tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 06

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 06


Chapter 6 The Search for Sarah

"Now what will it be hun?" Luke growled "Are you gonna be nice and do what we say, or are you going to be difficult". Tiffany sat on the floor of Luke's Gun Shop; she had come there looking for her sister who had been missing for several days and now she found herself at the mercy of the four men before her.

"No, stop it. I just want to find Sarah." Tears flowed down Tiffany's face but the four men didn't care.

"Fine, we'll just have to do this the hard way." Luke grabbed hold of Tiffany's arm and lifted her to her feet; then he and the other men began stripping her naked, all the while Tiffany begged them to stop.

"Please, NO, DON'T DO THIS." Her clothes were ripped to pieces pretty much useless, and she was pushed on to the floor. Luke used his belt to tie her arms behind her back. "God, stop it, I don't wanna do this." Luke then grabbed her hair and pulled her onto her back. She was forced to push her chest out because of her arms being behind her back. "No. NO. NO. NO nmmmphhgg." Tiffany's cries stopped when Luke shoved his cock in her mouth. Jason pulled apart her legs and pushed his dick inside her cunt. Tiffany's body began to defy her and she began to move her hips on his cock while she began to use her tongue to pleasure Luke's dick. She couldn't help it; she was actually turned on even though it was rape.

"Hey, that's more like it baby." Luke gloated as he felt the 18 year old girl begin to get into it. "You're such fucking whore." Tiffany couldn't help but think he was right; after all she had come here to find her sister and now she was enjoying being raped. She hated the men but loved being fucked by them. She was becoming more and more enthusiastic about it. She began to moan around Luke's dick while Jason continued to fuck her as hard as possible.

"Damn this bitch is fucking tight, even after the way we fucked her last time." He pounded her now sopping cunt and pushed his finger inside of her ass hole. Tiffany pushed against him trying to get both of her holes filled she was quickly working towards an orgasm. She sucked even more enthusiastically on the 9 inch dick in her mouth and before long was deep throating the massive tool. As mad as she was at them she couldn't deny the pleasure she was felling. Shawn and Gary had taken out their dicks and where smacking her tits and face with them. Between them, and Luke and Jason's cocks and fingers were too much for Tiffany and she came on her rapists cock. Jason could feel her cunt squeezing him and he was brought to an orgasm of his own. "Oh fuck yeah, I'm fucking cumming bitch." He held his cock tight in her pussy and unleashed his seed inside of her womb. Then he pulled out leaving her pussy open for who ever wanted it next. Luke continued to fuck her face as roughly as he pleased

"You fucking slut, you just love to suck my cock don't you?" He pushed his dick so far down her throat that his balls were pushed up against her nose, and she continued to use her tongue to pleasure him. Tiffany was more convinced than ever that she was a filthy slut, rape should disgust her but instead she was having some of the best sex of her life. She reveled in her whoredom in the same way she had seen Sarah revel in it

Shawn lay on the ground next to her and he rolled her on top of him, impaling her on his dick. Even during this maneuver she continued to suck on Luke's cock never allowing it to leave her voracious lips. Gary got behind her and lined his dick up with her shit hole and then, with only one short pause, buried it inside of her ass. She screamed in orgasmic bliss around Luke's dick and pushed back against both Shawn and Gary. Shawn's big hands mauled each of her DD tits making the experience that more erotic for the young slut. The three men pushed inside of her as deep as possible each of them closing in on their own orgasms; Tiffany's orgasms didn't seem to stop, when one ended another began. Soon both Gary and Shawn reached their peak and the two men erupted inside of their young fuck whore.

"God damn, you're so fucking tight, you slut." Gary complimented.

"Yeah, hell, I'd have to say you're an even better fuck than your sister." Shawn added. Gary and Shawn pulled out of her but Luke continued to fuck her face. She couldn't believe how long he had lasted, she had expected him to let lose in her mouth or on her face about the time Jason had filled her cunt with cum but he just kept going. She spread her legs in the splits and used the floor to rub her pussy, as her arms were stilled tied behind her back with Luke's belt. Luke pushed his cock down her throat and she hummed to increase the sensation of her skillful mouth. Finally after several more minutes of face fucking, Luke groaned.

"Oh fuck, here it cums baby. You better swallow every drop of it you slut." Tiffany didn't disappoint; she didn't miss a drop despite the fact that it was the biggest load Luke had ever unleashed on anybody. Tiffany opened her mouth and showed the boys that not a drop had been wasted. "Damn that was the best BJ I've ever had."

After being untied Tiffany got dressed as best she could, her panties and bra were useless but her jeans were pretty much undamaged. She managed to salvage her T-shirt which had been ripped down the middle, by tying the two bottom ends together this revealed quite a bit of cleavage but no one, including Tiffany, was about to complain. Finally she put on her jacket and then left the four men; she still had to find Sarah the problem was where she should look.

Several hours later Tiffany stood outside of the Pussycat Club, she had been searching for Sarah in strip clubs and whore houses because she had realized that, like her self, Sarah was a complete and utter slut. The sex industry seemed the logical place to look for someone who loved to fuck. Tiffany entered the club, her age allowed her in and her wealth would protect her identity from being found out by any media sources. She had no idea that the club was run by Igor Ivanski, the man who had murdered her parents and the man who had turned her sister into his whore. She walked through the club surrounded by sex, her pussy was sopping wet by the time she reached a table that suited her. It was situated in the back of the clubs first floor and helped to hide her, she wanted to make a quick scan of the club but the number of people their meant that it would be a while before she could safely determine whether or not Sarah was there. She could help but stare at all the wanton acts of lust occurring around her.

Tiffany watched prominent business men and celebrities ravaging girls no older than her. She slipped her hand inside her pants and she began to finger herself, she would have loved to be one of the little bitches getting pounded by a city official. Unknown to the 18 year old was the fact that Igor had witnessed her entrance to the club and he was now watching her finger fuck her cunt. He immediately recognized her and knew what he was going to do with her; he would make her his whore and use her and Sarah to get the Ranger fortune and further amass power within the mob.

Igor wasn't subtle when he put his plan into action, he didn't really need to be, after all the chemical cocktail he took made him virtually irresistible to women. When he reached Tiffany he ripped her shirt off, making the already shredded garment absolutely useless. He his hands grabbed hold of her tits and he lifted her out of her seat and pushed her onto her stomach on the table. When Tiffany looked up to see who was attacking her she was surprised, she had no idea that Igor ran the club; she was also angry and turned on all at once.

"You fucking asshole." The insult wasn't even half-hearted, she was already on the verge of cumming and couldn't help but think that the murder of her parents was an incredibly attractive man. He may have been in his forties but she could tell that he was strong as a bull just by the way he man handled her body. She was nothing to him and she loved it. Her shoes and pants were off in an instant and she began grinding her naked pussy against the table, doing her best to get herself off.

"So you like being used, don't you, you little slut." Tiffany was already cumming, her juices covered the table top.

"OH GOD YES. OH OH OH OH FUCK." Igor grinned; Tiffany was proving to be way easier to turn into his whore than any girl he had previously fucked.

"If you like having me rip your clothes off, you'll love my cock." He pulled out his semi hard cock and held it in his hand, making sure Tiffany could see it. "Do want my dick you little bitch." She stared at it, she could see that he was only semi hard, yet even in that state he was as big Shawn. She didn't even have to think about her answer.

"Oh fuck yes, I want your dick, I want you to fuck me with it." Igor grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the table. He sat down in the chair and held her between his legs.

"If you want me to fuck you with it, then you better get me hard." He then shoved his dick in her mouth and she sucked as best she could. Igor was surprised by her skill; her tongue massaged the bottom of his cock even as he slammed it as far down her throat as possible. To his surprise she was taking most of his cock down her throat, he was shocked when the little slut opened her throat and swallowed every inch of his now full extended cock, 14 inch cock. "Oh, god damn baby. No one has ever completely deep throated my cock before. You're gonna be a great whore."

Tiffany's cunt continued to drip, one of her hands roamed over Igor's perfect abs while the other toyed with her pussy and ass. Igor's face fucking increased to a pace that even a slut like Tiffany couldn't keep up with, she was having trouble breathing and was close to passing out when Igor finally let up. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth it dripped with saliva and pre cum. He began to stroke his big rod while she sucked on his balls. Her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit. Both were close to cumming and Igor chose to stuff his dick back in Tiffany's pretty little mouth and then he shot his cum down her throat. Tiffany came in buckets as she felt Igor's cum shot into her mouth. Her own fluids ran down her legs and pooled on the floor even as she swallowed the copious quantities of semen. After he was finished Igor grabbed Tiffany by the arm and dragged her up to his office, she didn't resist. He threw her on to his bed and looked her straight in the eyes.

"You're my whore now." She knew it was true. "From now on you'll do whatever I say, got that bitch?"

"Yes, I understand, I'm your fuck whore from now on."

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