tagErotic CouplingsVirtue or Vice Ch. 01

Virtue or Vice Ch. 01


Terri thought long and hard about her new job. She'd worked darned hard to get it. She'd put herself through hell to obtain it. And it bored the crap out of her. There were days she was so bored with it, she didn't want to get out of bed and go to work.

Her entire family, save the women, were in law enforcement. Her father was a well-respected Police Captain. Her brothers, all 3 of them, were cops. One of her cousins was in the army, but an MP. It was in the blood. Enforcing society's rules and protecting other people was important to everyone in her family.

Except Terri. Terri didn't want to play by the rules. She liked to challenge preconceptions and make waves. People who made waves were the people who changed society.

If the family knew how Terri paid to put herself through school and the subsequent training, they'd have gone into shock. The petite brunette had paid for her education as a stripper.

It had all been her friend Devin's idea. Devin had begun stripping right out of High School and foregone a college education for it. The tall blonde was built for life in the sex trade, with beautiful big (and real, Devin said with a laugh) tits, long blonde hair, legs that went on forever and stunning blue eyes. She moved with grace and sensuality, often reminding Terri of a jungle cat. Men and women liked to watch Devin move, so she made a career out of it. Devin made great money and lived a very hedonistic lifestyle. Terri envied her that lifestyle.

Terri was tiny, barely 5'5", but all of it was a hot package. Her breasts were tiny, but firm, with delicate pink nipples that seemed to be forever erect. Her hair was a lustrous chestnut colour, going all the way down to her butt. Her butt, which was tight and firm, bounced and wiggled when she walked. Her eyes, her ex used to say, were "Bambi" eyes which looked deep and soulful. She kept herself semi-tanned, but didn't need much sun, owing to her mother's Mediterranean complexion. Her legs were sexy and she did a lot of exercises to keep them toned and firm.

"So!", Devin had said over lunch, "why don't you make some money from your hot bod hun?"

"Because dopey!," the pretty 19-year old smiled back "My family would kill me!"

"Mine still don't know hun and I've been doing it for over a year. Terri, you could make a killing! No student loans, no debts and some pretty hot looking guys just looking for a nice fuck! How long has it been hun?"

Terri sighed. "5 months since Jerry and I broke up. But selling myself for money Dev?"

Devin laughed back. "You strip for the money Terr, you fuck for the fun! I am seeing 3 guys right now - and also have a fling with one of their girlfriends!"

Terri's brown eyes opened wide. "You're sleeping with women now?"

Devin smiled. "Oh hun, lots of the girls have girl / girl flings, it's fun and you can't get preggers!" Devin giggled. "You have to see Charmane - she's the hottest little Asian cutie, and man, can she lick pussy!"

Terri shivered at the thought. She'd had illicit thoughts about women once or twice, and one of her cheerleader friends had made a subtle pass, but she'd been too nervous to do anything about it. Her cheeks reddened and she knew what she had to do. If she wanted to be true to herself, she had to take the plunge.

"Count me in!" she told Devin.

* * * * *

In her first week on her new job, Terri found herself completely at ease. The other girls were kind and fun, having drinks and laughter daily. She fit right in and found her way of dancing and her small, toned body could excite the men.

After the first few times, she was at ease baring her tits and pussy to this horny grouping of men - and a few women. Terri found the women customers friendlier, more respectful and much more naughty when they wanted to be.

Her tits jiggled proudly as she bounced, strutted and moved around the stage. Somedays, her pussy would be wet from arousing the crowd. This had turned out to be the perfect idea, she was making good money and she was hornier than hell all the time. All she had to do now is find someone to fuck and all would be right with the world! She hadn't made it with any of the women customers yet or any of the other girls, but it was in the back of her mind.

So it was inevitable that one day, when one of the hotter patrons offered to take her out for dinner, she went along.

Dinner was light fare, pub-style, but he was kind and fun to be with. Richard made her laugh - and he made her horny as hell. It was time for her to get fucked, she ached to feel his cock inside of her hot, wet and overly horny little cunt!

So "Tori" - as she called herself on stage - and Richard went to a nice motel, checked in - and fucked each other's brains out.

She marveled at her uninhibited lustiness, slurping and licking his purple, veiny large dick until it glistened with her saliva. Up and down, swirling her tongue, she excited her hot stud, wanting to leave him panting and weak with lust. His moans of pleasure let her know she was doing a good job. All of the girls talked about their sex lives very openly backstage and she'd picked up a few tips about sucking cock and what men and women like orally.

"Tori" was much wilder than her subdued alter-ego. She fucked like a woman possessed, urging Richard to "fuck her like a bitch in heat, you big-cocked bastard!". He complied readily, putting his dick deeper in her pussy than she'd ever felt before. His thick shaft filled her completely and she arched and bucked against him as he drilled deeper and deeper within her pussy.

In and out of her newly-trimmed pussy, he pumped and grinded his magnificent rod. "You're just a fucky hot little bitch, aren't you Tori?", he hissed through clenched teeth as his meaty dick pounded her cunt. The bedsprings on the cheap mattress creaked underneath them, giving an unusual soundtrack to their orgiastic fucking. The headboard pounded the wall as they fucked, like it was keeping time. Whoever was in the next room was likely getting an earful! Let them, she giggled. God, she was turning into a hot little slut!

He wasn't a sensual lovemaker, he didn't waste a lot of time on foreplay, but Richard was all man as he dicked her, deeper and deeper. Terri wanted it sensual and passionate, but most of the time, "Tori" wanted to fuck! Her body was dripping wet with sweat from their heated fucking, her nipples ached and were stiff and hard as he mauled them while screwing her.

He pulled out of her, holding his cock near her face and she found herself surprised at her own sluttiness as she nodded, grabbed for his throbbing meat and sucked him off, tasting their combined fluids and sucking him all the way until he poured his load in her mouth. The taste of their mixed cum made her want more, yet he was out of action for the time being.

"Tori" knew that they'd be exhausted in the morning, but as she began to caress him and run her nails all over his skin, she knew he'd be inside her pussy at least one more time tonight.

Dancing was bringing out her inner slut - or was it the outside that was the facade?

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