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She searches for me. Like a madwoman on the hunt for prey. I hide in the shadows, barely escaping her. I watch as she passes me, waiting for her to be so far in front before coming up behind her.

I jump her and bite down on her neck, hard enough to draw blood. Moving away from her neck, licking my lips. I, then, know that I won the game. I bend my head back down to lick the line of blood running down her neck into the front of her long, black gown. I hold her in my arms, she's so delicate.

She's a pale, svelte, and an enthralling woman. She starts to sit up, I pull her against me, still licking where the blood had gone. We're in the middle of nowhere, where noone can see us. She moans as one of my hands slides down the front of her body, grabbing her right breast over her gown, then her left, sliding my hand down her flat stomach, I use my fingers to pull her gown up.

Inch by inch, it raises up her ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and finally her hips. My hand slips under the hem, then up her thighs to her bare pussy. She wanted this, wanted me. I stroke my middle finger over her clit, she arches her back, thrusting her pussy into my hand, I dip my finger lower finding her wet, I slide the finger inside her.

She moans loud when I start thrusting in and out of her, hard and fast. She pulls her legs up, spreading them and I take this moment to dive in her deeper, she lets out a growl that would disturb humans if there were any around. I finger fuck her harder, faster, and deeper, she is so wet, hot, and tight but I manage to get another finger inside her. Wanting more leverage, I pull my fingers out of her, slowly moving and laying her down on the ground, I make my way in between her legs and without notice I thrust my open hand into her.

She squirms, cries as I stroke the pain away soon she's fucking my hand as I am fucking her. Hard, harder, fast, faster, deep, deeper. She's cumming all over my hand, down my arm in no time. I pull my hand out, licking her cum off my arm, hand, and fingers before laying in front of her, leaning down to her pussy I slowly lick her clit, she screeches and wiggles, but I continue licking that throbbing clit.

I nibble on her clit for awhile before making my way down and shoving my tongue inside her pussy, deep, that caused her to reach down and grab my hair, pushing me into her. Which I allowed, my tongue just dived deeper into her. I thrust my tongue in and out of her in long, slow strokes. She's squirming again, grinding my tongue, pulling my hair and I just tongue fuck her even more. My own pussy, by now, is so wet, it's leaking down onto my own gown.

I pick up my pace, going faster and harder. She gushes this time and I pull back, removing my tongue from inside her, licking up every drop. She's laying there panting and begging for more, and I will happily oblige her, in time. I wipe my mouth, which is covered with her cum, before standing up, grabbing her hand, and pulling her up on unsteady legs. She leans against me as I reach around to unbutton her gown and slowly pulling it up over her head, and letting it fall to the ground. Her high heeled boots are the only thing that's on her now.

I turn around so she can unbutton my gown. Like her, like vampires are, I am pale. I have long raven like hair, like she does. After my buttons are undone, I turn back around and let her pull my gown up and over my head, she drops mine on top of hers.

I, am naked, under my gown as well. Wearing nothing but my boots, I bend over, untying them before pulling them off. Standing naked in front of her, I look at her as she looks at me. She tries to cover herself, but I'm fast and stop her.

Her breasts are round, firm and around B's, her nipples are long, fat, and pointing at me. Dark yet her breasts are pale, a lovely sight. Mine are the opposite except they are dark, as well. I move closer, pulling her against me, I kiss her slowly as I slide my hands down her sides, to her back, to her ass which I grab.

She moans into my mouth. I pull away to get on my knees, I slide my hands up her body, reaching her breasts, I start kneading them before going to her nipples which I pull and twist. She's getting weak in the knees, but I don't allow her to get on the ground, just yet. I slide my hands down in between her breasts, down her stomach, to her pussy, I lean closer, flicking my tongue across her clit, she can't stand up anymore, so I pull her down with me then I lay her in front of me, grabbing her legs, I push them up and pull them apart, and once again attack her clit and pussy with my tongue.

I stop and move up her body, licking, biting her hips, stomach, sides, chest, and her breasts. I suck, lick, bite on her right nipple then her left before moving up to her neck which I lick, kiss, and bite. I move to her lips, which I kiss and nip her lower lip. Moving back down, I do the same thing, she's whimpering, moaning, growling, and thrusting against me.

I sit on the ground, grabbing her hips, I pull her to me, her pussy close to mine, moving one leg over hers, grabbing her hips hard I grind her pussy against mine. I move her hard and fast against me, after a few minutes of this we're both cumming. I continue moving her as we come down from our orgasms. I move, once again, away from her, standing up I walk to my hidden spot where all my toys are, pulling out my strap on, I put it on, walking back over to her.

I stand right in front of her, looking down into her eyes, I ask;

"Want me to fuck you with this?"

Her eyes are big, but she nods. My strap on is 8" and thick. Knowing what she's gotta do she gets up onto her knees, grabbing it before sliding it into her mouth. She sucks it fast and hard, it rubs against me and I moan.

"All right, you're getting fucked."

"Mmm, I can't wait, baby."

"I know, turn around, stay on your knees and get on your hands, spread your legs for me.", I say as I get on the ground waiting for her to do what I told her to do, which she does, without argument.

I grab her hips, pulling her back against me. I sit up, taking 'my' cock and sliding it inside her, you can hear the noises due to her being extremely wet when I penetrate her. She moans and moves back driving 'me' all the way inside her. Her hips still in my hands, I begin pounding in and out of her fast and hard.

I wish I could feel those pussy walls sliding up and down this cock, squeezing and letting go everytime I push in and pull out. Moving my hands to her ass, spreading her asscheeks apart I watch as I go in and out of her, she's moaning extremely loud which causes me to pound her harder and faster. I release her ass and move my hands up to her head where I grab a fistful of hair and pull.

"Ooh! I like that!"


I pull her hair harder. She growls. I pull again. Again, she growls.

I never stop fucking her, but I stop suddenly pulling 'my' cock out, moving to her ass, I start sliding it inside her, inch by agonizing inch. She's screaming in both pain and pleasure, but either way, it drives me on and pretty soon, 'I'm' balls deep inside her never before penetrated ass. I start fucking her slow and hard.

"I own you now, you're mine. The game has been played and I once again won."

She knows now what that entails and she surrenders to me, becoming my whithering whore. My vampiric whore. I continue to plow her ass, I reach around and under her to stroke her clit, rubbing, pinching, pulling. This causes her to cum hard.

After she comes back down from her orgasmic bliss, I pull out of her ass, stand up, and take the strap on off. She fell to her stomach, rolled over with what strength she had left, she's panting, shaking, and groaning on the ground.

"Never mess with someone who has been at this longer than you have, Raven. This is what you get for hunting me."

"I know Hope. Why do you think I hunted you? Started this game?"

"Competition is everywhere, Raven. You can't be too careful. You're lucky I did what I did or else I would've killed you. I have killed for a lot less than that. Both Vampires and Humans have hunted, wanted me, fucked me, and have died for it."

"I am yours, Hope."

"Yes, you are. But, not only are you mine, you're my mate's too. Lucky it was just me and not both of us, you'd be dead with both of us fucking you. He is not gentle whereas I am, mostly."

"Your..your...your mate's too?"

"Yes, don't you know that we share? What's mine is his to play with too just like whoever he chooses is mine, as well."

"Hope, would he kill me?"

"If given half the chance, yes."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Raven, you're a vampire. You're not afraid of anything. You take it head on, fight those who start with you, hunt for prey, and find your mate. Except now, you belong to me. I got you before anyone else could, but once you find your mate, I will let you go."

She gets off the ground and starts putting her gown on, but I rip it out of her hands. She bows her head.

"I want you naked. You'll meet him soon enough and he will fuck you, so there's no need for you to put your gown back on."

She keeps her head bowed as I get my gown and put it on. Turning around, she buttons my gown up. I turn to face her, her head is once again bowed. I put my boots on, tying them back up. I grab her hand and start walking towards home, to my man and kids.

"My mate was once human, my family's slave. I turned him when he got me pregnant and my father wanted to kill him. We were so in love, still are. Nothing and noone could keep us apart, not even my father. After I turned him, it took our daughter being born to get my father to accept my husband as family. Once our son was born several centuries later, my father accepted him even more."

I stop, turning around, I see the look of surprise on her face. I start walking again as continue on with my story, answering her unasked questions.

"I am a born vampire. There's been no humans in my family until my husband. He is my one true love even though he was a slave it didn't stop us. The night I turned him, I tried to make it as memorable for him as I could. He can tell you that story on his own. We have fought hard and have won them all. Even though he is intelligent on his own, strong on his own. I have taught him well and I continue to teach him things as he teaches me. We will never be broken apart. You can never break true mates up. NEVER. I'm telling you this because you need to know. My kids, fully grown, see the way we are. One day, they will find their mates until then they live with us. That's the way it goes in the vampire life."

We're almost home when she says, "That's a fascinating story, Hope."

"That's not all of it, Raven. One day, I will tell you the rest. But right now, we're almost home and I can not wait to see the look on his face when he sees you."


"Our home is a castle. My father, Stephan and mother, Lilith, moved to another country to rule after my son was born. I am their only child. Spoiled and very much loved despite all those centuries ago."

I let go of Raven's hand as I see my love walk out the door, knowing that I was close by. I watch as he starts walking towards me and I start running towards him. I jump in his arms and down to the ground we go. But, we're happy, together again.

"I missed you, my Queen!"

"I missed you too, my King!"

"What were you up to that took you so long?"

"I was walking and then ended up getting hunted by another vampire."


He's starting to get angry and trying to push me off him, but I hold fast.

"It's okay, been taken care of, my love. And, before you ask, I didn't kill her either."

Which got me a confused almost shocking look. I smile down at him.

"I did one better."

"What's better than killing those who hunt you?"

"I fucked her. Made her ours."

"I missed that? Damn."

"It's okay, you get to fuck her next."

He's smiling again. I move off him, looking in Raven's direction.

"Raven, come out, meet your Master."

I see her before I hear, "Yes, ma'am."

She walks towards us, both of us still on the ground. I'm on top of him. I watch her closely, her mouth drops when she sees him.

"Yes, he is gorgeous, isn't he?"

She nods.

"He's every woman's, vampires and humans alike, wet dream and just all around fantasy, but I am the one he comes home to, the one he loves, protects, and adores."

Again, she nods. She's right beside us now. I look at him again, he is blushing and smiling big.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is."

"Raven, this is your Master."

"Love, this is Raven."

"Very nice to meet you, Master."

"Nice to meet you, too, Raven."

I start to move off of him, but he grabs my hips, pushing me into his hardening cock. I rock against him, slowly, tormenting him.

"What's wrong, baby. Horny?"

"Yes. Feel what you do to me?"

"Mmm, I do, yes."

"Mmm, good."

He reaches around and starts unbuttoning my gown. I lean down, giving him easier access to the buttons. Once they are all undone, I sit back up, pulling the sleeves off, then letting the gown fall down off my breasts, which he promptly grabs, so I once again lean down.

I purr in his ear and rock against him as he plays. I look up at Raven, who is now standing basically in front of me, as I grind into him. Sitting back up, I continue looking at her while he continues playing. He's pinching, pulling, twisting my nipples and it's causing me to gush and I know he can feel it.

"Wait until you see his cock."

You can practically see the drool coming out of her mouth as I am sitting on top of him. She's eager to see his cock and I am eager to have him buried inside of me. I remove his hands from my breasts and unstraddle him as I stand up, letting my gown fall, stepping out of it, I kick it to the side. I am standing in front of him naked, Raven has been naked this whole time, but he is so focused on me he hasn't paid much attention.

I lower myself back down, I move to undo his pants, slowly pulling his zipper down, grabbing his pants, I slide them off him completely. I start to straddle his leg, but decide against it and stay beside him. I am at his hips and lowering my mouth down to his cock halfway there I stop and look at Raven then back at his cock and shove him inside my mouth as far as he'll go. He's already hard and just gets harder as I start sucking him, hard and fast.

His hands are on my ass, then pussy, then feet and back up to my pussy where he slides two fingers inside me and I spread my legs to accommodate him. Pretty soon he has almost his whole fist in me, but can't quite get it from the position I'm in. He fucks me with his fingers as I fuck his cock with my mouth, harder and faster. I stop sucking, moving so his fingers will slide out of me long enough to straddle his head, offering him my pussy, which he takes advantage of, his cock back in my mouth as he thrusts his tongue inside my tight, wet pussy.

Which causes me to moan onto his cock. I pull him back out of my mouth and lick him from head to base and back up again before shoving him back into my mouth. Raven has a nice view of him eating me out. I can hear her panting, either for my pussy or seeing his cock, unsure which or maybe both.

He's hitting all my spots and it's hard to stay focused on sucking him, so I stop and enjoy him eating me, he doesn't mind at all. I occasionally suck him. He's staying hard, I cause him to be hard just by being me. I'm grinding against his tongue, moaning, growling, groaning, and soon I cum onto his tongue and into his mouth, he drinks all of it.

I start sucking him again with vigor whatever can't fit in my mouth is being stroked by my hand. He starts licking me again, I'm moaning then I start humming. I suck faster, faster, harder, harder. Soon, my effort to get him to cum pays off, I move back and he shoots string after string of cum in my mouth, I swallow what I can, my hand is working the rest out.

Dismounting, I turn and look first at Raven who is standing there, rubbing her pussy then at him. I stroke him til he's hard, not that he ever went soft, but you know, just to touch. I straddle his hips and slide onto his cock. Once, I'm completely full, I start moving.

Slow and hard, fast and hard, faster and harder, faster, faster, faster, harder, harder, harder. I'm staring at him and he's staring right back at me. Grinding my hips hard, tightening and loosening with each thrust. The intensity of it is so extreme every creature can feel it and it's driving Raven crazy by watching this.

"Oh god, you feel so good!"

"Mmm, yes."


It doesn't take long for either of us to cum. Between being gone for hours and having someone watch, not too mention the pleasure of it all, sent us both over the edge. I dismount and collapse onto the ground beside him.

"Mm, you know just what to do to get me off, my love."


"Raven, you'll have your turn. But right now, we're going to go inside, it's getting daylight out and I need to tell our kids who you are. Because, if you look near the door, you will see them standing there. They are fully grown, remember?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Remember, I said that they would kill you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"That's why they need to know who you are."

"Yes, ma'am."

I stand up, he stands up, and all three of us walk towards our kids and into the house we go.

~Wonder what will happen next..To Be Continued!~

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