tagInterracial LoveValestock Ch. 02

Valestock Ch. 02


~Chapter Two: More To Cum~

Waking up early the next morning to the sounds of laughter and partying outside, Claire got up and threw her hoody and trousers on from the day before, and then picking up a few things from her bag she headed out of her and Michael's 'room' while her boyfriend still slept soundly. As she walked to the front flap she noticed that Sam and Zach's 'room' was already empty, while Matt and Tony's was still zipped up.

Heading out into the warm morning, the beautiful red-head wandered through the crowds before finally heading into the shower stall, paying her money as she reached the counter. Feeling the warm water fall on her was relaxing, although she only had ten minutes before she had to leave so she wasted no time in making sure that she was clean before drying herself and once again heading back to the tent. The guys were still asleep by the time she got back and so Claire climbed back next to Michael and zipped down the flap once more before she removed her clothes and stuffed them in her bag for washing. Rummaging through the rest she had brought with her, Claire tried to decide what to wear before finally finding something that made her smile.

Without wasting any time, she pulled her dark purple lace underwear on before she somewhat awkwardly got herself into the dress she had picked out, zipping it up at the front once she had it settled on her shoulders.

The dress was made from a tight black and dark purple corset that cinched her small waist and pushed her already big 38D tits up slightly and closer together in the thin material that held them. The corset also had two straps for the shoulders, although they weren't used to hold up the dress, the tightness did that once it was zipped up at the front. The skirt of the dress was mainly black but also had dark purple running throughout it and came to her mid thigh, though that wasn't tight. Adding to this, Claire pulled on her black fishnet stockings, her black knee-high boots and her black fishnet gloves which climbed up her slender arms to her elbow. Combing her hair again she flicked it back over her shoulders so that the long, dark red hair hung straight down her back before she applied a dark purple lipstick to her soft lips and finished her make up.

Smiling at herself in her little make-up mirror, the beautiful girlfriend had seemed to forget about the troubles of yesterday after a good night sleep...they didn't even enter her mind since she had decided that it was best for everyone to pretend that it had never happened. However she did turn around to look at Michael as he slowly stirred and rolled over as he woke up. Leaning down she kissed him softly before smiling at him lovingly.

"Morning sleepyhead." She teased softly.

Her handsome boyfriend smiled a moment as he squinted sleepily, and rubbed his eyes before he suddenly noticed what she was wearing, then those eyes of his went wide with surprised pleasure.

"Whoa, you look amazing." He said with a touch of incredulity in his just-awake voice. Not that he doubted she could look this good, just that he hadn't expected it when he woke up.

At his cute surprise Claire laughed happily before she sat back and checked her make up once more in the little mirror.

"Sisyphus are playing today on the main stage, and you know how good Terra always looks." Claire replied with a different kind of teasing tone for her boyfriend as she put the mirror away. Terra was the female vocalist of Sisyphus, one of Claire's favourite bands, and she always dressed in some amazing gothic clothes. Claire expected most of the girls going to see them today would dress up, and most of the guys would be there with eyes feasting on them all.

"I might have to go to that." Michael said warmly as he sat up, rubbing his face.

"You just want to ogle Terra." Claire jested as she laughed.

Michael laughed a moment too before he rubbed her leg.

"Now why would I do that when I have you?" He replied before he kissed her purple-painted lips lightly, his hands finding her waist and trying to pull her towards him.

"Oi, you." She exclaimed amusedly as she pushed him away from her, "I just got all dressed up, I don't want you ruining it all now like some kind of sex-mad cave man."

Michael laughed at that as he rolled out of the sleeping bag and found himself some clothes before saying that he would make something to eat as he kissed her gently on the forehead.

Claire followed him a few moments later and it wasn't long after Michael began cooking that the smells roused Matt and Tony also. Tony came out of the tent with no shirt on and Claire found herself looking at his toned body before she caught herself and focused on the two newcomers' faces and gave them both a smile.

As the two sat down, they both finally noticed what she was wearing and their eyes widened just as much as Michael's had.

"Wow, you look....great, today hun." Matt said somewhat unexpectedly as he blinked at Claire and nudged Tony.

Tony looked to his friend before he looked to Claire briefly and nodded. He seemed uncomfortable, which made sense, but they were meant to be behaving normally.

"Yeah, yeah, totally." He agreed with a forced smile and Claire laughed at them both. Strange that she found that easier this morning; especially when Tony was finding it more difficult.

"Thanks guys, but I still won't cook dinner for you tonight." She joked and Matt laughed amusedly while Tony smiled, seeming to relax a little.

"Going to see Sisyphus I take it?" Their black friend chimed up as he took a bowl from Michael and began to eat. Claire nodded with a smile and Matt's face lit up. "Yeah, me too, can't wait to see Terra in the flesh. Whew man!"

Everyone around the fire laughed at that, and Michael made the obvious comment about exactly what Matt had meant by 'in the flesh'.

"Tony, you coming too?" Claire asked, however Tony stared at her a moment before he nodded.

"Sure, why not, always wanted to see them." He finally answered and Matt patted him on the back.

What had gotten in to him this morning? Yesterday he had been the calm one, now that she was, he seemed...well, odd, was the only way Claire could describe it. If he didn't snap out of it soon she would have to have a quiet word with him. It was no good her acting normal if he wasn't going to as well.

Still, the conversation was not so tense after each had eaten, nor when they all headed off to watch Sisyphus, which just happened to be one of the most amazing events of Claire's life. They completely blew her away, so much so that she felt ecstatic as she came back, skipping lightly as she held on to Michael's arm. Even Tony's mood seemed somewhat improved.

Once back at the tent, Tony grabbed a quick drink before he headed off to see a band he wanted to see, followed shortly by Matt, although he was heading after a different band. Michael headed into the tent looking for another bottle of water, and with the energy from the show still coursing through her veins, Claire had a naughty idea.

Following her sexy boyfriend into the tent she grabbed his waist from behind as he routed through his bag for another bottle.

"Say there handsome, you know, we have the tent to ourselves for a while, and I know you wanted to enjoy me in my dress earlier." She purred heatedly into Michael's ear, "How about it?"

Her sweet boyfriend leaned back as he took the water from his bag and turned to kiss her softly on the lips.

"You horny baby?" He asked teasingly as he looked into her eyes.

Claire smiled and nodded as she moved to kiss him, however Michael stopped her with a playful smile.

"You'll have to save it for later, I've got to catch up to Matt to see the show with him." He said and Claire felt a flood of disappointment rush through her, although she tried her best not to let Michael know. They were at a once-in-a-year festival, and she could just wait until later while the band really couldn't. She kept telling herself that, anyway, hoping that it would convince her.

Smiling lightly, though a little bit forced, Claire kissed him gently on the cheek before letting him go.

"In that case baby, you better get going. I'll hold you to that promise later though." She said as convincingly happy as she could.

Michael seemed to accept it all and smiled before giving her another kiss and then he was out of the tent and gone with the others.

Sitting down on the sleeping bag, Claire let out a sigh of frustration as she looked around trying to think of something to do before finally rooting out a book she had brought with her. Lying down she opened it up thinking that she would read a little and then go and see if there was another band she wanted to see, or maybe go to the fair rides again, though in this dress that may not be such a good idea.

Some time passed as the busty red-headed girlfriend lay reading, however her body yearned for attention and more and more she found her mind wandering, occasionally drifting to memories of Tony's nine inch, hot cock, that had buried and rammed so deep....snapping her mind back, Claire tried to focus on the book again and not the feel of Tony's dick exploding in her mouth, pumping load after huge, sticky load of his hot, thick.....growling at herself, Claire muttered and once more focused on the book, however this time her mind drifted to Michael, and how good he had felt last night, although he hadn't felt as good as when Tony had....

"Stop it Claire!" She muttered irritably to herself, most of the irritation fuelled by her growing horniness. "Anyone would think you were a cock-craving slut."

The words sent shivers through her sexy 20-year-old body and her pussy blazed hotly for a moment before she forced any thoughts of sex from her mind and decided to go for a walk. Perhaps that might help relieve her tension.

Walking did seem to help somewhat, as did watching a band from the back of the crowd, though she didn't really like them that much. However, no matter what she did Claire couldn't shake the need within her, even if she did stop thinking about it for a while. By the time she returned to the empty tent however, she had managed to calm herself somewhat, although her body still ached she had managed to control her wandering thoughts and the desperate need to jump on Michael the next time she saw him.

Cooking some food up, the red-headed girlfriend sat alone, occasionally talking to some of the people who had come to sing with them on the first night they had gotten there. A little while later Sam and Zach came back and she spoke to them, laughing and joking with them until she saw Michael, Tony and Matt coming back, arm in arm, singing and laughing. The sight was amusing, but the singing was even more so. Only Tony seemed to be able to hold a note, so as the three came over to sit down, Claire and the other two were already laughing at them.

"Had a good time?" She asked amusedly.

"The best!" Matt bellowed out before patting the others on the back. "I haven't heard that song in a long time brothers, damn it kicked ass to hear it again, and live too!"

Zach and Sam glanced at each other before looking to Claire who watched the three confusedly a moment, until it dawned on her what they were talking about. Matt, Michael and Tony had a song 'for them being brothers' she had been told, and it always made them act like this when they listened to it. Once she recalled that, she smiled amusedly as she watched them all. It was strange, she thought, Tony was acting as he always did towards Michael after listening to that song, and yet it was only yesterday that he was having hot, passionate sex with his friend's, who he classed as a 'brother', girlfriend, fucking her and letting her suck his dick until he came deep and hard inside both her pussy and mouth. Claire felt her breathing deepen again as those thoughts suddenly popped into her head.

"I've still got it in the van!" Matt exclaimed to something one of the other two had said while she was lost in her unintended reverie.

"Then go get it!" Michael replied enthusiastically, precipitating Matt springing up more deftly than Claire had ever seen him move and heading off towards the van at a fast pace.

Claire looked from their friend to Michael. Her body ached now for his touch.

"Mike, we've got to finish that 'conversation' from earlier..?" She said, insinuating as best as she could.

Michael smiled at her in return.

"We've got plenty of time babe, Matt's just grabbing his stereo so we can listen to 'The Song' first. After, yeah?" Her loving boyfriend replied and Claire felt irritation flare up along side the frustration.

"Alright." She replied in a tight voice that Michael didn't seem to notice.

Sitting back and crossing her legs with a hint of the frustration in her beautiful green eyes, she watched as Matt came back with his raster-blaster stereo and proceeded to place it on the ground before hitting play on the CD. The music blared suddenly as Matt turned the volume up, nodding his head with a look of complete appreciation for the sounds. Claire however sat and watched, burning with impatience and frustration, until finally the song ended what seemed like an eternity later.

Looking to Michael, she was about to speak when the song once again blasted out and her 'loving' boyfriend didn't even look over towards her. If Claire hadn't have been so needy at that point she wouldn't have cared, but right at then her body screamed for sex after her dreams last night and all that had happened that day and so frustration and irritation matched each other within her. Taking deep breaths, she managed to calm herself, knowing that after what she did yesterday she really had no right in being irritated with Michael. That seemed to work for her irritation and anger, but her sexual frustration remained, raging within her ever more powerfully as the song continued.

That was when Tony looked over to her as Michael and Matt laughed, bobbing their heads in time with the music. He glanced over at her a couple of times before he finally stood and walked over, offering her his hand with a resigned look in his eyes.

"Can I have a word?" He asked loud enough to be heard over the loud music.

Looking from Michael to Tony, Claire had a momentary concern with being alone with him after yesterday, however she told herself she was just over thinking things and took his hand. Standing she looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend one last time as Tony led her towards the tent. She couldn't believe that he still wasn't giving her the attention she wanted, even after she was dressed as she was and offered herself on a plate to him. Muttering to herself she followed Tony through the tent flap.

Once inside, Tony looked around before heading into the 'room' she and Michael shared. The tent was tall enough to stand in, so Claire followed and folded her arms beneath her large tits and looked impatiently at the guy who had had his dick buried inside her the day before.

"Are you alright?" He asked as she was about to demand what he wanted.

"I'm fine." She said before glancing over her shoulder as if she could see her boyfriend through the thin tent walls. "I just thought Mike would have paid a little more attention to me when he got back with you guys after I got all dressed up for him."

Turning back to look at Tony she saw a warm smile on his face.

"He's missing out, you look hot as usual." He said as he gently stroked a loose piece of her long, dark red hair behind one ear.

Claire placed her hands on her hips, feeling her irritation give a little as she remembered it wasn't Tony she was frustrated with.

"You should tell him that." She replied, sighing. "He was good to go last night, although he didn't want to wake you guys up."

"I know, I heard you ask him, but he didn't." Tony replied, running his fingers gently down her arms.

"You heard us?" Claire asked as Tony lifted his one hand to lift her chin up so she looked in his eyes. They seemed to glow in the light in time with the need in Claire's body.

"I heard you ask him to fuck you hard 'again'. Although I didn't think you had had sex with him yesterday before that." He said softly as his fingers touched her neck.

Claire's body tingled as she burned with both the need to be touched -- oh, did Tony's fingers feel wonderful -- and the remembrance of that same thought of her own the night before.

"Were you thinking about when we had sex?" Her boyfriend's friend asked a little softer and Claire felt a shiver run through her body.

"Tony..." She said as she looked at him.

"You wanted him to fuck you like I did, didn't you?" He asked as he stared back into her eyes with a look that made her feel naked...again...before him.

Breathing heavily once more, her chest heaving, pushing her large confined tits lustfully against and up into the tight corset, as Tony's fingers lightly moved down to gently trail across the tops of her tits and down the deep cleavage created by her corset.

"Yes." She breathed out before opening her eyes, not realising they had been closed till then, and looking at Tony. Reality once more hit home then and Claire's breath caught and she took a step back, away from his stimulating caress. "Tony, we shouldn't be doing this. I admit I wanted hot sex with him last night, but that's just it, I wanted Michael to..."

Claire was cut off as Tony seized her small, slender waist and pulled her hard against him. A large, hard bulge pressed forcefully into her stomach as her body pressed firmly against his.

"You wanted a man to fuck you hard, to shove his big, hard dick inside you and fuck you like the cock-hungry slut you are." Her and her boyfriend's friend growled before his arms wrapped around her and his mouth bit down heavily on her neck.

Claire's body seemed to scream 'YES' as she was finally being touched as she so desperately needed. Tony's mouth on her neck felt amazing as it seemed to promise the relief she needed so badly, and quickly her eyes rolled back and her body shuddered in horny anticipation.

"Oh yes!" Claire exclaimed breathily as she wrapped her arms around Tony's neck. She needed release so badly and if Michael wasn't going to see to her, Tony seemed more than willing.

Pulling Tony's head back Claire looked deep into his eyes, her breathing heavy and her eyes burning. A thousand thoughts flashed through her mind as she stared into Tony's eyes. At first all the gorgeous red-headed girlfriend could think of was how wrong this was, how horrible she had felt the day before when she realised what had happened...however her horniness soon began betraying her and as each heartbeat passed in what seemed like an eternity, slowly all resistance began to ebb away...Michael had had every chance to take care of her and he hadn't shown her the attention she needed, normally that wouldn't have been enough, but the frustration, the release she had felt when Tony's lips had touched her neck and the desire in his eyes had fallen on her, and the memory of how much her and her boyfriend's friend had satisfied her the last time he had had his huge dick buried inside her...well, what was a girl to do?

As her mind began to focus once more as she stared into Tony's eyes, Claire knew. She was about to have sex with her boyfriend's friend again, this time however she would be choosing to do it, there were no excuses of mistakes this time. However the beautiful red-head thrust any thought of concern for Michael away. He should be here taking care of her right now so that his friend wouldn't have to. She was young and hot and if Michael wouldn't give her sex when she needed it, other men would so it was his own fault really.

"Michael's outside Tony. He's too busy to fuck his girlfriend." She almost-growled lustfully after a moment, "Do you want to take care of me? Fuck his girlfriend until I scream? Ram that big, thick dick of yours into my hot, tight pussy? Do you want to fuck me Tony? Do you want to fuck Michael's girlfriend? Because I want your big dick in me, yeah, I want you to fuck me Tony, fuck me hard, fuck me good and fuck me as long as you want."

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