tagBDSMVisit to the Cabin Ch. 2 & 3

Visit to the Cabin Ch. 2 & 3


It seemed more like days instead of hours when Master Jonathan and Mistress Susan came back down into the dungeon. We heard their footsteps way before we heard their voices. We were both uncomfortable in this kneeling position and we had begun to ache from being in the one position too long.

"Well my little pets. How are we doing this evening? I hope you are hungry because we have brought you both some dinner." Mistress Susan was the first to speak.

"And we want you to have plenty of strength for night ahead," Master Jonathan interjects.

Master Jonathan releases me from my bonds and Mistress Susan releases Kim.

"Well how does my cum taste now slave?"

My response must have been too slow to Master Jonathan and he slaps me across the ass. "How does my cum taste now slave?"

I wasn't sure how to answer, "Sweet Master." I said hesitantly

"Well get used to it slave because you will be tasting plenty of it this week. It might be mine or it might be one of our many guests."

I was in shock. I looked at Kim and I saw she was in shock as well. Did we hear him correctly? Master immediately saw our shock. I know Mistress Susan had said we would have to serve who ever they wanted, but I didn't realize she was saying it for anything more than effect.

"Susan, didn't you tell them that this was going to be a group-outing. That this would be their initiation into our circle of friends?"

"Well I told them they would have to serve anyone we asked them to, but I guess I never told them that the members of our BDSM club would be here for their training."

"I am afraid we will have to ask them again if they would like to back out. Well, Carl, Kim, what do you think? Here is the scenario. We are going to have many of our BDSM up for the week to initiate you into our circle of friends. You will be asked serve them as all. You may also be rented into slavery to others who will use you as they please. Some of them have very few limits and may ask you to do things that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to you. If at any time you feel you cannot do anything they ask all you have to say is "red", and that scene will end and a new one will begin. If you say "red, red" whoever you are with will assume you will want to stop the scene entirely, you will no longer be slaves and you will be free to go and come back another time. So there you have it. What would you like to do from here? I promise you that some of our friends will push your limits, but they are always safe and all have been tested to be disease-free just like at our swing club. They will never allow you to be in unsafe situations. If you are with someone any of us are unfamiliar with or someone who has not had a certified test, that person will be required to use condoms if they have any sex with you. Do you understand what I have said so far?"

We nodded.

"Good, we will leave you for five minutes and let you discuss it" and up the stairs Jonathan and Susan went.

"Well what do you think Kim," I was the first to speak.

"I don't know honey. I thought it was just to be the four of us this weekend," Kim replies.

"Well we have been with a lot of different people before at our club"

"I know, but we at least got to know them socially before we did anything with them Carl."

"Well I guess it comes down to trust now. Do we trust Jon and Sue?" I stare back at Kim.

"Well we trusted them earlier, you even gave your first blow job to Jonathan and I drank Susan's piss. I would say that was pretty trusting. That pushed us pretty far, how far could their friends push us and besides we can always say "red" and back out. I saw the humiliation on your face as you sucked Jonathan's cock and you saw how humiliated I was drinking Susan's piss and eating her pussy, yet you were as hard as a rock and I was so wet it was running down my thigh." Kim's voice trailed off in thought, or fantasy, I couldn't tell which.

"We have been working toward this with Jon and Sue for quite awhile. Of course it was nothing like this at their house. Who would have guessed that they would want us to be bi-sexual or have us in toilet training the first day. I know they gave us the books and videos, but I never figured they would be into all of this. I thought it was just going to be the same as at their house. I would be with Sue and you would be with Jon, just an extension of what we had already been doing together...... Well nothing ventured nothing gained is what I say. And I am in if you're in Kim."

"Well then count me in too," she hugged me and told me she loved me no matter what happened over the week to come.

Jon and Sue came back in about five minutes.

"Well you two, where are we? Are you two in for the rest of the week? Please don't feel pressured we will be two of your best friends no matter what your answer is."

Kim and I looked at each other and both nodded and said simultaneously. "We're in!"

Suddenly both Jonathan's and Susan's expressions changed and they were our Master and Mistress once again. Jonathan walked over to a cabinet and came back with two dog collars. One looked to be wide and black with studs and a ring on it and one looked to be a little thinner and red with what looked to be diamonds and a ring on it. Master Jonathan put the black one on me and Mistress Susan put the red one on Kim.

"Well I promised you two dinner earlier didn't I? Well since you both have collars on like dogs you will have to eat like dogs." Mistress says as she walks to the stairs.

She brings back to dog bowls with what looks to be chopped beef in each of them. Master Jonathan follows with a water bowl. They then hook our cuffs behind our back so that it was impossible for us to use our hands to do anything.

"No hands you two, dogs don't have hands," Mistress said mockingly. "If you use anything but your tongue or mouth you will both be strung up and whipped beyond your wildest dreams".

Once again I could feel the blush coming back to my face and could see it coming to Kim's face as well.

"Eat up you two!" the crop now in Master's hand punctuated his words on both of our asses.

And ate we did, just like a dog and his bitch. Only dogs don't feel the humiliation that we did.

When we had finished eating our dinner Master and Mistress praised us for being such good little dogs and patted us both on the head.

"Well it's time for little cleaning of our slaves," Master quipped.

I wasn't sure what was meant by that. We had just had just taken a shower. But then again, we had worked up quite a sweat in the few hours since.

"Who's first?" Mistress inquired.

"I ladies are first," Master says, "but then again, this may not be the time to be so proper. Slave, up on table!"

Mistress was rolling in what appeared to be a table like at Kim's gynecologist's office with stirrups and everything. I was instructed to get on the table again and to put my feet up in the stirrups. So there I was exposed, just like my wife at her doctors office. Then Mistress brought out a stand that looked like an I.V. Stand with an enema bag at the top. Now I understood why it was time for cleaning, I just didn't expect it to be this type of cleaning. Well I given about a two quart enema and was told to go into the bathroom to expel it and while I was in the bathroom my wife got an enema as well and was told to expel it as well. After the enemas we were both fitted with butt-plugs. They were very uncomfortable at first, but they became bearable after a couple of minutes.

"These butt-plugs should get you in shape for things to come," explained Mistress

Kim was then put into the dog cage and I was bound across a whipping horse. I was securely tied to the point that I could barely move a muscle.

"Well it's late, this is the way you two will stay through the night. We have cameras so we can monitor you. If you have any problems please feel free to call out. If you have to use the bathroom, slut you have a bucket in your cage and slave you have a funnel right below your cock so feel free to relieve yourself right where you are. Well don't go anywhere you two and good night." Mistress then headed up the stairs followed by Master Jonathan.

Visit to the Cabin Part III

Well needless to say we didn't get much sleep through the night. We talked a little about our situation, but as a whole we kept to ourselves. It seemed I had just dosed off when....

"Good morning slave and slut" it was Mistress Susan's less than cheerful voice. "You will be fixing us breakfast this morning, you remember how we like it don't you from all the weekends you have fixed it before. But first I am afraid we have to take our morning piss and guess who gets to be the toilets. That's right...!"

Master Jonathan soon came down and the fun began. "We don't want to waste time with the throne this morning you two, and besides we want you to get an up-close and personal look at us while you we use your mouths for what they were meant to be used for."

Soon my wife and I both were bound spread eagle on the floor face up. Mistress Susan decided to use me this time and Master Jonathan knelt over wife's mouth with his cock right in her face. We were instructed not to spill a drop. Soon we were drinking their hot piss right from the source. They both had excellent control not allowing us to have too much that we couldn't swallow all of their golden nectar. Once again my tongue served as Mistress Susan's toilet paper.

Soon they were finished and Master said, "I feel like a good morning fuck, but now that I peed, I am afraid I have lost my morning boner. Well slave how would you like to get me hard for our hot little sluts pussy."

Mistress Susan releases me and then bounds my wrist cuffs behind my back. I am then instructed to crawl over to where Master is standing over my wife's face.

"Why don't you give your wife a real show. She should see her husband suck a real man's cock. Service me slave!" he then grabs my head and pulls me toward his soft cock. It begins to grow in my mouth. I can feel the smoothness of the head and I can taste a few drops of piss that were left over. I hate to admit to it, but it felt very natural to be in this position.

"Well how does it feel slave to know you are getting a real man ready for your hot little wife's twat. That soon this cock will be pistoning in and out of that steamy little twat that used to be yours. That's it! Get me good and hard. OOOh, you are becoming such a hot little cock-sucker. Are you enjoying watching your hubby get a man ready for you slut?!!"

"Yes Master," I hear my wife respond.

"Well get used to it slut, this is going to happen quite a lot over the week." Master says looking down at Kim. "That's enough slave. I am ready. Susan why don't you release sluts legs so slave here can hold them up for me and beg me to fuck his wife. I want to hear you beg me to fuck her slave, and if I don't think you are begging earnest enough I will string her up and you can watch me whip the shit out of her. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," I manage to squeak out.

"Hold her legs apart and begin begging slave." Master begins to stroke his cock.

I pull my wife's legs wide apart showing her pussy to Master Jonathan and Mistress Susan who was standing over his shoulder now.

"Please Master, fuck my wife," I say tentatively

Master picks up a riding crop and hits Kim on her thigh, "I can't hear you slave. I don't believe you really want me to fuck your wife. Kim cries out in pain and a welt forms. "You know what I promised you if you are not earnest."

"Please Master Jonathan!! Please fuck my wife. She needs a real man like you to satisfy her. I am not man enough to satisfy her. Please Master, she needs and deserves your cock."

"What about you slut?" Master looks down at Kim

"Oh please Master fuck me!

"What about your hubby here?"

"He is not man enough to satisfy me Master. Please give me all 9 inches of that wonderful cock of yours" Kim is in wanton abandon now.

"If I give you my cock slut you better not cum until I tell you or I will still whip the shit out of you in front of your hubby. Is that understood?"

My wife nods.

Master then moves forward and sinks in up to his nuts while I hold my wife's legs apart. What a sight that must have made for Mistress Kim watching her husband fuck a slut while the slut's husband holds her legs apart.

"Don't you dare come you bitch. You are here for my satisfaction," Master Jonathan says.

Master begins to saw in and out of Kim's pussy.

"What kind of man holds his wife's legs apart while another man fucks her?" Master says while fucking Kim. "I would say he was less than a man".

I blushed and was humiliated beyond my belief, but my cock was rock hard and I couldn't take my eyes off his cock fucking my wife.

Soon Master was silent as he continued to saw that huge sausage in and out of my wife, mother of my children. He was fucking her like a common slut, a whore and I was made to participate and watch. Sweat began to form on Kim. I could tell it was taking all she could to keep from cumming.

Soon Master Jonathan roars and yells for his slut to cum with him. Kim's body shakes and she has a tremendous orgasm. I can tell by the look on her face that it was a real intense one. I had seen that look before, but never from this position. It was usually me fucking her. Soon they were motionless and you could tell they were coming back down.

"Master Jonathan looks up, "Do you know what a good slave does now?" I look puzzled back at him. "He cleans up after his wife."

Master pulls out of my wife and points to his cock. "See the mess she's made. It's your job to clean it up." I can't believe he is making me do this. His cock is shrinking and his come and my wife's juices are all over it. The smell of sex fills the room and now he want me to clean his cock. He picks up the crop again and gives Kim another blow on her thigh and she cries out. "Now slave!" he says with irritation in his voice.

I am soon down at his cock. I lick it tentatively and he hits Kim again on the other thigh. I then begin to lick earnestly.

"Suck on it slave. I want to be able to smell my cum on your breath."

I begin to suck and lick his cock like there was no tomorrow. It wasn't the most pleasant taste, but for Kim's sake I knew what I had to do. I was instructed to lick the cum out of his hair and Mistress made sure I got every drop off of him.

Mistress Susan then points to my wife's pussy. "Now your wife's wet little pussy needs cleaning."

"Oh shit," I think to myself. Kim's pussy was gaped open and you could see her cum and Master's cum all matted together in there.

I feel Mistress's hand on the back of my head and she pushes my face right into Kim's twat.

"How does it feel to suck a real man's sperm out of your wife's pussy slave," Mistress says. " I want to hear you sniff it, get a good whiff of what a real man smells like."

I then take in a big deep breath of air through my nose and smell the sex.

Mistress then instructs me to clean her out real good. I oblige, as if I had a choice. When I am finished they make me kiss Kim so she can share in my humiliation.

When we finish our kiss to their satisfaction they instruct us that we should both take off our bondage equipment except for our butt-plugs and take a shower, but not to touch each other in anyway. Then we are to put our collars and cuffs back on and come upstairs.

The rest of the day we serve Master Jonathan and Mistress Susan. We cook, clean and do whatever their bidding is including being their personal toilets all day. Nothing eventful really happens until the evening. It seems like the whole day was meant to be set up for the evening.

"Well you two, we need you to hurry and clean. Our guest will be coming soon for the evening and we want to demonstrate what good slaves we are creating." Mistress then heads up to take a nap with Master Jonathan.

Well this is the continuation. It is going to be a long story, but I hope that it will be worth it to anyone reading it. Please continue to send comments. They have been more helpful than you can know.

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