tagLoving WivesWardrobe Malfunction Pt. 04

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 04


Part 4: The Shared Obsession

As you may recall from reading Wardrobe Malfunction parts 1 - 3, my beautiful wife Kara managed to evolve from experiencing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction to becoming an accomplished exhibitionist who enjoyed it more than she would admit. The chain of events culminated in an extraordinary night where she was a boytoy for four horny guys almost a year ago.

The aftermath of our south Florida adventure was indeed interesting. As we neared home Kara turned to me and said, "I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly never expected to get screwed by more men in one night than I have slept with in my prior 37 years. You know it all started because of the wardrobe malfunction you arranged."

Kara had been fucked repeatedly by four guys and yet she still couldn't say the word. That sweet innocence was part of what made her so attractive. For other men, being with Kara would be a little like having your way with a "Hallmark woman", loads of femininity, a hot body, a smile that can melt hearts and signals innocence, squeaky clean with no Tats and none of that ridden-hard, worn-out look.

It had become clear that part of Kara's rationalizing her submission to the lustful desires she helped create was to shift the blame to me. I smiled back at Kara and softly said, "It was fun, we should do that more often."

Kara, now in the sober light of the next day, softly swatted me and said, "In your dreams, that was a once in a lifetime experience, I can't believe what I did -- what you let me do."

The day-after reflections were not unique to Kara. There is an old saying that more than half the fun is the anticipation and indeed as it related to all of my conspiring to have Kara expose herself and submit to other men, I had been obsessed with the planning and details as it fueled untold exciting visions. The reality was not a disappointment but the fact that this had crossed new boundaries, lots of them, had given me pause as well. Of course, there is risk when one ventures down such a path. I had taken precautions to help insure Kara's physical well being and with Tony's cooperation that had been assured. But it was nonetheless a risk. The emotional implications, both Kara's and mine, remained to be seen. That was no small step and could not be undone.

Kara had not been a virgin when we married but all her previous relationships were based on an emotional connection and we had been monogamous since our wedding over a decade ago. Sex for physical pleasure had previously been restricted to plastic toys, not real men with real cocks. I was not worried about Kara forming an emotional connection or finding a better lover, but then I am sure more than a few folks who have ventured into swapping and swinging had that same plan come crashing down around them. One has to determine the risks they are willing to take and weigh the risks against the pleasure you derive, including the risks that your partner will weigh the risks differently.

Over the next several weeks, Kara seemed to distance herself from the weekend, never bringing it up and quickly changing the topic if I mentioned it. One Saturday as we were making love I mentioned "the weekend" and she quickly shushed me but seemed to pick up the pace a little as she rode me to a mutually satisfying cum. Things went on like that for a few weeks then her attitude seemed to shift to disbelief. It was clear that the weekend gang-bang was on her mind when she relaxed from thinking about the kids or work. On several occasions, I caught her daydreaming and when queried, she either dismissed it or a few times said, "I can't believe I did that."

On one occasion, I asked her how she was doing and she said she was fine but still struggling to understand how a happily married mom, wife and professional woman could let herself go like that. That mood morphed into guilt about the gang-bang now several months in the past. She was still consumed by the event but had taken to blaming herself for her "outrageous" behavior. A few weeks into that mood I confronted her over dinner when the kids were out and challenged her to let it go. I reminded her I arranged and encouraged the event, we both had a great time and we were consenting adults so no harm was done and a lot of pleasure was shared, and besides, she earned a grand working the car show.

Kara responded with tears in her eyes, "I know, that is part of the problem, I don't feel like those men used me, I used them. I loved the attention, I loved having lots of hands and penises to pleasure me. A married woman shouldn't feel that way."

"Pennies? Try hard cocks. You were a cheerleader, you like to be on display and loads of people enjoy attention, its only human. And good sex, almost everyone likes good sex. Why would anyone feel guilty about a very human reaction. People were made to enjoy sex and most importantly we did it consensually."

Things returned to normal over the next several weeks and it seemed that Kara had moved beyond her emotional reflections on her party weekend. She even wore her black leather skirt one night and referenced the party weekend -- a change from her prior references to the "orgy" or "gang-bang". On the surface Kara seemed to step back into her traditional role as coach, librarian, mom, and loving wife. She slowly resumed wearing her sexiest lingerie on evenings when we went out or the girls were staying at friends. I could even point out someone checking her out without her getting upset with the pleasure I took in her attracting male attention.

It had been well over a half year when one day as I opened the mail as Kara and I frequently opened each other's mail. That here was a letter from the agency that Tony had used to provide the models for the car show. They indicated they had Kara's information on file from her previous engagement and were seeking models for their upcoming busy season of trade shows, conferences and events. They noted that as a highly rated prior model she could go to their website and sign up for events she would like to work. I couldn't resist as visions of Kara being on display in a sexy dress with inevitable admirers quickened my pulse. I quickly logged on to see what venues were available while well aware that Kara might well veto my desires.

Screening the choices, I was looking for events that were over 50 miles away, on weekends, and in nice settings. The site gave details on the times, wardrobe requirements and compensation. A Saturday evening jewelry show and auction in Orlando seemed interesting as it required evening gowns. I, of course, had visions of men ogling Kara's cleavage in the pretense of looking at her necklace while lace top stockings peaked out from the slit in her gown. A two-day boat show in Naples specified swimsuits and garnered my click as I daydreamed about Kara parading around boat decks in her bikini. A medical equipment trade show at a four star venue seemed interesting and paid extremely well. Finally, a construction equipment trade show had me envisioning a group of horny macho guys ogling Kara like the models on tool calendars.

I missed the excitement and thrill of Kara being lusted after by other men. I printed out the selections and put them with the letter in Kara's mail pile. I was curious as to how she would react. I was ready to resume the exhibitionism and voyeurism. I didn't say anything and waited to see how she would react.

I was reluctant to push the issue and after a few days passed I assumed Kara had dismissed the idea. Two weeks later on a Sunday evening after the kids were in bed, Kara told me she wanted my opinion on something she had bought earlier in the day. She disappeared for about ten minutes then returned in an olive green dress that looked like a cross between an elegant evening gown and a club dress. It clung to her like a second skin but was not so tight as to look cheap. The deep cleavage looked stunning and the short but not to short length hugged her hips and left an enticing amount of shinny, nylon-clad legs in view. Kara enjoyed my surprised and admiring stares as she asked, "Do you think this will work for the jewelry show next Saturday? They provided a clothing allowance so I bought a new dress."

One look at her and I knew she was all in on the modeling adventure. She would certainly draw attention to the jewelry but I was not sure any men would be able to pay much attention to the items for sale. The fact that she had arranged a sitter, hair and nail appointment and hotel room hinted she was not just committed but excited and ready to be on display again.

On the morning drive over to Orlando, Kara seemed a little anxious and nervous. The $1000 pay for 2 hours of displaying jewelry while looking beautiful seemed generous until one counts the time for security interviews, preshow training and primping. Needless to say, I had some time to burn before the evening show and auction. When we checked in our room, Kara removed her wedding and her engagement ring and placed them in the room safe. Noticing my curious look she said, "I want to look available for the men -- just kidding. They provide all the jewelry and we can't wear any jewelry that might confuse customers."

My heartbeat notched up as I realized the audience would not know Kara was married. I headed out to a driving range and some shopping, as Kara was booked until the show. The plan was for me to attend the show that evening. I showed up at 7:30, standing in the back to watch. Kara was one of five models. She looked fantastic with her hair up, impeccable makeup and that flattering dress that highlighted her great figure. Her stockings shined, as did her smile and the stunning necklace that she was displaying when I arrived. There were about 100 people in the room, the vast majority men. Each model's jewelry was described and the model circulated while potential buyers took closer looks at items that interested them. Or, I suspected in many cases, took closer looks to get a chance to be up close and personal with the model. I watched quietly as the show continued.

Kara seemed to be enjoying the attention and elegance of the gathering. The interactions between the models and potential buyers included some obvious flirting. The other women were also attractive but younger. Some men find women more attractive when they are more mature, perhaps they feel less guilty lusting over someone who is closer to their age.

The third item Kara displayed was a beautiful antique necklace with several stones in an inverted teardrop shape that laid in the valley of her cleavage beautifully. I motioned her over which customers did if they were interested in a closer look even though a large image of the piece was displayed on several monitors. Kara stood in front of me with a pleasant but professional smile. No one in the room knew she was my wife. I reached forward and gently slipped my fingers down her cleavage to lift the gems for a closer look. Kara whispered," People don't know we are married, you shouldn't be touching my breasts."

"I know. I want them to think it is OK." I whispered back.

Kara gave me that "you naughty man" look as she continued her rounds.

Sure enough, the next model also wearing a necklace had another gentleman repeat my actions as the young model giggled with his touch.

After nearly 2 hours of showings with each model having displayed numerous items and several of the men having hit on each model, I had no doubt that Kara had several offers for drinks latter in the evening. When I thought the show was about to end and was looking forward to hearing Kara's stories, the host announced that a dozen highly valuable items would be auctioned off in the adjoining room to prequalified buyers. My watching was over but Kara's night of being on display wasn't.

I headed for the hotel lounge and nursed a beer while watching a game on one of the many monitors. I had sent Kara a text to let her know where I was. It was another sixty minutes before Kara texted a cryptic message, "I need u, room now."

I hustled to our room hoping everything was ok. When I opened the door Kara was standing in her skimpy black push up bra and panty set with black stockings. Her dress was uncharacteristically laying in a heap on the floor near her discarded heels. Her hair was down and she had a bottle of vodka, opened, in her hand. She barked an order, "Get undressed." As she took a swig while motioning toward the bed.

She launched into diatribe punctuated with swigs from the bottle. "Naked, now!" I am so horny I could take on a basketball team, maybe a football team. Your little stunt of reaching the necklace from my breasts resulted in three of the bidders thinking they could do the same thing in the auction room. Two of the men seemed sincerely interested in the jewelry but Keith, that tall handsome middle-aged man, couldn't wait to touch me. Three times, three different necklaces. He flustered me and everyone played along. I had to model all the necklaces. The first time he started his fingers near my neck and traced the edge of my dress down my cleavage. When I shivered he chuckled enjoying the effect he was having."

By now Kara had put down the booze bottle and yanked down my briefs, pushing me to the bed.

"He encouraged the other bidders to take a closer look at the opal necklace. For the next necklace, he was even more blatant. It was a diamond and he dropped it twice, each time running his fingers over the contour of my breasts to retrieve the stone. By the third necklace he leaned in and whispered in my ear that he could see my aroused nipples poking against my silk dress as he discretely ran one hand brushing over my ass."

Kara had maneuvered to straddle me on the bed. Her thin lacy bra did little to hide her aroused nipples and I had no doubt they had clearly made their arousal known to Keith thru the bra and dress fabric.

She continued,"When I blushed, half the folks in the room were enjoying the effect he was having. He completed my embarrassment by telling the auctioneer he would up his bid if the model could personally deliver the necklace to his room."

Kara had pulled the gusset of her panties to the side as she knelt steering my rock hard cock into her soaked steamy pussy. As she took my whole cock in a single stroke she panted, "Fuck. I need to be fucked. I am unbelievably horny and need to be fucked."

I had never seen Kara that driven to have sex. Kara didn't make love with me but rather used my cock to satisfy her need. It could have been any cock -- mine was most available and safest. She bounced up and down driving my cock deeper. I pulled her torso closer to me long enough to grab her bra and pull down the cups exposing her breasts and engorged nipples. As I cupped my hands on her beautiful 36C tits she resumed her rhythmic bouncing interspersed with grunts and pants. Her right hand rubbed her pussy, arousing her clit as she continued her efforts to pleasure herself. Her pace quickened and her breathing turned to short pants.

She squealed, "Oh fuck" as she reached her orgasm while I simultaneously pumped a load of hot cum deep in her pussy.

She collapsed on the bed chanting, "Thank you, thank you, I needed that."

She was covered in sweat. Her breasts, nipples and pussy lips remained swollen in arousal as her breathing slowed. A contented smile covered her face. Whoever the gentleman was who had been flirting with her at the auction had certainly been successful in getting her aroused.

Sunday morning I had Kara's legs on my shoulders and my cock in her pussy before she was sufficiently awake to realize she was being fucked with my morning hard on. Nothing like starting your day with a good drilling of a beautiful woman who is your wife, having a good breakfast and a leisurely drive home.

Kara was back to normal Sunday. Still beautiful, but dressed casually, completely sober, and with her sexual itch well scratched. The drive home was uneventful. I mentioned how beautiful Kara looked and said I hoped she enjoyed the experience as much as I had.

Kara had a quick response, "Yes that was a fun experience. I think I will put the paycheck in the girls' college fund."

Three weekends later we were on our way to Naples on Friday night. The kids had been deposited with the in-laws. Kara's luggage included four new swimsuits for use modeling for the boat show. She was scheduled to show boats from 11 till 6pm Saturday and again from noon until 5 on Sunday before rushing home to rescue the girls. She had reviewed her briefing book and would be trained Saturday morning. My plan was to attend the show both days and watch the flirting between the models and show attendees. I had sworn to Kara that I had not altered her suits to cause a wardrobe malfunction.

The event was delightful. It was sunny with the temperature in the high 80s and a cool breeze. The marina is beautiful and the event well-managed. This was not one of those big all-purpose boat shows but rather a targeted event for high-end midsized cruisers and go fast sport boats. There were about 50 boats on display from eight manufacturers and what I would characterize as a modest sized but serious crowd. The bikini models were mostly eye candy but did hand out some literature and direct serious customers to the sales staff. Kara looked fantastic in her red and black bikini. The dozen or so other models were similarly attractive. Kara had again left her rings in the room safe as had I since we didn't want to show organizers to know we were married. She had developed quite a knack for drawing a crowd and effectively carrying out her duties all the while enjoying the attention and developing friendly ways to turn down date and drink requests.

About mid-afternoon, Kara sent me a text saying that she had been invited to go out with a group on one of the boats for an evening gulf cruise. Her "boyfriend" could come along and that I should meet her at slip 33 at 5:30 PM. We boarded a 40-foot cruiser with a group of about 25. Capt. Doug, the owner of the marine company introduced us to the bartender and pointed us to the hors d'oeuvre table. There were five other bikini models in the group, some potential customers, a few sales Associates, the crew, and spouses or dates of several. As we idled out of the harbor Doug gave a description of the boat we were on and explained our trip plan. A few of the passengers who were potential customers would be taking a turn at the helm and he would take the boat through its paces to show off its capabilities. Everyone was soon nursing a drink and nibbling on a plate of food. Karen and I were intentionally not together, as only the captain knew we boarded together. The boat was amazing. When we were clear of the no wake zones Doug could not wait to put the pedal to the metal and the massive boat launched forward at amazing speed. The bartender must have been paid by the bottle because he was making sure everyone's drink was refilled. For half an hour, we cruised along the coast enjoying the scenery, beaches, and beachfront homes with Doug giving a guided tour. He then headed out to deep water at full speed to show off how the boat handled the larger swells.

As we settled into cruise mode, the couples relaxed in the stern lounge area while the models and the half a dozen men who were flirting with them, occupied the front deck. By this time, several of the passengers were feeling the effects of the alcohol and even Kara, who's not much of a drinker, was showing the effects of her drinks.

Doug brought the boat to an idle and asked the models if they would come down and demonstrate the swim deck. One of the salesmen joked that since we were in international water none of the public decency laws applied and he really thought the women should go swimming topless. Everyone laughed and cheered, even the other women, as the models blushed their embarrassment. Janice, perhaps the most under the influence, quickly responded, "Sounds like fun -- after everyone puts their cell phones in this beach bag."

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