Walker Family Incest Ch. 02


Keally comes back a few minutes later and invites me to look through one of the cameras again.

I tell her "That looks exactly like a motorcycle parked in someone's garage!"

She takes my hand, escorts me back to my seat, then says "Mrs Walker, during these adult photo sessions, I like to direct them while I am naked. Is that okay with if I undress now?"

I tell here to go right ahead, so she quickly unbuttons her blouse, tosses it onto the chair next to me. Then she unzips her skirt, pushes it down to her ankles, steps out of it and places it on top of her blouse.

Jesus Christ what a fantastic body she has!

She casually leans over in front of me, resting both her hands on my knees and says "You son and daughter are perfect for this part I am going to direct. We are adding a complete line of leather clothing aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts."

She continues talking, but I can't keep my eyes off her perfect little breasts hanging down in front of me. She gives me a quick kiss then walks over into the bright light to begin directing. When she gets to the motorcycle, she turns around, puts her hands on her hips and looks back and forth at the six people handling the cameras.

She says to them "Okay guys get ready! The photo session officially starts now!"

Keally steps away from the motorcycle just as my son and daughter come from their changing rooms and walk towards it. My children look so sexy in their leather motorcycle outfits! Tommy has on a black vest that does not have any buttons on it, black pants and black boots. Krissy has on a matching vest without buttons, a short black skirt and is not wearing anything on her feet. Tommy gets on the motorcycle, holds onto the handlebars and looks directly into the main camera while Krissy pretends like she is kissing him on the cheek. After a few seconds, Keally steps from the darkness and walks over to Krissy. She pulls the leather vest off her, then turns around, and tells the camera guys to take more pictures.

After the bright flashes die down, Keally gets back on stage unzips Krissy's skirt and throws it over on the floor. She saying something to Krissy that I can't quite hear, but I can see her right hand moving up and down Krissy's smooth pussy. After a few seconds, she says something to Tommy, then steps off the stage again. While still on the motorcycle, Tommy turns his head towards Krissy, then she gets up close to him and looks into his eyes.

Keally then says "Now!," and they begin kissing each other while Tommy fondles his sisters white ass cheeks.

Keally yells "Cut! That was a good take!," then she walks up to Tommy and tells him to get off the motorcycle.

I hear one of the camera guys whisper to his buddy "Are those two models really brother and sister? I heard Keally talking about it to someone in the hallway just before she came in!"

I look over at them and say "Yes guys, those are my kids and I am their mother."

Another guy says "Wow lady, you got some good looking models in your family!"

I look back over at the stage and watch as Keally pulls off my son's leather vest, unzips his pants and bends over to push them away from his feet. Then, she stands up straight, grabs Tommy's cock and starts stroking back and forth while she talks to him and Krissy.

I think to myself "Wow! This Keally girl really has a unique style of directing! She begins by stripping out of her clothes and walks around naked, and now she is jacking off my son in front of the entire film crew while they take pictures and video of her!"

All of a sudden I see Keally point towards me, then my daughter walks over to me and says "Mom, Keally wants me to suck Tommy's cock in front of all these people. Is that okay with you?"

I tell her "Go ahead and do anything she wants you to do! This is a good lesson to you! Never interfere with the director! Now, get back up there and do your best! I am proud of you!"

As Krissy walks back to the stage I notice Keally and Tommy are passionately kissing each other while she continues stroking his cock. The camera crew stays busy taking pictures even though Keally has not told them to start yet. As Krissy rejoins her brother on stage, Keally stops stroking Tommy's cock and starts giving Krissy instructions about what to do in this next scene. Keally then gets down on her knees in front of Tommy her arms down to her sides, opens her mouth and Tommy pushes his cock inside her a couple of inches while she looks upwards into his eyes.

They hold still for a few seconds while the camera guys take some photos, then Keally pulls her head back and Tommy's big cock pops out of her mouth. Keally then gets back on her feet, walks over to the corner of the stage and gets a professional set of police handcuffs. Krissy turns around to let Keally clasp them onto her wrists, then she helps Krissy get down to her knees in front of her brother.

After a few more instructions, Keally walks towards the cameras and says "Okay, get ready guys! One, two, three, start!"

Krissy looks upwards into her brother's eyes, then he moves a little closer to her open mouth.

The tip of his cock moves just past her lips and teeth, then Keally yells "Okay Tommy, hold it right there for a second!"

The camera flashes light up the room while Krissy has her brother's huge cock stuffed in her little mouth.

Then Keally says "Okay Krissy, keep your brother's cock in your mouth the best you can and look over here at the cameras!"

Krissy turns her head sideways a little and looks directly into the cameras flashing at her.

Keally gives more directions by saying "Okay, hold it there Krissy while your brother pushes his cock harder inside your mouth so your cheek on this side is bulging outwards!"

Tommy pushes harder like he was told to do, but Krissy is starting to fall over on her side because she has her arms handcuffed behind her back.

Keally yells "Stop pictures everyone until we get set up for the next scene!"

Keally returns to the stage, uses a key to free Krissy's wrists, then helps her to her feet. I hear Keally ask them if they would do one more session with Tommy's cock buried in Krissy's pussy. Krissy immediately looks over at me, and I tell her that it is okay with me. After hearing that, Keally instructs some of the crew to take away the motorcycle and bring out the six foot by eight foot rubber mat.

After the mat is placed in the middle of the stage, Keally gets on it and lays down on her back. She tells Tommy to get between her legs, then tells Krissy to kneel next to her.

Keally continues "When I tell the guys to start shooting I want Krissy to hop on my face so I can start licking her pussy, and I want Tommy to immediately push his cock into me."

Keally then looks over at the camera guys and says "Okay, one, two, three, start!" Krissy immediately swings a leg over Keally's face as Tommy shoves his hard cock inside Keally's pussy.

Krissy starts moaning loudly and whips her hair around her face while Tommy begins fucking Keally. They continue doing this for a couple of minutes, then suddenly Keally gently pushes Krissy away from her and she tells Tommy that he can stop now.

Tommy stops for a few seconds, but does not pull his cock out of her, so she says again "You can stop now Tommy! Pull your cock out of me!"

The tension mounts in the room as everyone waits to see what Tommy is going to do. He slowly pushes his cock in her as far as he can, then suddenly starts vigorously fucking the hell out of her. Keally starts struggling to get out from underneath him but he pins her wrists against the rubber mat.

Again Keally says "Tommy, get off me! You are supposed to be fucking your sister, not me! Get off me right now!"

Tommy ignores her pleading and continues ramming his huge cock into her tight pussy over and over. Over and over he rams his cock into her as she struggles to get him off her.

A couple of minutes go by then I hear one of the camera guys say "Fuck the hell out of her Tommy! Fuck that skinny little bitch!"

Three or four of the guys take their cameras and get closer to the stage to get better photos while my son continues thrusting his cock in and out of helpless little Keally.

Another camera guy says "Go ahead and fuck her Tommy! She has been teasing guys for such a long time that we want to see her get a good fucking!"

Suddenly, Tommy wraps his left arm around Keally's waist and uses his right arm to push them upward from the rubber mat. He struggles to his feet and Keally wraps her arms around the back of Tommy's neck for support. Then Tommy grabs Keally's ass cheeks and begins thrusting his cock up into her pussy as hard as he can.

Keally's legs dangle wildly around in the air as my son fucks the hell out of her. Suddenly Tommy stops thrusting his cock into her, leans back slightly, releases his grip from Keally's ass cheeks, then reaches behind his neck and grasps her wrists. Keally frantically tries to get her legs wrapped around Tommy's back to support herself as he slowly forces her arms down to her sides.

She screams at him "Let me down to the floor you fucking bastard! Let me down now!"

Keally finally gives up trying to get her legs around Tommy and stops struggling. Tommy bends his knees and leans back just a little bit, then releases his grip from Keally's wrists and places his hands on his hips.

One of the camera guys says "Jesus Christ, I never seen anything like this before in my life! Keally's feet are dangling around in the air and nothing is holding her off the floor except Tommy's cock!"

After a few seconds, the camera guys recover from their initial shock and the room becomes brilliantly lighted from all the camera flashes going off at one time.

Keally still has her arms down next to her sides and is impaled on Tommy's hard cock as she looks over to the cameras flashing and says "Are you happy now you fucking bastards! Did you get the show you have been wanting to see for the past year? Are you happy someone is fucking the hell out of me so you can take the pictures home and masturbate while you look at my naked body?"

After about fifteen seconds Tommy lowers her to her feet and his cock pops out of her. She runs her fingers through her hair a couple of times and tells Tommy that was the best fucking she as ever had. Suddenly, Tommy roughly turns her around, and forces her to lay face down on the rubber mat.

She tries to get up, but Tommy places one hand on the back of her neck while he takes his other and positions his cock at her asshole!

Keally cries "Please don't humiliate me any more in front of all these people! Let me up!"

Tommy ignores her and pushes his cock hard against her asshole. Keally is crying real tears as Tommy's hard cock pops inside her asshole and he applies even more pressure to keep it going further inside her. He pushes it in and pulls it back out a few more times, then he leans forward over the top of her and really starts giving her the fucking of her life!

She screams for him to stop, but he continues thrusting his cock into her asshole over and over again. After about five minutes, Tommy suddenly pulls his cock out of her and unloads a load of sperm that splashes all over her back and drips onto the rubber mat. After a few seconds, he gets up and all the camera guys give him a big round of applause. Then, he turns around, and walks towards the changing room area behind the stage. A few seconds later, Keally has regained her composure, gets to her feet and she runs to the changing rooms also.

All the guys start having lively conversations while Krissy and I wait for Tommy to finish changing into his street clothes. After about five minutes, he appears from behind the stage walking hand in hand with Keally. Tommy is dressed in the clothes he wore here today, but Keally is still naked. When they get to us, she reaches up and places her hand on the back of Tommy's neck to pull him close to her.

She gives him a kiss, then says "Don't forget to call me tonight!" then picks up her blouse and skirt from the chair where she had put them earlier, and walks off to the exit door.

Tommy holds up a piece of paper and says "Look Mom, I got her phone number! She wants me to come over this weekend to meet her girlfriends!"

That nice oriental girl has been sitting in the back the whole time and she gets up and walks over to us. She tells us that was a great photo session, then asks us to follow her back out to reception area.

We walk down the long hallway, then she opens the door for us and says "Please have a seat and the receptionist will have your payment for you in just a couple of minutes. She smiles, then closes the door behind her."

About a minute later, the same door opens and "Natasha the Doctor" steps into the room and walks over to Krissy. She has on a beautiful black silk dress that is completely open in the front and her huge naked breasts gently sway back and forth as she walks. When she gets to Krissy, she reaches into the front of her black thong panties and pulls out a small piece of writing paper. She hands the piece of paper to Krissy then pulls her dress together, wraps the matching black silk tie around her waist and walks towards the elevator behind us.

Krissy reads the note Natasha just gave her and it says "You passed my physical examination honey! Make sure you call me this weekend and we will go boating on my boyfriend's thirty foot yacht with a few of my girlfriends! Make sure you call me!"

We turn around to see Natasha step into the elevator, then Natasha waves to us as the door closes.

Krissy says "Mom, is it okay if I call her? I really liked the physical examination she was giving me before we got interrupted." I tell Krissy that I think she is really nice also, and to invite her over to the house sometime to spend the night with us.

Just then the receptionist opens the sliding glass window and says that our payment is ready. We get up and walk over to her.

She hands us an envelope that says "One Thousand Dollars Cash" on it, then says "Mrs Walker, your daughter has been hired full time! Congratulations!" Krissy squeals with excitement, then gives her brother and myself a quick kiss. The receptionist continues "Krissy's next session is one week from today at the same time."

Suddenly, a professional looking women opens the door in the receptionist's office, hands her a typed document, then departs. The receptionist says "Please excuse me for a second Mrs Walker while I read this notice. It is a personal letter from the Chief Executive Officer addressed to you."

The receptionist takes a minute to read the letter, then says "The CEO was sitting behind you during part of Krissy's initial photography session today and wants you to do a private session with your son and daughter at his home next weekend for about one hundred of his guests."

She then interjects "I have been at his parties before Mrs Walker and they are a blast. He lives next to the ocean in this huge mansion on about ten acres of land. He has three or four swimming pools, a bowling alley and always has live entertainment, free food and drinks. I would accept this invitation if I were you!"

I tell her "Well I don't know about that. I will have to think about it."

The receptionist starts reading more from the letter.

She recites "The payment for the photography session will be four thousand dollars cash paid in full upon your arrival at his residence, or you can receive the payment at departure if you would like."

Krissy and Tommy start giggling a little bit, then I ask what type of photography session is he looking for.

The receptionist continues "According to this note from the CEO, it explains that the photography session will be directed by Keally and will start exactly at ten o'clock at night and will last at least one hour. It also says that you, your son and daughter must all perform oral sex on each other, with the finale being your son having anal sex with you."

I say "Well, that does not sound too bad! We do that around the house for free all the time! We might as well get paid for doing the same thing in front of an audience of one hundred or more people!" Then I ask her "Are there anything other stipulations in that contract you have?"

The receptionist says "There is one more. It says here, after your photography session, you and your children must remain completely naked and mingle with his guests for at least one hour.

If you stay an additional hour after that and let his guests take pictures of themselves posing with you and your children, he will authorize you to receive an additional two thousand dollars cash at exactly one o'clock in the morning."

I take a second to look at Tommy and Krissy, then I say to the receptionist "You said the CEO always has great food. Can we come over a couple of hours earlier to go swimming and have a great dining experience?"

The receptionist says "His special guests, like your family, may have anything on the menu prepared by his personal chef. He always has lobster, crab cakes, three or four different types of fresh fish, steak, or you may even order a cheeseburger if you want one."

I decide this is going to be a really great time for the kids and myself, so I say "Where do I sign the contract?"

The receptionist tells me the only thing to sign is a statement that says Tommy and Krissy are at least twenty one years of age. I quickly sign it, then we turn around and head towards the elevator.

Krissy says "Wow Mom, that is two thousand dollars apiece for three hours of work!"

Just then we hear someone yelling "Tommy, Tommy!," so we turn around and see Keally running towards us. I think to myself "Wow! Fifteen or twenty minutes have passed since we last saw her and she still has not put any clothes."

She runs up to Tommy, gives him a quick kiss on the cheek, then turns around and starts running back to the hallway entrance door.

She stops for a second and says "I hate to run, but I am right in the middle of a photo session with three identical sisters who are naked in the cold studio so I better get back quickly!" She winks at Tommy, then the door closes behind her.

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