tagNovels and NovellasVision of the Spirit Ch. 15

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 15


Chief William Morris turned off the television and sat up on the edge of the bed. His wife, Annie, had been right. Penny was easily seduced. What surprised him most of all was how much it turned him on, watching them together. The old jealousy did not resurface, maybe because the other woman was Penny and not a stranger. Covering his face with his hands, he replayed their naked, entwined bodies. The vision of his two lifelong loves in each other's arms went far beyond erotic.

When it was over, Penny had waved goodbye to herself on TV. She'd obviously enjoyed watching their performance. He would've never guessed she could be so uninhibited. What would Penny think if she knew he had watched them together?

Earlier in the evening, Annie had dared him "Watch us for a while. If she's really into it, then come join in... that is, if you're UP for it."

Well, Willie's dick had been up for it all right, but he didn't have the backbone to move him in there. Afraid Penny might freak out, he wouldn't risk losing her friendship. The fact that Penny didn't seem to have the same concern about having sex with his wife never crossed Willie's rattled mind. His wife was just an irresistible force of natural and unnatural urges. His thoughts switched to Annie, and what she would want when she came to bed. She'd probably want to fuck like wild dogs. He was definitely ready, and needed the release.

Muffled footsteps entered the room and the bed shifted under someone's weight. Without looking, Willie asked, "How was it?"


Chief Willie spun around, shocked to hear Penny's voice. She sat on the other side, facing the door, her bare back expanded and contracted with rapid breaths. At first, he didn't know what to say. But knowing Annie's recent predilection, he quickly put the pieces together. "You're okay with this?"

"I am... if you are," came the whispered reply.

He let the question hang in the air, unable to confirm or deny his lust. The desire for Penny had always been there, a tickle in the recesses of his mind. She had remained an unfulfilled promise that had affected his life in so many ways. Her unsolved rape twenty years ago made him a cop today.

When they were eighteen, infatuation ruled their bodies. But they never had the chance to see each other completely naked, although headed in that direction, like trains gaining speed after they'd left the station. Still virgins, they'd played around the edges for months, building momentum. Then, in one horrible moment, their desire to learn the secrets of sexual pleasure in each other's arms had been violently stolen away. Strangely, this moment felt like a second chance. The old, latent excitement returned. For once in his life Willie decided he would not do the right thing. He swung his legs onto the bed and knelt behind Penny. "Is Annie coming?"

In a breathy rush, Penny gave a one-word answer. "Watching."

Willie paused to consider what this meant for the future and then leaned down to kiss the top of her head. "There's no microphone. We can say anything, and she won't hear." He placed his hands on Penny's shoulders and she jumped. "Are you afraid of me?"

She was quiet for so long, he didn't think she was going to answer. "No, I just feel like a kid again. I've always wondered how it would've been with you."

He began to lightly knead her shoulders. "I know what you mean. I feel the same way. I've always felt cheated by..." He couldn't complete the thought aloud.

But Penny could. "The rape?"

"Yes." He slipped his hands into her hair and massaged her scalp. "You used to like this."

She sighed, and huskily said, "Still do. You haven't lost your touch."

Years of restrained emotion boiled inside Willie. Afraid to release it, afraid to indulge an uncontrollable fantasy, he hedged, "I've thought about you, prayed for you, so many times over the years. I was really happy when I heard you were married."

Letting her head tip with the motion of his hands, she asked, "Why?"

He pulled back on her shoulders and lowered her down. "Because, it made me think you had gotten better, that you were happy, and..." Once again he couldn't finish.

Penny opened her eyes and caught his gaze wandering over her. "And?"

Willie smiled his warmest smile. "...And finally able to enjoy what we started," he said, and bent to kiss her. Penny's lips parted invitingly and they lingered in the sweetness.

When they separated, tears ran down her cheeks.

He asked, "Are you sure you're okay?"

A trembling hand reached up and cupped his cheek. "You were always so adorably gentle. I'm glad you taught me how to enjoy a man's touch before the rape. Without the wonderful memory of what we shared, I may never have wanted to know what real love felt like. I might've been too messed up to try."

Willie's eyes flooded with uncontrollable emotion. "I wish... I wish I'd stopped at the motel that night. Maybe, if I had--"

"Hush." She pulled him back down and kissed him hard, her fingers tangled in his hair.

The kiss grew until the heartache was replaced by pleasant memories and recent passion. Willie stroked her hair, and asked, "Remember our first kissed?"

Penny smiled up. "Of course I do. The night at the pond. God, I wanted you to touch me so bad, and all you did was kiss me and give me a little tongue. That was the first time I'd ever seen a bulge in a boy's pants. I had to fold my hands in my lap to keep from feeling you." Not so self-conscious now, her fingers lightly traced down his stomach, over his awakening cock, and then rested on top of his thigh.

Willie's eyes wander down, and he said, "One of my favorite memories was the night you showed me your breasts." He studied them, recapturing his boyhood affection. They were larger and sagged a little now, but just as enticing. "There's nothing like your first pair of real boobs. You acted shy and excited, all at once." He slid his palm up her stomach to cradle one. Penny's giggle encouraged him to use both hands. "I remember how soft they were and how afraid I was I'd hurt you. I remember the look on your face, how your eyes closed when something felt really good." Willie twirled her nipples with his fingertips and she closed her eyes, just like before.

She whispered, "I remember how wonderful it felt. I was swept away. You seemed to know just what to do. I don't think I would've stopped you that night. I wanted to know your touch everywhere." Her hand moved from his leg to lightly finger his erection. She tickled the crown, until he became fully hard. Her eyes remained closed and he knew she was reliving the past, as well. "I remember the first time I saw your penis, and its size shocked me. I didn't think you'd ever fit." Her fist wrapped around his cock and pumped slowly. "But I wanted to find out," she said, meeting his gaze with the unashamed confession of lust.

Wetness on Willie's fingers caught his attention. Milk leaked from Penny's right nipple. He slid flat onto his stomach and put his arms around her, pulling her close. The new position broke Penny's tantalizing grip and he was glad for that. This moment in time was not to be rushed. It was to be savored for the ages.

Using the flat of his tongue, he licked up the side of her breast and then teased the nipple with just the tip. He felt a quiver pass through her body and heard a sigh escape her lips. More milk leaked out and he wrapped his lips around the tender volcano. Penny arched into his embrace. With a light suck, warm liquid flowed easily and the taste was pleasantly sweet. While he nursed briefly from one side and then the other, his hand tickled her flat stomach, slowly edging down, until it met the wisp of hair that marked another oasis. She looked and felt so different than Annie, yet familiar, like renewing an old acquaintance.

Penny grabbed his wrist, and said, "My turn."

A nostalgic thrill tingled through him. Apparently, Penny was playing their old game they called 'Seduce and Surrender'. Years ago, when they first explored one another's body, they'd each take a turn caressing the other, until the sensations became unbearably good, then they would switch and show the other one just how good it felt.

"Okay," he said, and rolled onto his back while looking in the direction of the camera, wondering what Annie thought about this arrangement, now.

Penny moved against his side and kissed his chest. "You're a lot hairier these days. I like how it feels," she confessed, while rubbing her nipples against the patch of fur briefly before kissing him. After long seconds, she began to trace her lips down his neck, nuzzling here and there, causing outbreaks of goose bumps and shivers.

His hands wandered to her back and became familiar with its contours. The uniqueness of her skin as it slid against him inflamed the senses. With great concentration, he was able control the desire to just take what he wanted. Surrender was the patient game he had to play, for now.

Penny's mouth closed around his nipple and teased it mercilessly. Between caresses, she asked, "Why would Annie share you like this?"

The question proved an excellent distraction as Penny's kisses resumed a slow descent. Willie played with her hair and thought it over. "Annie is struggling with issues in her past and... she's afraid of being a mother."

Penny remained silent, as she passed by his navel. He felt her cheek brush the tip of his cock; her strands of blond silk dragged over the shaft and made it throb with every heartbeat.

"I haven't been the best husband. To be honest, I haven't been a very affectionate man. She's tolerated my detachment and been understanding, until now. Your rape left its mark on me too; left me cold for years. I punished myself for not being there. Sex became something dirty and profane. I hated myself for wanting it and wouldn't have anything to do with women for a long time."

Penny kissed near the base of his erection. She stopped, and said, "Really? I'd never thought about how it might have affected you. I'm sorry I didn't call and talk to you--"

"My turn." Quickly, he pulled away and pushed her over. He looked determinedly into her eyes. She lay beneath his straddled arms and legs. "You have nothing to be sorry about. It's my problem."

A grin softened her concerned face, as her eyes wandered to the jutting erection. "Is there anything I can do, now?"

The offer drew him down. He lay fully on her, enjoyed the feel of her nakedness, kissed her with unrestrained ardor, and said, "You already are."

Rapidly losing patience, he kissed down her body until he was nose deep in golden hair. Her legs spread without prompting and feminine ambrosia filled his senses. Shiny lips gaped open, ready. He flicked with his tongue and she bucked. Probing deeper, he began to earnestly lick. Penny was his fantasy feast, laid out before him to satisfy decades of hunger. She was a picnic for his soul and his face became coated with her butter. Faraway, someone spoke, but a meal such as this should not be interrupted. Magic elixir poured from this fount of youth, soon he felt 18 again. Suddenly, the wellspring lifted and began to writhe. Willie gripped tight, unwilling to stop until his thirst was sated.

Penny's thighs clamped together, and she gave him a hard pinch on the ass. "I SAID, MY TURN."

Willie sat up and licked his lips. "Sorry, I got carried away."

Pulling him down, she whispered in his ear, "Believe me, I noticed." She mounted him in the 69 position and lowered to her elbows.

Willie felt a breeze across his cock and, a heartbeat later, feathery hair tickled his groin, once again. Her warm mouth engulfed just his glans. A soft hum vibrated down the shaft and echoed to his skull. A growl of supreme pleasure rumbled from his chest, as he closed his eyes and reveled in the velvety suction. The tantalizing mouth swallowed half the length, and then reversed direction.

Taking a breath, Penny said in a silly voice, "Mmm, what a big nightstick you have, Officer Willie. What are you going to do with it?"

His eyes opened to the spectacular view of her pussy, hovering a foot a way. "Don't worry. I know how to use it and I'll make sure you're ready." Using her thighs as handholds, he lifted up and planted his face in her juicy center.

They both returned to oral pleasures, each trying to show the other what they missed 20 years ago.

Willie intensified the stimulation by plunging his fingers inside of Penny. She lost her train of suck and let him slip free. With little resistance, he was able to push her over and assume the dominant position. As his fingers toyed with her clit, he kissed her mouth, and asked, "Are you ready for me?"

There was an unexpected long pause. A serious frown clouded her face. "I don't know... To be honest, I am a little scared."

At first, Willie thought she was just play-acting the young virgin from their past, but when Penny didn't smile or show any sign of humor he realized this was no joke. "What's wrong?"

"If we do this, it will change everything. There's no going back."

"I know," said Willie, continuing to caress, while positioning himself between her legs. Lying on top, he kissed her chest. "I think we need to do this... to put things right. There's no going forward if we don't." He rose up on his arms and placed his cock between her folds and pushed in a little.

Penny closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and placed her hands on Willie's hips.

Willie pushed a little more, but she felt unbelievable tight. Was it nerves? After five kids, it couldn't be his size that was the problem.

Unexpectedly, Penny shoved him away and rolled over. "I can't do it." Curling up into the fetal position, she whispered, "I wish I could, but I just can't."

Stunned by the rejection, Willie knelt there motionless, wondering what to do. Finally, he found his voice and calmly said, "That's okay." To make as little contact as possible, he kissed her shoulder. "Thank you for showing me how beautiful you turned out."

The comment only made her whimper and bury her face in the flowery quilt.

"Willie! What did you do?" Annie stormed naked into the room and immediately sided with Penny. She stroked Penny's blond head and declared, "Men are animals!"

"No, it's not his fault. He was wonderful." Penny sat up and gave them a weak smile. "I just got struck with a sudden case of guilt. I guess I'm not cut out to be a swinger."

Annie cupped Penny's cheek. "Oh Baby, do we look like swingers to you?" she said, rubbing her pregnant stomach. "This was just a trip down memory lane, for both of us. Nothing that happens tonight leaves this house. What happens here stays here... and probably ends here."

Willie heard the word 'probably' and wondered if this was really just a beginning for Annie. At the moment, the idea of more experiences like this was not totally undesirable. Tonight, his sex drive finally shifted out of neutral, so why not take it for a spin? Already, he looked forward to the next time, because this time was so wildly erotic if not totally fulfilling. But, as police chief, discretion would be paramount. For now, he would enjoy this one-time three-way to the hilt. If he couldn't have Penny, his sperm of the moment plan was to experience the thrill of having sex with Annie while Penny was in the room. Sliding over beside his wife, he kissed her neck, smiled as wickedly as he knew how, and said, "Thank you, Honey, for your understanding, and all that you do for me."

"Aw, Sweetheart." Annie leaned his way and kissed him.

With little effort, she glided into his arms and then down onto her back. They kissed passionately, while he fingered her into readiness. His wilted erection stiffened with renewed hope.

"Okay, Baby," said Annie, already huffing with desire.

Willie got up and stood beside the bed, expecting his pregnant wife to want the comfort of rear entry. True to form, Annie, assumed the head down, ass up position at the edge of the mattress. He moved forward and massaged her bottom, tracing down to tease her clitoris.

Penny remained on the other side, openly watching the intimate exchange.

Willie caught her voyeur eyes and they shared a smile. He winked at her.

Groaning, Annie said, "Don't make me wait."

He shrugged at Penny, and said, "Yes, Dear." Cock in one hand, Willie steadied himself with the other hand on Annie's back and edged forward.

"Wait! I want to see." Penny bounced off the bed and stood beside him. Her breathing was ragged from the effort of motion and the thrill of the moment.

In an uncharacteristically bold move, Willie released his erection, and said, "Why don't you guide me in?"

With round-eyed surprise, Penny squeaked, "What? No, I couldn't."

"Of course you can. We'd love it."


An exasperated groan came from Annie, and then, "Yes! Really!"

At first Penny seemed hesitant, but after a thoughtful moment, and with a smirk that expressed a revived sense of daring, she leaned against Willie's side and put one arm around his back and the other hand on his cock. "I guess I'm acting like a silly twat, aren't I." With a girlish lilt, she warned Annie, "Ready or not, here he comes," and pushed him forward until his glans nestled between Annie's labia. "I like a little tease first, don't you guys?" She rubbed his cock head up and down her slit. The squishy sound of Annie's damp valley and her low sighs gave the answer loud and clear, 'I'm randy and ready for action.'

Penny stared at the shiny helmet head, waiting to charge in.

Willie reveled in the hot softness of Penny's body pressed against his side, her firm grip, and the taunt of his wife's awaiting pussy.

Penny looked up into his face, and asked, "Everyone ready?"

"YES!" Annie was.

"Yes, Ma'am." Willie was.

Wrapping her thumb and middle finger around the tip of his cock, Penny slowly fed its length through her fingers and into Annie's pussy, observing the cock's disappearance with enthralled interest. When her hand was pinned between Willie's stomach and Annie's labia, she said, "How's that feel?"

Annie answered the question with a question. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Willie said, "Feels like home." He felt a playful internal squeeze from his wife and then Penny's fingers squeezed him around the base, as if she felt it too and responded. He hugged Penny tight with one arm and kissed her passionately, while shamelessly fondling her boobs with his free hand. As the buss intensified, the fingers encircling his cock slipped off. Willie felt the hand lower on his balls, teasing them and then move over to Annie's clitoris.

Annie began to pump slowly back and forth. Pleasant moans and groans increased from everyone involved.

Fortunately for Willie, the first orgasm on the deck helped postpone his second.

Annie was another story. Sometimes it seemed as if the more she came the sooner the next orgasm followed.

Down below, where he connected with his wife, Willie felt Penny's fingers at work and soon realized she was spending all her time rubbing Annie's clitoris and not teasing him. At first he felt a twinge of resentment, but when Penny winked and kissed him, he understood she had ulterior motives. Well, if that were the case, he had some ideas of his own and began groping Penny with greater intensity.

She shuddered under his touch and closed her eyes. "Oh Annie, that big cock must feel so good. Does it feel good when I play with your clit too, Honey? Let me help you come, and come, and come."

Willie felt the speed of Penny's fingers increase, and had the impression she wanted to finish Annie off -- the sooner the better.

Annie always loved the encouragement of dirty talk. It wasn't but a few seconds later that she answered the call by turning into a quivering mass of womanly satisfaction.

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