." Pressing a strawberry up into me I feel a certain fullness, but nothing like his cock. "Following that one, do you think that you can take two?" Two? Is he crazy? I feel him press another one up into me. "Oh, Baby! You do not know how long I have been waiting for this!" Going down between my legs he starts with a strong suction on my pussy. I have never felt him suck this strongly, and immediately I am thrown into an intense orgasm. I feel the first strawberry pop out and into his mouth.

Quickly coming up to me, he feeds me the strawberry from his mouth. Going back down, he starts the strong suction again and I feel the second strawberry pop out. "My Valentine, I have to say that this has to be the best desert I have ever had." So saying he raises himself up over and slams his cock deep inside of me. "I have so missed fucking you. You know that you are my only bitch." Harder and harder he slams into me. Finally, with a shout he unloads in me again.

When I open my eyes from dozing again, I find that Jackson has once again run a bath for me. Seeing that I am awake, he gently picks me up - he must have untied me after I dozed off - and carries me to the tub. Turning the jets on low he places me into it and sits down on the edge. Very gently he washes me from the top of my head down to my toes. "Val, I have missed you so much these last few years. I am glad that you are back. You have given me just what I have been hoping for. You have given me my Victorious Valentine back that I originally fell in love with. I love you."

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