Walk In The Woods Ch. 01

byL.A. Wicker©


Later that night, John, Tammy and three other couples sat having dinner. A tall snobbish man stood and began to speak. 'I'm Bill Lyle and I'm the guide for this trip,' he said with an arrogant grin of overconfidence as he looked over the other couples. 'I'm sure most of you won't be able to complete this trip. It will be hard and trust me, I do not stop for the weak,' he said looking to the young couple sitting next to John. 'Or an old man who has no business being here,' he added giving John a long, cold look.

'Pardon me!' Tammy said jumping up with anger racing through her. 'You have no business talking to my fiancé like that,' she added pointing to Bill, knowing her father would be able to complete this hike with little effort.

Bill just laughed at her and knew he she should be taught how to speak to a man. 'I'm very sorry, but I'm just telling you like it is,' he smiled again and looked to her with hate running through him. No woman talked to him this way and got away with it. 'Okay, let's get on with other things,' he looked around the table and saw a look of hate coming from John, Tammy and the young couple next to them. 'This is Ray Gavin, he will be second in charge,' he said giving Ray a good slap on his back. 'If I'm not around and he tells you to do something,' he paused. 'You do it,' he said pointing his finger.

After Bill's speech Tammy looked to John. 'I can't believe that bastard said that to you,' she laughed. 'You should have got up and showed him how old and crippled you are,' she added remembering just last month when he took on and beat the crap out of six guys that were going to car-jack them.

'He isn't worth it, but he keeps it up,' John smiled. 'I'll be more than happy to,' he said seeing the couple next to him trying to hide their laughter. 'I'm John and this pretty thing is my...' he had to stop and think before going on. He quickly remembered Tammy had called him her fiancé. 'My wife to be, Tammy,' he said with pride running through him.

The slender man held out his hand to John. 'I'm Todd and this is my girlfriend, Kim,' he replied putting his arm around the fragile looking girl and he couldn't help admiring Tammy's well-toned body, wishing Kim had a body like Tammy.

'Nice to meet you,' Tammy said reaching to shake hands with them as she gave John a sly look. 'Just in case one of us slips, we just love playing Daddy,' she added leaning to kiss John. 'Sometimes I call him Daddy when we're out in public,' she smiled leaning to kiss him. 'Isn't that right, Daddy,' she whispered just enough for Todd and Kim to hear her.

Kim looked to the handsome man knowing he would know how to please a woman. She had been with Todd just over four years and could only dream of what an orgasm felt like. 'Nice to meet you both,' she said as her blue eyes looked to John as fire raced between her legs. 'So, how long have you guys been together?' she asked as her eyes slowly moved down to his manly chest, wondering what the thick hair covering it would feel like on her bare breasts.

Tammy moved on John's lap, having a good idea that Kim had her eyes on him. 'A very long time,' she smiled leaning to give him a deep kiss. 'You could say that he raised me,' she smiled giving him another long kiss.

'People, I think we should be off to bed now,' Bill said watching Tammy and John locked in a deep, loving kiss. 'I know it's early, but five a.m. comes fast,' he laughed giving Tammy one last look.

Tammy pulled from John. 'Is he kidding?' she asked with a puzzled face. 'I think we need to go to the bar and have some drinks,' she laughed reaching her hand down the front of his shirt, giving his nipples a slight pinch, before pulling her hand away. 'Maybe I'll get you drunk and rape you,' she giggled.

'Sounds good to me,' Todd quickly said, hoping to get to know Tammy more. He loved Kim with all of his heart, but something was missing. She never wanted to play any erotic games or give role playing a try. He loved her, but he needed more.

John helped Tammy off his lap. 'Let's go,' he said reaching his hand to Kim. 'May I escort you, Ma'am?' he smiled seeing a big grin cover her pretty face.

Todd looked to Tammy. 'May I?' he asked reaching his arm for her and they made their way into the small dimly, lit bar. 'Look over there,' Todd pointed to a table at the farthest end of the room.

'Let's get it,' John smiled down to Kim, enjoying her frail arm wrapped around his. 'How long have you two been hiking?' he asked looking to her soft blue eyes as they neared the table.

Kim looked up to the handsome man and wondered what it would feel like having him on her tiny body, loving her into the night. 'Oh, I guess about three years now,' she replied as John pulled out a chair for her to sit on. 'Thank you,' she smiled wishing that Todd were half the man John was.

'Is beer good for everyone?' Todd asked as he looked around the table seeing everyone nod yes. 'Okay, beer it is,' he said walking away.

Kim couldn't keep her eyes off John and her young mind from wondering what kind of lover he was. 'I hope you don't mind me asking this, but earlier you said John just about raised you,' Kim paused to look to John and Tammy. 'How long have you guys been... doing it?' Kim asked as embarrassment raced through her body, but she just had to know more about John.

John had to laugh at her question. He thought for a second and knew what the young girl wanted to know. 'I got her on her eightteenth birthday,' he replied with pride in his voice. 'I had to make sure I was her first,' he added leaning to give Tammy a kiss. 'How about you guys?' John asked looking to Kim and couldn't help seeing a hint of disgust on her face.

Kim looked to see where Todd was before she replied. 'If you want to call it love making, since the first night we met five years ago,' she said with a frown. 'He's done before I even get warmed up,' she added putting out her lower lip.

'Ouch! You poor girl,' Tammy said with hurt in her voice. 'I'm very lucky, he makes sure all of my needs are taken care of before he even thinks of cumming,' she lied, looking to John with love in her eyes, thinking of him being in her body just a short while ago.

Kim looked to John. 'Maybe you could give Todd a few tips!' she laughed, knowing she needed someone like John to take her and please her burning needs.

John and Tammy laughed at Kim's words. 'I'll see what I can do,' John replied reaching to caress Kim's back and her long, blonde hair. 'No girl needs to running around the woods horny,' he teased enjoying her face turning a nice shade of pink.

'Here we go!' Todd said sitting down a large serving tray filled with bottles of beer. 'I think this should last us a while,' he added passing a beer to each person at the table and held one high in the air. 'Here's to a safe trip and getting to know some wonderful, new people,' he smiled looking to Tammy.

'To a good trip,' John said tapping his bottle on Kim's then to Tammy and Todd. 'Let's dance!' John said pulling Kim from her chair and off the small dance floor. 'So, ol' Todd doesn't know how to keep you happy?' John asked seeing Kim shaking her head no. 'Poor baby,' he said reaching to caress her small, shapely behind. 'I wish I could help you,' he added moving his hand under her small skirt.

A weak smile filled her face. 'I do too,' she softly said enjoying an experienced man touching her at last. 'If by chance we get alone... would you help me?' she asked with burning need in her soft voice hoping he would. She needed a real man to satisfy her needs as a woman.

John hugged her to his chest, feeling her tiny heart racing with excitement. 'I don't really think I should. I don't want to take a chance on losing Tammy,' he said seeing hurt covering her face. 'I'm sorry,' he added giving her one last hug before returning to their table.

'So, you two looked pretty hot and heavy out there. Anything Todd and I should know about?' Tammy teased seeing a look of disappointment on Kim's face.

John just gave Kim another hug. 'Heck yes! Tomorrow we're finding us a bush and we're going to get it on,' he laughed and couldn't help seeing Todd filling with anger. 'Just kidding. Don't get upset,' he laughed again as he reached to give Todd a friendly slap.

'It's getting late, you about ready to go?' Tammy asked, hoping he'd had enough beer to give into her needs. It was great having him deep in her ass, but she needed him deep between her legs, in her virgin pussy.

John saw the look of lust on her pretty face and knew it was going to be hard to fight her off. 'Sure, there's a few things I want to do,' he smiled to Tammy as he reached under the table and up her short skirt. 'Guys it's been fun, but... well, you understand,' John laughed as he and Tammy stood and walked away.

Todd reached to grab Kim by the wrist. 'You looked like you were trying to fuck him right in the middle of the damn floor!' he said in a hateful voice as he twisted her arm. 'Don't ever do it again,' he added twisting her wrist harder than before. 'I guess I need to teach you some fucking manners,' he laughed, seeing a look of fear on her face.

Kim knew what was coming. Every time Todd said she needed manners, he took her hard. It could have even been called rape.

In their hotel room, 'I thought you were going to fuck her right where you stood,' Tammy laughed pulling off her blouse and skirt leaving her breasts exposed and a pair of panties on her hips. 'If I wasn't here would you have?' she asked watching him undress and couldn't help looking at how hard his cock was.

John moved to pull her into his arms. 'Maybe,' he said pushing his hard cock between her legs. 'The poor thing must go crazy not getting fucked right,' he added reaching to caress her ass. 'I guess you're going to try to get me again tonight?' he asked flexing his hardness against her wet panties.

'She sure is pretty,' Tammy moaned enjoying his straining shaft pushing against her throbbing pussy. 'Do I have a chance or should we find something else to try?' she whispered hoping he would take her. 'You can get my ass again, I sure did like that,' she smiled thinking of him being deep in her.

John squeezed her firm ass and knew he should get it and try to forget about her pussy, for now that is. 'I think more of this sexy ass would be great,' he leaned to kiss her as he pushed her panties to the floor. 'I love you,' he whispered watching her lie on the bed.


The sun beamed down as morning quickly turned to afternoon. They had been hiking for over five hours without any kind of break. John looked to Tammy and to Kim knowing they needed to stop.

He ran up to Bill. 'Alright, I know you have a burning need to show how rough you are, but these women need a break,' he said looking to Bill's girlfriend Candy. 'Look at her,' he said pointing to the pretty girl. 'It looks like she's going to drop any second,' he added helping her sit on a tree stump, admiring her large breasts under her white sweat soaked tee shirt and the rest of her voluptuous body, thinking that he had seen her before.

Bill gave John a hard look. 'I'm in charge of this, not you,' he said giving John a hard push, but John didn't budge. Bill couldn't believe that John stood so firm, any other man would have been lying on the ground after a push that hard.

'You might be in charge, but I won't stand by and watch these girls suffer like this,' John said in a firm voice as he pointed to Bill, ready to put him on the ground.

'Hey' Ray raced up to Bill. 'He's right Bill. These girls need to rest a while,' he said looking to his own girlfriend Stacie. 'It won't be very long until they start passing out,' he added seeing a look in John's eyes that he had seen before and he knew it was time to get Bill to back away before he was hurt.

Long ago when Ray was a young boy he went with his father to the VA hospital to see his Uncle Fred. He had been in the Vietnam War and a prisoner for six years. Ray swore he would never forget that cold look of death that filled his Uncle's eyes.

'Okay, he's right Bill,' Ray quickly said knowing Bill would be killed by this man they been had picking on the night before. 'Even Stacie is worn out and she can hike with the best,' he added looking to his girlfriend sprawled out on the ground. 'We're taking thirty minutes you guys. Enjoy it,' Ray said seeing a look of anger on Bill's face, but he didn't care.

'Thank fucking God,' Tammy said dropping her backpack to the ground and fell next to it. 'Fucking jerk,' she added watching Bill yelling at Candy. All she knew was he had best not hit her while Dad was around or he was sure to get his ass beat.

John sat next to Tammy and gave a quick look to Kim and Todd. 'Wonder what's up with them?' he asked Tammy, wondering why they had been so friendly the night before, but today they hadn't said one word.

'Who knows,' she replied. 'Hey you guys alright over there?' Tammy yelled to the young couple. 'You haven't said one word all day,' she added watching Kim look to the ground.

Todd looked to Tammy. 'We're fine,' was all he said and went back to drinking his water and then whispering something to Kim.

'He might be pissed because you and her were dancing so close,' Tammy laughed. 'I would have been too, but I knew I was going to get some of this hard cock,' she giggled reaching to grab him.

'Care if we sit with you guys?' Ray said as he and Stacie walked towards them. 'Seems like Bill doesn't like me no more,' he laughed as he looked towards the hateful man.

John laughed pointing to the ground, giving Stacie's long legs a quick look. 'I guess he thinks he's tough or something,' he said smiling to the young couple. 'It must have pissed him off when we stood up to him,' he chuckled.

'I can't believe I thought he was a good guy,' Ray said taking a look towards him. 'He said some really mean shit about you two and I'm real sorry,' he added looking to Stacie. 'She's the one who said we should hang out with you guys and just forget him,' he hugging her to his side.

Tammy smiled and reached to give Stacie a friendly pat on her leg. 'We were beginning to wonder if we'd spend this whole trip by ourselves,' she said looking to Kim and Todd. 'I guess they got pissed, well, I should say him, for the way Kim was dancing with Da... John last night,' she laughed thinking of the way Kim threw herself at John. 'We play Daddy and daughter, so if I call him Daddy, don't be to shocked,' she added reaching to caress his face.

'You guys were getting pretty hot out there,' Ray smiled. 'Stacie and I went out for a walk and couldn't help stopping in the bar for a drink,' he laughed out remembering how Kim looked against the big man.

'What he's trying to say is, you guys got us turned on real good,' Stacie laughed out reaching to hug Ray. 'I got it real good last night!' she laughed.

Tammy just smiled thinking of how good she got it in her ass. Her Daddy's big, long cock all the way up her tiny ass loving her until they both exploded in a wild orgasm together. 'That makes four of us!' she said and everyone laughed at her remark.

'If you don't mind me asking, Sir, were you in the military?' Ray asked hoping that John wouldn't mind.

John just shook his head yes and gave a quick look to the young man. 'Yes. Twenty-five years,' he replied seeing a look of wonder fill both Stacie and Ray's faces.

'Did you get to kill people?' Stacie teased moving closer to the big man. She knew Ray wouldn't mind because he would soon be moving closer to Tammy.

John smiled to the pretty girl as her short, blonde hair covered her right eye. 'Yes. Quite a few,' he replied as a blank look rolled over her.

'Shit, I was just kidding you,' she quickly said inching a bit more towards him. 'What did you do?' she asked, as she was close enough to feel his breath on her shoulder.

'John put his arm around her smooth waist. 'I was in the Special Forces. We did some things that would make you sick,' he added enjoying the look of wonder in her young eyes and couldn't help but seeing Ray was just as close to Tammy. 'Are you guys into something we should know about?' John asked seeing a look of fright cover Ray's face.

'Well, we were maybe hoping you guys would be up for a little trading.' Stacie smiling looking to John's eyes, knowing he could please all of a young woman's needs. 'He thinks Tammy is hot as hell and as for myself, I'd call you Daddy or anything else you wanted,' she smiled putting her head on his against his thick shoulder.

John saw a look of shock on Tammy's face and knew she wasn't up for this yet. 'I'm not sure we'll trade, but if you give us a few days maybe we'll think about it,' he said looking into Stacie's pretty eyes and could see nothing but lust. He had Tammy, his lovely daughter wanting him, very shy and timid Kim and now Stacie. 'What a tough life,' he thought as he gave the sexy girl next to him a small hug.

'I hope so,' she replied enjoying his strong arm around her, thinking of him on top of her, being able to call the great looking man, Daddy as he fucked her hard and deep.


'People.' Bill said as he looked back to everyone. 'We'll be stopping just ahead. There's a great waterfall with a very large pool and I think you're going to love it!' he said with a smile. He knew that he had best change his ways or there'd be a good chance that John and Ray would put him in his place. 'One more thing, I'm really sorry about earlier,' he said as he turned and walked up the trail.

'Oh cool!' Stacie said with a big grin as she walked beside John. 'I can show you my new bikini,' she added in a low voice to insure that John was the only one that heard her.

He just gave her a wink, reaching to give her firm ass a good squeeze through her skintight shorts. 'Hey baby,' he yelled up the small, dirt path to Tammy and Ray, walking arm in arm. 'Did you bring that pretty bikini I like seeing you in?' he asked hoping that she had. Tammy had a white bikini that when wet, looked as if it was see-through and John loved seeing her in it.

Tammy stopped walking for a few seconds and waited for him to catch up to her. 'I did, but I'm not sure I want these other guys to see me in it or not,' she said with a painful look on her face. She knew how much Daddy loved seeing her wearing it, but she really didn't want all the other guys seeing her.

'Oh come on,' he pleaded with her. 'Nobody will try anything,' he said thinking of Ray. 'Ray might, but hell it seems like you two are having fun,' he winked giving her ass a loving slap.

'No way. You get it or nobody does!' she said quickly walking away. How was she going to tell him that she had saved herself all these years? She saved herself for him, her Daddy.


'Oh my God!' Tammy gasped as she looked up to the one hundred-foot waterfall cascading off of the jagged cliff. 'I've never seen anything so wonderful in my life!' she added looking to her father standing next to her.

He hugged her to him and knew tonight would be a night to remember. Making love to his one and only love, his daughter. 'We'll make our camp over that way,' he replied looking to a small clearing to his left. 'Let's go look at it and set our stuff down so nobody else gets it,' he smiled as they walked arm in arm towards the small spot. 'This will be great!' he added looking to the heavy brush and tall reeds that surrounded the secluded spot.

'I need to tell you something.' Tammy's face turned red. 'I should have told you this yesterday, but I didn't know how you would react,' she said pulling him against her. 'Daddy, I'm still pure. I'm still your little girl,' she said with a smile watching his face light up.' Yep, I'm a virgin and I want you to be the one that gets me,' she added thinking of him taking her most prized thing.

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