tagIncest/TabooWalk In The Woods Ch. 01

Walk In The Woods Ch. 01

byL.A. Wicker©


this is a very good story with lots of sex and a story! (something new for the stories on here) Be ready for some fun and excitement.

If you're just looking to get off, it may take awhile. Like I said, it's a story. I need to thank my daughter for helping with it.

L.A. Wicker

* * * * *

'I can't wait,' she said in a soft voice with a big smile on her pretty face as she looked to the man she loved with all of her heart. 'It is going to be so much fun getting away for three long weeks,' she added looking to his rugged face hoping she could at last get him.

He smiled, lifting the cold bottle to his lips to drink, wondering why someone as beautiful as she was wanted to spend such a long time hiking in Yellowstone with him. She could be with any man she wanted, but she picked him.

'It sure is,' he smiled, giving her firm breasts a fast look. 'You sure you're up for this? You haven't been on a good hike for over two years,' he asked looking to her long black hair as it covered her left eye.

She so dearly loved when he looked at her; it always made her blood boil. 'I've been working out three or four times a week,' she replied seeing his dark eyes roam over her slender legs sending a rush of excitement between them.

'It's going to be hard,' he said giving her a wink, feeling blood rushing to his cock. How was he going to keep his hands off her for three weeks?

She smiled looking between his legs. 'Do you mean the hike or something else?' she teased seeing his eyes looking to her breasts again. She just wished he would grab her, fuck her as hard as he could and claim her as his prize, but fathers didn't do things like that to their daughters.

'You keep looking this good and something else will be very hard,' he laughed watching her cross her long legs, making sure she lifted her leg just enough to show her pretty, blue panties.

She saw his eyes locked between her legs, wishing he would give in to his desires and take her. They had been playing this game for far too long and it was time to take it to the next level. She was a grown woman of twenty-four and he was nearing forty-five.

'We've been playing this game for over eight years now,' she said looking to his eyes. 'I'm a grown woman now and I know what I want,' she smiled biting her lower lip. 'I want you, Daddy,' she added with lust in her brown eyes as small tears began to form.

He just returned her look of lust and knew he wanted her just as bad. 'I love you so much, but...' he paused to hold her delicate hand in his. 'I could never do that baby. You turn me on more than any woman I've ever known in my life, but it just wouldn't be right,' he added reaching to wipe the tears from her pretty face.

'Why Daddy?' she asked hoping her tears and pleading voice would make him give into her needs. 'I'm a grown woman now. I know you want me just as bad. Just think of being inside me, you deep in your daughter, my legs wrapped around you, your big, long cock filling me with hot cum,' she whispered, moving her small hand to the large bump in his jeans.

He couldn't move as her loving hand squeezed his growing cock. He knew she was right, he wanted her so bad he hurt. It took everything he had to keep his hands off her. 'You need to stop,' he said giving her a small kiss on the side of her full lips. 'You're right, I want you just as bad, but you're my daughter,' he said moving his arm around her back to hug her.

'I don't care,' she replied sniffing back tears. 'I've wanted you since the night of my eightteenth birthday,' she added thinking of that wonderful night in their back yard by the pool. Her in his arms with the full moon shining down on them, his long, hard cock against her tiny bikini, rubbing her young pussy to its first orgasm with a man.

He smiled at her. 'That was very nice!' he said thinking of her cumming in his arms, her juices covering his hardness.

'Just think of me cumming around your big, hard cock,' she whispered reaching to unzip his jeans. 'Let me hold you,' she begged pulling his growing cock from his jeans. 'Oh Daddy!' she gasped as she held him in her hands. 'I can feel the power in it,' she said with lust in her voice trying to imagine how good it would feel in her body.

He looked to her in a new light, knowing he wouldn't be able to resist her much longer. He reached to caress her face and couldn't help kissing her. Not as his daughter, but as a woman he loved and needed. 'Oh shit!' he moaned when she slid on the floor in front of him. 'You shouldn't do this,' he whispered caressing her hair.

'Why not?' she asked giving his shaft a kiss with her loving lips. As her lips touched him it felt as if she was going to explode with excitement. So many times she had rubbed against him, reached to grab him as they were playing, but nothing felt better than holding her Daddy's hard cock in her hands.

Horror ran through his mind as he watched her kissing his hardness. How could he let his own beautiful daughter do this? Sure, it was a great feeling, but she was his baby girl. 'No!' he yelled standing up. 'I can't do it baby,' he added rushing from the room.

Tammy sat on the floor with tears of hurt running down her pretty face thinking of being rejected by the man she loved so dearly. 'I'm going to get you if it's the last thing I do,' she said standing to go find him.

He sat on his bed with the hardest cock he had in years thinking of the beautiful, young woman he had left in the other room, wondering if he should have taken her.

The door of his bedroom slowly opened. 'Alright, you don't want to do me,' she whispered as she moved to sit on his lap, smashing his hard cock between them. 'I need you to hold me as much as you can,' she said leaning to kiss him. 'I can live without you taking me, but I need to kiss you, hold you and most of all, I have to have your cock rubbing me like that night by the pool,' she whispered again seeing a smile on his face. 'And, I want you to feel free to do anything you want to me,' she added.

He loved her with all of his heart as his child and now as a woman he wanted. 'All that sounds just great, but I can't do you,' he said giving her a kiss. 'If you can do all that and not try to fuck me, it will be just fine,' he said reaching to caress her full breast. 'You feel so good!' he moaned moving his big hand under her thin blouse.

Her mind raced having him touching her this way and she felt as if she would die any second. 'Oh that feels so good,' she whispered pulling the blouse over her head and tossed it to the floor. 'Do anything you want,' she smiled as both his big hands covered her aching breasts.

He just kissed her and moved his hands over every inch of her soft globes of flesh, enjoying the feel of her cool skin. 'I am baby,' he said lying her back on the bed moving over her young body, making sure his hard cock was between her long legs, against her pussy. 'How's this?'

Her mind and body went wild as he moved on her. 'Oh yes!' she cried, enjoying his hardness against her. She knew it would only be a matter of seconds before she exploded under him. 'Make me cum,' she begged looking into his eyes with need.

He just smiled down to her. 'It would be nice holding you in my arms when you do,' he replied moving his hardness against her. Tammy's wetness quickly covered his shaft making his rubbing over her feel even better.

'You can do anything you want,' she whispered hoping, praying that he would take her. 'Anything!' she moaned thrusting her hips to rub against his cock. 'Oh yes!' she cried as he slid against her wet panties and her burning desire under them.

His arms wrapped around her body, pulling her breasts to his thick chest. He moved faster, he slid into her delicate folds of womanly flesh, thanking her panties for keeping him from entering her young body. 'Oh shit!' he yelled out as his cock erupted and began shooting hot cum between their bodies. 'Oh baby!' he moaned thrusting against her soft mound of flesh.

Tammy felt his gift shooting over her body, her nails dug into his back and her legs wrapped around him. 'Oh my God!' she screamed as loud as she could as eight years of need flooded from her young body. 'Yes! Yes!' she screamed louder as her body exploded against the man she loved. 'Oh yes,' she whispered holding him as close to her as she could, knowing this was only the first of many orgasms with him.


After the long flight to Wyoming and a scenic car ride they arrived at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

'Oh it's so beautiful!' Tammy said with excitement as she looked out to the most exquisite landscape and lake that she had ever seen in her life. 'It's wonderful!' she said hugging her father in her arms.

John couldn't help but feel the same excitement as Tammy. He had been all over the world, but had never seen anything like this before. 'It sure is, and we get to enjoy it for three weeks,' he smiled leaning to give her a long, deep kiss as his left hand slowly crept under her short skirt.

Tammy felt as if she was going to cum right there. Her Daddy's big hand fondling her and the excitement of the beautiful park was going to send her over the edge. She quickly pulled from him. 'Shoot! You sure know how to turn a girl on,' she laughed fanning her face.

He laughed at her and couldn't help giving her another hug. 'I thought you wanted me to hug you a bunch?' he smiled seeing that her face had turned a nice shade of pink. 'Let's get our room and maybe I'll see how fast I can get you turned on and cum,' he smiled giving her firm ass a good, loving squeeze.

After checking into their room. Tammy stood on the balcony. 'Oh it's a dream come true,' Tammy said looking out over the vast landscape as two arms wrapped around her. 'Mmmm, that feels good,' she moaned feeling a hard cock pressing in the cheeks of her firm ass. 'Let's go inside and you can do that with your pants off,' she whispered turning to kiss him.

He pulled her in the room and had his pants down as fast as he could. 'Turn around little girl,' he smiled moving behind her, letting his hard cock move into the wonderful crack of her ass. 'Damn! That feels good,' he moaned pushing against her body. 'Shit, I could cum like this really fast,' he laughed holding her trembling body against him as wetness flowed from her and quickly covered his shaft.

She turned to face him, letting his cock slip between her legs. 'Oh yes!' Tammy moaned, enjoying his cock teasing her body. She loved having him against her and wished he would just take her. She needed him to fill her body with his cock and claim the prize she had been saving for him. She leaned to give him a deep, loving kiss as her hands wrapped around his hard cock. 'Let me suck you,' she said with a smile hoping he would let her please him with her mouth. 'Please,' she begged in a sweet, little girl voice as she stuck out her lower lip.

He just smiled and moved to lie on the bed. 'I said you could do anything except fuck me,' he said pulling her to his hard cock. 'You do anything you wish, but no fucking,' he added watching her mouth open and cover him. 'Oh my Lord!' he whispered as she sucked him down her throat with ease. 'Oh yes!' he moaned watching her move up and down his long, hard shaft, sucking him as hard as she could.

'Am I good?' she stopped to ask and laughed when she saw the look of pain on his handsome face. 'Oh, I see!' she said as an idea filled her mind. 'If I finish up, will you do something for me?' she asked with anticipation in her pretty eyes.

John felt as if his balls were going to explode. 'Tammy, I said no fucking,' he said in a gruff voice. 'Come on, you can't leave me like this,' he added hoping she would finish.

She sat up and crossed her arms under her breasts. 'Nope! Not until you promise to do something to me,' she smiled knowing she had the upper hand on him.

He felt anger as he looked to her. 'What?' he said as frustration raced through him. 'I won't fuck you,' he added.

'I know that,' she smiled. 'I want you to fuck me in my ass,' she said with a grin. 'That should be okay. You won't knock me up,' she smiled giving her lips a long, slow lick. 'Well?'

John thought for a few seconds and knew there was no way he could resist. She had one of the best looking asses he had ever seen in his life and would love to fuck it. 'Sure!' he said as she jumped into his arms. 'Please suck me,' he said with desperation in his voice.

'Anything for you,' she replied in a low, sexy voice as her warm mouth covered him. Now she really had to please him. He promised to fuck her ass. His big, long cock would be inside her, it wasn't where she wanted or needed it, but it was a start.

'Oh yes!' he grunted and filled her mouth full of his hot cum. 'Go baby!' he yelled. 'Suck it hard!' he yelled again moving his hips with her wonderful mouth. 'Oh baby!' he moaned and fell back on the bed, panting for air.

She moved over him making sure her wet pussy rested on his cock. 'Just think, you get to be inside me too,' she smiled, giving him a tender kiss before she climbed from their bed. 'I'm going to clean up. You rest and be ready when I'm finished,' she smiled jumping from the bed.

He watched her go into the bathroom, his eyes were glued to the ass he was about to get, wondering if this would be the night he gave into her wants. He dearly loved her, but how could he fuck his own daughter? She was so sexy and would be great to have as a lover, but he knew it was so wrong.


Tammy cleaned up as fast as she could; knowing her one true love was waiting for her. She thought of his big cock and tried to imagine how it was going to feel like up her tender ass. Would it hurt or would it give her the relief she so dearly craved from him?

'Well,' she whispered in the mirror as she gave her wavy hair one last fluff and made sure her small pair of panties were straight. 'Here goes,' and she reached to open the bathroom door. She saw him sitting on the bed, a smile filling his face as his eyes roamed over her body, sending excitement running through her body thinking of what was to come. 'You like?' she asked in her normal soft voice as she slowly turned around, giving him a view of the pleasures that lie ahead.

He just smiled looking at her hips, the wonderfully firm ass that he was about to get and the white panties that covered her many treasures. 'Oh yes,' he replied feeling his cock getting harder. Her bare breasts gently sway from side to side with each of her careful steps towards him and he knew this was going to be one of the best nights in his life. Making love to one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life and she was his daughter. He could only hope that the love they now shared, would remain the same.

She moved into his arms, excitement raced through her as his big hands caressed her excited behind. 'Oh yes,' she whispered as he gently teased the deep crevice between her cheeks. 'Daddy!' she moaned feeling her delicate panties sliding off her hips and she knew the time was nearing. The only man she had ever loved was about to enter her body for the first time. She trembled with anticipation as her young mind raced thinking of all the times he had turned her on and now she was about to orgasm with his long cock inside her.

'I love you,' he whispered moving his mouth to her breasts and tenderly sucked a nipple. Her sweet perfume filled his nose and left a biter taste in his mouth as he gently sucked. He could feel her trembling with each loving suck of her young, excited flesh. He knew this was so wrong, but it felt so good holding this young woman in his arms. 'I want you,' he said looking up into her pretty eyes and seeing more lust than he had ever seen before.

Tammy felt her legs giving out from the excitement and leaned against his thick chest. 'I told you, I'm all yours,' she smiled hoping and praying he would take more than her ass. She needed him between her legs, using her as he wished and filling her tiny, virgin pussy full of his cum. She had one other dream, but from what she had learned in school, it could never be. She wanted his child growing in her body.

He looked to her face, knowing what she wanted, but he knew he wasn't ready for that. She would have to be satisfied with him going slow, until he was ready to take her most prized place. He reached beside him, picked up a tube of jell, squirted it on his straining cock head. He gently kissed her lips and enjoyed her panting breath on him. 'Turn around and lie on the side of the bed,' he said giving her another kiss and watched her lie on the bed. Her beautiful, firm ass was in total view. Her slender legs were slightly spread, knowing he would soon be coming to her. 'Oh yes!' he moaned reaching to touch her.

Tammy's mind raced knowing he would soon be deep in her young body, giving her the pleasures she had dreamt of so many times. She turned to see him moving closer, she spread her legs more, wanting to give him total access to use her any way he wanted. His rigid head moved against her virgin anus, she jumped, but soon relaxed, knowing he would never hurt her in any way. 'I love you so much,' she whispered as he gently pushed forward. She felt him slowly spreading her, pain rushed from her ass to her brain, but the pain was quickly replaced with immense pleasure as his big cock head was at last in her. She grabbed the bed spread with both hands, holding on as tight as she could. 'Oh yes!' she cried as pleasures she could have never dreamt raced through her body. 'Oh Daddy!' she whimpered as he continued filling her with his cock.

John held her slender hips as she locked around his head. He had been in many asses before, but none had ever felt this good. Maybe it was the fact that she was half his age or that she was so beautiful, but deep down he knew it was because she was his daughter. He held her with love as he pushed deeper, wanting to give her the pleasures a good woman like her deserved. 'Oh my God!' he moaned out as his hips at last pushed against her smooth behind. He leaned down to kiss the side of her face. 'I can't believe I'm in my baby girl,' he whispered in her ear as tears of love and happiness ran from his eyes.

'It feels so good,' she replied trying to see his face and the pleasure that had to be on it. 'My Daddy is in me,' she smiled and felt him slowly pulling out, her mind filled with terror that he had changed him mind about taking her, but she soon realized he was only pulling out because it was time to be fucked. 'Oh yes!' she whimpered as he again filled her with his enormous cock, pushing her hips in the bed with each deep thrust. 'Oh it feels so good,' she wept, hoping he would be in her forever. She had waited so long for this day and never wanted it to end.

He quickened his pace, knowing he wouldn't last much longer. His eyes looked down to the beautiful young woman under him. Her black, wavy hair fell across her smooth back, her pretty eyes were squeezed shut, and pleasure covered her gorgeous face. 'Oh Tammy,' he moaned as he released his hot seeds deep in her tender, young body. He felt as if his head was going to explode along with the end of his swollen cock.

She grabbed the bedcovers with all of her might as he filled her full. Blood raced through her young body and she knew a dream was coming true. 'Oh yes!' she screamed not caring if anyone heard it or not. 'I'm cumming Daddy!' she cried as her body locked around him and pleasures like none that she could have ever dreamt overtook her young body. 'Oh yes,' she whimpered as he carefully lie across her body. 'I love you so much,' she whispered enjoying his weight covering her, giving her the sense that they would always be together.

John held her to his body, hoping their love would never change. He would die if for some reason this would drive them apart. 'I love you too,' he replied giving her a soft kiss as he enjoyed the feeling of being on her wonderful body and still deep inside her.

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