Adam Benson was sitting on his bed, watching as his wife, Emma, pulled her long chestnut hair up into a bun.

He smiled as he admired the way the classic little black dress clung to her body, highlighting her beautiful breasts, flat stomach and curvaceous hips. The nylon stockings and black high heels added just the right touch of naughtiness.

"God, I'm a lucky man." He thought to himself.

"Adam...?" Emma asked, using a hand to indicate that she wanted him to help her with her necklace.

He got up and stood behind her, close enough that when he inhaled he caught the subtle trace of her perfume. He fixed the clasp and then trailed his palm over her pale shoulder and down her arm.

"You know, we don't have to go out tonight..." He whispered suggestively in her ear as he slipped his arm around her waist.

Emma, looking in the full length mirror, saw her husband's raised eyebrow, the twinkle in his warm brown eyes and the adorable crooked smile. She was tempted to take a step back, to make his body press against hers, to sink deeper into his embrace but she paused.

" We promised Mia that we'd be there..." She protested.

"Your sister will understand...." Adam said lightly before bending down to plant sweet kisses on the nape of her neck. "How often do we have the house all to ourselves...?"

Emma sighed. Her protest had been half-hearted at best anyway. Tim, their 7 year old son, was staying over at a friend's house and she had been looking forward to a night alone with her husband then her sister had wrangled that promise out of her.

"I guess we could be a little late...." She said with a naughty chuckle as her husband gently unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Looking at their reflection she could see that Adam was doing the same, enjoying the image of his wife in only her lingerie. He stepped closer behind her and she could feel the semi-hardness her near nakedness had inspired.

He planted his chin on her shoulder as both of his arms wrapped around her, one hand moving to caress her soft belly. His arms were big and strong and with his shirtsleeves rolled up Emma could admire the manly hairiness of his forearms in contrast to her own pale skin.

In the mirror their eyes locked and she could read the question in his. Using the mirror like this was a little bit unusual for them. He wanted to know if she was comfortable and happy with what they were about to do. In all of their ten years together her contentment and satisfaction had been at the forefront of his concerns.

Emma smiled and reached up to play her fingers through his black scruffy hair.

Adam's hands were moving freely over her skin now, Emma watching them as they stroked her hips, her upper thighs.

"Mmmmm..." She groaned as Adam lightly nibbled on her earlobe.

He cupped her breasts, gliding his thumbs over lacy fabric, his wedding ring glowing in the sunset light that was streaming in through the window. Adam grinned as her nipples responded to the touch, visible now through the material of her bra.

As if reading her mind he stopped caressing her and started to undo the clasp at the back, Emma seizing the opportunity to wiggle her behind against the now full blown erection tenting her husband's pants.

In no time at all her breasts were bared . At times Emma had wished that she had bigger breasts. Adam had always been quick to tell her that they were perfect just the way they were and that he loved her beautiful handfuls. Now his hands were on them, his eyes closed, as he played with and fondled them. His breathing got heavier, a sure sign that he was enjoying himself.

Emma knew it wouldn't be long before he'd want to release his cock and slip inside of her. Emma, herself, was so wet and ready for him that she couldn't help but sneak a hand down her panties to pleasure herself a little.

A small gesture of the trust between them.

Adam paused to admire the sight of his wife masturbating herself, her full lips parted and her face a little flushed.

"My God, you're beautiful..." He whispered into her ear.

Adam's hand slid over the top of hers and then both of their fingers dancing over her sensitive pussy lips, using the motion to move her butt over Adam's groin.

"I want you to...." Emma started to say.

Adam smiled. Some demureness in his wife prevented from ever explicitly saying what she wanted. It didn't matter, he always understood.

Leaving his wife to continue to discretely masturbate on her own, Adam pulled off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his pants. As he pulled the waistband of his boxers down over his throbbing 8 inches he wondered if tonight was the night their second child was conceived.

They'd been casually trying for another baby for about a month now and Adam, for his part wanted nothing on Earth as much as to father another child with the woman he loved. She wasn't just his wife, but best friend as well.

Perhaps this one would be a daughter.

He stepped up behind and used a hand to guide his cock to her glistening pussy. It's purple head entered easily and with a gentle thrust her moist hole swallowed the rest.

Emma tingled as she watched the way her body reacted as Adam began to make love to her. The quiver on her lips matching each push of his hips, the way her eyelids half closed as she experienced each sensation. Watching herself have sex was novel for her and very arousing. She expected to cum very quickly tonight.

Emma bent forward, gripping on the mirror's frame and now she could see Adam too. He was watching their reflection too, the desire and the passion evident in his eyes, so too his excitement as her breasts swung with each penetration.

She could see his broad shoulders and muscular chest, the thick crop of dark hair that covered his pecs and ran down over his stomach. A shiver ran through her. She was so attracted to this man even after all this time.

She was so close now, what with her husband's cock filling her and her own fingers on her clit.

"Ummmmm..." She moaned, biting her lower lip, wondering how she would look as Adam brought her to climax.


She'd never get to see. Involuntarily as the wave broke, her eyes closed and remained that way until the crescendo of pleasure ebbed away. She was briefly disappointed then wondered if Adam would be open to the idea of bringing a video camera in the bedroom.

She'd have never of had the thought if her husband wasn't the man he was, thoughtful, attentive. She could open up to him, tell him anything...it would be a secret for them to share.

" What...do I...look like...when I...?" She stammered in between deep gulps for air.

"I love watching you cum....ah....you...look so blissful...." Adam said. " I like feeling you cum...."

His thrusts had become lazy as he spoke but they now began in earnest . He reached out to support himself on a low roof beam, Emma enjoying the sight of his thick biceps and the masculine shadow of his armpit.

From the sharp intakes of his breath and the look upon his face she knew he'd cum soon. She began to bounce a little on the balls of her feet, making her butt checks press against his abdomen with each thrust.

"Ohhhhh..." Adam exhaled as the irresistible feeling of ecstasy began to swell in the base of his cock and his balls to unleash his cum. With a quick tug on her hips to pull himself all the way inside he came, a blazing intensity that almost made his head swim.

They stayed like that for a few moments, each safe in the embrace, his softening cock still inside her and then they remembered the party they had to get to. Both wondered if the other guests would be able to tell why they'd been delayed from the post-coital glow on their faces.




"Want me to get in there with you?" Adam asked as he watched his wife in the shower. " I could wash your back..."

Emma looked over at her husband who was resting against the sink, wearing nothing but a puppy dog expression.

"Myra Blakely will be bringing Tim back soon, in time for church." She told him, mock sternly.

Adam sighed with false resignation.

"Can I at least watch?"

Again Emma laughed and, turning round, began to soap up her ass.


The service was over and Adam was waiting by the car whilst Emma chatted some of the other women about some charity event or other they were planning. His son was on the backseat playing with his toys.

"Hello." A voice said, making Adam turn.

"Hi." He said back to the woman who had greeted him, puzzled but wanting to appear friendly. "Were you in the service?"

The woman nodded. Adam thought she was more like a girl really, being about 10 years younger than his thirty three years of age. She was blonde and petite. On first impression he figured her to be a bubbly wholesome young woman.

"Poppy O'Shea." She said, introducing herself with a handshake and cherubic smile.

"Adam Benson." He replied. "Haven't seen you here before. Always nice to see a new face."

"I'm in town for just for a little while but I try to find a church wherever I am. It's a good place to meet people and make new friends."

Adam smiled. "I suppose it is." He looked over at Emma just in time to see her disappearing back inside the church. " I'm sure everyone here will make you very welcome .They're a nice friendly bunch of people..."

"What about you?" The girl asked, stepping closer.

"Me? I don't..."

"Would you like to be 'friendly' with me...?" Poppy explained, close enough to whisper now, slowly and deliberately running a hand over Adam's chest.

It took a few seconds for Adam to realize the girl was coming on to him. He couldn't believe it. He let out a nervous little laugh and looked back over at the church.

"Listen I'm flattered but I'm a married...." He started to say when something distracted him. On her tight pink t-shirt, written across her more than ample chest were the words ' Cum here often'.

His jaw dropped. He couldn't get his head around how designers could get away with making human sexuality so cheap and tawdry or why any woman would want to wear these clothes.

Did this girl really want to advertise how easy to bed she would be?

"Were you just checking out my tits?"

"I...I...I'm sorry.... I never..." Adam said, flustered. He never checked out other women. He could feel himself blushing and that made him feel even more embarrassed. He looked to see if Tim was noticing any of this but his son was busy in his own little world.

"It's okay. I like you looking at my tits." Poppy sighed, using a hand on his chin to direct his gaze back to her chest. " We could go somewhere where you could get a better look....maybe a feel or a taste..."

Adam couldn't believe this was happening. That a kid would approach a complete stranger like this, in broad daylight and that he could feel himself stirring.

"I'm a married man! My son's right here...my wife's just inside...." He tried to explain.

"I understand. Now's not a good time. Can you get away later?"

"What? No! That's not what I meant. Look," He paused." I'm not interested, okay?" Adam growled and he wasn't. He'd never even thought of cheating on Emma and wasn't about to start now.


As the girl walked away Adam got into his car.

"Who was that girl, Daddy?"

Adam felt guilty even though he told himself he'd done nothing wrong.

"No one, Tim. Don't worry about her." Adam advised but found he couldn't stop himself from thinking about the words on her top. What would it be like to shoot his load over tits like that? With a shock he found himself getting hard over the images the thought conjured up.

Just then Emma got into the car and Adam pulled himself together. Tim wanted to go to the park and as they had nothing else planned his parents agreed

For the rest of the day Adam had no more thoughts of Poppy or what temptations she'd been offering.




Every family has it's little rituals and in the Benson's home it was no different.

Adam and Emma would wake first. Adam would go for a quick run whilst Emma showered and got ready then went to rouse Tim.

Adam would get back just as Emma was starting to make breakfast. He'd grab a quick shower and then join his family at the table.


Emma loved the way that Adam smelled in the mornings, his hair still damp and combed for work, so smart and professional looking in his shirt and tie, but not afraid to grab his son and give him a playful shake or to listen to what Tim's day ahead would be like.

She'd never had to remind him to take the time.

When Adam was ready to go the office he'd kiss the top of Emma's head and ruffle Tim's hair.

"Mommy's showing off a house today, kiddo, so I'll be picking you up from school today." He told his son.

"Okay, Dad." Tim replied, looking up from his cereal. "Don't work too hard."

"I gotta keep you in cereal, somehow." Adam joked.

"Have a good day, sweetheart." Emma added, rising to walk her husband to the door and to give her husband a proper kiss goodbye.


Later that day


"What do you mean Tim's gone?" Adam cried.

About twenty minutes ago he'd pulled up in the school parking lot and Tim had been nowhere to be seen so he'd waited. Then most of the other kids had been picked up or gone.

He'd gone inside and found Tim's teacher, who was now telling him that Tim wasn't there.

"Mrs Benson called about an hour ago and said Tim needed to go home. She came and picked him up."

"She never told me..." Adam said.

Tim's teacher gave Adam a look that said that whatever communication problems the Benson's were having were nothing to do with him.

"You're sure it was my..."

"Your wife's car pulled up and Tim got in voluntarily. Okay?" The teacher interrupted. He seemed to think the matter closed and walked away.

Adam pulled his cell phone out and dialed the number.

"Hey babe, why'd you not tell...?" Adam started to say.

"They had a gun...they made me call the school..." Emma cried. " Have you got Tim?"

"What? Who had a gun? The school said you picked him up?"

"Oh God," She wailed." They took my car....and now they've got Tim!"

"Who? What?" Her words were not registering. Tim had been abducted by people with a gun? Unthinkable.

"You've got to come home."

"What? We've got to call the police!" Adam cried.

"We can't! They'll kill him...they ...they..." Adam felt powerless as the truth dawned on him and he waited for his wife to go on. " They want you to come home." His wife said, then the line went dead.


"Emma, what happened?" Adam cried, running over to his wife as soon as he got inside the house.

Emma stared at him, blankly, her eyes raw with tears.

"Why don't I explain?" Said another voice.

Adam turned to see Poppy reclined on their couch.

"Mrs Benson showed up expecting to meet a client and she met me. I showed her this," Poppy waved the gun "and told her to drive us here. Against her will, I got her to call the school then a friend of mine took your wife's car and we now have your son. That make things a bit clearer?" Her attitude was so blasé that Adam wanted to cross the room and hit her but he'd never been the type of guy to hit a woman.

"Why...why would you do this?" The idea that she was doing this because he'd spurned her advances slashed at his heart

Poppy rolled her eyes.

At that moment another girl entered the room. This one was a tall, black woman, her hair cut short and boyish.

"Thea. Mr Benson wants to know why we kidnapped is son."

The other girl, Thea, wagged a finger in his direction. "We don't have to tell you that. You just need to know that your son is with a friend of ours. He's perfectly safe for now but if you don't do as we say, we won't hesitate to chop you little kiddie's fingers off."

"Oh God..." Emma sobbed, sagging to the floor beside her husband.

Adam only had to look into Thea's eyes to be convinced. He crouched down next to his wife and put his arms around her. He wanted to give her what small measure of comfort he could.

"What do you want from us?"

"What do we want, Poppy?


"We're not rich people...of course you can take it...but the banks will be closed..." Adam pleaded. The money wasn't important. He just wanted to get his son back safe.

"Oh no no. Too many cameras in banks. Fortunately I happen to know you do online banking, Mr Benson." Thea informed him, tapping the top of the PC in the corner. "Why don't come over here and power this thing up?"

Adam gave his wife a reassuring squeeze. It was breaking his heart to see her in so much pain.

"We give you what you want and we get Tim back unharmed?"

"That's how it works."

He stood up and went over. Adam typed in their user id and password and brought up all their banking details then Poppy came over and pushed him from the chair.

He went back over to his wife, knowing that she needed him close. He resolved to be strong, for her, to keep it together until this nightmare was done.

"How much?" Thea inquired.

"Nearly $ 40,000 if we take the kid's college fund too."

"Do it." Thea ordered and her accomplice tapped a few buttons, the computer pinged and all of the Benson's money was gone.

"Now give us back our son." Adam implored them.

"No. I've had a better idea..." Poppy said ominously.


Emma had managed to compose herself enough to start making dinner at the girls' request.

The Benson's liked entertaining, Emma enjoyed playing the perfect hostess to Adam's clients or throwing dinner parties for their friends. If she focused hard she found could just about pretend to herself that the pair were their guests over for a nice meal.

" You have our money. What more do you want?" Adam asked Poppy forlornly.

"Can't we just sit, converse, enjoy each other's company?"

Adam scowled and said nothing. The girls' flippant demeanor was driving him crazy. How could they just sit here, helping themselves to the Bensons' wine. Why the delaying? Every second Tim was in their hands something too dreadful to contemplate might be happening to him.

Emma began to bring the plates over to the table.

"Why don't you tell us how you met?" Thea suggested.

Adam stared at her. Did she really think it appropriate to engage in small talk considering the situation they found themselves in?

Thea waved the gun in the air- a little reminder that they were setting the agenda.

"Emma and I were both in a bookstore. Turns out we were both after the same book, only I got there first. She looked so disappointed when she realized it was the last copy and then she left." Adam started, the story so familiar.

"Adam bought the book then he caught with me and gave it to me with his number written inside." Emma concluded.

"How romantic.." Poppy sighed, hands under her chin, big dreamy smile on her face.

"This food is shit." Thea announced as she pushed the plate away from her.


The girls had made Emma do the dishes and then informed the Bensons that they were all going for a drive.

As Adam locked up the house, he wondered if he and his family would ever see it again. His thoughts couldn't help conjuring up worst case scenarios involving being driven to a secluded place and being forced to dig their own graves.


Thea was driving, with Poppy in the passenger seat, bent round to watch the Bensons on the backseat.

"You love your husband, Mrs Benson?" She asked inquisitively.

Emma nodded.

"What about you, Mr Benson? You happily married?"


"Still, must be tough being with the same person for so long?"

Adam blinked in surprise. He'd never seen it that way, Emma was everything he'd ever wanted and told that to Poppy.

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