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Virtue or Vice Ch. 02


For some reason, "Virtue or Vice II" was posted as "Virtue or Vice III". Rather than explain or be all confusing, I have risen to the challenge and have written a new Chapter II, to be retrofitted here! Enjoy!


Terri felt like she was still nine shades of red as she and Devin made their way to the local Pizza Hut to grab a bite before dinner. She hadn't intended to see what she'd seen, but now she couldn't get it out of her mind.

She had gotten off shift early at the precinct tonight and made her way over to Devin's. Neither girl was dancing at the club this evening, so they had decided to go out, grab a Pizza and spend the night in a gabfest at Dev's.

Terri let herself into Devin's apartment using her key. She was nearly half an hour early, but she figured her friend wouldn't mind, they could spend more time talking. She didn't expect the surprise she got, but she'd never forget it either!

On the couch, dressed in a hot leather bustier and high-heeled "fuck me" boots, was her sexy blonde friend. She was holding a riding crop and whipping the rounded ass of a very hot Asian girl. The Asian girl was face-down in Devin's pussy, licking her for all she was worth.

"Eat me, you Asian slut!" Devin hissed, a condescending tone in her voice. "Lick me and don't stop until you've made me cum Charmane!" Devin brought the crop down on the golden cheeks of the girl's ass, which made her wince, yet she continued her task, cooing in delight.

Terri had never seen lesbian sex for real, and it excited her to no end. The beautiful girl's black hair and golden skin were an erotic contrast to Devin's own blonde beauty. She was tiny, but exquisitely formed, her toned body writhing atop her beautiful "Mistress".

"Please, Mistress Devin, may I cum tonight?" The pretty Asian seemed to be in awe of Terri's beautiful blonde friend.

"Perhaps - if you are really good Charmane, I may let you. It's too bad Bryan couldn't make it tonight. I was in the mood for some good, hard cock!"

Charmane giggled at her "Mistress". "Yes, he does have a nice cock, doesn't he, Mistress Devin? He said something about a birthday party and he would join us later in the week. Do you miss him?"

Devin snorted. "He's a man. He's nice, but he's a cock to fuck. Now, you -- you, I would miss!" This obviously pleased Charmane, who went back to her task of eating the blonde's cunt with relish.

Terri couldn't move. She knew she should say something, should leave, should do something. But her own body betrayed her, she was rooted to the spot, watching the erotic tableau that was unfolding before her. Her fingers drifted down to her own hot pussy, she began to finger herself as she watched her friend and her gorgeous lover.

Charmane's black hair was tossed from side to side as she worshiped between Devin's thighs. The boots were nasty, a perfect complement to Devin's tall, leggy blonde beauty. They closed around Charmane's head as she ate the cunt spread wide before her. From her vantage point, Terri could see that Devin's nipples were hard as rocks. Her eyes were closed shut as Charmane devoured her pussy, so she took no notice of the masturbating girl in the doorway of her apartment.

Charmane's tongue was adoring the pussy of the woman she loved. She'd been "straight as an Arrow" until she met Devin, her boyfriend and Devin were classmates. But something in Devin's beautiful blue eyes captivated the innocent young girl, made her wet with desire. Devin moved like a sleek cat, with the promise of uninhibited sexual delights. The pretty Asian had fallen under her spell, barely spending time with her boyfriend.

Charmane lived for these moments, worshiping Devin and eating her pussy, licking her ass, any depraved thing Devin wanted, she was happy to do. In fact, Charmane thrived on Devin's erotic tutelage. She became bolder, keener to learn. She became more outspoken and dressed sexier.

Tonight, at Devin's request, she had worn her hair in pigtails, worn the cute little ankle-socks Devin liked on her and a very lacy little outfit. "It makes me think I am corrupting a little girl!" Devin giggled at her.

Charmane giggled back. "But you are, Mistress Devin." Devin swatted her ass.

Their roles had been defined early on. Although equals some of the time, and in public, in bed, Devin called the shots more often than not. That was fine with Charmane, who discovered her own submissive streak. So tonight, when Devin had called her and said "Get your golden ass over here, bitch!" she had happily complied.

None of that was known to Terri, who watched the two girls in the throes of what was obviously not their first orgasm of the night. "Ohhh, you little cunt, you can make me cum!" Devin sighed as she pulled her playmate close to her. Terri wondered inwardly if the girls could make her cum that way, and went back to watching them.

"I have another way, Mistress Devin, if you would like," Charmane said softly, her voice barely above a whisper. Devin nodded and Charmane scampered off.

Devin moved slightly and for a second, Terri thought she had noticed her, but Devin moved back to her place on the couch. Terri sighed and was thankful she hadn't been spotted. She looked at her watch and noticed she was still 15 minutes early.

Terri watch bemusedly as Charmane scampered back from the bedroom. In her hands was a large, pink, double dildo. Devin smiled in pleasure.

"Ahhh, my dearest plaything, you do know how to please me!" She smiled as Charmane rejoined her on the couch. "Scooch on over here, you little nymph, and put that nasty old fake cock into your pussy!" Charmane did as she was told, her shaved pussy accepted the large toy with ease. "Now, put it in me, good girl, that's my little slut. Now - fuck me with it and fuck yourself!"

Terri watched, her fingers flying in and out of her pussy as the two women shared the massive toy. It moved in and out of their wet, glistening cunts, exquisite squeals of pleasure emanated from both young women as they fucked each other, seemingly oblivious to the world around them.

The toy was arousing both of them, their pussies clenched around the juice-slicked dildo. They moved in unison to bring joy to the other, until they came in screaming orgasms. Terri's own orgasm followed and she quietly closed the door on the kinky duo.

About 5 minutes later, she saw a somewhat-disheveled Charmane emerge from the apartment. She gave Devin a few minutes to tidy herself and the apartment up, then knocked on the door as if she'd just gotten there. She blushed a bit when Devin hugged her, blaming it on the heat.

What Terri didn't know was that Devin had indeed seen her at the door and made sure that she and Charmane put on an extra-hot show. It was time for Terri to release her inner slut and Devin intended to help her do just that!

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