tagGay MaleViking's Pledge Ch. 01

Viking's Pledge Ch. 01


hi, this is my first story that i will be posting on lit so i would really love your feedback.

hope you all enjoy!




They walked their way back to the village from the raid they had successful accomplished, but Vikings were always successful. His men followed behind him carrying their looted prizes, smiles on their faces and cheering loudly. When they jumped down from their horses each one slapped the other on the back congratulating each other. He handed his horse to one of the small boys that would tie up the horse with the others. Conall had golden hair and blue eyes, he had the tall, built frame, square chin with small cleft and a wide mouth. Stubble spread across his face over his dark, tanned by training in the sun.

"Conall!" a young woman walked upon him, she was barely of age. Conall knew she had some feelings for him. She see was quite the siren, posh lips, long wavy blond hair and those bold brown eyes, and her body, strong and healthy with a large bust, she would be in any mans dreams, but not his.

"Mesta," he bowed his head in greeting.

"did you have a prosperous raid?" she blushed and smiled "will there be feast celebrating your success?" her eyes widen in glee.

"I dunno, we shall see what the king declares, my dear," he said smoothly. He smiled as her plum lips pursed and she seemed to scowl. Styr grabbed his shoulder then.

"Sir the king wishes to hear your report," he said eyeing Mesta and bowing his head to her.

"Good eve, Mesta," Conall said turning and heading for the kings tent.

Styr turned around with his leader, "you will not court her?"

"nay, there tis naught courting to be done," Conall smiled wickedly, "besides I am fated to die in battle, naught because of a family,"

Styr laughed with him as they entered the kings tent.


That night Conall walked through the crowd of people headed for the river, he needed a little air from everyone crowding him to congratulating him on the raid. And truth be told he was hiding from Mesta's father, who wanted to talk about a marriage proposal of Mesta to him. Even though he was deep in his cups of ale he was smart enough to stay away, or there would be a chance of him getting tricked.

As Conall sat there, he thought about what he wanted, then he head some one approaching. A pale man walked towards him staring at him, the man looked almost frail. sickly skinny and bags under his eyes. He had dark hair pulled back in a tie. "Who are you, sir?" Conall demanded grabbing the hilt of his sword in a gesture of intimidation.

The man merely chuckled, "I have many names, Viking, I am sure in a few hundred years I will have many more," the man's smile was stiff and seemed forced. Conall looked at him one last time, sizing him up and making sure he could take the man down if he needed to. Conall then turned his back on the pale man. "you think you can beat me do you, want to have a go at it?"

"I'm afraid this is one challenge I wont do," Conall said walking away. Before he could get far something slammed into his back making him fall face first into the dirt.

"no one shall dare to look at me with such disrespect as you have to night, my Viking," the man now sitting on top of Conall, whispered in his ear. The man stood up "grab your sword, defend yourself... if you are able," the man smiled that grim smile again.

Conall surged to his feet and with a loud roar he lashed out with his fists not wanting to do to much damage to the man, that was before the man caught one of his fists. Conall stuck out with his sword, slashing away towards the man that nimbly slipped and dodged each blow. After hours of going at it full force Conall was panting, the man not even sweating. Conall made one more lunge with the sword, the man stood still, suddenly he clasped his hands flat together around the blade stopping it from being moved further. Conall stood wide eyed as the man took the blade from him and threw it to the side. He then examined his bloody pale hands. The man then licked at his own blood. Conall sat there feeling defeated, the strongest Viking warrior defeated! "you feel you are weak?"

Conall looked up at the man. 'had he read my mind?!'

"I can do that too." the man said simply. Looking as if he just commented on the weather not doing something that is impossible. "and I can also grant you the power you want to have, to be strong and... indestructible," the man said slowly.

"what are you?!"

"the answer to your prays. Now, do you want that power or should I find some one else?"

Conall took a moment to think of it, then took the mans hand and stood up, the last thing he saw was long sharp fangs, white hot pain wracking through his body. Then came the darkness, coldness and the emptiness.


to be continued...

thanks for reading id love to hear for everyone on what you think!

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