tagMind ControlWarped Mind Pt. 07

Warped Mind Pt. 07


If you have read all of this to now you are probably wondering when it will blow up in my face, thinking it was inevitable. Well, then you'd be wrong. With enough money and intelligence anything can be kept hidden, even mind control of two females for the sole purpose of sex. My wife, Cindy was the first and now I've allowed my lab guys to have the buxom blonde Monica. It's been months since the chip implantations. Cindy is the perfect wife, doing everything I say but still maintaining her individual self when the chip is deactivated. Becca 'helps out' occasionally and still thinks my wife has two personalities.

The lab techs have enjoyed hours and hours of sex with Monica. I've stuck to the four days in-between sessions so she has time to recover. With all four of them each time they really work her over, and it's only gotten more elaborate and extensive since they are growing accustomed to fucking her and can last longer and have even more stamina than before. Even Todd has learned to control his orgasms, lasting much longer with her now. Sometimes I activate the chip for them, tell Monica to do whatever they say and leave for hours before they text me to come back and wipe her mind.

I've made it all worth it to Monica, even though she doesn't know why. I've taken a portion of each lab techs salary and given it to her for the fake study. She's getting paid an unheard of amount of money for doing what she thinks is nothing. In reality she's getting paid a ton of money to be fucked by four horny and increasingly imaginative guys. She loves the money, buying whatever she wants and keeping herself looking outstanding. She takes my breath away almost every time I activate the chip for them. I still haven't participated in fucking her instead I just go home to Cindy and get off that way all to myself. I think the lab guys watch gang bang porn on the off days and decide what they want to try when Monica comes back. Some of the stuff they do to her is crazy shit, and has to be something they saw ahead of time. They know not to permanently damage her, leaving scars or burns, none of that kind of shit but they do most everything else.

For example, just last week I met them at Glen's house. Monica was coming over any second. They've opted to have her meet them at homes now instead of the lab because it is more functional and private. Monica never questioned it; she obviously loves the money and didn't want to lose her place in the study. Anyway, back to last week. Monica showed up and I had some time to watch for a while so I activated the chip and sat down on a comfy chair in the living room to view the boy's latest debauchery they had imagined. I wasn't disappointed.

My cock became erect very quickly as the four of them undressed Monica. There is just something about her. The entire package is phenomenal. She could be in Playboy easily and probably save the magazine. Anyway the session started out pretty normal, she began sucking them all until Scott moved behind her and munched on her pussy before sliding his large cock deep into her pussy and began to pound away, while she sucked the other three in turn on her hands and knees. They fed their cocks to her until they wanted to take a turn fucking her, making Scott relinquished his monopoly on her holes. He had his pick, changing between her pussy and ass like it was nothing. The weeks of getting pounded in every hole had conditioned her body to take most anything they had. Even Scott's large cock slid effortlessly into her butt. Maybe that was why they came up with something new today.

I knew something was up when Glen said, "Should we try it?" The rest nodded their heads and Glen continued. "Maybe Paul and Todd should go first, you guys are the thinnest."

This stirred my interest and I sat up to see what they had in mind. I quickly found out when they positioned her for DP. Paul laid down and Monica slid his cock into her pussy facing him. I fully expected Todd to take her ass but instead he tried inserting his own hard cock into her pussy which was already stuffed with Paul's. It took some effort but he got it in, above the other member. The look on Monica's face was surprising. She seemed to like the added stretch and girth. They really were flaring her out spreading her pussy like never before. I figured this was all they had planned to double up in her pussy but I was wrong. Glen moved in front of Todd, who leaned back to allow him to stand over Monica's body. I couldn't believe it but he bent down and was trying to stick his cock in her ass for a triple penetration.

Not much movement was going on at all; I think it was just to see if they could actually pull it off. With both cocks in her pussy and Todd's body in the way partially it was difficult for Glen to maneuver his rod into place let alone slide it in to her ass. They were laughing and joking about it, trying to figure out how to manage. Finally Todd had to basically sit down on Paul's legs and lean way back to let Glen get his cock into position.

"Damn, she's tight as fuck with you both in her," Glen said, slowly penetrating her butt. "Aaaah, that's it, it's in. We did it! Triple penetration!" He hollered as I watched his cock disappear in a very tight ass.

"Now, Scott, feed her your cock and we'll all have one in her holes for the first time together," Paul said from underneath.

Scott was all over it and stuck his wide member into Monica's mouth. She was panting and breathing hard from the triple dicks and couldn't really suck him very well. When they started to move inside of her it didn't last very long. It was inevitable for a cock to flip out and ruin the triple play. It was Todd's that did. He was leaning too far back so Glen's ass wasn't in his face and flipped out of her pussy.

"Well that was fun, but not very conducive to fucking her," he said rolling away and standing up.

Glen and Paul proceeded to double penetrate her easily now that Todd was out of the way. They went hog wild on her until Scott suggested something more.

"Dudes, put both of your dicks in her ass," he said.

"Good idea," Glen said, pulling out so Paul could put his in easier from under her.

When he got it in Glen tried to put his in as well but kept sliding away from her stuffed hole with all the secretions. He pretty much had to pinch his head and hold it near the end to force it in above Paul's cock. He finally managed after several misses and they had both their cocks in her tight ass. I'd seen it before in porn but this was a first in reality. I had to admit it was pretty hot. For a reward I told Monica to orgasm, which took the boys in her ass over the limit soon after from her convulsing butt. They came at the same time, covering themselves and Monica's ass with a good load of cum.

They all laughed and congratulated themselves on doubling her ass and cumming so much. Scott cleaned her up and then he and Todd did the same thing, first with her pussy and finally with her ass. It took a lot of effort for Todd to get his cock into her with big Scott already in there. I didn't think he was going to be able to but he was persistent, and just kept trying until he figured out a way. It stretched Monica to the limit and I knew she would need the four days off for sure after this session.

I was beyond turned on after watching them double up each hole and cum like crazy all over Monica's hot body. I was so tempted to strip down and join them. I kinda wanted to see what it felt like. Instead I told myself I would do it to Cindy with a dildo and my cock that night when I got home. I watched for a little while longer until I couldn't take it anymore. I knew if I didn't leave then, I would end up fucking her because the action was getting hot again and Monica just happened to be in a fabulous position where I could see her incredible tits and her wide open pussy with a cock stuffed in her ass. Scott was holding her in the air, lowering her down onto his rod in midair right in front of me.

"Okay, guys, I'm out of here. Since it's the weekend I'll leave her with you and come back tomorrow morning to deactivate the chip, so enjoy her until then."

They didn't say much, too busy with Monica but I know they heard me. They had recently stopped trying to get me to join them and didn't bother this time either. I let myself out with a raging hardon I needed to do something about. I got home early enough that Cindy didn't complain or accuse me of having an affair. I had let my boner subside on the ride home but I was still really horny. I wasted no time.

Activate, Cindy. Cindy, go upstairs, take all your clothes off, retrieve the vibrating dildo toy and start fucking your pussy with it. I'll be up in a few minutes.

I went into the den without bothering to see if she obeyed. She always does and it's become second nature to use her name and expect results. Inside my den I popped the cap on my potency pills and took one before going upstairs. Before I reached the bedroom door my cock was rock hard again and throbbing in my pants. Turning the corner, I found my beautiful wife naked on the bed with a long vibrating dildo humming away deep in her pussy. Talk about a sexy sight, her nipples were taunt, her pussy flushed and wet and she was working the toy in and out, moaning.

I stripped, not taking my eyes off of her. The blood flow with the pills was amazing, my cock was rock hard, defined with veins and oozing like crazy. Climbing onto the bed I took over with the toy and told Cindy to work on my cock. To facilitate this we climbed into the 69 positions on our sides so I could thrust the toy in and she could suck and stroke my member. She was exceedingly wet, the toy was coated with her juices and a lot had dribbled down around her quivering ass. Taking out the vibrating toy I ran the tip up and down her tight rosebud until it was lubed up, and then preceded to slowly insert it. Cindy loved it, hesitating on my dick until I stopped pressing it in. She went back to sucking when I started pulling it out and licking her clitoris.

We stayed in this position for a while enjoying the sensations from oral and the toy. I was prepping her ass on purpose so I could attempt to get my cock in with the toy. When it was in deep I tried inserting a finger as well, starting with my pinky I worked up to my middle finger, stretching her anal opening more than I've ever done in the past. She climaxed from me nibbling on her clit and the deep vibrations in her ass before I stopped. I pulled out the toy and her ass stayed wide open, pulsing and gapped. Before it closed I slid the toy back in and rolled her onto her stomach. Behind her I slid my throbbing hard cock into her dripping snatch, feeling the vibrations from above. My body held the toy in her ass and each time I thrust I pushed it back into place from sliding slowly out, effectively double penetrating her alone.

It felt great, tight and hot and very wet.

Cindy, reach under yourself and play with you clit.

She obeyed; I felt her hand and fingers playing when she brushed my shaft, sliding in and out of her pussy. I was content in doing this, it was wonderful. I slowed my thrusts down, making them long and deliberate, taking in every sensation her pussy and vibrating ass made on my raging cock.

Cindy, make yourself cum.

She achieved orgasm about a minute later and the convulsions forced the dildo out of her ass and onto the bed. I watched, with a smile, her gapping ass open and close spontaneously as the pleasure and spasms rocked her body. When she settled down long enough I stood up on my feet and replaced the missing toy with my cock, easily sliding it into her worn in rectum. She was panting and shaking, still playing with her clitoris as I buried my pussy coated cock deep into her ass. Indescribable sensations coursed through me, I never tire of feeling her hot pulsing bottom wrapped around my shaft. It's so good. Thrusting hard I began to pound my cock into her from above, holding tight to her hips and making long hard thrusts, almost leaving her body each time before slamming back into her. I kept this up, hard and fast until sweat formed on my forehead and dripped down onto her back.

Before I lost it I pulled out, retrieved the vibrating toy, making a mess of our bed, and stood back up over her. I put my cock back in her ass deep and moved the toy above it, pressing the head on my shaft and her tightly packed ass. The vibrations coursed through us, adding to the thrill and pleasure. I didn't think it was possible to fit the toy in with my cock. It seemed way too wide and my cock was much too hard. I knew my shaft wouldn't give and the toy was solid as well. With me so deep there was no way to press the toy in above my shaft.

Pulling out until just my head was in her ass I tried again. I knew my head could be squeezed smaller, forcing the blood down into the shaft, allowing the toy to enter. It was still extremely tight and took some doing but I managed to force the toy in above the head of my cock. Cindy was breathing hard, it put a lot of strain on her but I told her to keep playing with her clit and to enjoy the sensations. I paused to admire the visual of the toy's head and my head stuffed into her ass, vibrating rapidly. The tight fit mashed my head but the shaft stayed rock hard. At the same time I attempted to insert both my cock and the toy at the same time deeper into her body. Holy crap it was tight, it was actually a little painful with the toy because it didn't give much at all and Cindy ass didn't either.

She started to moan and I could tell it was taking its toll on her as well. I managed to get half of me and the toy in, before stopping to see if her ass would adjust to the intrusion. The fast vibrations coursed through my cock, vibrating up the shaft and into my balls. Just having half of my cock in her and the toy vibrating it was very pleasurable, causing my legs to shake and my balls to raise tight. Leaving the toy in deep I pulled my cock out slowly because any faster would have hurt both of us. I knew it would be totally different if the toy was a real cock but at the moment this was all I had to work with. Once I was about to leave her butt I moved back in. my heart was racing again, similar to the first time I had anal sex. My balls were extremely tight and the heat, pressure and vibrations had me very nearly cumming.

I wished I had thought about grabbing a camera so I could film this experience from a different point of view then my own eyes. It was quite the sight but seeing it from a side perspective with both my cock and toy sticking out of her ass would have been cool. I figured I'd let myself cum, knowing the pill would have me hard again and we could continue. It only took three slow withdrawals and insertions of my cock and I was cumming. On the last withdrawal I let my cock pop out, flip upwards and spray a huge rope of cum into the air. Standing up fully I stroked my member over my wives quivering body, raining bursts of semen all over her back. The toy was still deep in her ass, vibrating away as my jizz splashed on her body. I told her mind to climax as well so I could watch her reaction with my load painting her. I've got to say if you haven't had the opportunity to stand over a woman and rain cum down on her, I highly recommend it especially while she's climaxing herself. Awesome! I fucked her two more times that night, but never did the double ass thing again.

Anyway that was last week, the double penetration of Monica's and Cindy's asses went well, I was curious to see what the lab guys would come up with next. Something I was sure. Monica was going to Scott's house today it's been four days again since they had her. They told me to meet her there at eleven in the morning so I had about an hour and a half before I had to leave my house. Cindy was already gone to the gym with Becca and I was bored, waiting until I had to leave for Scott's.

Cindy returned home and Becca didn't come I with her. Cindy found me in the kitchen, hot and sweaty from her workout. She looked good, like aways in her tight shorts and sports bra with her nipples visible through the material.

"Hey, honey," she began, "How long has it been since we had sex?"

"I don't know," I answered since I couldn't recall the last time we had sex with her remembering it.

"Exactly, it's been months. You've stopped even trying."

"Can you blame me?" I asked.

"Let's not fight... instead I'm thinking of having some fun before I go shopping today. I have about an hour. What do you say?"

I figured I'd see how far I could take this; I mean what could go wrong? Nothing.

"Only if you let me do anal," I said.

The reaction was immediate. She was still programed to react to that word and I watched her nipples get even harder through the bra. She shuttered a bit and looked up at me, as the pleasure flooded her body.

"Oh my, umm I guess we could try, if you really want too."

I have to say I was shocked. I expected her to flip out and scream at me. I didn't know if it was the chips influence and the programming or the time she thinks she's gone without but she just agreed to anal sex in her own right mind! That was flabbergasting and she could see my stunned look on her face.

"I can tell by your face you're shocked. Well, you better follow me upstairs before I change my mind," she said.

"Umm, yeah, sure thing," I stammered.

I don't know what it was but I was excited, my heart was already going fast. It wasn't like this was my first time. I've fucked her in the ass probably hundreds of times by now but to have her be herself and agree to it had me all sorts of thrilled. When she got into our room she started stripping off her gym attire. I could see the tight red lines around her body and my cock was quickly growing in my pants.

"I've been thinking about sex all morning, some of the exercises get me so turned on. And it's been so long!" she said climbing on the bed naked.

I didn't respond, instead I quickly shed my own clothing and was rock hard by the time I was naked. I quickly moved to the side of the bed. She was keeling on it looking back at me.

"Oh, I see you're already hard, could it be you've been wanting some as well?" she smiled, playing with me.

"Absolutely, I've not stopped wanting you."

"That's good, and now you're going to have a new part of me. That turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Big time, I'm not going to lie."

"I don't see the draw of anal sex... but I'm so turned on I want you in me!" she said.

I saw the reaction when she said anal sex out loud again. She fell over quivering and rubbing her body with her hands. I was damn sexy. She spread her legs and looked up at me with desire written on her face. I think she expected me to take her ass right then and there with no foreplay or other stimulation. Her butt was on the edge of the bed, her legs were spread and she was noticeably turned on. Moving between her legs, standing over her, she was surprised when I eased my hardened member into her flushed and moist pussy, up to my balls.

"Did you change your mind?" she asked, taking a deep breath.

"No, I'm warming you up."

"I see, well, if you couldn't tell I'm already warm."

"Yeah, I noticed. Are you complaining?" I asked, slamming my cock in, deep and hard.

"Mmm, no... it feels great," she said biting her lip.

I reached forward, grabbing her round orbs, pushing them up and together. Rolling them in my hands, I lightly palmed the nipples as I thrust my cock in deep, out almost all the way, over and over. She was really wet, which I was surprised again about, but knew it would help with the anal when the time came. Until then I enjoyed her hot pussy and breasts and she seemed to be into it as well, more so than she's been in a while in her own mind.

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