tagMind ControlVirgin Domme Ch. 03

Virgin Domme Ch. 03


Fading sunlight poured through the window onto his naked body. He woke to find himself laying face up on the bed, unchained, sore from being fucked and aching all over, yet feeling sheer contentment as he recalled the night before. His surrender to the Mistress. No longer his virgin domme, both initiated now by the ritual they had shared.

He sat up in bed, noticing he was bound now only by a single cuff and chain at his ankle, the collar still tight at his throat. He took in the room, listened for her breathing, her footsteps but the house felt quiet and empty. To the left of the bed she had placed a table laid out with a simple breakfast, a jug of water, a key and another shot of the drug she had used to sedate him. He leaned across and poured some water, drinking eagerly and smothered a piece of bread with butter and jam, suddenly ravenous. As he ate he noticed a note upon the table.


When you wake and read this note, I'll be gone. Fear not though, I will return this evening. Here are some simple instructions you must follow and await my return to you.

At the end of the bed you will see the clothes that I have chosen for you. You must dress and become my slut. Remove your chain while you dress but I expect you chained and on your knees when I walk back into the room. When I return to you I want to find my whore waiting for her mistress. You will paint your face with the make-up I have provided, watching yourself in the mirror as you transform. Wanting to touch yourself-but you must resist.

Take the drug when your metamorphosis is complete, feel it take over you as you submit to my will once more and begin to crave my love, aching to feel my hands on your skin, my tongue against yours, my warm glass cock between your lips, the feeling of the gag strapped tightly in place, silently begging me to penetrate you again.

Become my willing slave, child - and wait patiently for me.


By the end of the note his cock was hot and stiff, oozing from the tip, whorish desire consuming him as he saw the stockings draped over the bed, the rubber buckled corset laid out with patent heels, shiny black knickers, the sight of which made him groan quietly with pleasure. Rubbing his cock and feeling the warm trickle, which emanated from the head of his cock, he resisted the urge to bring himself to climax, choosing instead to lick the pre-cum from his fingers and obey his mistress's wishes.

He composed himself and reached for the key to unlock his ankle cuff. He slid the smooth knickers up over his feet and slowly pulled them up to cover his bulging cock and balls. Next he took the stockings, stroking them against his skin and put them on, savouring the sensation of them as they enveloped his legs, feeling instantly feminine and submissive, then slipped the corset loosely over his chest. Standing in front of the mirror, he stepped into black patent heels, applied eyeliner thickly, then mascara and finished with a scarlet lipstick.

Struggling to tighten up the corset, he heard the door close quietly, the sound of heels in the hall, felt her vibrations as she moved through the house. Remembering her instructions, he drank the liquid drug in one gulp and felt its effects seeping into his brain, coursing through his veins and began to ache for her presence.

The metamorphosis now complete, he admired herself, the whore in the mirror, feeling the drug take hold, his consciousness slipping away replaced by intent desire and the need to be controlled by his Mother Domme. He replaced the cuff and chain which had bound him to her bed and locked it securely. His breath grew quick and heavy, as he listened for her footsteps on the staircase. He was suddenly nervous, yet excited, trembling as he waited for her to return to him. Losing control as he heard her climbing the stairs.

As though suspended in time, he felt her draw closer and as she entered the room, resplendent in a long hooded shroud, open to the floor to expose a tight rubber dress, stockings and long shiny boots, he sunk instantly beneath her spell.

"Stand up", she said.

He stood, head down, eyes downcast.

"Turn around and face the wall", she said

He did as instructed feeling her power possessing, her will taking hold. The Mistress grabbed his hair tightly, pulling his head back and sinking her teeth into the flesh of his neck, her other hand choking the air from his throat.

"Let me help you with your corset, child", she whispered and released him from her grip.

Reaching in front of him she squeezed his chest, pulling his nipples, gently at first then more firmly, squeezing them tightly and hearing him gasp. She pulled the cord hard and he felt the rubber of the corset constrict his chest as she tied the cord and tightened its buckles. Grabbing his hair once more, she quickly pulled on the rubber mask, pulling firmly as she fastened it into place then turned him to face her. She gazed into his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide apart to reveal her tight cunt.

"On your knees child", she told him, and he sunk to his knees, head down, waiting to serve his Mistress.

"Taste me", she said "I know how much you want to taste me on your lips. You want that don't you?"

"Yes Mistress", he whispered "I want to taste you" and he licked her gently, feeling her hot wet cunt against his lips.

"Touch me inside", she told him, and he slipped a finger inside her, followed by another and began sliding them in and out of her, as she dripped onto his fingers, now gripping his face between her thighs and moving against him. He quickened the pace and felt her grow hot, tight inside her pussy, one hand tightly gripping her hip as he felt her climax build.

" Make me come." She ordered and moaned with pleasure as her body tightened and shuddering against him, she came, long and hard, pushing his face deep into her as she covered it with come, his head tilted, lips apart to receive her juices onto his tongue. The Mistress loosened her grip and stroked his face, leaning down to taste herself on him, kissing him deeply, stroking his face and hair.

She whispered into his ear.

"Good girl." And rising from the bed she placed a faint, lingering kiss on his forehead.

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