tagErotic CouplingsWaiting in Red

Waiting in Red


I read in the car as I wait for him to get off work. My iPod buzzes with a rotating array of rock. As soon as I planned this 'impromptu trip,' I had known what I would wear: my burgundy angora sweater. In this sweater, I give Jane Russell a run for her cleavage. I'm also wearing a soft white skirt, black 40's-style silk stockings (the kind with the seam in the back that requires garters), burgundy heels, red bra and panties. Burgundy nails and stained lips complete the set. Honey hair, reminiscent of Veronica Lake's peek-a-boo, hampers my reading, but it's hard to concentrate anyway.

I pick the day that his wife normally works late. I watch a few people go in his office, and more come out. This is beginning to seem like a huge waste of time. The phone lies on the dashboard with his phone number already programmed. Although I love talking with him, it's something we rarely do. When you're having an affair with someone who's invested in their marriage, ringing them anytime is something you cannot get away with. I'm not looking to be his wife. I'm looking to add, to share. A red fingernail presses 'send'. As it rings, I think, Watch, he's not even at work today. He's playing golf, or sailing.

"Hello." He always seems hesitant when he first answers.

"Hi." I hold my breath.

"Are you at work?"

"Not for very much longer."

Then I see him. "You look good. But a little tired."

"Tell me about it."

"Just did." I gather my courage and say, "May I see you?"

"That would be a trick."

"Call me Houdini. Turn to the right."

He does. He smiles like a dog getting scratched. His loosened tie flutteres in the wind.

I wave, and look down at the ground, and watch him at the edge of my vision, wanting to make eye contact, but still a little fearful of it. I want to touch him, but this is not the place. He seems to know everyone at his place of work and everyone knows he is married with kids. "What are you doing here?"

"Writers' conference, but the real answer is you. Can we go somewhere for a little while?" In my head the answer is always yes, but in reality, life does its own thing. "For a little while."

"I'm staying at the Best Western."

~ We meet in the hotel lobby and go straight to the elevator. Once the doors close, I say, "I thought about telling you I was coming, to try and make it easier on you, but as you can tell, I went another way."

He kisses me. The first one is short, but each kiss is a little longer.

As the doors open, I say, "Surprised?"


Once in the room, I ask if he needs to make any calls. He does. I try to not really listen. At the end of the conversation, he's gained a couple of hours of free time.

"How did the conference go?"

"Writey." I come closer.

He can smell the light vanilla with a mixture of floras in my perfume. I put my hand on his thigh, lean close, almost touching my lips to his ears and whisper, "Fuck me."

My hand on his thigh moves up, finger teasing the outline of his cock in his dickies.

"Please." I say his name, kissing his neck gently.

The smell of him, the taste. Kind of salty wild.

He grabs both my breasts with his hands and gives them a squeeze, almost too hard.

He goes to kiss me, but I withdraw and smile wickedly as I stand in front of him a few feet away. I laugh as I quickly lift my shirt. The burgundy sweater has buttons, which only now I feel are too small to undo with ease and grace. To fill time, I speak, "I've been waiting for this for such a long time."

Just two more buttons to go. I turn my back and look over the shoulder I've revealed. I change shoulders and flip my hair to the other side. I wink and smile, as I kiss the air in his direction. I turn to face him once more and toss him the sweater. He catches it. It is lovely to see him enjoy himself.

I take hold of both my breasts and grab aggressively, lifting one and then the other. My tongue licks my lips before it licks my creamy breast, while I'm half giggling and trying to not blush.

I slowly undo the zipper of the white flounce skirt and step out of it. Leaving only the dark red heels and black stockings, garter and matching bra.

"Come here," he commands, and I obey. I stand before him. His dark intense eyes on me. "Be a good girl and lay down."

I walk to the side of the bed and lay down, wondering what he will do, what he wants. "Touch yourself."

I've never pleasured myself while someone else watched. I've done other outrageous things, but not this. I consider saying, "No," to see what he will do, and he sees it on my face and gives me a look.

I spread my legs more than I would have to, so he can see what I cannot without a mirror. He positions himself for a better view.

~ I bite my lower lip and pull it out slow. My right hand goes up along my side as my left hand caresses my breast. A red finger glides across my belly, between my breasts, along my neck. My mouth parts as a red fingertip enters my waiting mouth.

A wet finger finds its way to the place between my open legs. My hand cups my puss, as a finger dips in to my wet deepness. Slowly my finger eases in and out, causing my carnal hunger to grow.

My whole body becomes warm.

Painted fingers run across my pink folds. The tip of my middle finger stops at my blooming clitoris.

My other hand pinches my willing nipples, making them peak.

My eyes shut, as my finger slides along, dipping in, enjoying the sensations.

He places a hand on my silk stocking and runs his hand along my leg. I breathe in as he does, longing for his touch.

Without thinking, I open my eyes and lick my lips.

I sit up, allowing my finger to penetrate deeper. Then the same finger runs across his lips. He opens his mouth and allows me to put it in. He sucks it and his tongue traces my finger. I pull my finger out slowly and slide it between my folds, teasing myself, edging closer. The small circular movement enhances my arousal.

My breath quickens as a small rush of orgasm hits, and I let out soft ohs.

Finally, he removes his shirt. Shoes slip off, and he steps out his socks. Dickies hit the floor, leaving only boxers.

I sit up and start to move closer. He gives me a look with those dark penetrating eyes, and I stop. With a firm voice he says, "Lay down."

I pout and begin to protest, but he tells me with his body do as you're told woman, and I do. I watch as he moves between my open legs. His hands caress my stocking legs making me want to purr.

As he goes down, I rest on my elbows, touching both my breasts through the satin of my red bra.

For two weeks I've eaten large amounts of strawberries, knowing that if he were going to be generous, it would have an affect on my flavor.

He holds onto my hips as he writes words of bliss on my pussy. He always was a silver-tongued devil. Loop-de-loop again and once more.

My body twitches as the first tremor ignites. My hips shake against him, and he holds on tighter. My shoulders curl slightly and I lift from the bed. I moan as I catch a bigger wave of sexual pleasure. ~

My body relaxes in the aftermath of my first orgasms. He sits up, his van dyke damp from me.

I try to sit up, but again he stops me. "Turn over."

I do.

"On your knees."

I do.

I look over my shoulder. It's only him and a lovely hard on. He gets behind me and slaps my ample ass.

"Tell me what you want."

I decide to play into his mood. "More."

He strikes me again and I suck in air because it stings.

"What do you want," he demands again.

"More please."

Again my ass is smacked hard; my ass is hot from where he struck.

I can feel how close he is. I move my ass towards him. His dick rubs between my pussy lips and I moan for more.

"Is this what you want?" One hand on my hip.

"Yes." I pray for him to slip it in.

"Tell me."

I pause. He grabs a hand full of my honey hair and pulls lightly, making my back arch lower as my head rises. "Fuck me."

All at once he pounds into me. The moment he is all the way in, his balls slap and I cry out. In a couple of thrusts, my body meets his driving rhythm.

When he lets go of my hair, I shake it loose and my front half melts into the pillow as I whimper with each hard repeated stroke.

I spread my legs a little more, allowing him to go deeper. He grabs on to me with both hands, and I am his willing whore. Whatever he commands, my body must obey.

My hand grips the bottom sheet as the other is stretched out, bracing, trying to hold on to my place.

He thrusts harder, and I swear I am going to burst. The edge of lust and pain intertwine as my body pleads for him to not stop.

"Cum for me, baby."

I am so close. The place could be on fucking fire and I wouldn't care. With ever-increasing pleasure, he pounds into me, giving every inch of himself to me. I tighten around his swollen cock. "Cum for me."

My body obeys. I relinquish myself to the heat and bliss that course through my body, and I nearly pass from this world to another.

I scream his name as if he were god.

He pushes slower into me as he cries out and his face tightens.


He pulls out and sits.

Once more he slaps me. "Good girl," giving me permission to roll onto my side. He lays almost cattycorner, my ass touching his hip as both of us try to catch our breaths.

In a few moments, he drags himself to the bathroom for a quick shower, removing the evidence of what we've just done.

wrap myself in a sheet as I watch how quickly he readies to leave. Time is never on my side.

He kisses me sweetly right before he goes. Before he shuts the door, he turns and says, "Love ya."

I toss a pillow at him as the door shuts.

And I go back to waiting...

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