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Vampires' Feast


It is a dark chilly night, and Lily, a young, luscious, eighteen-year-old brunette, is walking on the lonesome streets in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. She has recently met a strange but handsome fellow from a college party, whose name is Jake. He had told her that there will be another fun party on Thursday night at his place, and oddly he lives in quite a shady area of town. However, Lily decided that she'll go anyway because she hasn't dated in quite a while, and this man seems so unconventionally handsome, with his pale skin and dark piercing eyes. When he'd touched her cheeks with his cold, strong hands she could feel herself growing moist between her legs.

She hastily walks on the dusty sidewalk, looks around the neighbourhood and wonders why there's no one to be seen. /There must be others coming to this party/, she thinks. She tries to walk faster, but physically she feels very awkward due to the high heeled shoes she's wearing. She had wanted to dress sexily for the party, maybe even go for first and second base. She doesn't think she's ready to have sex though, because she's a girl with a proper upbringing and no way would she ever sleep with a guy until a long way into a relationship.

She finally arrives at Jake's place - a large house hidden behind a cypress tree, which looks extremely eerie in this dark night. There's no music coming from it, but she could see lights and silhouettes through the window. She adjusts her hair a minute, then walks up to the front door and knocks. After several seconds, Jake opens the door and grins at her. "Hello," he says, "I'm glad you came. Do come in. He gallantly opens the door for her, inviting her to step in. "There's no need to take off your shoes," he instructs her, "but let me take your coat." With that, she takes it off and gives it to him, revealing the beautiful, long white dress she wore, which accentuated her cleavage and busty hips. He tries not to stare so much but fails, and Lily could see an animalistic hunger in his eyes. Suddenly she feels a bit scared and vulnerable, and turns her back to him, covering her bosom with her folded arms. She feels his muscular, strong arm gently wraps around her shoulder, and he tells her that there's no need to worry, that she looks beautiful tonight.

"Why don't I take you to the dining room?" he says, "all of our guest members are already there." She nods, and lets him guide her there. He opens the door to the dining room, and she sees a group of three men, equally pale and strangely dressed as Jake, all gathered together in the room. /Why aren't there any other girl here?/ She wonders, with an uneasy feeling.

"These are my friends, Caleb, Philip, and John." Jake says, gesturing towards the men. "They have all come to enjoy this private, intimate party tonight." He says, and leans closer to Lily, and she could feel his breath near the side of her neck. /Is that what this is?/ She thinks and smiles nervously at them, then feels Jake's lips and tongues on her ear, then on her cheek and then her neck.

"Hey!" she says, trying to shrug him off. "Don't!"

"What's wrong, baby? I'm just trying to get the party started. There will be a lovely feast tonight." He says, licking her neck and massaging her breasts with his hand.

"Please, let me go!" she yells, but Jake is unnaturally strong and holds her in place. The other three men are coming towards her as well, with an equally savage hunger that she saw on Jake's face. One of the men takes her arm while two others each took hold of her legs and she tries to struggle but no success. She's completely lifted off the floor now and the men are carrying her and putting her on the dining table.

"Please, let me go!" she yells, terrified now. But they are settling her down and tying her hands together under the table. She feels tears coming down her cheeks but Jake continues to grin that malicious hungry smile. One of the men stuffs a cloth in her mouth. "This ought to shut you up for a while. If you cooperate we'll take it out." He says.

Lily blinks away her tears and sees one of the men, Caleb, coming towards her with a long knife. She widens her eyes, and feels her heart thumping loudly. However, the pale man comes and slices her dress vertically down the middle, exposing her naked breasts and stomach. She wants to shout NOOO! but she's gagged for now. Caleb drops the knife on the floor under the table and brings his mouth down on one of her exposed breasts. Lily could feel more tears coming out and sobs. Jake is now at her head licking away her tears from her face, while Caleb kisses her right breast, licks at her nipples and running his large rough hands over her stomach. The two other men, Philip and John, are standing at the end of the table by her feet, taking off her shoes then rolling down her black fishnet stockings. They begin to kiss her feet and massage her legs. She tries to kick them away but they each clutch her legs tightly.

Jake takes out the cloth in her mouth, but just as she tries to yell again he covers her mouth with his, sucking and biting her lips. He then shoves his tongue in her mouth, his large, strong hands caressing her face and neck. Caleb is sucking and licking her nipples and she could feel them grow hard against her will. She wishes he would stop running his rough hands over her stomach and abdomen, as she felt they were very strong and threatening. To her chagrin, he brings them down between her legs and gently massages them over her panties, as the two men at her feet hold her legs apart, kissing them.

She now feels very humiliated. No stranger has ever touched her there before. Although she's eighteen years old, she's still a young girl and would never let another man touch her this way so soon. She whimpers but she could feel herself growing hot and moist. "Please, stop," she says but knows that her plead is futile.

Caleb stops licking her breasts for a moment and takes the shredded dress off her body and tosses it to the corner of the room. She's almost fully exposed to the four hungry, eerie men except for the pink cotton panties she's wearing. Caleb continues to gently run his fingers over her panties and finds her clit, and starts rubbing it in circles. She moans, and also feels Jake kissing her chin. He moves down to her neck, pulls her head backwards, exposing her white vulnerable throat. Her heart is thumping fast and as Jake kisses her neck, could easily feel her pulse. He grabs her hair and pulls her head further back and sucks on her throat hungrily. The two men at her feet, Philip and John, are starting to kiss and lick their way up her legs. Philip stops and comes up to kiss her breast.

"Please don't..." She whimpers softly as John kisses and licks her inner thighs. She feels beyond exposed and embarrassed, lying on the table near naked and having four men ravish her pale young body. John continues to bite and lick her thighs and could feel the heat of her cunt, could smell her musky, human, delicious scent. He starts kissing her pussy over her panties and she could feel her tears swell up in her eyes again. She knows she's soaking wet right now, her clit very hard. She could feel her face turning very hot and she thinks she'd die if this strange man dared to come in contact with her naked, exposed pussy.

John grabs the knife under the table and cuts her panties apart at either side of her hips, and grabs it off of her ass and throws it behind him. /Nooo/, she thinks, and dreads what's to come.

John takes a moment to inhale her hot musky scent before delving his tongue into her. She's horrified but also as if in ecstasy. It's so frighteningly intimate, having an unearthly stranger tasting her most private area between her legs. She tries to close her legs but John grabs both of her thighs with his large hands and pushes them open even wider, positions them there. Lily is completely helpless as John continues to lap at her cunt. More tears begin to flow down her cheeks.

While Caleb and Philip continue to lick her breasts and stomach Jake brings his face up to hers, whispering, "Are you enjoying this as much as I am, honey?" and exposes his sharp, dagger like fangs. Lily opens her mouth in horror and tries to scream, but Jake covers her mouth once again with his.

Jake begins to kiss his way down her neck again, muffling her whimpers with his hand. Hunger is beginning to overwhelm him, and after a few licks he sunk his fangs into her soft, milky throat and begins to drink. She tastes utterly sweet and delicious, more divine than any other man or woman he'd tasted. After a few moments he releases her, not wanting to drain her so soon.

John is licking away at her pussy with a passion, and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. He begins to suck on her hard clit and she could feel herself almost pass out, but he digs his fingers into her thighs and keeps her fully conscious of the pain and intense pleasure she's feeling. More juices flow out of her cunt and John gives her a long, swift lick, from her anus to her clit, not missing a drop of her sweet nectar. He licks away at her swollen pussy lips, could feel the heat and blood pumping beneath them. He pumps his long tongue inside her pussy and swirls inside, licking her walls and tasting her juices. He pumps in and out with a quick rhythm, fucking her with his tongue. She wants to push his head away from between her legs, but her hands are fully bound. She lifts her head and sees his head between her bent legs, working with a rhythm. She squeezes her eyes shut with shame.

Suddenly, she feels a sharp pain on her left breast, as Philip sunk his teeth into her and began to drink. She finds this intensely pleasurable and moans loudly. Blood is running down her breasts and stomach. John comes up from between her legs and licks the blood away from her stomach and abdomen. He then unzips his pants and slides himself into her hot pulsating cunt. Lily screams in ecstasy and throws her head backwards, arching her hips into John's cock. He begins to pump away, in and out; could feel her tight walls squeezing his cock as he fucked her. He comes, after only a few minutes, and pleased, stands up to walk up to her body, and licks away at the blood on her chest and stomach.

Jake comes between her legs while the three other men licks away at her neck, breasts, and stomach. "I want to taste you, to make you come," he says and grins, baring his dagger like teeth. For some reason this makes Lily feel extremely wet and horny again. He kisses her feet, then her lower legs, and licks a wet shivery trail up her legs. He stops at her thighs a moment to nuzzle it, and starts licking at the places around her pussy. She begins to breathe very heavily and although very scared, she feels her body heat up. Jake licks at her inner thighs, aware that her pussy lips are glistening with her juices. Just as she feels like she couldn't take it anymore, Jake covers her entire pussy with his mouth and begins to lick furiously.

"Ahhhh!" she moans, and feels Jake massage her thighs with his hands as he licks away at her cunt. There's something different about Jake from the other men, she realized. He seems extremely experienced, as if he'd feasted on a lot of girls this way. His tongue feels positively sandpapery, and he doesn't stop licking and sucking for one second as if he's never been so hungry. She could feel herself getting hotter and hotter by the minute, her juices running out of her pussy hole, feels Jake lap it all up. Suddenly, her inner wall muscles contract as a huge wave of orgasm hits her, her cum rushing out of her cunt as Jake hungrily swallows it all. She has never been on such a brink of ecstasy.

She knew it was too good to last, as she felt her neck being bitten again, by Caleb, and she begins to feel a bit weaker, as his fangs sunk into her throat and he begins his vicious sucking. The two other men, Philip and John, follow his lead, and bites into each of her breasts and she could feel her life beginning to drift from her.

Jake finishes up his work between her legs, licks up her thighs and her pussy lips, when another wave of hunger hits him. He opens his mouth, bares his sharp fangs, and plunges them deep into her womanhood.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Lily screams and moans, feeling dizzier by the minute. She could feel the slurping and drinking and swallowing sounds of all four vampires, could feel her blood rushing out of her throat, her breasts, her pussy lips. Jake has her whole pussy covered with his mouth, his teeth inside her lips, as he drained her life way from her private, vulnerable area between her legs. She feels a last moment of ecstasy as she closes her eyes and lets her head fall back.

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by DPMaster09/23/18

Very Nice

I was especially aroused by the fact they used her breasts and pussy to feed from. In reality, I'd think vampires would do quite a bit of that, so it was great to see you explore it some. I'd love tomore...

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