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Vampire Not So Cold


It was cold this far East. Close to the crack in the planets surface that had appeared at the beginning of the age, spilling an icy fog that had only served as cover for the... things that had come creeping out to ravish the inhabitants not wise or strong enough to flee. No one came East save for the few adventurers who got a kick out of battling those monsters; in human form but inhumanly strong their touch sucked all the warmth and soul from their victims, leading them to be called after the vampires of stories.

No-one that is aside from a lone girl running, given to husband a year before she came of age at 21 because of her unusually potent beauty she had suffered his brutality only as long as it took to get away. Flying from his hounds and his cruel treatment of her mind and body she had journeyed the only way she knew that might be more of a risk to him than losing her was worth. The journey had hardened her; though her skin was still as pale and luminescent as moonstone and her ash grey hair still fell shining down to her waist, her waif's figure had toned and she had learned to endure, to fight and to survive alone.

As the day, last in a long string of innumerable days wore on she imagined she was growing delirious -- she imagined she could hear the sounds of people -- a little further on the sounds became more clear and she realised she wasn't going mad, only witnessing a new horror rather than the one that had pursued her.

She had reached a colony.

The vampires needed human warmth to survive, and yet they couldn't venture beyond the ice mists of the rent in the earth, so they had kept some of their victims for breeding a supply -- as well as to introduce vampire strains to humans in the hope of being able to venture out from the mists. Viewing the pitiful sight that reeked of human degradation she vowed that she would try and set the people free, maybe she and they could shelter outside the mists -- it was definitely time to stop going East.

How long she remained watching she didn't know, but as dusk fell she knew guards would approach and she decided to make for the ruins of a church on a not too distant hillside. She knew these vampires had no fear of crucifixes, but the stones, worn smooth under the feet of normal men and women, were a comforting touch after the isolation of her flight. She vowed that when she arose she would destroy the vampires and free the humans, whatever it took.

When she looked up a vampire was staring at her.

She would have screamed, but terror chocked her throat and sealed her lips leaving her trembling and helpless. He was tall and imposing, with dark, soulless eyes, wearing a loose white shirt and black trousers that clung to the well-used muscles of his frame. Despite his slate grey skin and the way he moved with the cat-like grace of a fighter she realised he was alone, and her terror died into fear as she realised she might have a chance to get away.

"Pretty creature" he leered in a strange voice, "what brings you running into my arms this night?" He made no move to stop her as she whirled to her feet, brandishing the stout staff she had come to rely on in animal attacks. He looked at her curiously but without malice, and as his eyes ran over her shapely breasts, slim waist and flowering hips he seemed to admire her. Not being used to being looked at like a woman rather than the ornamental breeding machine she had been treated as she warmed a little even in the icy heat.

"Beware vampire, for I run from a life I fear more than any terror you can bring me." She declared with the remnants of her courage, but then she fell apart as she remembered all she was running from. She had been torn away from the boy she had been happily courting and watched him be stabbed by the duke's men. Her parents were so intimidated they had agreed to the marriage and her separation from the family she had loved. She still remembered the duke's "Oh lie down so I can get on with it," on their wedding night and the terrible pain then and every few nights thereafter, while her days were spent wandering as a grieving ghost through her palace and her prison.

She didn't remember dropping her staff or falling to the ground with all the tears she'd held back on her flight pouring down her lovely face, she didn't remember the vampire moving to her side and holding her, all she could feel was the first warmth she remembered since that day as she fell into a deep sleep... When she awoke she was lying in the arms of the vampire. He had nestled down between her and the world, with one arm draped languidly over her waist and the other entwined in her hair. They rose together, she completely at a loss as to how they had got there, and he beckoned her to old church pew and they sat down side by side.

"I thought you hated us?" She half wondered, half pleaded, "I thought you wanted to enslave us, what are you going to do to me, what do you want?" She noticed he looked at her with eyes no longer soulless and full of pity, and that the tousling of a rough nigh had only made him look better and more normal.

"We have never wanted to enslave you," he explained, "We too are running, fleeing from enemies greater than ourselves in another world. We came starving and in desperation, but only wish to be equals and friends, sharing this earth. If humans would welcome us and give warmth willingly we could take what we needed by a harmless touch, store it and let it grow, we would have enough to distribute among us to let us survive and restore ourselves, as I gave you what warmth I could to restore you from your grief last night."

"But why would you do that for me?"

"Because I read what you were remembering. No one deserves to be treated so cruelly, especially not one so young and so unearthly beautiful. I will force you into nothing, but your bravery and courage has touched my heart, and if you choose you may stay with me and we will run no further, we will live as equals and I shall never have to tear warmth from a human again."

She remembered how he had treated her and sacrificed the warmth he needed for her sake. He opened his mind to her and let her see a vision of how he would have the situation between the two races, and she saw and felt what it was like to be truly desired by a man who wanted her completely for herself. Suddenly she was flooded with a heat for him she knew she could do nothing but return: "Sir," she said in a low, sure voice, "I can choose now. I give myself to you, freely and willingly..." Then, they fell on each other.

They kissed in an animal wildness, their lips devouring each other as they tumbled from the bench uncaring to the stone floor. She clung to him with her legs round his waist as his tongue explored her mouth with an aching sweetness she felt would kill her if it stopped. Her hands grasped desperately under his shirt for the smooth, soft skin beneath, pulling him to her, wanting to feel every inch of his hard, strong body. Clumsy in their madness they fumbled and ripped and struggled until both were utterly naked to the elements and each others eyes. He saw a young, willowy, desperately beautiful young woman, with creamy white skin, only broken by cherry coloured nipples already erect, and the dark shadow of hair between her slim thighs.

She saw a man with slate grey skin, yet with a human body lean and firm from a physical life. His hair was darker and his male organ was almost black against her paleness, she couldn't help herself, she reached out to touch it to see if it was real, fascinated by his colouring, and he moaned in pleasure, as warm now as any human man. Pleased at the response she had got and seeing it swell beneath her fingers she began to stoke up and down with more strength and he crushed her to him and kissed her mouth and throat with burning fire. She arched up to him and gasped in ecstasy as his kisses finally reached one breast, turning it into a molten centre of pleasure around her nipple as she continued to restrict all the movement she wanted to her hands wrapped around his now very large organ.

As he switched to her other breast he rolled on top of her and they ground their hips together, rocking back and forth in an echo of what was to come. He was so forceful, but from his desire, not because he didn't care, and she loved it and responded to every touch of his tongue on one breast and long fingers on the other. He shifted down next to her and let his other hand dive into her warm slit, and as his fingers dabbled at her she writhed and panted as he skilfully showed her the pleasure she had been missing. As he tweaked the bud that was showing she let out a small scream and he felt a fresh spurt of wetness in his hand.

She cried out when he lifted his head from her chest and slipped down between her legs, thinking he was leaving her, but he blew her a kiss, opened her legs and slowly licked where his hands had been before. Had she not been overwhelmed by the new sensation she might have been shocked by the forked tongue he'd until then hidden, but she had no horror of him now. Its twin ends seemed to cover every inch of her intimate parts, and as one of them tickled her most sensitive place she felt golden fire rush to every corner of her body. With the other fork of his massively mobile tongue the vampire found her opening and teased round the edge before plunging in deeply, wiggling and thrusting. At this she gave herself over to him, bucking her hips madly as wave after wave of sensation shuddered through her, gushing onto his tongue in a release from grief and fear and everything except the feeling of his tongue on an in her, staying with her, drinking her, until she came down, what seemed an age later.

In the afterglow she felt so full of love she wanted to do anything for him, and so she pulled him up next to her and kissed the taste of her in his mouth for a long moment, then trailing kisses down over his neck and chest and stomach to the rock hard erection between his legs. She kissed him there, then suckled the smooth head, lapping up the seeping fluid, then his hands reached down to guide her up and down as she stroked him with her tongue and pulled back to create suction along his shaft as he gasped and called out. Her hands played with his balls, rolling them between her hands and stroking them gently.

Suddenly his hands were urgently pulling her away and up to him, she understood and rolled him on top of her, needing him as much as he needed her. They cried out together as he entered her, as though they had been denied each other for a life time. He held there as long as he could bear while she savoured the feeling of being entirely filled with him, and then instinct took over and they were plunging together, he pounding into her cunt, she pulling his hips to her and calling for him to go deeper, faster, anything to satisfy them. She thrust her hips up under him again and again, taking him all in, his balls slapping against her. His hand moved from kneading her breast to rubbing the hard bud that begged for his attention while he rode her. Shrieking, crying, thudding together, again and again, oh! Oh! Yes!

They came together, their juices flooding and combining as they collapsed together, bathed in sweat. When they could finally stand they dressed, and without a word, still holing each other, they set off to liberate both their races.

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