Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 03


Alicia blushed again.

"I couldn't meet you there. What if I was seen?"

"I think you could be discrete. After all, you have met Sovig there enough times".

Her face fell. Ulric seemed to know everything about her and Sovig. It was possible that he might tell Vosta and that would be devastating. Vosta's previous wife and lover lay cold in the ground after Vosta had found them together in the hayloft.

"I'll try" she said and walked to the door.

At the door Ulric turned her face to him and covered her mouth with his. She struggled half-heartedly as he swept up her dress and, pressing her against the door frame plunged his prick into her still lubricated slot.

As her lusts mounted she briefly wondered how she could have stooped so easily to the level of a common strumpet; lifting her dress at street corners to all comers. Her bottom slapped wantonly, yet quite willingly against the door jamb as he stretched her tight slit to the maximum, his cock boring ever deeper into her oozing and responsive sanctum sanctorum.

Again she achieved the culmination of passion as he drove deeply into her accommodating pit, gorging her insatiable lust until the evidence of his climax dribbled lewdly from her.

"I must go" she panted as she hurriedly pulled down her dress and opened the door.

"Remember the price of the cart depends on you" he called to her as she hurried toward the safety of the street.

After reaching the street, she walked swiftly to her cottage, latching the door behind as she entered. She felt somehow unclean and pulled out the bathtub and poured hot water into it, from a pot on the stove and, after cooling it with well water, threw off her clothes and climbed in. She lay quietly for some moments revelling in the warmth, but soon her eyes and hands were drawn to the focus of her undoing.

Her engorged labia glowed hotly and her clitoris, still stiff with anticipation, radiated an invitation that she was not slow in accepting. Her fingers drew up slowly through the silken folds until they uncovered the sensitive nub that she teased and massaged until she was overcome with shafts of pleasure that radiated through her loins. She slipped her fingers into her vagina, imagining again the tight feeling that spread from there into her chest each time Ulric had forced himself upon her.

"Forced himself?" she wondered.

"More like invited in." She concluded, as again she gasped out her pleasure while her fingers wove their earthy magic.

She couldn't see him again that was obvious. The sight of him would be likely to be further cause for embarrassment. But, what if he was to tell Vosta. No, he would never do that, would he? Vosta would not believe him anyway. Vosta loved her. Even if Vosta believed her it would not be the same. The seeds of suspicion would have been laid and he would watch her all the time. She must tell Ulric that today was just a mistake and that it could never occur again. Perhaps she could pay him to keep it quiet. Yes, that must be the answer, it would be their secret.

"Oh, you faithless woman. You were willing to risk all for Sovig and now that you find a man the very thought of which loosens your loins, you draw away. And what about Sovig? You can no longer allow his fevered advances. He will be easier to break with. He is afraid of the rumours about Vosta, he would never reveal his deception."

The next morning was bright and sunny. Alicia woke slowly, her body subtly reminding her of yesterday's secrets. Her face flushed hotly as thoughts of her deception crept into her head. Vosta had been tired when he returned that evening, still she had given him a merry ride, causing him to ask lightheartedly whether she was wife or witch that she could arouse a poor tired man to such excess. She could not help thinking how when Vosta entered her she had imagined a larger more virile member thrusting and stretching her little mouse.

Emerging from her reveries she was startled to find her hands vigorously flirting with her seat of pleasure with such effect that in no time she was heaving wildly under their ministrations. Vosta had long since risen and left. He had been proud of her when she told him of the price only eight coppers she had acquired the cart for and the memory of this sent further pangs of guilt through her, but she was now committed. If she did not meet Ulric he would say they agreed on nine coppers and Vosta would be disappointed in her.

She rose and walked to the kitchen. Vosta had left her hot porridge and tea on the stove. Lost in unknown dreams she served herself and sat to eat. Tea splashed from her cup as she raised it to her mouth. The sting of the hot tea on her body startled her out of her reverie. When she glanced down at the burnt area she realized that in her confusion she had sat down to breakfast clothed in only what she had been born with.

She ran into the bedroom and finding a dress in her wardrobe pulled it over her head and laced the bodice over smooth upturned breasts and returned to the kitchen.

Breakfast over, she thought of Ulric's words that seemed to be branded into her forehead for all to see. Checking the sky through the window she discovered that it was close to the time arranged. She told herself determinedly that she would meet him, tell him that she could not see him again and then return home, safe in the knowledge that Vosta would never discover her shameful secret. After all he only said that she should meet him.

On the way to the rendezvous, she met several people with whom she passed the time of day, convinced that they knew or suspected where she was going. She had a strange image of arriving at the appointed place to find not only Ulric but a crowd of spectators waiting to see what would happen.

When she arrived at the junction of Common Path and Eil's Mile she was relieved to discover that it was deserted. She followed a faint trail that led into the woods. This area of the woods was a favourite area for young lovers to meet at dusk, away from the prying eyes of parents. Many the young virgin had returned home from here flushed and smarting, her head filled with immodest thoughts and eager for new adventures and play in the arms of her lover.

During daylight the area was deserted, trees casting their cooling shadows on the many hills and hollows. As Alicia rounded a bend she saw Ulric sitting with his back against a tree. She stopped and observed him. He seemed deep in thought and did not notice her. As though bewitched her eyes followed the muscular contours of his body until they rested on the formidable bulge between his thighs

"Remember" she thought to herself "just tell him that it was a mistake and then you can go home."

She was troubled by the approaching confrontation but even more disturbed by the unbidden quickening in her loins as she neared him. A puff of breeze wafted his scent over her, softening her resistance and drawing her like a moth to a lantern. He turned suddenly as he heard her, a look of alarm replaced by relief and a wolfish smile. Standing up he moved toward her.

She seemed incapable of movement as he enveloped her in a smothering embrace. He swept up her dress and cupped her damp womanhood that she had graciously kept unencumbered. She felt as if she was drowning in a sea of desire. Her hands unconsciously moved to her neck and unlaced her bodice. She pulled her magnificent breasts free, presenting them like votive offerings on the altar of lechery.

His mouth latched onto one delicious morsel, sucking the nipple deep into his mouth. She moaned audibly and her mouth opened fishlike as he repeated his consecration on the second offering. Pressing her against a tree he dropped to his knees, disappearing under her dress. If one had witnessed this scene, all that would have been seen was a woman, naked to the waist, writhing uncontrollably and moaning in a lascivious manner whilst she squeezed and teased her glorious mammaries.

In minutes she was heaving her hips wildly and letting out small cries until she fell to the ground in a heaving mound. It would have been only at this point as her dress as though self animated was thrown off her body that the observer would have noted the parasite attached to the juncture of her thighs like a leech.

"Ah Alicia" he said as he at last came up for air "How I've waited for this. I was unable to sleep. My cock rose every time I thought of you. Here, take it in your hand. Ah yes love, lick it, suck it. Ah you temptress, you add steel to my flesh. Show me your bottom. Ah yes, beautiful. My fingers enter so easily now. Have you introduced Vosta to this banquet table. No? So you are like a virgin here. Yes, my love, push back now, I'm in! Oh, how tight, it fits my cock like a sleeve.

Oh yes dear, grind against me, feel my manhood tickling your innards. What? Rub your spot harder. Of course, ahh how wet you are, your stiff little button grows longer. Feel how I can roll it between my fingers. That rouses you does it not? Feel my fingers opening your petals. Are you coming, love. Yes, I feel you body opening to me .. ahhh.., yes I'm coming."

The observer would note that the leech was now firmly attached to the woman's rear, his hands fully occupied between her thighs in her bedewed and moss covered secret passageway. The labia spread wide revealing the pink gash that signified "enter and be welcome, please wipe your fingers at the door." Her mewling cries progressing into sharp cries of ungoverned lust.

They fell gasping to the ground but Ulric rolled to his back and said.

"Come Alicia, kneel over me, let me enter your hidden damp grotto. Yes, my love, open yourself. How bewitching you look when you give yourself to me this way. Ah yes, make your breasts bounce. Come lie on me, let me taste them."

Alicia stretched on Ulric and her body bounced obediently over his, absorbing and baring his monstrous member with each plunge. Each downward thrust sent tremors of pleasure through her as Ulric mercilessly tormented her now stretched and rampant clitoris with his fingers. Biting back a scream she emitted a wild groan as climax after climax radiated from her loins and surged throughout her body.

Separating, they lay quietly. Ulric ran his hands through her downy softness whilst Alicia, overcome with both guilt and lust, cried softly. Looking at the angle of the sun she was shocked to discover that so much time had past.

"I must away" she said sitting up quickly and reaching for her dress that lay abandoned some distance away "People will talk if they do not see us for a long time."

"Yes, you are right" said Ulric "I have customers coming this afternoon who will wonder where I am.

Alicia rose. Ulric, still naked, his member projecting lewdly rose and pressed Alicia in his arms. She felt confused. When she was away from him it seemed so easy to decide to tell him that they could not continue to meet this way, but when he was close it was like being in a dream. Her body yearned for his stiffness. She could refuse him nothing. The mere scent of his body was aphrodisiac, causing her nipples and clitoris to stiffen, her vulva to throb eagerly, and her vagina to moisten. She pulled away reluctantly.

"I must leave" she stammered feeling a resurgence of lust, and afraid that she would again have to satisfy her almost overwhelming passion.

"We must meet again" said Ulric.

"I will be at the Autumn dance on Saturday. Perhaps we can dance."

"See you then" he said giving her wet womanhood a last squeeze.

This was almost her undoing and she abruptly turned and ran down the trail to the junction. Ulric stood watching her go, revelling in the brief glimpses of her naked bottom as her dress caught the wind. He dressed slowly, musing about Alicia. Surely she was the most voluptuous woman he had ever met. She had a deep animal passion that was irrepressible.

He remembered little of his walk home, or much of his work that afternoon lost as he was in deep reverie. As twilight fell he found himself drawn back to the scene of their most recent debauchery. He found a small hollow and sat dreaming, remembering the passion. His member stood in his hand and he toyed with it until he spilled his seed on the ground, all the while imagining himself buried in the silky softness of Alicia.

He was startled from his reverie by the sound of voices. Two people, a boy and a girl passed within an arm span of him and disappeared into a depression. He could hear their voices clearly. He sat perfectly still, worried that they might discover him and tell stories in the village about Ulric the PeepingTom.

"It is a beautiful night Petros, isn't it."

"Yes, but more beautiful because you are here. Here, let me kiss you"

"No Petros, I am not ready for kissing yet. Talk to me, tell me in poetry what you are so skilled at."

"You are more pretty than the stars, Mina. Your curves more smooth than the hills, your valleys secret and dark."

"Oh Petros, you boys only think of one thing. Just remember you promised we would just kiss. No uh.. other things."

"Of course, Mina I love you. We have our whole lives together to explore the other things."

Ulric was getting cramped and as the lovers were seemingly occupied he rose to leave. A twig cracked and he heard Mina startled say.

"What was that?"

"It was probably nothing" said Petros "just a night noise."

"It could be a bear, or a wolf. Perhaps we should leave."

"I will go check, I'm sure it's nothing."

Ulric started to walk deeper into the woods. Petros hearing the noise followed cautiously. After several minutes of walking Ulric decided if he was still, Petros would probably give up his search and return to Mina. Then Ulric could leave. He crouched behind a clump of bushes and watched Petros go by. Petros suddenly tripped on a fallen bough and fell heavily against a tree stump.

Ulric, alarmed, crept over to him. The boy was breathing, but appeared to be unconscious. Ulric realized this was his chance to escape. He crept quietly past Mina but gazing on her dim form, an inkling of an idea came to him. The night was dark, perhaps he could convince Mina that he was Petros and steal a few kisses from her. He walked back toward Mina.

"Did you find anything?" she said.

"No" he whispered.

"Why are you whispering" she whispered back.

"I think there may be other lovers over there. We wouldn't want them to hear us."

"No" she said conspiratorially and snuggled closer to Ulric, finding his warmth comforting and oddly exciting.

"I have a game we can play that is very quiet and we will still be able to kiss." He whispered softly. "This how it works, you take my hand and touch part of your body with it and I have to kiss it. I then take your hand and touch part of my body and you have to kiss it. There is only one rule and that is, you can't touch the same type of place twice. If you do the other person gets to kiss the offender on the lips. I'll start."

Ulric took Mina's hand and touched it to his lips. She shyly leaned over and pecked him on the lips.

"Your turn" he said.

She took his hand and touched it to her other hand. Ulric lifted her hand and kissed it passionately. She found the kiss disturbing, but not displeasing. He took her hand again and touched it to his nose. As she leaned forward to kiss him Ulric caught a tantalizing scent of perfume rising from her neck and dress. She then lifted his hand and placed it on her right ear. Ulric drew her close, his arm across her bosom as his lips approached her ear.

He didn't kiss it at once but breathed hotly on it for some moments, causing goose bumps to rise on her shoulder, before taking her delicate earlobe in his mouth. His tongue rolled around her earlobe, his teeth gently teasing and nibbling. He could feel her nipples stiffen through the thin fabric of his shirt as he inserted his tongue deep into the orifice. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be unaware when he had finished.

"That was wonderful" she gasped.

Ulric lifted her hand and placed it on the front of his neck. Mina leaned across him her breasts pressing tantalizingly against his chest and placed her lips over the cleft in his neck. Her tongue hesitantly flickered into the hollow, tasting the salty moisture that was pooling there. As she grew more accustomed to her position her licks became bolder, moving from his neck up to his chin.

Ulric rested his hand on her dress which covered her backside partly to stabilize her and partly to explore her reaction to this boldness. Receiving no reaction from Mina he began a gentle stroking of fabric against her smooth bum and was delighted when he felt it pressing timidly against his hand.

Mina finally sat up and lifting Ulric's hand touched her left ear. In order to kiss this ear it was necessary for Ulric to lean across her body, once more pressing his chest against her bosom. As before, his playful licking and tickling prompted a reciprocal stiffening of her nipples and her breathing became heavier and labored. When he had finished he whispered.

"You broke the rule, now you must kiss me".

"That is a small price to pay for such an intoxicating kiss." she said and leaned over and placed her wet lips on his. Putting his arms around her he pulled her close. He gently insinuated his tongue into her mouth and was pleased to feel her tongue touch his in an experimental manner.

He adjusted her so that she was now sitting on his legs and his hand once more was drawn to the smooth contours of her bottom. While he kissed, his hands stroked along the back of her thighs, raising goose bumps. With each caress his hand gently slid her dress over her bottom until he was fondling her naked bum. Again she seemed too absorbed in kissing to protest this audacity.

Ulric realized that he was close to achieving not only stolen kisses but something much more thrilling if he progressed slowly and did not play his cards too quickly.

"Now" said Ulric after they had parted again "the rules change slightly. The person now touches the part of the other persons body and then kisses it. Again the same part of the body cannot be kissed twice. I went first last time, you go first this time."

Mina thought for a second, touched Ulric's shoulder and then leaned over to kiss it.

"How fortunate" thought Ulric as her body bent over him, the powerful scent of both her perfume and perspiration intoxicating him. She nibbled and sucked his shoulder as his hand once more petted her exposed bum. Growing bolder he now trailed his fingers through the cleft of her bottom and was surprised to feel his fingers alternately nipped and released by the succulent globes. His fingers brushed against the inrolled nether sphincter and progressed forward until he felt the soft downy hair covering the pulpy guardians of her virginity.

The lips to this feathered nest had parted slightly and with slight pressure his finger passed into her moist cavern. Too soon her kiss ended and it was now Ulric's turn to touch a spot. He decided that he must increase the tempo of his approach or he might squander her new found boldness, or Petros would recover and return.

Ulric touched the back of her knee. Turning her onto his stomach he initiated a bold campaign of conquest. He kissed and nibbled the backs of her knees, licking up her thigh to the folds of flesh at the base of her bottom. Goose bumps rose with each caress and he started to nibble on her tender globes. His hands drew up her dress to the small of the back and his attention was drawn to the cleft between the orbs of her bottom.

His tongue flickered within and laid a wet trail along the dark crevice and across her tightened sphincter. He separated her legs and traced his wet trail into the soft fur which peeped through her thighs. Continuing on its humid course his tongue found the join between inrolled labia and with firm licks parted them and darted into the moist interior. Mina gasped audibly as his tongue rimmed her tight vulva and pressed its advantage into the vagina. Seizing the moment as being auspicious for a successful campaign he turned Mina onto her back which she willingly seconded and parting her legs, proceeded to trace his route to the object of his desires. The true trigger of female delight.

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