tagBDSMWaking Aurora: Close Shave

Waking Aurora: Close Shave


"I want to see you shaved." he told me on the phone.

"I tried shaving once, it was a disaster Sir, My tummy just gets in the way." I told him as I laid on the bed with the phone to my ear.

"I don't want you to shave yourself, I want to shave you, I want you to trust me enough to let me do that to you." his voice sent shivers of desire through me.

We had only known each other a short time, but I knew I trusted him more than anyone I had ever met, I trusted him enough to submit in a way I had only played at before, enough to want to be his pet, his toy, his sub.

"How would you do it? How would you shave me?" I asked breathlessly as my hand began to wander down my belly to touch my trimmed pussy hair. I asked him to let me touch myself, to let me play with myself as he described the steps involved. When he gave me permission I slid my fingers against my wet clit as I listened to him tell me in detail how he would shave my pussy bald the next time we met.

His precise description did as much to arouse me as any phone sex I had ever had, I squirmed as my cunt got wetter and wetter and as he described how much he would enjoy shaving me I came silently so as not to interrupt him, biting my lip to keep my moans quite.

The next day I showed up exactly when he told me to and we spent the evening watching television and movies, the entire time I was getting wetter and wetter thinking about him shaving me. Finally the movie, which seemed to last forever, drew to a close and I got up my courage to ask him if it was time yet.

He told me to go into the bathroom and take a quick shower and he would get everything ready. I washed between my legs, feeling how slick and wet I already was then sat on the edge of the tub drying myself as he arranged a folded blanket on the floor and offered me a pillow. I lay out on the bathroom floor the way he told me to with my ass on the edge of the blanket and a towel under my bottom.

I lay there naked, exposed and unsure, as he went to get the camera and took before pictures of my pussy. My breasts kept pushing up against my chin so I grabbed them and held them in place as he gathered up the supplies he had told me he would need.

A bucket of hot water was laid at my feet and he brought a can of old fashion shave cream and a new three bladed razor and sat between my legs. All I could see was his head over my belly and tits as I bent my knees and exposed myself to him. I gasped as he poured a bit of the hot water from the bucket onto my pussy. I could feel the cool shaving cream on my mons and his hand gently smoothing it onto my skin and adding a little to my right leg.

He paused to take pictures of me with the shaving cream covering my pussy mound and then told me to relax and not to squirm when I giggled at the feel of the cream. At first I could barely feel the razor sliding over my skin as it wiped away the hair on the outside of my mound. It flowed over my skin taking off the cream and the hair with ease.

When he started to work closer to my lips I felt the soft strokes more precisely and I found myself playing with my nipples, twisting them and pulling them. Each stroke was a delicate tickle near my exposed center, I was as open to him as I could be and I felt the most trust I had ever felt for another person as I watched his serious eyes looking at me.

He asked me if I was alright and I assured him I was, that my sighs were because it felt so good not because I was tired or bored, far from it. I could feel my cunt slicking up more with each stroke of the razor against my delicate skin.

I lay back and relaxed, playing with my nipples until he began to shave the edge of my lips, at which point I had to bite my lip and slow down the twisting of my nipples. The sensation was amazing, delicate and dangerous all at the same time.

He would reach over to my right leg and smear more cream on me to keep the delicate areas that he had to go over again lubricated. As his razor slid over my skin I felt so relaxed, so safe and totally secure, I knew he would not hurt me as long as I trusted him enough to not move or be stressed.

I could feel the razor down near my ass and I wanted to squirm so bad but I knew I had to have faith in him to never damage me. Finally the last strokes were done and I was told to shower off all the cream and make sure I got all of me clean.

I gently scrubbed at my pussy, marveling at how soft the skin felt there between my legs, washing the cream out of ever crevice before getting out of the shower and drying off again. Now the only thing that was slick on me was my own juices which no amount of wiping away could seem to conquer.

He told me to go lay down on the bed as he threw the blanket and towel in the wash and I relaxed and touched my mound gently until he came in with the camera and had me pose again for him. Finally he had me lay with my butt at the end of the bed and my feet hanging off of it as he inspected his handy work.

"I saw you playing with your nipples without asking me while I shaved you." he told me. "Maybe we should see how much more sensitive your pussy is now, I think it needs a spanking don't you?"

"Oh yes please Sir." I sighed, waiting for the blow I knew would land on my full, round mound. The first blow was mild and I was expecting another like it when his hand slammed down hard upon my tingling pussy. I gasp and sat upward, grasping his arm and trying to catch my breath.

"Lay back down now." He ordered and I did so as I caught my breath and waited for the next blow which I was sure would have me gasping for air again. I waited and waited as he gently teased my mound and over and over lifted his hand only to gently bring it down again to stroke me. Finally when I had stopped flinching each time his hand raised up he landed a blow which again had me upright and out of breath.

I quickly laid back and tried to calm myself as he landed two more medium blows then began to again tease and stroke my now glowing and swollen mound before landing one more hellish blow upon it making me gasp.

I lay there trying to calm down as he watched me and stroked my belly and legs before telling me to scoot up and lay with my head on the pillows. He lay down beside me and gently continued to touch me while looking me in the eyes.

"You played with yourself while we talked yesterday, show me how you masturbate." He quietly ordered me. I was laying on my side, as I always did when I played with myself alone. I slid my right hand down to my pussy and let my fingers slide between the hot and swollen lips, marveling at how sensitive it was shaven.

I told him that I always twist one of my nipples while I masturbate and he reached over and grabbed one and began to pull on it. "Like this?" he asked.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming so I gasped as I told him that I twisted it much harder as well as pulling on it. My fingers stroked my flaming hot clit and slid around in my juices as he twisted and pulled my nipple harder and harder driving me closer to my orgasm.

I began to stiffen up, thrashing my head around and working my fingers against my clit faster and faster as I finally let loose and moaned and cried out as I came. He caught my moans with his lips, kissing me as my orgasm faded away and he held me close.

Finally after I was done shaking he told me he wanted to feel how smooth I really was and told me to get on my hands and knees as he slid behind me and positioned himself between my thighs. I gasped as he slid his hard cock into me, filling me full, and began to fuck my bare, swollen, hot pussy with a vengeance. He reached forward and grabbed my red hair and pulled my head back as my moans got louder and louder.

I could feel him sliding in me, my heat burning me up from the center of my being as he pounded into me.

"In or out?" He asked, "Do you want me to cum inside you or on you?"

"In me. Oh please Sir, cum inside me." I begged as he sped up his trusts, pushing my head into the pillow. "Fill me up please Sir."

I felt him cum inside me, spurt after spurt filling my already soaking cunt. He collapsed beside me and pulled my back up against him and held me close as I whispered my thanks to him and told him it would always be his choice where he came when he was with me.

To be Continued:


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