tagMatureVeronica Ch. 04

Veronica Ch. 04


Veronica sat in the chair in the lawyer's office stunned. Her sisters and stepmother were also in the room and the news that only their stepmother would receive their father's estate was a huge revelation.

Betty got up first and started pacing the room. Molly got up and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, Jennifer. What the fuck? You've been married to him for a year and you get everything!"

"The three of you were spoiled. I had to convince him that you guys needed tough love. It was easy with Veronica since she got herself kicked out of college. Now you gals just need to get a job and pay for the rest of your education."

Jennifer got up and walked calmly out of the office. Before leaving, she turned.

"I will give you gals until tomorrow to move out of the house."

Betty and Molly stormed out of the office, not even glancing at Veronica. Veronica winched as she realized how much her sisters hated her at this moment.

"Come on sweetie. We'll stop by the house to pick up our stuff and go back home."

Matthew hugged Veronica tight as they walked out of the office, thanking the lawyer who was red in the face and so embarrassed at what had happened.

Veronica sat in the truck next to Matthew. They had just been to her old house to pick up the rest of her things. Her life had not been so good the last few months and it had gotten a lot worse. She had been kicked out of her house to go live with a family friend since she had been kicked out of college. Her father had been killed in a car accident and her stepmother had received everything, even the house. She stared out the passenger side window as she tried to get her emotions under control.

"It's going to be O.K. sweetie."

Matthew reached over and grabbed her hand, squeezing lightly. He realized at this moment he had fallen in love with her. He had desperately wanted it to be just sex the last two months, but it was so much more. Every time they had sex it was more and more intense. He had spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to tell her he loved her and more nights trying to figure out the best way to tell his best friend that he had found the perfect woman and that woman was his youngest daughter.

By the time they arrived at his farm it was raining hard and they ran into the house, leaving her belongings in the truck to grab when it stopped raining. By the time they got inside, they were soaked and Matthew's cock was throbbing as he saw her shirt stuck to her curves.

"Sorry baby. I know this isn't the time or the place. You just drive me crazy and right now your nipples are rock hard against your shirt, which I must say is looking a little see-through."

Veronica blushed and then walked over to Matthew.

"Fuck me now."

Veronica was breathing so hard and her eyes were full of lust. Matthew picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, practically leaping up the stairs to his bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he stripped her naked and threw her on the bed. Undressing quickly, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees and impaled her on his cock. Grabbing her hips he thrust into her over and over again. She was moaning and panting. He continued this hard fucking as he reached under her and pinched her clit hard.

"Oh fuck baby. Harder. Make me cum."

Matthew did as she begged and fucked her harder. She was squirming on the bed as she dug her nails into the sheets, trying to hang on. He came first. He thrust in deep and held her as his cock flooded her cervix with his cum. Still holding her he flicked at her clit until she came.

"Love you."

"What did you say?"

Veronica sat up and looked into his eyes. Matthew started to blush and at that moment was so nervous waiting for her to say something else.

"You love me?"

"Yes I do."

"I love you too."

Veronica said this softly, cuddling into his arms. She realized at this moment that she was finally happy with her life. She didn't care about his age and certainly didn't care what her sisters thought. The past few months had been a roller coaster of ups and downs but finally something good was happening.


Veronica and Matthew continued to date and Veronica was able to go back to school to finish her degree. She emailed her sisters a few times a year on holidays to make sure everything was O.K. They had both gotten jobs to pay for school and both had nice boyfriends who treated them right. Veronica had emailed them to tell them about her marriage to Matthew and was just composing a short email to tell them about the healthy and safe arrival of their first child, Jeffrey Andrew, named after her father of course.

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