tagLesbian SexVirtue or Vice Ch. 03

Virtue or Vice Ch. 03


I welcome all positive feedback and constructive criticism, but lately I've been getting some that doesn't make sense. Please - I don't mind help, but blind negativity helps no one.


"Tori" swung her compact frame around the pole, the cheesy music in the background helping her keep her rhythm. She'd had a horrid day at HQ, many of her fellow officers had been acting like jerks. Teri could have horrible days, but Tori could always get the crowd going and that made her happy. It was funny, the job she was doing to make money to pay for her training was the job that seemed to make her happier.

She'd had a weird day at work. One of her arrests made her horny as hell. He was a tall, Nordic-looking stud who'd been arrested on outstanding traffic violations. If he hadn't had over 20, she would have flirted with him outrageously - perhaps even taken him somewhere and fucked him - and let him off with a warning. But it was not to be. She played by the rules on her police job, despite the temptations. She'd seen too many careers go down the toilet that way.

She danced and twirled, her pussy throbbing with lust. All of a sudden, an inspiration hit her. She knew what she was going to do next. There were butterflies in her stomach, but she knew it was now or never!

Tori finished her set and went backstage and grabbed Devin. The hot blonde was confused for a second, but when the two girls got onstage and she saw the gleam in the tiny brunette's eyes, she knew what she was up to. And she was more then ready for it. This was going to be the culmination of all of Devin's kinky fantasies. The way her beautiful friend was dressed, in a slinky black leather halter and leather chaps, with high stilettos, made Devin horny as hell. Devin was in a pink little top and short pink skirt, a pink thong and white heels. She looked very innocent, Tori looked depraved. The audience would eat this up with a spoon.

Cuing the DJ, the music changed to a slow sensual beat. Tori circled her friend, swaying her body in a sinuous motion that ignited the tall blonde's passions instantly. Devin had wanted to make it with her sexy friend ever since she had started dancing, and now Devin was going to get the chance. She reached out and caressed Tori's face, Tori kissed her hand as she did so. The gesture was small, but it made Devin ache with further lust. Tori was playing the aggressor, which was so out of place for her, but Devin didn't mind a bit.

The fact that the two friends were about to change their relationship to lovers in front of a crowd of people seemed to fire both women up. They leaned into each other for a passionate kiss and pulled away minutes later, almost forgetting that this was also an act designed to fire up the crowd! Tori's body ached to be in her friend's embrace, to experience her first lesbian debauchery. She couldn't wait to be between her friend's legs, tasting the cunt she knew would be sweet.

The two dancers writhed erotically around each other, the crowd roaring their approval. Devin would flicker her tongue at Tori and the lusty brunette would occasionally reach out and caress her. With a sudden yank, she pulled off Devin's top, baring her breasts to the cheering crowd. One of the customers held up a 20-dollar bill and Tori tossed him the top. She leered at the "innocent" Devin and continued the routine.

Not to be outdone by her friend, Devin returned the favor, getting a 50 for Tori's black halter. The pair moved slowly, sensuously until Devin was on her back on the stage. Her body was on full display to both her soon-to-be lover and the cheering crowd. It made her pussy even hornier, wetter, ready to do whatever her mind demanded she do!

Ripping off her panties and throwing them to the crowd, Devin lay underneath her panting friend. Tori knew instinctively what her friend - and within seconds, lover - wanted, and she complied with glee. From this moment on, her life was irrevocably changed!

She began to lick and suck the wet pussy below her face, slurping at the well-trimmed blonde bush with relish. Tori was right, Devin was sweet and she didn't hesitate for even a second. She loved what she was doing from moment one, and wondered why she'd waited so long to confirm her bisexuality. From the way Devin was moaning and squirming below her, she must be doing a good job. Tori's lashing tongue washed over Devin's pussy and clit, attacking her with a fervor of lust. She pulled at the engorged clit with her lips and Devin's juices flowed freely onto her licking tongue. Her seduction of the "naive and innocent" young Devin was inciting the crowd to near-riot.

Changing position somewhat, Devin moved into a "69" with her newest lover. She'd wanted to make it with Terri / Tori for quite some time - but she hadn't believed her friend would be so bold as to make it on stage with her. This was a side of Tori that Devin had never seen before, but as she began to lick Tori in earnest, Devin knew she wanted to see - and taste - much more of it!

Lustily, the two lesbian lovers worshiped each other's cunts. Tongues licked and lapped, fingers pinched hardened nipples, bodies glistened with perspiration in the heat of their mutual fucklust. The lights shone on both of them and illuminated their love-play for the now-maddened crowd. The sexy girls moved all over the stage, nearly oblivious to the cheering crowd who were throwing money at them left and right. They were lost in the beauty of their first lesbian session together, awash in a sea of fucklust. Devin's knowing fingers were plunging in and out of Tori's tight little anal rosebud as her tongue continued to glide over Tori's delectable snatch.

Devin and Tori arched and bucked together, mini-explosions causing them to become more ardent in their tasks. Their tongues worked hungrily in each other's pussies, slurping up juice, lashing at the blood-engorged clits, devouring each other hungrily. Although they could both still hear the crazed onlookers, the cheers seemed to be coming from a far distance. All they could think about was eating cunt, fucking cunt, making each other cum and when they were going to do it again!

"Oooh fuck, I'm cumming!," Tori yelled, at which point her friend / lover yelled out "Me tooooo!" and both girls shook with intense orgasmic pleasure. They flopped about on stage like two seals, bodies humping and grinding, to the audience's delight.

The two girls trembled afterward and the crowd roared its approval as they finished. Offstage, a few minutes later, they counted the money. They'd made over $500. Not bad for a night's - work - Tori giggled as they went back to the changing rooms.

Changing back into her clothes, Terri walked out into the crowd. It was then that she noticed a very tall, Nordic-looking man sitting in the back.

To be continued...

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