tagRomanceWake Up Ch. 02

Wake Up Ch. 02


I had barely had time to bask in the glow of my orgasm before Bryan's finger began once again slowly moving against my swollen clit. I'm always super sensitive in the moments right after I come, and today was no exception. Each of his touches caused my ass to lift off the bed. Not that I didn't enjoy what he was doing, but the pleasure was mixed with just a bit of pain each time he stroked me.

After all these years, though, he knew all too well what he was doing. The caresses, while being a bit painful, were keeping me from relaxing too much. He shifted his finger a bit and started to slowly glide the pad of his index finger up and down the shaft directly beneath my nub. My breath caught and I moaned lightly. There was no pain when he did this, and I could feel just about ever inch of my poor pussy swelling again as he worked me like a master musician would his favorite instrument.

My hands were still laying lifeless over my breasts. But it didn't take long before my fingers were again playing with my nipples. He must have noticed and shook his head. "Bad girl, none of that this time." He took his free hand and grabbed my right wrist, pulling my arm above my head. He then repeated this with my left arm. He positioned me until I had my hands clasped together. He grinned. "Now keep them there, sweetheart." His hand traced a hot path down my face and playfully tapped my lips before planting a quick kiss.

He removed his hand from inside of me and threw the covers completely off the bed. I felt a chill breeze on my legs and feet. He slid off the bed and knelt at the foot of it. He then reached up and pulled me down towards him, until my legs draped over and my ass was on the edge of the mattress. Quickly, he peeled my panties off, exposing myself to the soft morning light creeping through the windows.

Like lightning, his mouth moved over my pussy and gave it a quick kiss. My back arched and my head twisted to the side. He repeated this a few times, making sure to kiss every inch of my aching, swollen lips. I knew I was extremely wet already from my first orgasm, and he was just making things worse. Teasingly, he stuck his tongue out and flattened it against my sex, licking once slowly, yet forcefully top to bottom. My hands parted and flew to the top of his head, trying to urge him on.

He sighed and stood up, once again moving my hands back above my head. He looked down at me with his head tilted. "Are you going to be a bad girl this morning, or behave yourself?"

There was a tone of command in his voice that he didn't use often during our lovemaking. But when he did, it was a huge turn-on for me! I gazed up at him innocently and whispered, "Yes dear, I'll be good." He stared at me for a few seconds, then resumed his position between my legs.

This time, almost as a punishment, he started my running his hands up and down the outside of my thighs. At the same time, he kissed my inner thighs just below my pussy. But instead of resuming his oral ministrations, he moved down away from me. I groaned in frustration and I could feel his lips curl up in an evil smile. The bastard was going to make me wait now for moving my hands.

He kissed all the way down to my feet and ran his tongue over the sole of my left foot. I began to chuckle, as my feet were really ticklish. He repeated it a few times, making me laugh a bit harder each pass. Then switching to my right foot, he repeated his torture. By now my body was shaking with laughter. I had all I could do to keep my hands clasped above my head.

As if testing my further, he ran his fingers up and down between my heel and toes. This had the dual effect of tickling me even more, while making my pussy even wetter. Unable to stand it anymore, I sat up tried to stop him. It had the desired effect at first, but he frowned at me.

Shaking his finger at me, he breathed, "Well, looks like you asked for this!" With that, he grabbed my sides and tickled me for all he was worth. I was helpless in his grasp! The best I could do was scoot up the bed, trying to get away from the tickling. I didn't realize this was exactly what he was after.

He reached with one hand into the bedside drawer and pulled up a pair of my pantyhose. My eyes went wide as I quickly made the connection with his intentions. Before I could move, though, he straddled my hips and pinned my body to the bed. It only took seconds for him to once again force my hands above my head. (Not that I was really fighting him at this point!) He took the pantyhose and quickly tied my hands together at the wrist, then to the wrought-iron headboard.

He simply stood over me for a moment. I could easily see his hard on pressing against his boxer shorts. Oh, how I wanted to set it free and have my way with him! But he was in control and I shivered in anticipation. "Now we'll see if my bad girl can behave herself." He lowered his face down and kissed me deeply, my eyes closing as I savored the feel of his short, soft beard against my face. Our tongues darted for a moment in a well practiced dance before he broke the kiss and his lips moved down my neck.

He quickly licked his way down to my heaving breasts. I thought he might spend a long time there, but after a quick stop at each nipple, he quickly slipped down between my legs. I could feel his hot breath hovering over my minimal public hair, and I squirmed, lifting my rear end to reach his mouth. But the son of a bitch placed his hands on my thighs and pressed them down onto the bed, immobilizing me!

He actually chuckled as I struggled against being bound. I acted towards him as if I was upset, but this was such a HUGE turn on for me! He looked up at me and asked, "Do you wanna cum, bad girl?" I nodded my head up and down. "No, I wanna hear you say it." I pretended to hesitate, turn both of us on. Playing his part, he bent down and spread my lower lips with his fingers and blew a stream of air directly against my throbbing clitoris. I drew in a sharp breath and whimpered. After he did this a couple of times, I finally panting, "Oh God Bryan, please make me cum!" He did a quick mock bow and said, "Your wish is my command."

I realized then that playtime was over! His mouth descended on me in a frenzy. His tongue dipped deep inside of me, causing my breath to catch. He sucked on my lips, swelling them with each action. I could feel my juices starting to flow out of me as his lips wrapped around my poor clitty. I closed my eyes and saw stars explode behind the lids. Two fingers quickly joined his tongue in assaulting my pussy.

My hands grasped onto the headboard and held on as I hurtled towards my second orgasm of the young morning. Unlike the first, which had been relatively slow and steady, this one raced through my insides. My entire body shook with the force, moans and gasps turning to an almost constant yell that announced my release. My ass lifted off the bed and my muscles locked as my body short-circuited itself in pleasure.

Expecting Bryan to allow me to come down from my peak turned out to be a mistake. I had barely crested when his tongue lashed again at my poor abused clit. "What.... oh God Bryan..... What are you.... fuck!... doing?" I managed to pant out. In response, the two fingers inside of me, coated with my juices, slide a bit further inside and found my G spot. I could feel my vaginal walls nearly slap together as they spasmed around his digits, milking them much as they would his cock when he was inside of me.

I threw my head back and panted "Fuck me.... gonna cum again!" The third orgasm wasn't as explosive or as long as the last one, but it caused my toes to curl and my hands to lock. I couldn't recall the last time I'd been this excited, or had this many orgasms in one session, but at that exact moment I truly didn't care! I closed my eyes and simply savored the pleasure!

To Be Concluded...

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