tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVirginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 02

Virginity and Inhibition Lost Ch. 02


It was 2:00am when Margie and I got back to my apartment. We had been out all night drinking and dancing; now that she was 19 years old I could get her into the local bar.

I have been dating Margie for one and a half years. I took her virginity back when she was 18 and a senior in high school. I was 23 and the manager of a convenience store when we met. We started living together just two months ago. Her dad was not thrilled with the idea, but there was not much he could say about it.

We both walked into the bedroom and she asked me to unzip the back of her black cocktail dress. I stood watching her lower the dress straps down her arms and away from her chest letting the dress fall to the floor. Margie is exquisite; she is 5'3"and very slender, blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes and an amazing 34C chest.

She was wearing a black lace bra and matching thong that I bought her for her 19th birthday. She continued to remove the bra and thong and threw them to the floor. She walked naked into the closet and came back out wearing a white lace trim satin turquoise slip.

The spaghetti straps led to her chest revealed through a white sheer see-through mesh. Below the lace trim mesh was a turquoise satin slip, which fell just past her ass in length.

I wanted to put out a uniform before I got busy fucking Margie when I realized I did not have a clean uniform for work in the morning. I was a little pissed off because Margie said she did a load of laundry earlier but forgot to wash my uniform.

She apologized and said she would make it up to me by going with me to the laundry room. The apartment complex had several laundry rooms located throughout the property. I asked her if she was going to put something else on and she said,

"Its two in the morning, nobody going to see me!"

As we followed the path of the sidewalk to the laundry room sure enough some guy came walking towards us heading to his apartment. He made no attempt to hide that fact that he was checking her out. Her tits were clearly on display as they slightly moved up and down underneath the sheer fabric with every step she took. As he walked by us Margie looked up at me and smiled. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her into me. I'm sure if he was looking back at us he just got a great view at her tight ass.

In the laundry room we waited while the washing machine ran through its cycles. Margie lifted herself onto the washing machine and sat on the lid. She giggled after feeling the sensation of the machine vibrating underneath her. I stood up and gave her a kiss. She wrapped her legs around me and we began to passionately kiss.

Anyone walking by would have a view through the window of us near the back of the room behind a row of washing machine with Margie's back to the window.

The laundry room was located away from the main traffic on the property. It was somewhat inconvenient to get to but we use it because there is never anyone here. I placed my hands on her shoulders and leaned her back against the washer. With her legs wrapped around me I reached down and lifted her slip up over her ass. Margie felt the cold porcelain lid touch her ass and the vibration of the machine was now intensified.

I spread her legs apart and she opened herself up to me. I buried my face down into her pussy as Margie let out a soft moan.

I was devouring her pussy. I can't resist how sweet it taste. Margie was in ecstasy, my tongue deep in her pussy and the machine now in spin cycle vibrating against her ass.

Margie knew I loved taking chances like this in public places. We have been in similar situations before where potentially we could get caught.

I must admit I like the idea of being caught. I love the reaction of seeing another man looking at her body. It's a major thrill when I actually watch a guy seeing Margie exposed. I don't know why, but I love it.

The only problem is those opportunities are few and far between. Most of the time we can only imagine that we are being watched. Like tonight, could there be someone out there watching us? Sure, but at 2:30 in the morning, I doubt it.

I was bringing Margie to orgasm when she started to push my head away from her. I thought it strange to stop now. I looked up at her as she sat up. While breathing heavy she managed to say, "There was a guy standing in the doorway."

We both looked but no one was there. The washer had stopped and Margie got down from the machine. I was not going to let this opportunity get away. If there was a voyeur out there, then I knew he was still around.

I loaded the dryer with my clothes. We waited for a few seconds and didn't see anyone so I thought to myself, what the fuck.

I turned Margie around and bent her over the washing machine. I pulled her slip back up over her ass and started to unbutton my pants. Margie said nothing; she bent over fully and rested her arms on the machine lid, spread her legs and assumed the position.

I guided my cock into her pussy and started banging away at her ass. From this position I could now look out the window and the open door to see if someone was indeed watching us. Then out of nowhere, there he was standing in the doorway, the same guy we passed earlier tonight. He must have followed us.

Margie looked up and saw him as well, and then she lowered her head back down. I knew he could tell I was fucking her, but with the row of washing machines in front of us, he was standing to far away to really see anything.

He stood there uncertain what to do. It's not like I was going to invite him over or anything, but I was not yelling at him to leave either. I looked back down at Margie and watched, as she stood up on her toes to raise her ass up higher. I looked back up to our voyeur who had moved across to the adjacent wall and now had a side view of all the action.

Margie turned her head to look at the stranger. He looked to be a young college student. He didn't say a word he just stood there and watched. She was now watching him as I fucked her from behind. I could see it all in his eyes he was witnessing her getting fucked, and she was now the one watching him completely absorbed by the moment.

Having an audience for the first time this way was very exciting and it didn't take long before I cam inside her pussy. Margie was now on the pill so we didn't have to worry about her getting pregnant. The show was over and our voyeur somehow knew that was his queue to leave.

Back in my apartment it was now 3:00am. I had only two hours of sleep before I would have to get up for work. I knew I would be tired but the night's activities made it well worth it.

The next day at work I was going crazy with no one really to talk to about what had happened. All day I kept thinking I need to expose Margie to someone I knew so I could talk about it with them the next day.

Then my mind considered the possibility of watching someone else actually fuck Margie. I knew it was to soon to introduce that idea. Margie has embraced exposing her self to strangers but I don't think she is ready just yet to take it to the next level.

Then two of my best customers came into the store, Manny and Carlos. Both of them are Hispanic and own their own landscaping company. They are in their mid thirties and both divorced. They have been coming into my store for the last couple of years to buy sandwiches for their crew for lunch and beer on their way home.

During this past year they also enjoyed seeing Margie if she was around the store. She would tease them and show off her curves and they would say stuff to each other in Spanish every time they saw her. I don't understand a word of Spanish but I'm sure they were saying how much they would like to fuck her.

That's when I got the idea that they were the perfect choice. They already talk to me about her body, what if I arranged for them to see her naked. They would never stop talking about it and I would love hearing it every time.

I didn't want to just come out and tell them, I had to think up a master plan. I had been over their house a couple of times, once to watch a game and once to play porker. Each time they invited Margie but she couldn't make it.

When they came up to the counter to pay I said, you guys up for another porker night?

Manny agreed enthusiastically and said, "Yes, how about tonight?" I asked if it would be all right to bring Margie with me? Carlos quickly said, "No problem, my girlfriend Maria is staying over tonight so it can just be the five of us."

I thought this plan had some real possibilities; we could start off playing porker and then end up playing strip porker. I just wanted to watch their eyes as Margie took off her clothes.

We arrived at their house around 8:00pm. I was already tired from working all day on only two-hour's sleep. Carlos greeted us and we were both introduced to Maria. She was also Hispanic and about 30 years old. She was attractive, just a little on the heavy side and I noticed her clothes fit her a little too tight. She looked like she was a real party girl in her younger days.

Maria made some Mexican food and we all were drinking margaritas while playing cards around a solid oak table. The stories that Manny and Carlos told had us laughing all night. It was almost midnight before I noticed the time. I had to somehow suggest we change the game to strip porker without sounding too obvious.

Just then Carlos spoke up and said, "Does everyone know how to play quarters?" Before I knew it we were playing quarters using a margarita glass and taking shots of tequila each time we didn't bounce the quarter into the glass. I know this game is the fasting way to get someone drunk. But I had no idea how fast.

Margie had never had hard alcohol before. Tonight she has had five margaritas and now is on her third shot of tequila. I could tell she was getting very drunk.

I was beginning to feel light headed as well. I couldn't remember just how many times I had lost in quarters tonight. Margie announced she had to pee and as she stood up she started to fall over. Manny quickly stood up and grabbed her and saved her from falling down.

As I watched this unfold I realize Manny held her up from falling and at the same time had his hand on her right tit, I guess to keep her balanced. Margie was completely unaware that he was feeling her tit. Maria stood up and offered to help Margie back to the bathroom.

While they were gone Carlos asked me if I smoked marijuana? I said yes but it has been a few years. Manny headed off down the hall and he returned with a bag full of joints.

Manny said, "You're a guest in my house so help yourself." I thought that was very generous, I thanked him and took out a joint and lit it up.

I got the cherry red hot and held in my breath. As I exhaled I felt the burning in the back of my throat and started to cough. Manny laughed and said, "You need to get some more practice, hit it again." I did and this time I was able to hold the smoke in and exhale without coughing.

Margie returned from the bathroom and stood next to me by the table. She asked if that was a joint and if she could try it. My mind didn't even consider the possibilities of the evening. I held up the joint and watched her take her first hit ever of weed.

After I finished the joint I was really feeling the affect as my legs started to feel heavy. Carlos suggested I move to the couch, which was just across the room. I sat back on the couch and stared back at the group in the kitchen. I was feeling, as they say, no pain and started to zone in and out.

My eyes reopen and I could see Manny and Carlos standing on either side of Margie. Carlos was lighting a joint for her and Manny was pouring a shot of tequila. Margie took a hit off the joint and then had a tequila chaser.

I looked around for Maria but I didn't see her anywhere. My head rolled back and I was staring at the ceiling. I kept thinking my head is really heavy and I was trying to lift it back up off the couch. I could hear the guys encouraging Margie to take another hit.

I finally lifted my head up and stared in disbelief as I watched Manny kneeling behind Margie, he was lifting her skirt up above her waist exposing her bright pink thong. She was facing Carols who was holding a joint in her mouth. I could tell she was completely oblivious to the fact that her ass was now on display.

That's when it hit me, Manny and Carols had their own master plan. Their plan was to fuck Margie tonight while I watched. I was paralyzed. I knew I had to stand up and get Margie out of there but I couldn't move. Not because I was drugged, worse, I knew they were going to fuck her right in front of me and I wanted to watch every second of it.

I was really fighting to keep my eyes open even though my heart was racing. Margie was barley standing on her own. She looked like she was going to pass out from the affect of the tequila and marijuana.

Manny wasted no time taking down her thong and then her skirt. They both stood there admiring her ass. Margie was wearing her usual tank top and Carols held up her arms while Manny lifted it up and off over her head. Margie was now like a puppet in their hands, they could do with her whatever they wanted.

Carlos removed her bra and she now stood completely naked between the two of them. She had teased these guys for over a year and tonight she was going to pay up.

For several minutes I watched them both molesting her body with their hands, a sight I will remember forever.

The table that we had dinner together and played cards at was now going to be the place that Margie was going to experience her first gangbang. They both lifted Margie onto the table and laid her down on her back. Margie was stretched across the width of the table with her legs hanging over the side.

Then Maria came back into the room. She looked at what was happening and said something in Spanish. She came over and sat down right next to me on the couch.

I could feel her opening my pants and I looked down at her and watched as she reached in and took out my semi-erect cock. She looked up at me and said, "I suck your cock for you while you watch." I didn't know what to say, and she didn't wait for an answer.

I looked back up to see Manny and Carlos both standing in front of Margie looking down at her naked body. They talked to each other in Spanish. The only thing I could make out was "pequeno" which translates to small. Margie did have a small body or were they referring to her small pussy.

That's when they both stopped and looked over to me. It was like time stood still as they watched me looking at them both about to fuck my girlfriend. Carlos said, "Hey Todd, Maria gives good head, yes?" I just sat there and nodded my head, I knew by not telling them to stop now, I was giving them permission to fuck her. And so did they.

Manny spread her legs apart and began eating her pussy. My cock now grew tall inside Maria's mouth as I watched what was taking place in front of me.

I could hear the moans coming from Margie. Her body was responding to these two men squeezing her tits and licking her pussy. Manny stood up and took down his pants. He cock was about the same length as mine however, thicker. He reached down and lifted both her legs up to his shoulders. He was now aligned perfectly and shoved his cock inside of Margie. She arched back and screamed out…Yes!

I couldn't believe it she was screaming for him to fuck her harder. I didn't know what to think. Did she know it wasn't me fucking her? Manny was thrusting his hips violently back and forth his cock deep inside Margie. She continued to yell out, "Yes, yes, god yes!"

Manny held the palm of his hand down on her firm flawless tummy just above her pubic hair as he watched himself move in and out of her pussy. He had not fucked a woman this tight in several years and knew he was not going to last long. He could no longer resist as he pulled out and shot his load onto her stomach. Manny pulled up his pants and stepped away as Carlos replaced him immediately. Carlos had already taken off his pants and wasted no time shoving his cock into Margie.

Watching this I felt myself about to cum inside Maria's mouth. She felt me tense up and took my load down her throat and swallowed. Maria sat back on the couch and the two of us watched as her boyfriend Carlos fucked my girlfriend. His cock was smaller than Manny' however, what he lacked in size he made up for in stamina. He fucked Margie for a solid 15 minutes as she reached multiple orgasms. Finally he pulled out and covered her tits with his cum.

I managed to get up and walk over to Margie lying on the table. I looked down at her swollen pussy lips and cum dripping off her tits. I wanted this so bad and now I wasn't so sure. Seeing her fucked like this was amazing for me but I didn't know how she would feel about it tomorrow.

Looking at her this way I felt my cock harden. I open my pants and started to fuck her right there on the table. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, as I pumped faster and deeper inside her.

I looked over at both Manny and Carlos on the couch as they were now watching us fuck. They both were lighting joints and yelling out encouragements to fuck her harder. Later that night Margie and I watched the same two-on-one action but this time with Maria.

The next morning I awoke in my own bed to a familiar morning ritual, it was Margie sitting on top of me guiding my cock into her pussy. I watched her facial expression as she glided up and down my shaft reflecting a feeling of pain, as well as, one of pleasure.

I took this as a sign that she was all right with everything that happened last night.

I continue to expose Margie when the situation is right. We like the possibly of being caught in public places and the reaction of men, the thrill in their eyes, when they see her exposed.

To this day I still love listening to Manny and Carlos talk about how great it was fucking Margie. They have told their entire landscaping crew the story and Margie is now more popular then ever with all my customers.

The End

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