tagGroup SexValerie Meets Her Match

Valerie Meets Her Match


Valerie meets her match (part I)

Valerie was and is a love hate relationship. Valerie is a fiery red head with aqua blue eyes. I met Valerie in the summer of 1994. It was a friend of a friend deal so I knew she had to meet certain requirements of mine such as love of sexual adventure. She has a very attractive small body. Her best features are her well-formed legs and perfect ass for a 33 year old lady. She can be loving and warm but can turn witchy in a big hurry. It is all part of her attractiveness. I find her the most sexy when she is being a bitch. With all this being said let's get to our story.

We had been dating a good couple of months and we were really starting to develop some strong bondage sexual romps. This was a warm Saturday and Valerie was in her bitch mood but I didn't let that deter me from sneaking up behind her as she was putting on her swimsuit and shackling the ankle cuffs on her. Well she was pissed. Valerie had figured on doing some sun worshipping and making all the neighborhood men gawk. She finished putting her shiny silver top on and demanded that I take the ankle cuffs off and I would be rewarded later. While tempting I decided that today was the day Valerie would by my slave and she would get some of the things she had been asking for.

She was quite a sight sitting on the edge of the bed in her shiny silver metallic swimsuit with her cute ankles cuffed. I'm sure she thought she would win this battle of wills and while she thought I was going to unlock the cuffs I quickly cuffed her hands. The look on her face was priceless. She knew she was fucked!

I led Valerie downstairs to the living room. I had thought ahead and had fastened a 6' chain through the understructure of the sofa and padlocked her handcuffs to the chain. Well Valerie had a soft cushy carpet to sit on, a small bottle of champagne, and I left her a 4 hour porno flick playing while I left her to think about what was coming next. It was quite a sight seeing this little tiger handcuffed and leg cuffed to the sofa wondering what was coming next.

I only had a rough game plan in mind here. I lived in a nice upscale side by side townhouse and saw my neighbor Scott outside working on his tan on his patio and the light clicked. I know Valerie thinks Scott is a hunk and I have seen him drool at Valerie sunning herself in one of her wet and wild swim suits. Scott and his wife Sherri are classic late 20's yuppie couple. Good looking, dress sharp, latest everything. Scott is a good guy but Sherri would be a tough sell for any sexual hijinx. Well I talk with Scott and tell him how much Valerie thinks of him and hint around at maybe a little fun might be in store. Well thankfully Scott asks if I'm asking what he thinks I'm asking and well we laugh and he would love to. Sherri is out of town until late tonight and he was just going to relax all day. I tell him about Valerie being shackled inside with no clue what is coming up. He is happy if you know what I mean. I tell him to cool it, as I need to go get some new and better bondage equipment for our little tiger and will be back in an hour.

We luckily have several leather shops or just plain old good adult gift stores here in the Milwaukee area. I decided we needed to upgrade some of our things anyway and today is a good day to do that. I spend a good hour shopping for some new equipment and some leather clothing for Valerie and head home to put a plan into action.

I stop at Scott's place first and tell him to come over in 20 minutes and give him specifics as to what I want him to do. He is like a kid in a candy store.

Valerie is sitting very calmly but I can tell she gave it a good shot at getting free but I figured that and was pretty secure with her restraints. She has downed the bottle of champagne and she is mellower than when I left two hours ago. I let her up to go to the rest room but I have her secured and in hand. I tell he to leave her bikini bottoms, as she will not need them. She is interested in what I bought. I have the kitchen table full of bags and boxes and the leather is a stirring aroma. I show her one gift that I bought for her. Thigh high leather boots with a 4" heel. She likes them. I tell her she will be able to show them off later. She is almost child like in her submission now. I put a soft leather blindfold on her and I can tell she is almost purring. I put her new collar on her and tell her that I will now fasten her cuffed hands to her collar and back to the sofa. She looks like quite the site with her ass up and head resting on the sofa. I lightly spank her with our new cat o nine tails. I whip her just enough to hear a moan. I would gag her but I will need her warm mouth in a little bit her.

I position myself on the sofa with her head in perfect position to suck my hard 7" cock. She proceeds to start licking my hard shaft and can move her hands just enough to grab my balls. Valerie can suck a cock like few others and she is working me like mad. Well with music playing and her concentrating on my cock she never hears Scott enter the house through the kitchen. As I told Scott there she was ass up and pussy waiting. Scott has his hard shaft, which is well oiled and grabs Valerie's ass and shoves his full 8" in her wet pussy in a flash. Valerie stops sucking me for a few seconds to try to figure out what is happening. I don't let her head up and she can't move her shackled legs very much. Poor girl, all that moaning and writhing around. Well needless to say all three of us are near orgasmic here and I shoot a massive load as Valerie is using her hands as well as mouth on me. I let her head up and she is just dribbling my sperm all over her face and my belly. She is grunting like a porn queen and I believe that she has cum a few times. Scott's time is next as he pulls his marvelous hard cock out and shoots cum all over Valerie's ass and back. Scott is weak from fucking her while on his knees. I take Valerie's blindfold off and she flashes an awesome smile seeing Scott and his hard messy cock coming over to kiss her. I let her up but keep the handcuffs and leg cuffs on her. I inform her that she will be our slave for the rest of the day and she needs to get us a beer while we plan on what to do with her next.

Well Scott is exhausted but extremely happy after shooting a gallon of cum all over Valerie. Valerie is all cleaned up and wants to see some of the things that I bought. I tell her she can put on her leather boots and some of her other lingerie but be warned I'm planning to lock her up again. Scott and I are sitting having a beer and are quite proud of ourselves when Valerie comes downstairs wearing those kinky new boots with sheer off black nylons and garter belt. Wow, I think we each had new hard ons. I asked Valerie to come over to me and I had her get on her hands and knees. I put her new red leather restraints on her ankles and wrists. This girl loves leather. I padlock her ankles about 20" apart and give her about 12" of space on her wrist restraints. As I'm finishing locking her up I see that Scott has his rock hard cock out of his silk boxers and brings it over to Valerie as she sits shackled on the soft floor. I just sit back and enjoy watching my little hottie devouring Scott. I knew this wasn't going to last long, as she is quite the artist when it comes to cocksucking. She has both hands on her wet pussy while she is sucking the life out of Scott. He is starting to get weak kneed and just blows his cum all over Valerie's face and hair. She never takes her hands off her pussy, as Scott is just unloading on her. Valerie is moaning as she does when she cums. She is so gorgeous sitting there with her leather boots and restraints on while she is covered in cum. I have to get in on this so I have her come over to me and sit on my very hard cock. I have put her hands behind her back and I hold her upright as she bounces on my cock. I can tell she has really cum at least once since she has been on my cock. Scott is rubbing her nipples from behind as I continue to pump her hard. It is only a few more minutes and I explode inside my Valerie. She just keeps moving as I shoot large amounts of cum in her. Well finally I lift her off of me and I almost pass out from overload. She is quite a mess, still restrained with cum all over her.

Well early afternoon has turned into early evening. We have a little food for dinner and we still have Valerie bound up. I let her get more comfy with a slinky little top and short set and anklecuffs on. Scott and I are living like kings here with Valerie serving us and at our sexual disposal. Its almost 8:00 and I can see that Scott is expecting Sherri home anytime. I wonder if he has any plans for her to joins us or go home like a good little husband. We'll see.

Valerie meets her match? Part II

Scott, Valerie, and myself are a little more rested after dinner and some freshening up. Well Scott sees that his wife Sherri has come home from a former classmates wedding. He heads home to next door and says that he may see us later. I doubt it as I don't see the proper little almost lawyer Sherri letting us chain her up and have our way with her. I can hear laughing a bit through our joint wall that separates the townhouses. Valerie is getting charged just thinking of this day continuing into a 4 some with Sherri. Valerie always comments on how sharp and stunning that Sherri usually looks. I told Scott that the doors are open so just come on in and be ready to play.

As we are a little more relaxed I decide to show Valerie all the toys that I bought for us. Lets see, 1 full set of red leather ankle and wrist restraints, 1 full set of black leather ankle and leather restraints, an extra pair of handcuff and anklecuffs, a severe looking leather hood, a pair of leather mitts, a few nipple and clit clip type toys, a seven gates of hell, two gags, two blindfolds, a cool collar. Valerie also just loves her thigh high leather boots size 7, I did get her a leather garter belt and a leather bustier which makes me hard looking at it. Well that did it, she wants to play and let her be the master for a bit. I don't know. I need to think on that. She likes being in charge and she knows my weaknesses. I think for now I'm staying in charge!

Its getting to be after 9:00pm and no sign of Scott and Sherri so I dim the lights and order Valerie to put on a garter belt, nylons, highest heels she has here, and her new leather bustier. She is almost too eager but I need to let her out of the ankle cuffs for her to change. I asked her to put the red leather restraints on after she dresses so I can do what I like with her. I put my black silk robe and leather boxers on. I'm feeling like a pretty tough master kind of guy as I wait for Valerie to come down from upstairs. I'm having a glass of champagne it seems like its taking forever. Valerie asks me to come up and help her with the new bustier and I of course head up to help this along. She looks great in black leather with black ankle strap heels and nylons. As I'm fumbling trying to help her with the zipper I feel a metal click on my ankles. Before I know what hit me Valerie pushes me down on the bed and climbs quickly on top of me and gets my hands cuffed. Well to my surprise there is Sherri at the foot of the bed completing my ankle cuffing. Wow I'm surprised. It appears that Valerie and Sherri had some planning on this. The girls order me up and we head back to the living room and Scott is sitting on the sofa sporting handcuffs. It looks like the girls have turned the tables a bit.

The girls look marvelous. Sherri is wearing a blaze red bra and garter belt with white nylons and heels. Valerie is back in black and top notch. Well Valerie orders me to my knees and puts my face in Sherri's pussy as she stands. I am treated to eating some almost perfect pussy. I'm a little uncomfortable as I have a huge hard on and my leather boxers are a little restrictive. As I eat Sherri's pussy she is moaning and liking it. Sherri orders me to stop and go sit on the sofa. Once I'm seated Valerie puts the blindfold on me and removes my boxers, which I am forever in her debt for! I'm a bit surprised how helpless I feel sitting here blindfolded with my hands cuffed behind my back and my ankles shackled. I'm quite impressed with Valerie and Sherri, as I never expected Sherri to take part in this kind of fun. I try to get up but to my surprise I feel the sharp sting of our new cat o nine on my thigh. In a sharp voice Valerie instructs me to sit or it will hurt more the next time. I sit. My cock is just throbbing as I hear Scott moaning like a child and Valerie and Sherri giggling.

He is begging them to stop whatever they are doing. Sherri orders me to stand up and firmly grabs my rock hard cock and pulls me where she wants me. She proceeds to put a collar on my neck and it's tight. I hear clicking and I realize that I'm being fastened to something. I now can't move a bit without my neck being severely squeezed. I figure out that my collar is locked to the stair railing which is solid. I guess the girls aren't finished with me as they put the ball gag on me. All is quiet now and and I cant figure out what is happening. No music, no talking. All of the sudden crack. The whip stings my belly hard. I can't talk or see so it's disorienting. I can just moan at the stinging pain. Crack. Another hard sting on my left thigh. Crack. My right thigh. My cock is totally exposed and I'm hoping I don't get one there. Still quiet. I think Scott and Sherri must have retreated home to continue their fun. 15 minutes goes by. Crack. A very hard whip to my chest and belly. I can't move a bit so I just take it. Another 15 minutes goes by and I feel my collar being unlocked which really makes me happy. I can smell Shalamar perfume and I know Valerie doesn't wear that. Is this Sherri?

I'm lead up to the bedroom I think and I hear more locks clicking and figure out that my anklecuffs have been padlocked to a chain on the bed. I am really wondering what is going on here. Music has been turned on in the bedroom just loud enough that I cant hear all the movements and sounds around me. I feel a cold hand on my cock and an unfamiliar female voice that tells me to pee. What? I'm told this is my last chance for a long time. It takes a minute but I pee in a bowl and it feels odd with someone holding my semi hard cock. Well I feel relieved and I hear the door close and then silence. It must be midnight or so. I have been blindfolded for at least 2 hours. My tongue has quit fighting my gag. I can't move my feet much at all and my wrists are handcuffed behind my back. I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see what's going on. I hear voices down in the living room and they seem to be all women.

I just can't hear well enough to be sure who is here. I think I hear sound next door at Scott and Sherri's place. I was pretty sure they had to be home by midnight as they were leaving for out of town on Sunday morning. I lay back and get comfy as I can. The door opens and another voice I don't know asks me if I need to drink something and I really am eager for anything. She takes my gag off and tells me to keep quiet or things will get even worse for me. I have two glasses of sweet wine or champagne. It really feels good. Maybe 5 minutes go by and I can't keep my head up and my female companion laughs and calls down to the living room. I am totally disoriented but feel aroused and happy. I can't even move my arms and legs anymore but I can feel my cock growing like a pole. What is happening here?

I wake up from what must have been a short nap or the effects of the drugged champagne and I'm in another bed. It's the spare bedroom. Its very warm and the silky sheets feels sexy. I can't see or talk. I have the leather hood on and it is very effective at sensory deprivation. I have almost no sense of where I am. I can't move. I figure out quickly its not the champagne but I am spread eagle on the bed. My wrists and ankles are restrained by chain and locks to my leather binds. No wiggle room at all. My cock feels odd and I think they put a leather or metal strap or ring around my balls and cock. I have pretty much given up any kind of fighting here. I feel fingernails scraping the soles of my feet and almost want to jump out of my skin. Now both feet are being worked. I'm whimpering like a child.

One of the women is now sitting on my cock while me feet are being tickled. My cock is always a pretty good size tool but it feels like a baseball bat right now and I can tell that whoever is on it is really enjoying this. I'm told to stop squirming or I will pay for it. I can't stop anything as I'm in total sensory overload. Please stop caressing my feet with long fingernails. They are actually holding my bound legs down as they continue. I hardly even know a woman is fucking my cock. I cant hold it back anymore and I cum so hard that the woman sitting on me cant even pull it out of her. She finally gets my spent throbbing cock out of her and someone takes me in her mouth. Ohhh. My oh my what I have I started with my Valerie. As quick as they start its all of a sudden quiet and Imp alone, I think. I feel my cock still oozing semen on my belly. Is this it for the evening? I cant imagine what else they can do to me.

As I lay spread eagle on the bed totally exposed I sense that I'm not alone. A soft voice starts talking to me. She asks me if I would like my hood taken off and I eagerly shake my head yes as its very warm for me. She then tells me that she cant take it off of me and laughs a little. I feel her caress my chest and belly. Well I don't think my cock can get up for anymore fun but I think she is going to try. Her voice sounds slightly familiar. I don't think she is a real young woman. Could this be Valerie's mom?? It excites me and repulses me at the same time. Her mother is a very attractive 54 year old lady that wears high heels like most people wear Nike's. I'm not sure , she is speaking very softly and has turned up the music. She tells me that she is going to fuck me. I shake my head no as I'm exhausted and spent. I'm informed that its either a hard cock or they will work on my feet some more and whip me. I eagerly shake my head yes. I'm actually getting hard as she lovingly caresses my growing cock.

I feel cool oil on it and its very soothing and quicker than quick she mounts me. I'm very excited wondering if the woman fucking me is Valerie's mom(Tanya). Is it possible? Tanya is divorced but has a serious companion. With Valerie anything is possible. My mind is racing. This woman is very loving and encouraging me. She is so gentle and she is definitely grooving on my hard cock. I feel my cock throbbing and she asks if I am close to cumming and I respond by shaking my head yes and she dismounts and I feel her soft hands rubbing my stiff cock and finally I start shooting and she just keeps rubbing and caressing. I'm very sensitive after I cum and she just keeps rubbing long after she has drained it of all my sperm. I'm straining against my restraints with all my effort. She actually tells me to stop it because I'm only hurting myself. Finally after about 5 minutes she stops. How could she have known this would make me fight and squirm like a madman? Well I now hear all the ladies in the room and I think there are 3-4 all together. Valerie tells them all to take turns rubbing my messy overloaded cock. I almost pass out its so intense.

Finally they stop and Valerie asks me who surprised whom. She asks me if I will be her slave next weekend and I shake my head yes. She tells me to have a nice nights sleep and she will release me in the morning. She also tells me to not even ask who was here because she wont tell and that will ensure it can.

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