tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching From the Shadows

Watching From the Shadows


Karen stood at the foot of the bed, the flickering glow of the two oil lamps the only source of illumination in the room. She clasped her hands behind her and looked into the corner of the room, toward the occupant of a lone chair which she sensed rather than saw. A shiver ran through her as the tip of his cigarette glowed brightly for a second, dimly illuminating his face, then moved downward, away from his body.

Deep in the shadows, Michael sat comfortably in the chair, looking at the beautiful woman standing before him. Her hair cascaded around her shoulders, glowing seductively in the dim light of the lantern.

"Let me see," he finally spoke.

Karen's eyes darted from his direction to the floor as she heard the words. Slowly, hesitantly, she unclasped her hands from behind her and reached for the top button of her delicate white peasant blouse. Her fingertips nervously worked first the top button, then the next, continuing on until she finally released the final button from the hole which kept the blouse secured around her. She hesitated again, drawing a nervous breath, then releasing a quiet sigh.

For a moment, nothing happened. Karen looked back in Michael's direction and sensed his impatience. Slowly, she pulled the blouse open, shrugging the fabric off first her left shoulder, then her right, leaving her black lace brassiere fully exposed to him. With a sigh of resignation, she dropped the blouse at her feet.

"Very nice," he said as the woman stood before him. "Do continue."

Karen reached in front of her and fumbled briefly with the button of her slacks. Michael heard the sound of the nylon zipper being drawn downward. Karen stood still, as if to gather her courage. Placing her thumbs into the waistband of the black slacks, she slid them downward over her hips, bending forward to help remove her shapely legs for that of the slacks.

"Oh yes," Michael whispered as she stepped out of her slacks and stood straight once again, revealing a pair of black lace bikini panties. "You are more beautiful than I had imagined."

A brief glimmer of a smile appeared on her lips at the compliment. She held her hands in front of her, covering her navel as her houseguest's eyes roamed her now shivering body. Although she was extremely nervous, she had to admit she was also extremely excited.

"Show me more," he said from the shadows.

Karen watched his cigarette raise and briefly glow brighter as he drew the heavy smoke into his mouth. With trembling fingers, she reached behind her and worked the clasp of her brassiere. As the straps went slack, her arms moved around to the front of her body, effectively shedding the black lace skin which trapped her pert breasts.

A small moan of satisfaction and appreciation came from Michael's direction as the brassiere joined the blouse and slacks at her feet. Michael said nothing more as his eyes roamed over her body. Her eyes twinkled in the dim light of the oil lamps. Her chest rose and fell in nervous anticipation of what Michael might request next. Her pert breasts kept his attention for several seconds as he watched her nipples stiffen in reaction to the sudden exposure to the open air.

"Absolutely beautiful," he said more to himself than to her as his eyes traveled down her flat stomach to her trim waist and full hips. "Now the rest."

Karen swallowed audibly. Her fingertips shook as her hands moved to the waistband of her panties of their own accord. Hooking her thumbs into the elastic, she hesitated only briefly before steeling her resolve and slipping the wispy thin material downward and away from her treasure. Michael's eyes followed the progress of the undergarment as it traveled down her shapely legs to her ankles. He heard her nervous sigh and marveled at the thin, neatly trimmed tuft of pubic hair the removal of the panties had revealed to him as she straightened and stepped out of the garment, stepping to the side of the pile of clothing which lay at her feet.

For several minutes nothing was said. Karen watched his silhouette, nervously waiting for what was to happen next. Her body shivered from both the chill open air of the room and the increasing excitement she felt within herself after putting her body on display for him. His cigarette glowed brighter once again as he took in every feature of her lovely body. Finally, he spoke.

"I've waited a long time for this moment. I've fantasized about what I'd like to do with you if we ever found ourselves in this situation. But now that we're here, I'm finding the thought of doing nothing to be more exciting than ravishing you like I had planned." A look of confusion appeared on her face. "Not to worry, Sweety. You are quite beautiful. I would love to explore your body with my fingertips, lips, and tongue. But I think for our first encounter, I would like to watch you explore your body for me."

Karen absorbed his request with a combined sense of relief, excitement, and disappointment. Michael saw this reaction and reassured her that he had definite plans for her body for his own pleasure, but he wanted to make sure her pleasure came first. As he didn't know his way around her body, what she liked or where she liked it, he wanted her to give him a sort of guided tour into what she found pleasurable.

"Pleasure yourself for me, Karen." Her eyes flashed at the mention of her name. "Show me what you like to feel."

With a silent nod, Karen stepped closer to the bed and sat down on its foot. Looking deeply into the shadows of the room, to where she sensed his eyes would be, she slid her buttocks rearward onto the bed a bit further. She bit her lower lip as her right hand moved to her tight, flat stomach. Michael watched as her hand began a slow massaging motion, barely moving her flesh at all as she gently stroked her tummy from side to side.

Within a few seconds, both of her hands reached up to cup her full, pert breasts, her fingertips gently clasping her already stiff nipples. Michael watched her breathing deepen as she worked her nipples between the thumb and middle finger of each hand. Closing her eyes, Karen slowly allowed her body to fall backward on the bed, stretching her body our for Michael to see in it's entirety.

Michael said nothing as he watched her move herself upward on the bed, finally placing her head in the center of one of the down pillows. Karen's hands did not remain idle as she made herself comfortable. Her left hand cupped her left breast, her fingertips avoiding the rigid nipple. Meanwhile her right hand played over her abdomen, toying briefly with her navel, only to travel further downward to briefly brush through her pubic mound. Her eyes closed and her legs parted slightly as her fingertips traced their way trough her cleft, then back upward to her tummy.

"That's right, open your legs for me," Michael said softly from across the room. "Let me see."

Karen's legs parted slowly as her right hand once again moved downward to her mound. Her tiny palm covered her entire mons, slowly rubbing her sex in a slight circular motion as her legs opened wider. Her left hand held her breast tighter as she felt herself dampen between her legs. She ran an exploratory fingertip downward, along the length of her thickening labia, then back upward and over her stiffening clitoris.

Michael said nothing as he watched Karen once again begin to manipulate her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her right hand traced the outline of her moistening vagina as her breathing deepened even further. Her fingertips explored the folds of her sex, drawing a bit of moisture from the natural lubrication welling inside her.

"Open yourself for me," Michael whispered from his chair in the shadows. "Let me see all of you."

Releasing her breast, Karen did as Michael instructed. Her left hand joined her right, slowly manipulating her now-glistening labia. Using only the index finger of each hand, she spread the thickening lips which guarded her entrance. Michael could see she was very excited. Her sex was visibly swollen and glistening wet as her fingertips continued to explore her folds. Her excitement was such, as to keep her lips wide open as the fingertips of her right hand once again traveled upward to her now-rigid clitoris.

"That's right, stroke your clit for me," Michael said, emboldened by Karen's erotic display of self-pleasure.

A quiet gasp escaped her lips as the tip of her middle finger applied firm pressure to her clitoris. Her body shuddered as she felt the warmth building deep within her. Her left hand teased her entrance, toying with the very edges of her treasure with a fingertip.

Michael leaned over to the table and crushed out his cigarette. Rising silently from his seat, he quickly disrobed, his eyes never leaving her body. "Now, Karen... Slip your finger inside you now..."

Karen groaned quietly as her finger obeyed him of it's own will. Her right hand increased the speed and pressure on her throbbing clitoris as the fingertip slowly entered her. Michael approached the bed from the side and stood above her, relishing the sight of the beautiful woman gently masturbating herself for his pleasure as well as hers.

Her finger slowly moved in and out of her as she increased the pressure and speed on her clitoris. Her legs opened wider and her hips lifted as if to drive the intruding digit even deeper inside her.

Michael leaned forward and cupped her breast, touching her nude body for the very first time. Karen jumped slightly, startled that Michael had approached her without her knowing it. She quickly relaxed and slid a second finger inside herself as he manipulated first her right nipple, then her left.

"You look so beautiful," he whispered to her. "Bring yourself off for me, Karen. Fuck yourself faster."

Karen moaned as she complied with his request. Her fingers slid in and out of her now soaked sex, glistening with her juices in the dim lamp light. Her fingertip concentrated on her clitoris as she felt the first tiny tingles of orgasm build within her.

Michael gently placed his hands behind her back and lifted her upper torso just enough to allow him to climb onto the bed behind her. Spreading his legs, he guided her upper body back against his, sharing their warmth for the first time. Her hands kept their pace as his hands reached around her, cupping her breasts.

"I feel your excitement, Karen," he whispered into her ear. "I want you to cum for me."

Karen didn't answer. She kept the rhythm of her fingers sliding in and out of herself steady as she began rubbing her clitoris faster. Somewhere in the back of her consciousness she felt his erect cock along her spine. The pressure it exerted against her as it throbbed only served to heighten her growing excitement.

Michael's fingertips encircled her stiff nipples, gently applying pressure to the sensitive tips. Karen moaned slipped her fingers in and out of her now absolutely dripping vagina even deeper. The middle finger of her right hand was almost a blur as her hips undulated, rising and falling in perfect time with the thrusts of her left hand.

"That's right, Karen. Release the flood deep inside you. I feel you getting closer," Michael whispered to her. "I'll be inside you soon. I'll replace your fingers with my cock. Cum for me first, Karen. Let me watch you cum."

Karen's chest heaved and her fingers flew over her sex as she rapidly approached orgasm. She vaguely noticed a warm, wet feeling along her back as Michael's erection began to ooze its lubrication. The feeling of his excitement only fueled her even further.

"Fuck yourself, Karen. Make yourself cum for me. Make your pussy nice and wet for my cock."

Karen felt the first spasms begin deep inside her vagina, signalling her imminent climax.

"I feel you getting closer and closer, Karen. I want to be inside you. I want to feel you cum while I fuck you."

Karen's fingers flew over her clitoris as she suddenly inhaled deeply. Her orgasm began as a quiet moan, which eventually built into a loud shriek of pleasure.

"Cum for me, Karen. Cum for me!"

Light seemed to suddenly explode deep inside her mind as the first violent convulsion wracked her body. Heat exploded from deep within her as her fingers slammed in and out of her at lightning speed. In the deepest recesses of her mind, she could vaguely feel her inner muscles grip at her fingers as her hips thrashed up and down, then from side to side, milking every ounce of pleasure she possibly could from her own hands.

"Yes!" Michael said in a hoarse voice, his cock straining against her back as she flailed about in his arms. "Yes! Cum for me!"

Karen's body continued to spasm as she felt her orgasm begin to fade. She bore down hard on her fingers with her inner muscles, prolonging the pleasure as her right hand continued to frantically rub her clitoris.

As suddenly as it began, it was over. Karen collapsed in a heap atop Michael as her body shuddered and shook. Her fingers slowly withdrew from deep within her, glistening in the dim light with the evidence of her climax.

"That's right, Sweety." He whispered as he kissed the side of her neck. "Let it calm down."

Karen reveled in the feeling of his arms as the wrapped around her. Her hands lay flat at her sides as he looked down over her tortured body. She became fully aware of his erection behind her as he moved, slowly stroking her sides with his hands as her breathing began to return to normal. For the first time since entering the room, she spoke.

"Come around here and hold me, please."

Michael silently lifted his body from beneath hers, and maneuvered himself out from behind her. As he stretched out beside her, her arms flew around his body, pulling him tight against her. He leaned forward and their lips met, then parted. Their tongues danced and intertwined as he stroked her shoulder and neck.

When she finally broke the kiss, she turned her head downward, and leaned her body into his. They rested in that position for several minutes as Karen regained her composure.

"That was fantastic," he said in a low tone.

"Yes it was," she replied. "I was scared to death at first, but..."

He silenced her with another kiss. "You have nothing to be afraid of with me," he replied seconds later.

"I know that now, but I didn't know that then," she smiled.

Michael felt her move and loosened his grip on her. She rolled away from him slightly, and he again took in the sight of her beautiful body. His hand instinctively reached out to cup her breast. She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt the warmth of his body against hers. Reaching downward between them, she wrapped her fingers around his still throbbing erection.

"It's your turn, I think," she smiled. "I want to feel you inside me."

"Oh, you will," he said. "I plan on it very soon. But first, I have something else in mind."

Karen looked deep into his eyes with a questioning look on her face. She suddenly smiled as he leaned forward and ran his tongue over her right nipple.

"I forgot to tell you I was very oral, didn't I?" He said with a mischievous grin.

"No, you told me," she said as she felt his body shift over hers. "I just thought you'd like to..."

"I would like to," he interrupted as he shifted downward. "And I will. We're not in a hurry, are we?"

"Mmmmmm, no," she replied as she felt his warm breath travel down her flat stomach. "We have all night."

Michael's tongue flicked out and teased her navel. "Glad to hear you say that. I like to take my time."

"God I hope so," she thought to herself, as she felt his warm breath tickle through her pubic hair.

As his tongue slipped through her mound and found her clitoris, her hips lifted involuntarily. "Take all the time you need," she said.

She gasped as his tongue plunged deep inside her, then withdrew, slipping upward over her clitoris again....

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