tagGroup SexVegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 11

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 11


Thank god, Oscar's girls liked to get naked and nasty and this one - Joan was at the top of the list. Joan was a sexual dynamo. Joan wasn't just queen of the house during her stay...she ruled.

As I lay naked on my bed, slowly waking, my blurry eyes and brain were able to derive that the naked woman standing at the foot of my bed was Joan. She usually wore her semi-long, black hair clipped into a bun on top of her head, like this morning. In addition, Joan was standing in front of my bed naked because she had most likely just come up from downstairs.

After Joan had gotten a few good fucks from the early morning crowd, she usually came upstairs, and asked me to eat her out. Afterwards, she would describe each rendezvous to me as I jacked-off. Right before I would cum, I would pop my cock into Joan's big, juicy mouth.

Joan was in her mid-forties. Although her stomach sagged slightly and she had a little cellulite on the back of her legs, she kept herself in reasonably good shape. Her brown skin was creamy smooth and her 38 B/C cup breasts did not droop. Joan's large, dark brown nipples were a fun suck.

Joan's pear-shaped behind supported a pair of pillowy butt cheeks. Hidden between them was her most enduring physical asset - her 'jewel'. Joan's butthole was the crème de la crème. You could slam your cock into the hole between her pillowy butt cheeks as hard as you wanted and she would only moan from the pleasure.

As my eyes focused on her lewd grin, Joan said, "Come on, wake up. You know what I want."

Yes, I did. I knew it all, too well. "Sharing" was what Joan called it.

Not waiting for my response, Joan climbed up onto the bed, got on all fours, and positioned her broad ass in front of my face. Her 'jewel' was the only reason I let her dominate me and Joan knew it.

I rolled over onto all fours and put my sleepy face between her legs. As I hesitatingly looked at the semen oozing out of Joan's yawning pussy hole, she enthusiastically gave me instructions. "Don't miss a drop, Honey! Lick it all up!"

I alternated between licking Joan's slick slit and sliding my tongue deep into her hot, swollen pussy. Since I could taste just a little cum mixed in with her pussy juices, I assumed that Joan must not been overly lucky this morning.

After a few minutes, I began gently lapping Joan's erect clit with my tongue. As soon as I did, Joan began moaning and squirming feverishly.

When I increased the tempo, Joan's body started to tense up and her moans increased. I knew she was close and without even thinking about it, I went for her usual trigger point, and shoved my tongue inside of her. Seconds later, Joan's moans turned to orgasmic cries as her cunt squeezed around my tongue and her thighs locked around my head.

As I gasped for air, a large, warm glob of cum exited Joan's pussy and slide into my open mouth. It felt like the pudding content of a large, cream-filled donut had just been squeezed into my mouth.

As Joan continued to squeeze and contract her vagina, more globs of cum entered my mouth. It seemed the more I swallowed - the more I had to swallow.

I had certainly one-upped myself this morning, even if it wasn't necessarily by choice. I had easily swallowed as much cum as I had at any one time! I was somewhat proud of myself, in a warped way.

"Fuck, that felt good," Joan said. "I didn't know I had that much cum in me after - well, those boys must have been really backed up. Lie down on the bed next to me and pump your cock while I fill you in."

Before Joan began her story, she kissed me and then eased her tongue into mouth. She certainly did not mind tasting herself.

Joan always said the morning fucks were the best because not only were the men at their hardest that time of day, they came quick because they did not want to be late for work. Joan said she liked it that way - hard and fast.

"Before I went downstairs, I pinched my nipples, so that they were hard and tingling. I wanted to make sure that even a blind man could see my headlights."

"What were you wearing?"

"Just a long, thin, t-shirt, my new, black lace, crotchless boyshorts, and my sandals."


"They split in half at the bottom, so you can get down to business quickly. The slit is very large and toward the rear... It's all about access, Honey! Anyway, I slowly walked by a few men standing around looking at DVD's and magazines, making sure they saw me before I walked back to the video booths.

I could easily imagine the men watching Joan's natural wiggle as she walked by. She couldn't help it, whether she was walking down the street, or bent over in a toilet getting one of her holes nailed.

"I went down the corridor on the right, to the last booth, the one that had all the gloryholes. I know a couple of men followed me to see what I was going to do... By the time, I got there my pussy was wet. I was excited."

The booths walls were paper-thin, just a plywood panel. Each booth had a cushioned bench in front of the screen so the customer could sit while watching movies. In addition, each booth had at least two big gloryholes and some even had three depending where they were situated.

"I put some money into the machine and watched a about a man with a big cock fucking two girls. Before I could even begin playing with my aching clit, someone entered the booth on the right, next to mine. I waited a couple of minutes, while he fed the video machine and selected a movie, before peaking through the gloryhole."

"When I looked, the man was pulling his pants and underwear down. Then he pulled his sweatshirt up to his bellybutton, and started playing with his balls. I pulled back, waited for another minute or so, and then peaked, again. By now, his cock was semi-hard. He was stroking it as he watched a woman getting it up the ass on the screen."

"He must have noticed me because all of a sudden, he turned and pointed his cock at the hole. It was above average size and looked thick."

"I pulled back, again, but this time, I leaned back on my bench, positioning myself toward the hole, and began sliding my fingers sliding in and out of my dripping pussy. When I saw the man watching me through the hole, I also began pinching and pulling my hard nipples."

"What happened then?"

"I just kept playing with my horny self, hoping he would get the hint and he did. The next time I looked at the hole, there was about seven inches of white, stiff cock protruding through it."

"I bent down instantly and put my mouth around the head of his cock. As I sucked the precum off it, he suddenly filled my mouth with cum. He came so fast!"

"Disappointed, I turned to sit on the bench and when I saw another stiff cock protruding from the opposite wall. I knelt down, again, and began stroking it. After a minute or so, the guy pulls his cock back, and whispers for me to open my door."

"Did you?"

"I thought about it for a few seconds, and decided, since his cock was nice and hard and smelled very clean, I would let him in. As I pulled the bolt back and stepped back, I backed right into a hard-on."

"How did that happen?"

"Another cock was sticking through the hole that the man who had cum in mouth had just left. Anyway, I reached behind me, felt how hard it was...and went for it... I spread my cheeks, backed up, and impale my soaking, wet pussy, on it as the young white dude entered my booth."

"What did the white guy say when he saw the cock in you?"

"He did not know at first, because the guy's cock was long enough... I did not have to bend over...but I did, so I could suck the white dude's cock. He had nice thick cock, too!"

"When I bent over against the hole, the guy pushed his whole cock into my pussy. It was so sudden I yelped, but the white dude still did not know...it was so dark in there. I am pretty sure the guy fucking me knew I was sucking cock, though."

"The guy fucking me had a steady rhythm, and with his long cock...I knew it would not take long for me to cum. I just hoped he could hold off, until I came."

"Eventually, the guy was I sucking figured out I was getting fucked. He could feel the top of my head pushing back and forth against his stomach as I sucked him. The man fucking me was close to cumming."

He reached back and felt the other man's cock in my pussy. Surprisingly, he began to stroke it! That really turned me on. With one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy, I felt as if I had a giant erection running through my body. My mouth and pussy were filled with two, big, strong, white cocks!"

"Hmmm. Every black woman's fantasy."

"Variety is the spice of life, Honey...so...when I heard moaning sounds it took me a second to figure out where they were coming from. When I felt the guy fucking me swell up, I grabbed the white dude's hips, and pulled his ass forward, deep-throating him, which caused me to push back on the cock behind me."

"When the guy felt my pussy open up...well...his big cock exploded. With his hot cum flowing into my pussy...my own orgasm came a moment later. I came like a five alarm fire."

"At the hour in the morning, the entire store must have heard?"

"I didn't care, Honey. I just wanted to get fucked."

"Hard core."

"That's right, Honey. After the man came in me, I squeezed him out, turned around, bent over, and pulled the white guy's cock inside me. Then I told him to fuck me."

"While he fucked me, he reached for his phone, dialed, and then started talking to someone."

Joan deepened her voice, "Guess what I'm doing right now? I'm fucking this fine lookin' bitch and she says she wants more cock after I'm done. You and your guys ought to come over. She's a sweet piece." Of course, Joan smiled when she relayed the conversation. I did, too. Joanie was something else.

"I didn't care...as long as their cock was big and hard. Anyway, he told whomever he was talking where he was at and hung up. Then he leaned over me, 'Three guys are going to join us. They're close by. Your pussy is going to be full of cum, Baby, you'll fucking slosh'!"

"He then pulled out of me, said to stay put, and went out front to wait for his buddies." I did not wait long. In about fifteen minutes, his three guys showed up. I did all three of them."


"When the first guy came into our booth he unzipped, pulled his big cock out, and offered it to me. I bent over and took it in my mouth. When I did, the white dude began fucking my pussy, again. He came quick. Watching me suck his friend's cock must have really turned him on."

Joan said when he pulled out; he whispered a "thank-you" in her ear. "That was really sweet," she sighed.

After Joan finished describing how she had received her fourth and fifth cum loads, I rolled her on her back, pressed my face between her raised, sweaty, brown cheeks and began slobbering and licking around her butthole. Oscar later told me I smooched her soft, brown fanny for at least fifteen minutes, until I noticed him.

Oscar was sitting in a chair, pants off, t-shirt on, stroking his huge erection. I took my mouth from Joan's wet anus and waved him over.

When Joan felt the bed sagging behind her, she turned her head to see Oscar had joining us. Oscar smiled at her as he exclaimed, "My turn!"

Joan immediately knew what her Oscar wanted. She quickly sprawled flat, reached behind her back, grasped her ass cheeks, and spread them so wide, you could see the pink insides of her dark brown hole.

"Oscar," she gasped, "fuck Joanie's horny ass with your big cock!" Joanie then turned toward and said, "I bet you wish you were getting this!"

The nasty grin on Joan's face quickly faded to a frown when I bent down and sucked half the length of Oscar's hard-on into my mouth. Moments later, her expression changed, again, when Oscar pushed his thumb into her wet anus. Her pouty mouth gasped open and her eyes widened in surprise.

As Joan continued to watch me lather Oscar's cock, the proverbial light bulb went on. She began to moan and chant, "Fuck my ass. Fuck me in the ass, Big Daddy."

After loosening her Joan's anus, Oscar placed his glistening, swollen, purple cockhead up against the hole where my mouth had been a few minutes before. Joan immediately pushed her anus out.

"Oh yes, Big Daddy", Joan said as she looked back at Oscar, "I want your big cock in my ass!"

Not needing any encouragement, Oscar pushed the big head into Joan's eager brown orifice. Joan's facial reaction was priceless. You would have thought she was expelling a giant turd.

As Oscar continued to push his cockhead into Joan, her anus relaxed and impressively pulled his massive cock in like quicksand. Oscar hadn't said a word, yet.

The first couple of inches of Oscar's cock bored into Joan's poop chute easily; however, when Oscar had to start pushing hard to force the rest in, he and Joan began grunting hard.

I grabbed some lube from the nightstand and then motioned for Oscar to pull his cock out. When he did, I squirted a generous amount onto his cock and then aimed the lube bottle tip right at Joan's gaping asshole. Joan gasped as the cool lube shot into her bowels. I couldn't help but smile.

Oscar mouthed "thanks" as his cock began easily sliding back and forth in Joan's now slippery rear passage. In no time, both Oscar and Joanie were moaning from the pleasure they felt as Joanie's ass squeezed Oscar's huge invader.

As Oscar and Joanie fucked, I placed my hand under her sopping pussy and began working on her protruding clit. The faster I rubbed it, the louder Joan's moans got.

"Oh god, that feels good," Joan said in between groans.

Eventually, Joan and I got into a hot 69. I slid my head under her big tits and softly rounded tummy, until I got my mouth to her hot, wet pussy.

As I slid my tongue into her pussy and lapped up the pussy juice that was matting her curly, black hair, I could feel Oscar's strong thrusts into her ass. I could feel each bounce as his groin slapped her butt, pushing my mouth up, until my lips touched the base of his cock. Then my face would slide back down as the departing monster left her rectum.

Occasionally, Oscar would slam her hard enough to make the bed hit the wall. I would then hold still and let the force of his thrusts move my lips up and down Joan's pussy.

With my tongue was flying around in her pussy and over her clit, Joan got so hot - her bucking took Oscar over the top. Just inches above my nose, I watched Oscar's body go rigid and then heard him roar as the sperm that had been building in his balls for the last thirty minutes erupted like a volcano.

As Oscar began ejaculating a huge sperm enema deep into Joanie's guts, Joanie wailed as massive orgasms tore through her. Her pussy throbbed repeatedly against my face as cum leaked out of her convulsing asshole, onto my face. I would soon be sucking that cum right back out of her.

With her guts rumbling loudly in protest to all the cum they now contained, Joan whispered her desires to Oscar. "You pull out of me and I'll hold your cum inside me, until I kneel over his face. You can watch your creamy cum loads drain from my ass, right into his mouth! It'll be the perfect end to a perfect evening!"

When Oscar withdrew his softening cock from Joan's quivering, distended, farting, asshole, he dropped the head right on my mouth. As I sucked it, I delighted in the strong taste of Joanie's ass juices, mingled with Oscar's sperm.

After I cleaned Oscar fully, Joan moved up her plundered hole, right over my mouth. It was sooo dilated and full of sperm.

As I licked and sucked Joan's asshole, she pushed to expel all the cum enema she could give me. The taste of her chocolate mixed with his cream was a cum felching connoisseur's dream.

As soon as Joan farted out the last drops of cum into mouth, I got up on my knees, jerked my cock a couple of times, and attempted to push my precum, oozing cockhead into her mouth. I was going to cum now.

Joan involuntarily moved her head back, instead of forward. Unable to stop, I let out a huge groan as my own tremendous orgasm exploded.

My first two shots erupted forcefully. Sperm splashed against Joan's forehead, cheeks, and nose before she was able to grab my cock and close her mouth around it.

As Joan swallowed another load, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, quickly moved behind her, and pushed my hard cock into her asshole. When Joan felt me my cock entering her swollen rectum, she tried to turn around, but I held her fleshy hips firmly.

"What are you doing?' Joan squawked.

The end of her sentence was bitten off in a grunt of surprise as I sank my cock into her asshole in one long, firm, thrust. Joan then cried out as I began completing forceful penetrations up her sore, sloppy, hot hiney.

I had total control of Joan. All Joan could do was brace herself on her elbows, drop her forehead into the pillow, and grunt like a pig.

Soon, I also began grunting on her back like a farm animal. My balls were tightening, again, as I continued to pump her squishy rectum as hard as I could, without mercy.

As I imagined Joan sucking the taste of Oscar's sperm and her ass juices off my tongue, my body exploded. I cried out, "Oh god! Oh god!" as I came in her ass.

I sighed as I withdrew my almost limp cock from Joan's wrecked ass. Joan sighed, too, but after she farted long and hard.

I quietly got up before I got the giggles and went to the bathroom to pee. Upon emptying myself, I decided get take a catnap. I went to my bedroom and sprawled out on the bed on my belly. Seconds later, I was sound asleep. My ass was spread wide for the taking.

About an hour later, Joan and Oscar headed downstairs. As they walked by my open, bedroom door Joan stopped and wistfully gazed at my backside. "I would sure like to fuck that little white ass," she whispered.

Joan never got to fuck my ass, but Eve did. Eve was my best girl for quite a while. I met her at UNLV. She was a Liberal Arts Major. Eve did not want to have sex with Oscar, so Eve and I began meeting at our own abodes. Oscar understood...I guess.


I had just woke-up from a late morning nap and was sitting naked on my bed, sipping a water, when Eve came into my room. She had a big smile on her pretty face. I smiled back, but then almost choked when I looked down her body.

Eve was wearing a strap-on harness fastened to her waist and her black, jogging singlet. A big, black dildo protruded from her pubic mound just above her pussy. Her 'black balls' beneath the base of her cock; bulged obscenely between her smooth, tan, strong thighs.

Before I could react, Eve knelt down, bent forward, opened her sexy mouth, and then paused long enough for me to notice that she had just applied a dark, red lipstick to her luxuriant lips. What a beautiful, little, wanton whore I thought. I had no problem thinking that, because Eve thrived on creating erotic moods, desires, and styles.

As Eve sucked me, she gently milked my balls. Eve had not, yet, said a word to me.

When my cock was rock hard, Eve stopped playing with me, and as she reached for a tube of lube, she finally spoke. "I just bought this downstairs...I really want to fuck your hot ass with it...really bad...can I fuck you?"

I just nodded a 'yes' as I stared into Eve's dark brown eyes. Saying no was not an option.

Eve then squirted some lube into her hand, and began to grease up her thick, black cock. I watched her do it as I slowly began stroking my own hard cock.

Once her cock was lubed, Eve told me to, "Get on your hands and knees...on the bed and spread your legs."

I smiled at Eve as I crawled up on the bed and got into the position she requested. A few seconds later, Eve began rubbing lube into my ass crack and then around my puckered butthole.

When Eve slid her finger into me and began lubing me internally, I began to grunt. Eve even giggled when my hips rose. She knew my prostate was ultra sensitive.

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