tagIncest/TabooWarming Up the Tropics Ch. 02

Warming Up the Tropics Ch. 02


Note: In the first chapter, I introduced Sarah and her niece Jennifer, who are on vacation in a warm, open minded tropical place, where Jennifer is being treated to the resort time by her aunt as a "turning 18" gift. Meanwhile, Sarah is being treated to the opportunity to let her naughty inside spot show at will, and to the delightful gift of discovering just how much her lovely niece already is capable of. You may want to read that first, as this is a continuation, and though many of these thoughts have entered my mind as a transfer from my real life, *sigh* none of them have actually happened. Yet.


We walked out of the restaurant, one of us on each side of Tony, arms linked, eyes a little glazed, truth be known, from the amazingly powerful orgasms that had shaken us......orgasms that we willingly let our newfound boy toy make happen for us, even there in that combo indoor-outdoor restaurant. It was such a high to dare it, dressed in the filmy swingy semi-transparent clothing that we wore, and now as we exited, we glanced at each other across his tall muscular frame, winking and giggling with anticipation for the next part of the evening. So far, we were his girl toys, but we were about to turn that around, and the bulge in his slacks made it clear that he had the same sense that we did, of what might be to come.

Again, heads turned as we walked by... following my 5'9" body, with just barely C cup breasts that slope nicely away from my ribcage, swaying lightly and obviously naked under my tan print crisscross top and short matching skirt. That's all there was clinging to my body....no bra to hold me in place, no panties.....just the whisp of covering, with enough floral patterns on it to keep it from being totally transparent. My light brown/blondish hair hung straight and swung with my steps, and my over-large dark nipples rubbed against the fabric, causing them to poke out even further, clearly obvious. I loved the feeling, and because they are my hot buttons, all the time, I could feel myself gathering energy again, and I leaned into Tony's arm, letting my full breast press into it, and then rubbing a little, my outward pointing nipple sliding back and forth over it. He looked down, eyes into mine, then leaned over and whispered "nice tits....you shouldn't hide them so."

I felt a surge at his naughty words, and another as his other hand slid across to scissors hold my nipple, just hold it, as we walked. I heard a throaty giggle come from Jennifer, and looked across at her again as we exited onto the street, the breeze picking up her oh-so-thin black mini skirt, with the slit up one thigh....almost folding it open. The slit had worked its way around... or Tony had.... so that it was on the front of her left thigh, all the way to her waistband, and it was obvious that my little minx of a niece was as naked as I was underneath. She looked at Tony's fingers capturing my nipple, and smiled, glancing then up at me as we celebrated the boldness together.

Jennifer was a little shorter than I am, but so athletic, with slim strong swimmers legs and body. Her hair was shoulder length, a little darker brown than mine, and her breasts were barely B cups, but firm, round, and with tan/pink nipples longer than mine, though not as thick as my outrageous ones. It had been a conversation between us for years, since she started developing breasts and growing pubic hair.....just how women's bodies are different, how they grow and change, how they feel when they are touched, by boys... and perhaps by other girls as well. Our conversations had been spicy sometimes, and it was arousing to me to see her become open to all the erotic feelings that are so delightful for a female to understand. She had her lightweight shawl over her arm, leaving her sheer off-white top open to view, still unbuttoned except for the very bottom one, and when the breeze blew, one of those glorious young woman tits would flash into the light, and then be covered again. A tease, my sweet Jennifer is, as I'm coming to learn, and she knows it.

We stopped at the curb and Tony hailed a taxi to take us back to the resort. "No hurry," he said to the driver as we slid into the back seat, one on each side of our tall escort. "You can show us around town a little on the way back." The driver held the door open for Jennifer to slide in last, and I looked across to see her spread her legs wide, one foot on the curb, the other inside, and hesitate as her slit skirt opened to the top, both halves falling away to expose her smooth young labia, with just the sparse tuft of hair carefully groomed an inch above the beginning of her groove. She looked up, made eye contact with the driver, leaning forward enough that he could also clearly see into her blouse, and the nakedness of her tits made him smile openly. Then she slid inside, and the door closed.

We drove the streets, some darkish, some lit with lamps, some bright with the party atmosphere of the tropical city. Our windows were down for us to enjoy the warm humid air, and Tony had one arm around each of us. I leaned across, whispering to Jennifer, "You adorable fox. What you did on that dance floor was outstanding!"

She chuckled back at me, "Oh, Aunt Sarah, I hope it's not too much.... I mean.... we've talked about so many things, and somehow I feel like it's ok to just go ahead... with you I feel so easy, so safe, so ready." I reached my hand across to her cheek and stroked it lightly, my tits moving back and forth against Tony's side. A flash of sensation coursed through me as I moved them, brushing them purposely, and thinking "tits", not "breasts". Tonight, they were to be tits......visible play tits, my starting buttons, and the naughty deep inside part of me emerged more strongly again. My finger trailed down Jennifer's throat, moving to the side, caressing that hollow spot beneath her shoulder, folding open her blouse to expose her to our eyes. I glanced up to see the driver adjusting his mirror, able to take it in, as much as we would let him, anyway. I nodded to him, and licked my lips, then turned back to Jennifer.

"Do you suppose our handsome friend here enjoys his nipples as much as we do, dear Jenn?"

Tony leaned over and blew in my ear, then whispered, "Try me."

Jenn licked her lips, and leaned a little further so that my fingers rested on the top of the swell of her right breast. I let my fingers slide a little, cupping her from the outside, feeling her rigid spike against my palm, and just held it there, her warm smooth skin silky with youth, hot with desire. I felt her chest move with her deep breath, in and out, and she reached for his shirt, undoing the buttons one by one. As she pulled his shirt open, up and out of his slacks, we saw that he had very little body hair. His chest and abs were well defined, and Jenn's fingers trailed across them. She opened my side, signaling that my hand should stay where it was, on her, caressing, now moving just lightly, feeling her, just as I had imagined that someday I might. She welcomed it, and then leaned down to lick him, her eyes on mine, but her tongue wide and flat as she moved it from the outside, inward over his chest until it lingered on his nipple.

They were brown, reddish brown, much like mine, and when she swirled her tongue around it, I felt Tony's intake of breath, felt him squirm in the seat, heard a little moan from his mouth, and I knew that we had indeed found a treasure of a toy... one who wanted to feel it all. I lowered my head to his left side, and mimicked Jenn's movements, sliding my wet warm tongue over his chest until my lips could capture his left nipple, holding it lightly in my lips, tongue moving in a lazy circle around the very tip. We released him and looked up...

"Good?" I whispered. "That's the way we ladies like it....do you?"

"Or like this..." I heard Jenn's soft voice, and looked to see her pull her lips back, holding him lightly in her teeth, not biting, just holding it, and then her tongue moved over it, lashing the tip of his man nipple back and forth. He jerked a little, his hips moving, his hands around our shoulders, pulling us ever onto his chest, spread open for us to play.

Again I glanced up and noticed the driver, smiling at us, watching as we teased our boy Tony mercilessly. It dawned on me that we were stopped at a traffic light, people moving across the intersection, some peering towards the cab, and I felt a little on display. We both suckled lightly again, murmuring back and forth to each other about how we like it done, trying different techniques, comparing with our words, and actually, teaching each other what we like, recalling conversations we'd had while sunbathing topless at my summer house. Oh, how my pulse beat fast, sensing that all my fantasies about my lovely Jennifer seemed to be coming true. My hand found the huge bulge in Tony's slacks, and I unzipped him. I felt Jenn's fingers above mine, releasing his belt, and together we pulled his trousers open. Surprise.....he also had nothing on beneath, and his long thick shaft sprang upwards. It was at least 8"...probably more, and so thick my thumb and forefinger could barely touch each other as I encircled it.

He was circumcised, with a little roll of skin just below the bulbous head. It seemed to be shaped like a sword, almost larger at the tip than at the base, where it connected amid a thatch of brown hair. I winked at Jennifer, tugged on the curly pubes, and giggled that we might have to do some trimming there....just for fun. Tony wiggled a little to let us slide his pants down more, over his bare butt, then further, so he could open his knees wider, freeing his full heavy sack to hang, more accessible for play. There was already some clear fluid along the top of one thigh, where his arousal had leaked onto him, and I leaned down to lick it up, glancing forward into the driver's mirror once again. He was smiling, taking it all in, and I smiled back, licking my lips, and blew him a little kiss. I was relieved that we had a voyeur, who simply kept driving slowly through town, giving us as much time as we desired, and enjoying the show. Tony seemed to recognize what was happening, and he helped, folding my hair back away from where it hung onto his lap, allowing a full view to the front. His fingers caressed my neck and ear as my hand slid further up his shaft and my cheek rested on his naked thigh.

I lifted my head a little again as I felt Jenn's hand cover mine on his long cock, then leave it to slide upwards until she made a little ring with her thumb and finger just under the head. "Ohhhh my God Aunt Sarah!!.. I can't close my fingers around it here!! And look how it curves upward just a little....I think it would rub just the right spot inside a girl, don't you?"

Once again I had to be amazed at my young niece's knowledge, and the things she was clearly open to sharing, exploring, talking about. I could learn something more about being open and naughty in such a refreshingly innocent way. Innocently naughty? Is that possible....the thought flashed through my head as I looked at her face, focused and intently gazing on the wonderful toy we were holding. My left hand once again crossed to her cheek, then down to cup her right breast, holding it, thumb sliding back and forth across it, bending her long firm nipple, feeling it spring back to center, then moving across it the other way. She inhaled sharply, and purred...."You do that so well, dear Auntie.....so well.....you've had practice, and I want to know more."

Another large drop of clear boy juice slid out of the slit in the tip of Tony's cock, and Jenn quickly captured it with her index finger, using it to lubricate the underside of its head. His hips moved upwards at the sensation, and I lifted and slid across his lap a little, so my face was close to hers. "Of course, my lovely one. We will learn so many things about each other, after we have our fun with this magnificent tool."

Settling back, feeling Tony's hand flip up my skirt and cup my bare ass, fingers spread wide with one right in the crease, I lowered my head to his lap and let my tongue move across Jenn's fingers, adding some slippery saliva to the mix. She unclenched one finger for me to suckle, and I let it slide into my mouth, tongue washing it, sucking lightly, bathing it, tasting it. Not much taste to Tony's juices, just the texture of heated sex, and I heard Jenn's throaty response to the sensation my mouth and tongue were giving her finger. I licked it as I released it, then slid upwards as she pointed the tip of his cock more towards me. My tongue made a slow circle around her fist, then around his cockhead, then right across the tip. I could feel the little slit at the point of it, and lingered there, holding my tongue still, then wiggling it a little. He jerked with the feeling, and his finger slid further along my ass, caressing it, gently probing until he found the bumpy circle of nerves at my opening. I pressed back into his hand, encouraging him, and lapped my tongue again across the head of his cock. I felt his fingers slide further, until he could slide two of them into my weeping pussy, so wet, so open and ready to be probed.

I looked up, and Jennifer smiled, licking her lips, and I leaned forward again. It was like she was holding an offering for me, isolating the most sensitive part, hot and raging, leaking great drops of slippery fluids for me to taste, and to lather on her fingers. I opened my lips and lowered my mouth onto it, just to where her fingers mostly encircled him. I felt the broad end of the spear enter my mouth, and the texture of the ridge that formed the head of his cock pop past my lips as I held them tight. I let my tongue move back and forth across the underside, and again Tony jerked upwards, his voice tight with urgency. "You are teasing it, teasing it.... let me feel more of it inside that hot mouth..." I heard him say.

Oh yes, he was our toy, at our mercy, and fingers from Jenn's other hand moved along my cheek, my lips, tracing the edge of where his member disappeared into my mouth...."Not yet, you naughty girl," she giggled, "Not until I've had my turn!" She was on her knees beside him now, and I had to think her tiny skirt wouldn't be covering much of that firm young bottom, if anyone cared to look in the window as we drove. I moved my hand up to replace hers, and pointed him towards her. My fist was lower down, and without hesitating she captured the broad head in her mouth, and slid down until it met my hand. She kept her lips tight around it as she raised her head, but her eyes were lifted, on mine, wanting us to share it, the feeling, the wickedness, the daring, the teasing, the feel of man-toy cock in our mouths.....sharing it with words and with eye contact, loving every delicious minute.

I kept my fist firmly around his cock, feeling it pulse, feeling the hardness and the heat, but I sat back a little, under Tony's arm, and his hand immediately dropped down past my shoulder, sliding my filmy criss-cross top aside so that my tits were bare, and again I saw the driver lick his lips as his eyes moved up and down in the rear-view mirror. "Why don't you just find a place to pull over, where you can see a little better?" I heard my own voice saying as I looked at his mirror image. Tony's fingers found my nipple, and tugged it outward, rolling it and driving me crazy with need. I looked down again as I felt Jennifer's wet lips move against my fist, taking in half of that beautiful shaft, and holding it there while her tongue moved around and around it. Tony groaned with pleasure and his other hand stroked her hair, urging her on.

When she released it for a moment, sitting up on her knees to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse, I leaned over and let some saliva drool onto the tip of his cock. Quickly she leaned down and captured it, licking it into her mouth, then up again...."More..." she whispered, "Give me more, Aunt Sarah." I let a larger load fall from my mouth, and my heart sped as I watched her lick it from him, bathing him in it, swirling her tongue around the head, letting some of it fall onto his legs and balls. I reached down and massaged his hanging sack, coating it with our slick saliva, rolling them in my fingers as he continued to play with my nipple.

"God how I love that!" I hissed into his hear, biting it a little and cupping his testicles. "Do you like my tits, Tony? Would you like to suckle them?"

Jenn giggled, "Are you asking him or me?"

I was nearly dizzy from the feel of his cock in my hand, the view of my very NOT innocent niece going down on it, the way he was toying with my sensitive nipple, and now, by the face of the driver, who had found someplace to pull over and was turned around in the seat, watching us. My hand slid upwards a little, coating Tony's shaft with the wetness, from us, from him. It slid up and then down all the way to his lap, followed by Jennifer's full warm lips as she took him inside her mouth. She paused when it must have hit the back of her throat, and then opened wider, hesitated, and slid down further. He moaned again, and told her he was close, close to letting his hot jism fly, wherever we want it.

"Save some for me, sweet Jennifer," I whispered, and I saw her nod, sliding faster up and down, faster, tighter, bringing him to the edge. I felt his balls tighten under my fingers, and his hips thrust upward, probing her mouth, straining to let it happen.

"Aaaahhhhhhrrrrrr".....deep animal sounds came from his throat and his hand tightened around my tit, and I heard Jennifer hummmmsomething intelligible as his hips bucked higher. Then she lifted her head and I saw the string of cum between them, and another shot splashed upwards onto her lips. I quickly leaned down and covered the head of his cock with my mouth, feeling the hot gooey spurts hit my tongue, and I held him there until they diminished. He slumped backwards, breathing heavily, and the slippery man taste filled my senses.

When I sat up, still holding it in my mouth, I saw Jennifer leaning forward, hands on Tony's thighs, moving her face towards mine. I responded, letting her mouth and mine come together for the first time. She opened her mouth a little, and waited.... It seemed so deeply slutty of her....of us.... how she surprised me with her completely natural way of entering new territory, of showing her aunt that she wasn't so innocent after all, and I let a shot of the cum saliva mix move from my mouth to hers, feeling some of it drip down her chin. I licked it off her chin and lips, swallowing it, tasting it, and then kissed her again, asking for it back. She smiled, her hand reaching across to cup my naked tits, pulled me closer across his body and let the mixture flow back into my mouth.

After I swallowed the last of that full sperm load, and watched Jenn tongue clean his cock and tuck it back into his slacks, I sat back and let the full measure of what had happened soak in. We had ridden through town, sometimes bathed in light, partially dressed, using our hands and mouths on a mostly naked man in the back seat of a local cab, and invited the driver to watch it all. And somehow I had the feeling that vacation was only beginning, and that I had a party girl partner who was ready to follow any lead, and maybe one with some tricks of her own. I could hardly wait for the next stop.

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