Voyeurs Ch. 02


This story is a follow up to Chapter 1 and takes off of a situation that set up earlier in Chapter 1. So, for a full tracking, we would suggest that you read Chapter 1. And thank you for your positive votes.

I'm laying back on the bed, playing with the cum that a stranger had just coated onto my titties, spreading it around and generally diddling with my nipples as my husband is standing over me dialing a number on his cell phone. I knew that it was the number that the waitress had given us earlier and when he hit "send", he handed the phone to me.

I took the phone in a hand still covered with the sperm of the stranger and I nervously put it to my ear as it rang loudly.

"Hello?" The sweet sounding voice said on the other end.

"Hello.... Is this Clare?" I was still very nervous.

"Yes it is. Who is this?"

"I'm Joy. You served us at the restaurant a little bit ago and left us this number with our bill. I wanted to call and tell you how much we enjoyed the evening." I was tentative because we've learned to approach these situations somewhat gently.

"Oh yes Ma'am.... You are such a beautiful woman and you really made my evening. I really enjoyed watching you." She responded in a very excited tone. "I was hoping that you would call me. You've excited me so much."

"I did?" I actually felt myself blushing. "Let me tell you that you excited both of us as well."

"Did I? I know that the couple at the next table were drooling. And I was so turned on I had to take a break after you left in the bathroom." There was a tone of embarrassment in her voice. "I hope you don't mind me telling you this, but I had to have a release and HAD to masturbate in the bathroom."

"And did you make yourself cum?" I asked as I swirled the jism on my titties around my hardening nipple.

"Oh yes Ma'am. But it didn't completely satisfy me so I've been playing with my vibrator now that I'm home and spread out in bed." She got that shy sound to her voice again.

"Is your pussy wet?" I asked feeling my own passions stirring in between my legs.

"Oh yes Ma'am and my clit is very swollen and sensitive." She now started to sound proud of her condition and I could hear the vibrator working on high speed in the background.

"Well, my husband and I would like to meet you tomorrow. Would you be interested in 'serving' us in a different way?" My voice was short and breathy as my hand worked now on my clit, mixing the stranger's cum on my hand with my husband's spunk leaking out of my pussy.

"Oh yes Ma'am. I would be honored to do whatever pleases you."

"I want you to meet us in the bar here at the Marriott at 2:00 tomorrow." I slid my finger up into my cum-filled pussy and unconsciously swirled it around, mixing the stranger's cum further into me, and making my clit even more sensitive as the palm of my hand brushed it as I swirled. I knew that being a Sunday, there should be some guys watching football games in the bar and that it would be the perfect place to show her off.

"Yes Ma'am. I would love to meet you. And will you your husband be coming?"

It was hard for me to concentrate now, my finger deep in my sopping pussy. "Not until I tell him to." I chuckled. I was getting close to my own explosion and my breath was now very short. "We would like you to prepare yourself for us."

"Yes Ma'am. What would you like me to do to prepare?" She was nearly as breathless as me at this point and I knew that she was as close as I was to exploding in orgasm.

"Are you playing with your pussy now?" I knew the answer because I could hear the vibrator humming loudly in the background. I wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes Ma'am. I'm so very close." She was completely breathless at this point – almost squeaking and very obviously on the cliff and ready to plunge into a deep abyss.

"Well, you must stop now." I heard a gasp come from her. "I want you to stop. NOW!

"Oh God...... Ye...Ye...Yes, Ma'am." Her voice was visibly shaken. I heard the vibrator stop and there was a strange silence on the line.

"And you are to go to bed tonight and cannot play further and you must NOT give yourself an opportunity to orgasm."

I knew that she wanted to erupt and that she would be fantasizing about our meeting tomorrow. But I wanted her to be extra sensitive.

"And if you play with yourself tonight and I find out about it, there will be dire consequences." I was as stern as I could be with two fingers now buried in my pussy and on the edge of my own explosive orgasm. "Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I will not play anymore." I could hear the disappointment in her voice. "What else would you like me to do?"

By now I was gasping breath now and it was almost impossible to maintain my composure.

"Come to the bar here at Marriott at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow and I want you to wear something that will show us and everyone else that you are ready to be fucked. I want you to impress us that you want to really serve us." The words were so very hard to say.

"Yes, Ma'am. I will not disappoint you." Her voice was perking up knowing that she would be able to pick out something exciting.

"And one last thing." Again, I was trying to be stern, now completely impossible with my fingers working furiously on my clit. "You will be required to show us that you are not wearing any panties."

"Absolutely!" She was now back to her perky self.

"Good night, Clare." I had to stop my frigging in order to close the conversation or I would have been screaming in orgasm.

"Good night, Ma'am."

As I heard the phone click on her end, but could only let the phone drop from my hand as I drove my fingers deep into my cunt, sending me off towards a mind shattering orgasm.

"OH GOD!!!!" I screamed in orgasm and as I did, I felt something push at my lips.

It was the tip of my husband's hard cock and just as I opened my mouth, I felt his hot and salty spunk shooting into my mouth and splashing onto my lips. The taste and feel of his hot spunk added tremendous intensity to my explosion.

I'd forgotten all about him. He was watching and listening and stroking his cock to life again while I was talking with Clare and as I was finishing up I was so involved in the conversation and trying to maintain my composure, that I didn't realize that he had moved over and knelt over me, and we climaxed together.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" His hot salty semen filled my mouth and covered my lips and face as I screamed, bucking as my cunt spasmed on the two fingers deep inside.

After he'd coated my face and lips with his sticky hot juice, he fell back onto the bed. I continued to finger-fuck myself, screaming in ecstasy at my lengthy orgasm, my pussy making loud slapping and slurping sounds as my fingers furiously mixed the creampie he'd left me with earlier with my now freely flowing juices.

It took several minutes before I relaxed from my orgasm, and a contented glow came about me. I opened my eyes to see my darling hubby looking down on me with that Cheshire Cat grin of his.

"MMMMMM, pussy filled with cream, a stranger's cum covering your titties, and now my fresh load all over your face? I think that your contented smile confirms that you are indeed my Little Cum-Bunny."

"Are you enjoying this?" I asked, trying to speak through the spunk covering my lips and tongue. I swallowed his jizz down so that I could more easily speak.

"Yes Ma'am!!" He said, mocking our new love slave.

I was too worn out to even clean up and pulled him close and snuggled in the arms of my hubby and fell asleep, my face, titties and pussy covered in cum. Yes, I was his 'Little Cum-Bunny' and I loved it.


Exhausted, we slept in until the alarm went off at 11:00 and I stirred awake, somewhat uncomfortable that now all that jism on and in me was dry and kind of crusty. I was lying on my back and I opened my eyes carefully with just the faint the new day's light coming in the slightly opened curtains and as they adjusted to the light, I ended up again focusing straight into my darling husband's eyes.

"Good morning, Cum-Bunny." He looked and sounded like he was taking great pleasure in my disheveled look. "I've got a little breakfast for you." He pointed to the tray with juice and some pastries.

"MMMMMM Morning." I knew that I must have looked a fright and I was now functioning enough to realize that the bellman had been there in some way, shape or form.

"I suppose you had the bellman bring that cart all the way in here?" I asked, hoping that I didn't know the answer.

"Yes I did." He announced somewhat proudly. "And your titties and pussy were uncovered when he walked in." His level of pride elevated substantially.

"The bellman commented that it looked like I have had quite some fun. I told him that I did and that I had some help."

I had a few sips of the orange juice and munched on a pastry in quite an unlady-like manner. I was famished and I know that I looked like a cheap hooker after a night in the locker room with the football team.

"I see." I took another bite of the pastry and summed things up. "So, your darling wife was lying nude on the bed covered with semen from you and a stranger and you did nothing to cover her up so that the bellman didn't see her?"

"Yup!" His answer seemed to sum it up even better.

"Just checking." It didn't necessarily disgust me, but I wished that he had at least awaken me so that I could suck off the bellman and give a fresh load to the scene and have some enjoyment myself.

"And so, did he enjoy what he saw?" I knew what my sweet husband was going to say, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

"Oh yes...... he lingered here for quite a while and asked a couple of questions." I could tell that he was baiting me and really enjoying this.

"And I'm sure that you gave him full and complete answers, didn't you? You do tend to be very informative." Again, I pretty well knew what his answer would be.


It did stir some excitement in my clit to know that I had been exposed again to a complete stranger, and even more so since it was very evident that I was a cum-covered slut and well fucked and I'm sure that my husband had been very honest with this stranger as to how I got this way.

I finished my pastry, swigged the last of the orange juice and gave my sweet and supportive hubby a kiss with my cum-crusty lips and headed to the shower to make myself new.


It was about 1:45 when I emerged from the bathroom, fresh, washed, dressed and not smelling like the cheap cum-drenched hooker that I did earlier. I might have been cum-drenched and I might have looked like a hooker, but I can assure you that I'm not cheap....

"Holy Shit! Mistress looks like she's ready to take control of things here." He was commenting on my outfit, a somewhat understated domination look. Quite a contrast to the previous evening's feminine and demure look, I was dressed in a shape-hugging black pencil skirt that buttoned up the front (only half buttoned), black stockings and black spike heels that added a full 6 inches to my height and a white long-sleeved silk blouse. The blouse was sheer enough that you could see that beneath I was wearing a black bustier, the kind with a half bra to support my breasts up into cleavage but leaving my nipples completely exposed.

On each nipple, was a special set of rings made by my darling hubby that wrap around my nipple, similar to how you might wrap a small rubber band around them. However, these were small gold rings that slipped onto them to hold them tight and hard, like a guy might use a cock ring to keep his cock hard. The effect was just like that, the rings held my nipples taunt and sticking just over a half inch and hard enough to show them off well underneath the thin material of the blouse. So, what one would see was the darkness of my areola with a hard nip surrounded by a gold ring that shimmered in the light.

The best part of the nipple rings is that they make my nipples very sensitive. Even the softness of the silk blouse brushing across them excited me.

My hair was pulled back in a proper bun and bright red lipstick and heavy eye makeup completed the look. All I needed was boots a riding crop to swing.

"You are one hot vixen!" Roger repeated as I modeled the look for him. "And no panties?" He asked, although he didn't need to.

"Of course not."

I reached into our suitcase and pulled out a couple of my playthings, a strap-on harness with a 10" dildo attached, my favorite vibrator, and my vibrating wireless remote-control egg and its controller.

"Oh, now you're going to get serious." Roger chuckled as I laid the strap-on and the vibrator onto the bed and handed him the vibrating egg.

"Stick that in your jacket pocket. You can give it to me when I ask for it." I was already starting to get into my dominating persona.

"And what about the controller?" He asked.

"Who do you think is going to be in control?" I said sharply as I put the controller into my tiny purse.

"Who's always in control?" He quipped.

"And you had better remember that." I snapped back but couldn't keep a straight face. I gave him a peck on the lips and reached down and cupped his balls and hard cock in my hand. "You'll be happy with the outcome today too."

"I always am." He smiled as he opened the door for me and we headed down the hall, leaving the Do Not Disturb sign hanging on the knob.

As the elevator door opened, we found two couples and a single guy riding down. I entered and could immediately tell that all the eyes were on my titties. I stepped in and turned toward the center giving everyone all that their eyes could take in. The single guy smiled in a big grin, obviously enjoying what he saw. The two women both looked me up and down and then looked to see what their husband's reactions were. Both were stoically looking straight ahead and trying very hard not to get caught checking out my nipples. One of the women kind of grunted. It appeared to me that it may have been a while since she consented to being fucked by her hubby.

Once we got to the lobby everyone waited for me to exit and that while I knew that they would be checking out my spike heels and the black seamed stockings that showed off my shapely calves, I knew that at least one of the women would be smacking her husband when we were no longer in sight just on the principle of the thing.

Walking across the lobby, the customers who were checking out were checking me out as well. As I felt their eyes watching my titties bounce under the sheer material of the blouse. My pussy was leaking and wetness running down the inside of my thigh. I was getting so turned on already.

We were a couple minutes early and I marched into the bar with Roger a half step behind. There were two tables of men, one with four and the other with two. The bar tender was the only other one in the room. The Packers and the Vikings were playing on the big screen and when the guys heard the click of my stilettos on the tile floor, no one cared much for the close game anymore.

As we (or should I say 'I' because no one in the bar even knew my husband existed at this point) walked across the bar, my titties bouncing proudly under the sheer fabric, I headed for a booth that faced the room and was in clear view of both tables and the bar. All eyes were on me and I could feel them undressing me further. With each step a little more juice flowed out of my honey-pot.

The booth was elevated from the floor by one step and I knew that it was high enough that when I slid in my legs and pussy were going to be on display to the guys. PERFECT!! I thought to myself as I stepped toward the booth.

Without much care to be modest I lifted one leg and I slid into the booth and around until I was sitting just to the right of center. I didn't need to glance down to know that when I slid across the booth seat my skirt hiked up to expose the tops of my black stockings and my shaved and uncovered pussy. The reactions of the men across the room told me just that.

I could hear gasps and very soft cat calls and even heard one guy say, "Look at that pussy." I paused there to give them a very special view and then slowly crossed my legs. Again I could hear a faint "Whew" and a "What a fox" and "Look, you can see her tits" and some other comments as to how lucky my husband was.

I thought to myself that this was going to be a lot of fun.

Roger slid into the booth from the left side but stayed toward the end so that Clare could slide in between us. I thought to myself that if these boys liked what they saw now, they will cream their jeans when they see our lovely young lady and what I'm going to do to her.

A smile played across my bright red lips as I glanced out to my adoring fans. I loved the attention. But I knew that when the young lady came, she would garner most of their attention and I was going to make sure that they had plenty to watch.

Within an instant, the bartender was standing right in front of us inquiring as to our choice of drinks and trying very hard to get a close up look at my titties through the sheer fabric. I knew that the gold rings wrapped snugly around my nipples were holding them at attention and providing a something flashy to focus on. Roger ordered a bourbon, neat and I thought back to my younger days when popular drinks had suggestive names.

"I'd like a Screaming Orgasm." I declared with plenty of volume that everyone in the bar could hear. It seemed to disarm the bartender completely as someone behind him was heard to say "I'd give you that."

"UMMM..... Oh, yes. I can do that." The bartender was trying not to say something cute as well probably for fear that I might leave.

"I'll bet you could." I smiled as it rolled off my tongue. Now really disarmed, the bartender looked at me in total fear and then over to Roger expecting that he would disapprove.

"I think the better bet is that she could give you one." Roger chuckled as he added to the situation.

"I'll be right back with your drinks." The bartender was very embarrassed now and scurried off in a hurry before something else was said and I smacked Roger on the arm as he offered me a grin like he was very satisfied with himself.

Within a few moments, the bartender was back in front of us hurriedly setting down a drink in front of each of us, not pausing long enough for me to come forward with any other embarrassing comment. I took a long sip and smiled at Roger. "mmmmm that is good, but I'm not satisfied yet." I said it loud enough that the audience of horny guys that was staring at me could hear. I caught a couple of snappy remarks from the crowd volunteering to solve that problem.

It was the heavy clicking of her heels that pulled all the horny guy's attention away from me and we looked up to see Clare entering the room with somewhat of a model's gate, showing off with every step.

The heels were at least 6" stripper-type platforms, black and with a sensuous strap that wrapped around the ankles. Up from there, the long bare legs stretched up past perfectly rounded calves to firm and shapely thighs to the bottom of the black tight mini-skirt which did little to barely hide her pussy or her ass. Her blouse was likewise black and very sheer and it did nothing to hide her perfectly pear-shaped breasts and their perfectly sized and taunt nipples jutting out. As she walked they bounced in unison but were clearly firm enough that she did not need a bra. Around her neck was a black silver-studded collar with the leash ring pointing off toward the crowd of men.

There was not a sound from the guys as she walked up with confidence and stopped in front of our booth, her ass pointed at the crowd of horny cocks that by now were probably standing at full attention.

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