Walk About


Ever since that night at the supermarket, where Kim flashed the stock boy then pranced around with the deli guy bottomless, things have been different. She didn't stop wearing bras to work, or go out and get the newspaper nude...at least not at first. But Kim decided that she liked showing off and started showing more skin. And that suited me just fine.

The other night she came back from walking the dog at around 11 p.m. We make sure to walk the dog each night before we go to bed; we usually take turns doing it. We live in a fairly secluded suburban neighborhood that is pretty safe. It helps that Petey is a good-sized German Shepard, so Kim does not feel afraid walking alone. Plus she likes to have some time to herself sometimes. This particular night, she went out to walk Petey wearing a long tee shirt and loose fitting jogging shorts and barefoot. No bra on this outing, she was still feeling the excitement of the night at the supermarket. She had been gone about ten minutes longer than normal when she returned a little out of breath and flushed.

I asked her if everything was all right. She replied by tossing me her jogging shorts, which had been balled up in her hand. Her long tee shirt (actually one of mine she borrowed) came to just above her knees, effectively making it a mini dress. I narrowed my eyes trying to determine if she was wearing any panties under it. With a giggle she spun around and darted out of the room. The tee shirt flipped up and over her pale ass, removing any doubt to what she was wearing underneath.

I found her in the kitchen, sitting on the counter drinking a glass of water. Her legs were slightly parted, allowing me to glimpse her reddish brown curls between her thighs. She knew how to make me crazy.

"What have you been up to, Little Miss No Panties?" I asked her tracing my fingertips over her bare thighs.

"Just walking the dog like always," she replied, pushing me away playfully.

"Do you always walk the dog without any pants on?"

"Sometimes," she said teasingly, "If it is hot."

"If it is hot, or if you are hot."

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean," Kim giggled, hooking her legs around my waist and pulling me to her. "Besides, I thought you liked me to show off." As she pulled her shirt over her head, my awakening member brushed her naked thighs and the discussion ended; at least for the next ten minutes.

After the festivities, Kim and I sat on the deck, overlooking our backyard. It was very warm out and Kim had put her shirt back on, but her nipples made it clear that she was still excited.

"So are you going to let me in on your little walk with Petey?"

"I took him for a walk."

"Yes, but when you left you were wearing more than when you returned," I said, pressing for details.

"Well if you simply must know," she smiled and continued. "I took Petey for the usual walk up to the store and back."

We live in a lightly populated suburban neighborhood. The store is roughly five blocks from our house. There are about fifteen houses on our street, which has a street light on either end but none in the middle. So the middle of our block is barely illuminated, which leaves most our usual dog-walking route in the shadows. It is nice being able to walk around at night and see some of the stars.

"I started thinking about the other night. You know, when we went to the supermarket..." She blushed, as she thought about her exposure of the other night. "I got to end of our block and was crossing the street when I noticed that I had not seen any cars on the road. And I got to thinking, my tee shirt is pretty long and it is pretty hot out tonight..."

She took a deep breath. Her nipples were standing out noticeably against her tee shirt; she was getting excited just telling me what happened.

"So I looked around to make sure no one was around and I took off my running shorts. It was really no big deal."

"No big deal? You didn't have any panties with you when you came back in, just your tee shirt?" I asked, my own excitement starting to become evident.

"Yeah well, I kind of took those off too," Kim whispered conspiratorially. "Well, it is hot out tonight and I was just trying to cool off. And maybe I was a little excited at walking down the street almost naked. You should have seen me, walking the dog wearing just my tee shirt. My nipples were harder than they are right now."

"Did anybody see you?"

"Just after I pulled my panties off, a car turned the corner and drove right by me. I still had my panties in my hand. My shirt is long enough to cover everything so I don't think the driver saw anything, but I'm sure they could see my nipples poking through my shirt. I don't know who it was, but they sure slowed down as they passed me." Kim's breathing was getting ragged and the flush in her cheeks had spread to her neck. She started to squirm a little in her chair, but she continued the story.

"After the car passed, I told myself that this was not such a good idea and I started to head home. But I stopped. I kept thinking about the stock boy looking at me in the store and how desirable it made me feel. And it was pretty dark out. And if I saw anybody I knew, my shirt was long enough it wouldn't matter if I had on my shorts or not, you wouldn't be able to see them anyway."

All of this came pouring out of Kim in one long quick sentence. She was excited and nervous. I guess she was not sure how I would react. She didn't have to worry, I was loving this.

"So I kept walking toward the store, my shorts and panties in my hand ... just in case. But I started thinking about how exciting it was being out there almost naked. What made it exciting was the chance of getting seen by someone. Since I could just duck behind a bush and put my shorts and panties back on, there was not much danger in being seen. So I had an idea. I stashed my shorts and panties under a bush and started walking to the store in just my tee shirt. I could get my clothes on the way back. Now if someone came, I had to stay like that. It was weird; I was so wet thinking that someone would find out that I was almost naked."

This was getting complicated. I wished she would just take off her clothes and run naked down the street. But Kim exposing herself has long been my fantasy and I was not going to ruin it by ridiculing her. She could take it as slow as she wanted. I just loved that she was doing it.

"I walked that way for another block," Kim continued and didn't see any other people or cars. And I just wanted to see what it felt like, so I quickly pulled up my shirt over my bare behind and walked that way for a few seconds. It was thrilling to be exposed like that. I quickly looked around, afraid that someone might have seen. There was no one around. I guess I got a little bolder and pulled my shirt up over my breasts and walked a few feet completely exposed."

Her breathing was very ragged as she relived her experience for me.

"I still can't believe that I did that," her breathing was quick and ragged and her nipples were as erect as I had ever seen them.

"Are you ready for bed or..." I let the invitation hang there for a second.

"Or what?" she asked, looking at me suspiciously.

"Well, Petey looks like he could use another walk. And I sure like your choice of walking outfits." I was hoping that she was still feeling adventurous. Then I added, "It is pretty late and I doubt that there will be anyone out at this hour."

"I guess I could stand to stretch my legs a little," she replied, standing up and stretching. Her tee shirt pulled up as she stretched, letting her soft curls peek out from under the cotton cloth. "But I think I should change though."

My heart sank, as she walked into the bedroom, I was hoping for a replay of her pervious walk. After a few minutes, she came back out wearing one of my blue dress shirts. She had it buttoned up to just between her breasts and the bottom of the shirt hit about six inches above her knees. She was barefoot and I could tell by the movement under her shirt, she was also braless. When she walked, the bottom of the shirt parted at the buttons and flashed just a glimpse of her bare thighs.

"What do you think of this walking outfit?" Kim asked doing a quick twirl. This caused the bottom of her shirt to flair out, exposing her naked ass. This was going to be interesting. I hugged her from behind, pulling up her shirt and pressing my erect penis between her bare cheeks. "I think someone likes it. But save it for when we get back."

With that, Kim opened the door and grabbing the dog leash, stepped out into the humid night air. I followed Kim and Petey, admiring the sway of Kim ass from a few steps behind her as she put a little extra wiggle in her step for my benefit.

We crossed our yard and headed up the sidewalk. The streetlight cast a dim glow over us. I walked up next to Kim and was that she had already undone two of the buttons, leaving a generous amount of cleavage exposed.

"This is definitely better than walking the dog alone," I said reaching over and running my finger between her breasts. Just then, Petey saw a bird and took off after it. Kim, still holding his leash was pulled along at a run behind him. Her shirt did nothing to cover her bare ass as she ran with the dog. They ran for about a hundred feet, before stopping. Kim was giggling. She guessed at the show she had just given me and was anxious for more. She turned toward me and reached down and unbuttoned two of the bottom buttons. Now the shirt was being held together by one button. We were only two houses away from home, and she was already walking with her shirt almost wide open.

The street was deserted, it being after midnight now, and Kim was feeling very comfortable with her level of exposure. She was looking around much less now. The shirt was open enough at the top to show most of her breasts but just hide her nipples. The bottom buttons allowed the shirt to part high enough to flash her bare pussy as she walked. From a distance she looked like she was fully dressed, but up close is where the real show was. We continued on this way for a couple more houses, until we got to the end of our street. Kim stood at the corner and looked both ways down the street, always the vigilant pedestrian. No cars.

She reached down and unbuttoned the final button and let Petey pull her across the street. She ran behind the dog, her feet slapping the pavement. Her shirt flapped in the air above her deliciously bare ass. When she got to the other side, she turned around not bothering to pull her shirt together. The streetlight above her bathed her perfect breasts in yellow light, casting shadows across her belly and over her soft pussy. She looked beautiful standing on the sidewalk exposed to the hot night air with the dog leash in her hand. Then she shrugged her shoulders and the shirt fell to the sidewalk. She was naked.

She didn't even bother to look back as she walked naked up the street. I thought about picking up her shirt, but then I remembered what she had said about the thrill of knowing that she would not be able to cover up if someone came along. So I stepped over it and followed her bouncing ass cheeks up the street. She looked completely carefree as she strolled naked on a public street. Not once did she look back.

I caught up with her and I could see her breathing was very ragged and her nipples very erect. When she turned to me, I saw her legs were glimmering with the juices that were running down her thighs.

"Where is my shirt?" she asked. I registered a hint of concern in her voice.

I pointed down the street to the small pile of blue cloth lying on the sidewalk a few hundred feet away.

Her eyes grew larger at the realization that she was caught completely nude, helpless. "I feel like I could cum right now," she said, her voice a hoarse whisper. "I wouldn't even have to touch myself."

The street. It was quiet and dark. Dotted by streetlights spaced far apart.

"I don't want you to walk on the sidewalk. I want you to walk in the middle of the street," I told her, taking the dog leash from her.

She quivered visibly and nodded. She stepped out into the middle of the street and began walking. Her naked form lit by passing streetlights. She began skipping, causing her breasts to bounce enticingly. I couldn't believe this. My normally conservative wife was skipping totally naked down the middle of the street in our neighborhood. At any moment one of our neighbors could come walking out of their house and see my naked wife.

Kim then stopped in the street and sat down. She looked over at me and with a very wicked smile; she lay down in the street. As soon as she spread her legs I knew what she was going to do. She was going to masturbate in the street. I quickly satisfied myself that no cars were coming. Then I eased my pants down to the ground and settled down to watch my wife satisfy herself.

Kim's fingers flew over her moist slit and she came almost immediately. I came a few seconds later. Only then did Kim jump up and run down the street to find her discarded shirt. She quickly picked it up, but to her credit she did not put it back on. She ran naked down the street, her shirt trailing behind her.

We made it back to the house without being seen. Kim slowed to a walk and stopped on the sidewalk in front of our house, seemingly wanting her exposure to last just a few moments longer. She stood there and waited for me. Her breasts rose and fell with her quickened breath. It was more from excitement than from her sprint. She stood there until I unlocked the door and let the dog in. Only then did she walk into the house. The door had just closed when she grabbed me and pushed me to the floor. Lowering herself onto me, Kim whispered into my ear, "See what you started."

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