tagMatureVal's Badminton Ch. 04

Val's Badminton Ch. 04


At the end of our last training session, Val had said that I should come over on a Saturday as she would sort out a full exercise programme for me - in the Senior Club - which sounded like a good enough reason for me to go over and see her again. Who knows what might happen?

I knocked on the door, wondering what the advanced exercises would mean. Val opened the door, smiling at me with that twinkle in her eyes. She was wearing a white cotton dressing gown, with belt knotted at the waist, under which I could see a dark blue cardigan buttoned up to the neck, peeking out in the 'v' of her robe. She seemed to be wearing nothing else as far as I could see.

"Hello Andrew, glad you could make it, " she said, "Come on in." and she shut the door behind me. "Now that we've got some more time - and you've shown me what you can do as a proper Senior Member - I think its time for some more serious exercises to tone you up properly."

She walked by me towards the stairs.

"Come on up - you've not seen my gym before, have you?"

"I didn't know you'd got a proper gym here - no wonder you are so fit." I replied.

"Why, thank you Andrew!", she smiled, walking on up the stairs ahead of me.

I followed her, watching the gown as it clung to her bottom, with her bare legs and bare feet making me think of her body with fewer clothes on. There was a radio playing in one of the rooms, but she led me through to a back room, then opened the door and beckoned me in.

"So what do you think of this?" she beamed.

The first thing I noticed was the floor to ceiling mirror on the wall opposite the door - so you could see yourself going into the room. There was a soft green carpet, and blinds drawn at the windows. Then I realised that the entire left-hand wall was mirrored too. Moving into the room, there was a gym machine in the middle - a grey bench and tubular steel frame with weights and pulleys. There was a white wardrobe in right near corner, with weights and dumb-bells in front of it on the floor, and a pull-up machine over in the far corner. Then there were more mirrors on the right wall too, so it looked a huge space - and everywhere you looked you could see yourself - and of course I could see Val.

"So welcome to my gym!" said Val, waving her hand around to show it all off. "Actually I call it my Olympic Gym. Do you like it?"

"Yes, it looks amazing!" I said. "All this equipment - and all these mirrors! - but why Olympic?" I asked, still looking round as Val moved towards the central machine.

"Well," she said, turning to face me, "in the original ancient Olympic Games, the competitors had no clothes on - they just competed naked. So in my gym, anyone doing exercises has to be naked too! But you won't mind that, will you - after all I've seen plenty of you recently, haven't I!"

She smiled knowingly, looking over at my embarrassment and remembering her wanking off of me.

"Rule number one in the gym - is no clothes on for exercises! That's why this is only for Seniors. And as you've come here to do some exercising, I think you'd just better strip off for me - and put your clothes over there in the wardrobe..."

I didn't know quite what to do, as I'd only just put on my tracksuit with the anticipation of maybe some pleasure - but not this open this quickly.

"Come on - off with it all!" Val was in her element now, bossing me about. She moved over to the wardrobe and held the doors open. "Just put your clothes on this shelf - come on now!"

Val undid the belt of her robe, then pulled it open and hung it up, revealing that tight dark blue cardigan - and plain tight white stretchy panties.

"My second rule is that if you are watching or between exercises I insist that guests must wear a cardigan, just to keep warm - but nothing else." she smiled, "So I'll just slip my panties off now!"

And with a natural easy movement, she simply slid her panties down, before picking them up and putting them on one of the shelves in the wardrobe. I was amazed as she stood there, cardigan still buttoned up but now naked from the waist down, her shaven mound slipping into a neat inviting fold between her legs. It was just so outrageous, that she was standing there, half naked, and forcing me to strip off in front of her.

"Stop gawping, boy! You'll see plenty of skin up in my gym, you know. Now it's my turn to see a bit of yours - don't be shy!"

Embarrassed and flustered, I took off my top, revealing my polo shirt, then lowered my tracksuit bottoms, pulling off my trainers and socks. Now I was wearing just my polo shirt and underpants, and could feel my twitching already.

I slipped off my shirt first, then, knowing she was watching every move, slid down my pants, and kind of grabbed my clothes in front of me to hide myself a little as I put them in the wardrobe. Turning round, I realised my total nakedness, as I could see myself in the opposite mirror, and felt Val's gaze on my growing cock.

"You are a keen youngster, aren't you?" she smiled, "So let's have a warm-up lying on the carpet. You just lie down here, and I'll bring you some weights over."

I watched, lying naked on the floor as she walked over to pick up the weights, her naked bottom muscles flexing as she walked. Then watching her hands in the mirror, I realised she'd been unbuttoning her cardigan on the way over. As she turned round with the weights in her hands, the cardigan just hung open, revealing a three inch strip of pink skin between the dark blue wool. Her breasts wobbled gently as she walked across, still hidden under the flapping wool, but as she reached down to put the first weight by my right hand, her cardigan gaped open, revealing the fullness of her rounded breast. I felt my cock arch up with excitement. She walked behind me, showing off her body then put the other weight by my left hand. Then she moved towards my feet and turned to face me. I felt amazed to be lying there, as she'd just shown off her breasts and was openly showing me those gorgeous pink folds between her legs, just as if it was such an ordinary thing to do.

"Right, this first exercise is for your chest and arms - I want you to lift the weights over your head, keeping your arms stretched right out. And open your legs a little, then keep them flat on the floor."

I could feel my arousal now rock hard, and knew she was just looking at me, but had to do as she said.

"Good," she smiled after the first one - now another nine please - then a short break."

I did as I was told, feeling the muscles work and knowing my cock was now fully hard and aching with each lift of the weights.

"Now for some tummy-pulls," she said. "Just lift your feet off the floor, keeping yours legs straight, hands by your hips but held off the ground, and just pull your chest up a little, then down - and do ten of them. Off you go!"

So I pulled up, looking down to see my cock looking back at me, arching upwards, then I released. Then again, and another surge in my cock. It was getting very arousing even without having Val standing watching me. But with her there it was dynamite.

"Come on my lad!" she said, at the fifth or sixth pull up, "Let's see those tummy muscles working - here let me feel them tighten."

And she moved beside me and squatted down, her breasts hanging free of the cardigan, and she stroked my stomach. It was electric. Her breasts seemed huge and full, with large nipples and prominent teats, and I longed to suck them and bury my head in their softness.

She looked me in the eyes. "Right now pull up, and hold it hard!" she said, so I lifted up and felt her fingers grab my hard erection.

I gasped in pleasure at her firm touch - it was just so amazing when she held my cock.

"Mmmm yes, you are nice and hard aren't you! Now relax your body... now pull up again." and as I did so, so she pressed firmly on the base of my cock, forcing it harder and stronger.

"Oh God, Val, that is just so wonderful!" I said, as I couldn't just lie there quietly any more.

"Hush - no talking - you just concentrate on your pull-ups. I'll concentrate on this unruly prick of yours. Now another two good pulls on your tummy please!"

So I did as she said, feeling the ache of my belly muscles but the total pleasure of her fingers - and the sight of her wool-clad arms as her hands gripped my cock. Her breasts were wobbling gently now as she squatted by my side, and I thought of the total pleasure of lying back and letting her take me with her fingers like last time. But it was not be.

"Right, my lad!" she said, "Now it's time for you to lie back and think of England - I'm just going to give your prick a full Senior exercising, which is clearly what it needs."

And with that she just half stood up to put one leg each side of me, then, facing me, she lowered herself down into a squatting position, her hips just over my cock, and her cardigan flapping open with beautiful full breasts hanging free.

I was in heaven just looking at her. But I couldn't believe what she did next. She just reached under her body to grab my quivering cock, then held it upright as she lowered herself down onto me. She was so slippery and ready, and keeping her eye on the job in hand, she just pushed herself straight over me and lowered herself fully down on my shaft. It felt exquisite as her slippery vagina slid right over my cock, taking its virginity as she pushed fully down on me.

"There!" she said, looking up, "That's what he needed, a firm muscle to exercise him. So now I'll do my own leg exercises while you just lie back and take it!"

Squatting over me, with her fingers touching the carpet each side of my chest, she started her hips pumping up and down on me. It was an indescribable pleasure, both the feelings and the sight of her breasts wobbling and bouncing as she put her efforts into the thrusting movements. Her cardigan was hanging wide open, but sometimes flapped back to hide her nipple, and the soft hem was tickling my side as she moved up and down in her rhythmic push-ups.

I was beginning to pant harder now, feeling my hips move up to meet hers, and thrust myself deep into her warm wet softness. She looked at me again:

"So, how's this for some Senior exercising? - And I can feel you're pushing back up at me you know!"

I was panting hard now, as I made love for the first time - to a woman old enough to be my mother.

"Come on, just let it out now, I know you want to - I'll just give you a few special pulls!" and with that she squatted back more upright, so she was taking all her weight on her legs, and put her hands behind her head to show off her breasts for me.

"So how would you like to cum for me now?" she smiled, panting slightly but still moving her hips up and down as her vagina teased and squeezed my erect cock.

She squirmed her hips and pushed back down on me, which felt like a really tight grip, all around me. I gasped, and she did it again, then again.

I knew I couldn't last much longer as the sight and sounds and feelings of her body pushing down on me were just too much for me to take.

"Come on now," she was saying, with each thrust, "Come on now, have me, have me, have me," and as she kept it up I let out a long loud groan of pleasure as I felt my cum spurt up into her body.

She kept up her thrusting, but changed the words to "had me, had me, had me", and eventually slowed her movements down, letting her body fall forward till her hands took her weight, and lowered her breast over my face.

"Here's your prize for coming so nicely - have a little suck of me!"

And I still remember that feeling of her soft breast, hard nipple and soft woolly cardigan as it all three seemed to fill my lips at once.

I was just savouring the pleasure of it all, and my cock was just relaxing, and starting to shrink inside her, when she looked up towards the door, muttering something about tissues. Then she suddenly shouted out: "Gee, can you bring me the tissues please! I need them now!"

I froze at what she'd said. Gee - whose real name was Geoff - was her husband . I was sure he must be out for the day - not in the next room while his wife had sex with me. Whatever was going on? Val just looked down at me:

"There's always something he forgets," she smiled, as if it was a normal thing to talk to your husband just after you'd had sex with one of your neighbour's kids, whose cock was still inside you. I had no time to think as the door opened, and Geoff came in wearing a short white robe, just like Val's.

Geoff was slightly shorter than me - about 5'10" or so, and a bit weightier but not fat. He had quite long wavy hair, and I'd got to see him quite a lot over the years at the badminton club. He always seemed to be under Val's thumb, but then again, Val seemed to take charge of everyone.

"Here you are Val," he smiled at her. "Was that a good warm up for you?"

"Not the box, you idiot, I just wanted a couple of tissues" Val snapped back, "and Andrew will want some too to mop up his cum too. But the warm-up was very good, thank-you, especially for Andrew's first time, and he's certainly very keen on his exercises, aren't you pet? I think he'll make a very good member of the Senior Club once he gets to know people."

I couldn't think what to say, so just took the tissues dumbstruck as he passed them to me, and as Val lifted herself carefully off my semi-erect cock, wiping the tissues between her legs, so I wiped up the wet juices from my belly and cock, wondering what on earth was going on.

Val must have caught my expression as she stood up, or maybe she just wanted to explain anyway.

"In case you hadn't guessed, Gee and I have a very open marriage, don't we love?" she smiled at him, putting her hand under his chin. "And my gym is where we can let off steam in a very healthy way! Now I'll just go and have a quick shower, so why don't you show Andrew all this equipment? And Gee - you've still got your gown on! Cardies only please! - we can't have the host disobeying the rules now can we?"

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