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Viva Brazilia


We've spent the first 9 months fantasizing about this moment. Now, the buzz from tequila clouding my brain just enough, I lean forward to kiss the beautiful Brazilian girl. Nobody gets away with saying they're wilder than me without me proving them wrong. You and her gorgeous black boyfriend stand off the side and exchange a not so subtle high five. I see you out of the corner of my eye just before my lips meet her soft, succulent lips and the world melts away. I reach my hand up and tangle in her shiny long brown hair. I open my eyes and am vaguely startled to see those intense Hispanic eyes, like yours that make me melt, but with more fire, more crazy behind them. The alcohol makes me brave and, in front of everyone at the crowded party I gently, cautiously, trail my hand across her collarbone, and then in between her breasts, exposed by her extraordinarily low cut red shirt. Encouraged, her hand slides along my bare leg. Wanting more closeness, I shift and suddenly end up more on top of her than beside her on the couch. I'm aware that my short, shimmery dress is leaving little to the imagination and making me far from conspicuous, but decide that no one will remember it in the morning anyway and plunge deeper into the kiss, exploring her mouth with my tongue. She tastes like mint and spice overlayed with cheap beer and tequila—not surprising, I suppose, for a drunken girl at a college party. I finally pull away from the kiss because the crowd sounds like it's getting alarming loud around us. I look around and see a ring of fraternity guys staring back at me, with petulant girlfriends on the outside, whispering, no doubt, about what sluts we are. Hey, their boyfriends aren't looking at them tonight.

No, tonight all eyes are on me. So I'm sure they see us five minutes later when we not so subtly stumble out of the house, Iris and I holding hands and giggling. You look proud, and a little stunned, to be leaving the party with not just one girl, but two girls and Iris' boyfriend, Shaun. We quickly arrive at their apartment. They haven't lied—the king sized bed is easily big enough for everything that I have in mind for tonight. As soon as the door is closed, Iris reaches around my neck and unties my halter dress, exposing my braless chest.

"So they are really that fabulous," she says admiringly.

"You had doubts?" I ask her, mildly offended.

"Well, they were good, but I thought you might have found the holy grail of strapless bras to pull off that kind of cleavage."

I simply laugh and lean to kiss her, tugging gently at the bottom of dress, if you can call it that. The short number stops just beyond indecent, probably made worse by her curvy ass that is accentuated by the tight, colorful silk.

"Your turn," I manage to get out between deep, passionate kisses. A momentary thought floats through my mind that even your strong, masculine lips might never feel quite as wonderful after her gentle caresses, but then remember the strength and safety behind your kisses and dismiss the thought.

With that, I pull her dress up and over her head, exposing a black lacy bra and thong that leave little to the imagination. On the skin underneath her underwear, I can see a fading tan line from the summer and realize that her bikini didn't cover much more than the g-string she's wearing tonight. I make a mental note to make a beach date with the couple next May, then dive into licking those dark brown nipples that are peeking out of her bra. My hand slides around and deftly unhooks the lacy number and I let it fall to the ground. From the couch, I hear you exhale slightly and tilt my head back to get a better view of the beautiful girl I'm teasing. She's tall and her Brazilian skin reveals just enough African heritage to make her curvy in all the right places, with long legs and graceful features.

Shaun gets up from the couch and speaks for maybe the first time that night. I realize in the light that he's also stunning, tall and broad shouldered, but my eyes quickly return to your dimples and chiseled jaw.

"To the bedroom, beautiful girls?"

"Definitely," replies Iris with a gleam. She grabs me by the hips and somehow manages to walk backwards gracefully into the bedroom, keeping eye contact with me the entire time. By this point, I can feel my cunt juices starting to leak down my leg and I'm worried that she can tell, tell that I've never quite done this before, that I've fantasized about it more than I'd like to admit some days, and that I want like I've never wanted anyone before.

In their bedroom, you steal me away from her playfully and give me a long deep kiss. I run my hands over your arms, feeling the muscles ripple as you play with my silky red hair.

"Are you sure?" you whisper subtly in my ear.

"I've never been more certain in my life. I want her so badly. I can't wait to just taste her cunt on my tongue..." I trail off, interrupted by your kiss. You take my hand and put in insistently toward your cock. I decide to take pity on it and unzip your pants. You kick off your shoes and socks and I pull your jeans down, exposing your incredible legs. I stand there for a second, mesmerized by them like always, when you interrupt my moment by playfully brushing me with your shirt. I look up and realize your boxer briefs are strained like I've never seen them before, and your skin is already glistening from desire. I gently trail my hands around the waistband of your underwear, brush your cock through the thin cotton with my fingertips. Even this gentle touch makes you moan tonight. I glance at Shaun and Iris to see if they've noticed and realize they're watching us while Iris sits on Shaun's lap, his fingers gently toying with her moist slit.

I decide to take pity on you—and me—and release your cock. I start to sink to my knees to take it into my mouth, but you grab my head and pull me back.

"Not yet. You've got something better to eat tonight."

I see that Shaun has moved back, leaving Iris splayed on the edge of the bed, legs wide open, waiting for my mouth on her cunt. I walk over to her and lean over top of her, rubbing my pelvic bone gently, hesitantly against hers. We kiss again, but not for long. This time, she pushes my head down. Her message is clear, and I couldn't possibly be more thrilled.

I glance around as I kneel down and see Shaun at the head of the bed, stroking his thick cock slowly. I see you out of the corner of my eye sunken into a cozy armchair, playing with yours as well. It looks bigger than I've ever seen it with the arousal of seeing me with another woman, and I'm distracted for a moment with the anticipation of feeling it in my mouth later.

Coming back to the beautiful girl in front of me, I gently run my tongue along the length of her soaking wet pussy, elicting a sharp inhale from Iris. She tastes differently than I always have when you feed my juices from your mouth or your finger, but not unpleasant in any way. I trail my fingers along her thighs as I flick my tongue across her clit. With this, she moans for the first time and I feel a thrill of satisfaction. With as many girls as I know whose boyfriends can't do it, and as good as you've always been, I knew I'd have a lot to live up to, but I seem to be doing alright so far.

As I continue to lick and suck on her sweet cunt, I gently put my slender finger inside her tight opening, feeling the heat and moisture engulfing it. I can tell she's already getting close to cumming for me. Shaun must notice it to, because he looks at you and asks, "I think Iris needs something in her mouth too. Shall we?"

You look at me for a moment, hesitating to let another girl suck your cock, but I see how succulent Iris's thick lips are and know that it will only turn me on more to see you buried in her mouth. I smile sexily at you, and then bury my face in her pussy once more.

I watch as you each kneel on one side of the Latina beauty. She props herself up on her elbows and uses her hands to stroke your cocks simultaneously. I love seeing her mulatto skin against your olive tan, and her other hand stroking Shaun's dark black cock. I moan as I see her tongue swirl around your cock, then around Shaun's, teasing you both. Finally, she takes first your cock, then Shaun's, deep into her throat, continuing to stroke them both the whole time. I come up for air and to help her, leaving her to take all of you while I bury Shaun in my mouth, stopping first to kiss her and let her lick her own juices off of my face.

Before long, you're both moaning, and when it seems like you can't take it anymore you pull your cock and beg for our cunts on your cock.

"Which one first?" I ask you teasingly.

"Yours," you say decisively. "You deserve it after eating her cunt so well."

I lie down on my back and you slide your cock deep inside me. I gasp involuntarily, feeling even fuller than normal with your huge cock filling my tight cunt. You grab Iris's hand and pull her on top of me, her pussy on my face. I can feel her lean over and hear the two of you kissing, but with a cock in my cunt and a pussy on my face I'm beyond caring. I lap at her juices excitedly, moaning loudly as you make me cum for the first of many times. Iris begins to moan too and soon I can tell you're sucking her ample tits, licking them in rhythm with my tongue on her clit. She begins to moan loudly as well, and then suddenly I feel an excessive of moisture running across my face. She lifts herself up and squirts all over my face, my neck, and my tits.

All that is just too much for you—there's nothing you like more than seeing hot cum all over my innocent face, and knowing it came from a woman obviously only makes it more intense for you. You shoot your hot load deep in my cunt, cumming loudly.

It appears to be Shaun's turn at getting some pussy, so he flips me over on my hands and knees. Iris lowers herself beneath me to lick at my clit and his balls while he fucks me. He too fills my tight cunt, although it doesn't feel as natural as it always has with you. I beckon at you to come closer and you kneel in front of my face so I can suck your cock clean. You moan like you always do when I suck it too good just after you cum, but today I'm determined to not stop because I want to see you fuck this Brazilian beauty before all the tequila makes me pass out. Your cock quickly grows hard in my mouth. Meanwhile, Shaun is getting close to cumming for the first time tonight. He fucks me hard and fast, his hands on my hips, Iris still beneath me lapping at my cunt. You grab my hair and tilt my head upwards.

"You like that big black cock in your little slutty cunt Megan?"

I can only nod, your cock now even bigger than before in my mouth. Hearing this drives Shaun over the edge and cums all over my ass and Iris's face. I lick at the tip of your cock teasingly, then turn around to lick Iris's face clean. We sit up and play with his cum, trailing it between our mouths and making you moan and lick your lip, wanting another cunt on your rock hard cock.

Iris leans over and pushes you back, then straddles your cock and sinks down, her runner's legs straining to make it as slow as possible. Meanwhile, I lean over her from behind, kissing her neck and tweaking her nipples while I stare into your eyes. It's fun giving you this show, one girl riding your hot cock while another plays with her. I grab her chin and turn her around to kiss her deeply, tangling my hand once again in that waist length brown hair, now tangled from our adventures.

Deciding that I have not yet cum enough times tonight, I go over and sit down on your face, making sure that before I block your view you get to see my kiss her deeply again, grabbing her tits hard and playing with her erect nipples. You grab my hips and bury your mouth in my cunt. It doesn't take long until I, like Iris, am cumming all over your face. I move aside and let her lean over to lick all off of you while you grab her ass and fuck her hard and fast. Vaguely satisfied, I lean back on the wall, but Shaun takes this as a sign that I need another cock buried in my mouth. As I suck on the tip and then lick his balls, I see you flip over Iris and start fucking her from on top. You're close to cumming, I can tell that from how you're breathing, and I'm pretty sure Shaun's not far away either. I grab the base of his cock hard, the way I always do when I want you to go wild. It works with him too and after just a minute, he shoots his hot load over my face. I'm just licking it off when I see you too pull your cock out of Iris's cunt and explode all over her hot tits and mouth. I lean over to kiss her and we play with the cum again, this time having enough to last even longer. I can tell, however, that the two of you are spent for tonight at least and decide to let the alcohol win. My pelvis pressed against her ass and hand still fondling her tits, I fall asleep snuggled in between you and Iris, knowing that I won't let this be the last time.

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