Washing Bottles and Cans Topless


Beyond my control, my penis wanted to say, "Hi," too. I imagine my cock was hoping for a handshake from her, also. Suddenly, when I stepped forward and put one foot on her back step, I felt a draft. In the way that she enthusiastically shook my hand, it wasn't until she looked down and I looked where she was looking that I noticed my bathrobe had parted, slid off my leg, and was open enough for her to see my exposed cock and balls.

Oh, my God, in all the times that I stood in my kitchen masturbating and while wanting to expose my cock to her, I just met the woman and I exposed myself to her. Now, I really felt like a pervert. From the thought of what pure pleasure lay beneath her bathrobe, I already had a half erection. Embarrassed by her turning the tables on me, by me inadvertently exposing my cock to her and her ogling me by staring, I was the exhibitionist now and she was the voyeur.

"Nice," she said with a sexy laugh.

"Sorry," I said feeling myself turning a bright red. I took a step back and quickly adjusted my bathrobe.

It's odd that I was embarrassed then, after I wanted to flash her my cock in my kitchen before, when I was masturbating over her naked show. Maybe I'm not as big of a pervert as I thought I was. Maybe I'm just a voyeur.

"I have coffee made," she said. "Would you care for a cup?"

I couldn't believe she was inviting me in her kitchen. I've been dying to see what her kitchen looks like from that perspective, the inside out, instead of the outside in. Only, I couldn't.

"Oh, no," I said wiping a hand across my face to wipe away the embarrassment and to rub the sleep from my eyes. I was still reeling over having flashed her my cock. "I just came out to dump my trash. I had fish last night and my kitchen reeks of it," I said, so nervous meeting her. I just wanted to go back in my apartment and hide.

I couldn't believe I flashed her my cock. I'll be masturbating over that, for sure, too. Even though I was embarrassed, I couldn't believe she enjoyed seeing my cock, as much as I enjoyed showing her my cock. She actually stared at it, without saying anything, until I looked down to where she was looking and then she said, "Nice."

Not able to stop my mind from thinking of her C cup breasts, when she invited me in for a cup of coffee, I wanted to say, two please and make them C cups. My mind was consumed by her tits. I couldn't believe I declined her invitation to see her kitchen. I'll be regretting that later.

"C'mon, you look like you could use a cup of coffee," she said insisting and looking at my slept on hair, while holding open her back door.

"Oh, I'm not even dressed," I said pulling my bathrobe tighter and patting down my hair.

"I'm not dressed either," she said pulling her bathrobe around her exposed leg. "Come," she said. "I have muffins, jam, and sugared crullers"

Good God, she has muffins, jam, and sugared crullers. I had such a dirty mind. Instead of thinking of food, instead of thinking about eating breakfast with her, I could only think dirty thoughts. I'd love to jam her muffin with my sugared cruller.

"Okay," I said following her inside her kitchen behind her and so wanting to grab her terrycloth ass. I was curious to know the layout of her kitchen, anyway, since I had been watching her and, from the vantage point of my kitchen window, I couldn't see the inside of all of kitchen.

"Please have a seat," she said.

I sat at the kitchen table looking around and watching her, while she busied herself getting me coffee, putting muffins and crullers on a plate, and getting some jam from the refrigerator.

"Thank you," I said when she handed me a cup of coffee.

A warm, familiar smell, the aroma of the coffee made me wish I could have breakfast with her every morning. She was so beautiful that I wished I was more part of her life, than only being her neighbor and her secret voyeur. I wished I could share more than just watching her, while naked and masturbating.

Hard for me to focus, her nipples were making an impression through her bathrobe and I so wanted to reach over and finger them, before taking them out and sucking them. Was she cold or excited? I could feel my lips pursing in the shape of when a baby needs his bottle or a goldfish wants food. Even when she was sitting across from me completely covered, I couldn't remove the naked image of her from my mind.

"There's cream and sugar--"

"I just drink it black. Thank you," I said taking a sip.

There was an uncomfortable pause in our conversation and I wondered if she was thinking about what to say or what not to say next, as I was thinking the same. I could feel the tension. Only, it was sexual tension on my part.

"Thank you for cleaning up the neighborhood," she said with a warm smile.

If only I knew her better, I could read her face, but I didn't and I couldn't. What did she mean by that? The timing of her words couldn't have been more perfect. Her words hit my mind with an explosion, just as the coffee burned my tongue.

"Pardon?" I spit coffee down the front of my bathrobe.

Shit! Shit! Shit! She knows it was me leaving her all those bottles and cans by her back door. Duh? Now that I think about, now that I'm confronted by it, how could she not know it was me? It's just so obvious. I'm just so obvious. I'm such a dope.

Only, I don't think straight, when I'm walking around with an erection with the thoughts of what I'm going to see of her that night. Surely, this town doesn't have a fairy bottle and can recycler. If it did, I'd be it. Only, in the motivation that I had to recycle, I didn't have Angelic wings, I had Satan's horns.

She came at me with a handful of napkins and started blotting the coffee out of my bathrobe, while leaning over me. For a second, she moved so close to me that I thought she was going to kiss me, that's how close she was to me. To be honest, I had a hard time breathing. It's been a long time, since I've been this close to a woman and never have I been this close to such a beautiful and desirable woman. On her best day, my old girlfriend didn't look this good.

I couldn't help but imagine her blotting the head of my cock, after she masturbated me and after I exploded sticky cum all over her soft, warm hand. She was so close to me that her long, blonde, soft, lush hair touched, teased, and tickled my cheek with the movement of her hand and I couldn't help but wish her hand was around my stiff cock stroking me faster and faster, before she took me in her mouth and sucked me. It took all the control I had not to turn my head and kiss her full lips. After watching her for nearly two months, without even knowing who she was or what her name was, until today, I had already developed deep feelings for her.

She was so beautiful from a distance and even more so up close. Her blue eyes made me want to confess every dark secret that I ever kept. I so wanted to tell her that the coffee burned my tongue, when she said thanked me for cleaning up the neighborhood. I wondered if she'd help soothe my hurt tongue by kissing me, French kissing me. With her leaning so close, smelling so good, being so beautiful, and fussing over me in that way, I so wanted to kiss her, hold her, and tell her that I want her, have to have her, and love her.

Only, she'd think I was a nut for falling for a woman I just met a few minutes ago. Yet, after watching her for weeks, I felt as if I already knew her. I so wanted to tell her that I had been watching her. I so wanted to tell her that I had seen her naked. I wondered her reaction but, not wanting to ruin the continuation of free naked shows, I didn't dare confess my voyeurism of her.

Stop it! I need to stop fantasying over my sexy, naked neighbor. My behavior is so wrong and I'm so out of control. Why must it always be about sex for me? From all the I know about her, she's nice. She recycles. She offered me her friendship by inviting me in her apartment, and already, that's more than my old neighbor ever did.

For all I know, she has no idea that I watch her washing her recyclables naked, while masturbating. She's just a good and kind person. What more could I want from a new neighbor? For all I know, she may have a boyfriend, a husband, or a lesbian girlfriend. Suddenly, I imagined a naked, hairy man with as much hair on his back as he had on his head, washing recyclables by the kitchen sink with her or another woman, equally as beautiful as she was, kissing, while naked, at the kitchen window.


"Sorry, did you say something."

"Uhm, no. Sorry. I guess I was just daydreaming."

She smelled like fresh peaches and I just wanted to touch her, feel her, finger her, lick her, eat her, and fuck her. I know it was wrong of me, but when she was leaning down over me and dabbing the coffee out of my bathrobe, I could see a good part of her breasts down her open bathrobe top. I so wanted to reach my hand down and fondle her breast.

Replaying the naked image of her, I imagined her standing at the sink topless, while washing and rinsing bottles and cans with her tits jiggling up and down and side to side. Then, I imagined her standing naked, by her kitchen table, the one that I was sitting at, now, mindlessly undressing and stripping naked. Now, with my fantasy still endlessly playing through my mind, here I was sitting in her kitchen. I couldn't believe it.

With her shapely, full breasts bouncing up and down and side to side, I imagined her riding me, while wearing her cowgirl hat. I felt my cock twinge over all that I saw of her before and I so wanted to start masturbating over what I was seeing of her now. She was just so incredibly beautiful. She was just so incredibly sexy.

Still, I couldn't help but wonder. Did she know that I could see down her open bathrobe? Did she know that I could see much of her tits? Was she giving me a close up exhibitionist show now, as she was then, when she stood topless at her kitchen window and naked at her kitchen table?

Then, I remembered that striptease show she gave me in her kitchen, when she slowly removed her clothes. Wow. Better than any video of exhibitionism I've ever seen on the computer, that was the hottest, naked demonstration I've ever seen in my life. She has such an incredible body.

I couldn't help but wonder if she was an exhibitionist? I had no idea. What does an exhibitionist look like? None of those women who go around nude in public look like her, that's for sure.

Does she know that I watch her every night, while masturbating? Unless she's seen me lurking in the shadows, how could she? Does she know that I'm a voyeur? How could she, she just met me? Is that why she exposes herself to me? Does she enjoy playing exhibitionism and voyeurism games as much as I do? If only she was such a woman then, definitely, I'd be her dream man.

Why would she make that comment about me cleaning up the neighborhood? Definitely, she must know that it's me leaving the box of recyclables. Fuck. Maybe she just figures that I'm just concerned about the environment. Maybe she thinks that I'm just doing my part to help save the planet. Maybe because our small town is celebrating Earth Day, she thinks that I am, too. Then, I thought, maybe she's trying to trap me in admitting that I'm a peeper. My mind was a whirl of thoughts. Oh, my God, I'm so embarrassed. I'm such a dope.

"All those recyclables you collect every day and leave out in the back alley is so amazing. That's so nice of you to do that. I can tell that you're a man with a lot of community spirit," she said. "I hope you don't mind, but I take them in to rinse them, before bagging them and storing them in my garage to deliver to the town for the Earth Day drive," she said sitting back in her chair smiling and angling her body, as if she was posing.

She crossed her legs and I watched her bathrobe slide off her leg exposing her luscious thigh to me. I couldn't help but imagine falling between her thighs and pleasuring her with my fingers and tongue, before satisfying her with my cock. If she uncrossed her legs, now, she'd flash me her panty or her pussy, if she's not wearing panties. I had a feeling that she wasn't wearing any panties, just as I was naked beneath my bathrobe, I had a feeling that she was naked beneath her bathrobe, too. She was so damn beautiful and so damn sexy.

"Oh, you do, you wash and rinse them all? Really? I didn't know that," I said lying through my teeth. "No, not at all, I don't mind you rinsing them. That's good that you wash them, otherwise I don't think they'd accept them. Yeah, now that you mention that you wash them, I think they'd reject the recyclables if they're dirty and not clean. I'm glad you rinse them."

Shut the Hell up. I was talking way too much about the recyclables. Then, there was another uncomfortable moment of silence, where we just sat and sipped our coffee.

"There must be thousands of bottles and cans," she said with a laugh. "I don't know how you found the time to collect so many. I have bags of them, but it's for a good cause. Maybe you can help me bring them. We're going to have to make a few trips," she said with another laugh.

"Sure. I'd be glad to help you. I drive a pickup truck. We can load the back of it with all the bags," I said suddenly feeling uncomfortable about seeing her naked, now that I had developed a neighborly relationship with her and would be seeing her outside together, while wearing clothes. This was awkward.

I had so many questions to ask her, but I couldn't think of a single one. My mind was filled with the naked image of her. Instead of focusing on her naked form, I tried focusing on the questions I'd ask her and the information I'd like to know about her.

Where was she from? What does she do for a living? Where does she work? How does she like living here? Why did she pick this community? I remembered all of those questions now, but at the time, I couldn't think of a single question to ask her. All we talked about was the damn recycling, which was good for me, of course, because that cemented the naked vision of her standing naked in her kitchen.

"I'm embarrassed," she suddenly said.

"Embarrassed?" Shit! Was I flashing her my cock again? I looked down and tightened my bathrobe glad that my cock wasn't making another surprise appearance. "Why are you embarrassed? Don't be embarrassed. Everyone washes their recyclables, don't they?"

"No, that's not why I'm embarrassed," she said giving me a sexy smile, while looking over my shoulder behind me. "I just now realized that you can probably see me, when I'm rinsing out the recyclables that you leave me."

Again, I choked on my coffee but, this time, I managed to keep it in my mouth.

"See you?" I turned to where she was looking out her kitchen window across the way at my kitchen window. "Oh, see you? Nah, I've never seen you. This is my first time seeing you. I didn't even know this place had rented, until you opened your backdoor," I said waving my hand in feigned shock. "I'm oblivious. I don't notice anything. Besides, to be honest, I seldom go in my kitchen. I buy a lot of takeout food and eat it in front of the television. They even supply me plastic utensils and napkins, so that I don't ever have to go out to the kitchen, until morning, when I make coffee. In truth, sometimes I forget I even have a kitchen," I said with a nervous laugh.

I was talking way too much. I was protesting way too much. I was nervous. I always talk more, when I'm nervous. Shut up, shut the Hell up. Just shut up about the kitchen. God, I'm such a moron. I'd never make it as a poker player. Everyone would know I was bluffing.

"I used to live out in the woods, before I moved to the city," she said leaning back to sit up in her chair. Even the way she moved was sexy. "The back of my house faced conservation land. There was no one out there in the woods walking around because it was so swampy. When I moved to the city from the country, I'm still in the habit of walking around my house naked with the lights on without curtains on the windows. Still figuring that no one can see me, I just don't think anything of it. It's just my natural way."

"Oh, nah, you could walk around naked and I'd never notice. I'm oblivious. I really am," I said feeling my cock come alive with the memory of her naked body. "I work from home and to be honest, I'm always thinking about work, work, work, work. Yeah, work is my life. I'm always upstairs in my office, way on the other side of the house and nowhere near the kitchen. I work through the night most times. I rarely look up. I never notice anything, as evidenced by all the recyclables I collected. I'm always looking down instead of up," I said with another nervous laugh.

Shut up! Just stop talking. She was just so damn beautiful that she was making me ramble on like an idiot. For sure, she knows now that I've been watching her.

"Is that why you leave recyclables?" She looked at me and smiled.

"What do you mean?"

We were playing a titillating game of footsie but without the feet. We were sexually sparring and feeling one another out, before admitting to one another that we were both perverts, she an exhibitionist and me a voyeur.

"Are you hoping that I'll stay at the kitchen window naked longer?"

Oh, my God, I thought I'd die. Without a doubt, she knows I've been watching her.

"Naked? I, uhm," I uttered. Suddenly, my tongue felt as big as my cock and I couldn't talk.

Oh, fuck, the gig is up. She must have seen me skulking in the shadows, while masturbating over the sexy, naked sight of her. I'm such a moron. I'm such a pervert. I'm such a voyeur.

I could feel the heat coming up from my neck to brighten my face red. If I was ever to commit a crime, I could never hide my guilt from the police under the slightest amount of interrogation. Okay, okay, I'm guilty, I wanted to say, but I didn't see you naked. Deny, deny, deny.

"I haven't had time to buy curtains," she said mindlessly, as if she was talking while letting out smoke from her cigarette and as if talking to herself. Yet, she wasn't smoking a cigarette, but she was smoking hot, nonetheless. "To be honest, I like the kitchen window without curtains. With so little light coming in the kitchen because my window faces the dark alley and your house, not having curtains lets in more light. Besides, so long as you don't mind seeing me naked sometimes," she said with a sexy smile and a shrug, "maybe I won't even bother with the curtains." She stared at me with her eyes so blue and her lips so full that I wanted to kiss her and confess everything to her.

"Seeing you? No, I don't mind seeing you...naked. This is your apartment. You are free to walk around however you like, even, uhm, naked."

Fuck. Duh? I just admitted that I saw her naked. I'm such an idiot. I was sweating. Suddenly, it was so hot in her kitchen. This conversation is surreal. If I was alone right now, I'd already have my cock out and stroking it. Even in my wildest fantasy, I couldn't have imagined having a conversation, such as this.

"You probably think me weird or an exhibitionist for washing and rinsing out the recyclables naked and in plain view of my new neighbor."

Be still my heart. I wanted to say that I didn't notice, but I couldn't lie. Not being able to maintain a poker face was the reason why I never play poker; she'd know I was lying. Still, I tried to bluff.

"Naked? Really?" I was sweating. "No, I, uhm, didn't notice that, uhm, you were--"

"Michael," she said touching my hand. "Relax. It's okay," she said with a reassuring smile.

Her hand was so warm and soft she excited me, an understatement, when she lifted my hand to her chest. My hand was cupping her breast. I could feel her nipple through her bathrobe in the palm of my hand. At that point, in the way she looked at me with my hand cupping her tit and the warmth from her hand on mine, if she asked me to be a willing sacrifice, I would. She could kill me now and I'd die a happy man.

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