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Watching Sarah


I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world. I wasn't the smartest or most athletic, I wasn't even the coolest, but I had the hottest girl in school. I guess she thought I was sensitive or something. I had known Sarah for a few years and I watched her date a bunch of assholes that only wanted to get into her pants. None of them did. All the while, I was biding my time, becoming her friend. I never believed that friendship could jinx a romance. We had talked about the chance of losing our friendship, but now we've been dating for a couple of months. Next week after graduation, her parents have even invited me on their family vacation. They think I'm great and my folks adore her.

Sarah was my favorite fantasy even before we dated. She stood 5'7" with long, fine dark hair. I used to imagine her tied up in the woods while some mountain man ripped her clothes off and mauled her tits. They're not the largest but they're perfect. I had always thought so before and now that I've had my hands on them I'm sure. Just shy of a C-cup, they seem to stretch her B-cup bras to the fullest. She's got long thin legs and a tight round ass. She ran track but didn't have that competitive spirit so she didn't win very often. It sure put her body in great shape, though. I could never tell her I spent two years jerking off to the thought of her being raped. How sensitive would that be? But, one smile from her during class would get me thinking of her gasping for breath while some maniac bends her over a stump and steals her virginity.

I don't have to imagine her body anymore though. Last month I claimed her sweet prize for my own. We had finally started dating and after just five dates she had let me get farther than anyone else. I actually came in my pants the first time my hands got under her sweater. Her tits were sweeter than I could have dreamed. When that bra released and I felt her nipples harden between my fingers, I just couldn't stand it. I shot my load in my jeans. She apologized, if you can believe it, for wanting to go slowly and I stuttered my agreement while crossing my legs. A week later while making out in her room, she let me go a little farther. She lay on her back topless while I licked her tits. Her legs opened and when I ran my hand up her thigh she did not stop me. For ten minutes I rubbed her panty covered pussy while sucking her tits. Her breathing was rapid and her body was writhing. Then she grabbed my hand and shoved it into her panties, steering me to her favorites places. When she climaxed, I was in ecstasy over giving such pleasure to some one I loved so much.

She then rolled me onto my back and kissed me deeply. Her tits were rubbing against my bare chest and as soon as she opened my pants and pulled out my cock, I came, throbbing in her hand. She quickly caught on and jerked me off vigorously as I fired shot after shot between our bodies. We decided then to go all the way. I instantly got undressed and Sarah stepped over to her dresser and pulled out a condom. It didn't take me long to get hard again. She stripped off her skirt and got on the bed. I climbed between her legs and guided my dick home.

She was so tight and warm that when even when she said to go slowly, I couldn't wait. I shoved my cock into her taking both of our virginities. Right through her shriek of shock and pain I started humping her pussy. She pleaded, "Wait! Wait! Wait..." and then it was over. I gave her 8 or 9 good thrusts and came a second time.

I felt bad for leaving hickeys on her neck and tits and we agreed that next time we could plan it out better. I got dressed and left before her parents got home. That night, I was the mountain man as I pinned her down and ravaged her body in my dreams. She was so pretty; I was on top of the world.

Since then we have fucked each week and it is getting better every time. First, I get a hand job from Sarah, then I bring her off with my hand, she says she doesn't want to try oral sex. After we both come, she closes her eyes and opens her thighs for me. She tries to hold very still so I can last longer. I always use a condom because we're both planning on college. Last week I timed it on the car against the radio. We fucked for the full song, but when Britney's "Slave" came on I had to go for it. I pumped her pussy harder than ever and Sarah started bucking her hips back at me. After I finished, she held me inside of her and ground her pelvis against my softening cock. As I nibbled her ear I could feel her grunting into my shoulder while she milked the last of me.

Today, we were hanging out at my pool because my folks were out of town. I had to go to work at 3, but Sarah was going to work on her tan a while more and 'boy did she have on the suit for it. I never saw her wear anything so revealing before, but her hormones seemed to be up lately. Her simple white string bikini covered very little of her sweet curves. It was such a turn-on to see her athletic body on display in the sun. The lean muscles in her legs and stomach glistened under the lotion she applied. We made out in the pool and I was going nuts feeling our wet bodies sliding together. I wanted to call out from work and stay here with her, but I couldn't. Just before I got up to leave she rubbed some lotion on her hands and pulled out my cock. "You can't go to work like that," she said and starting stroking my rock hard member. I was standing in front of her as she sat on the chaise lounge with her face only inches away. I thought she was going to take me into her mouth and I lost it. Without warning I fired the first shot into her pretty face catching her across the lips and cheek. She snapped back but immediately went into my finishing speed, jerking faster although aiming my cock lower onto her chest. I just stared at my queen as she wiped her face with the back of her hand and walked nonchalantly to the edge and dove into the pool. I ran inside to change.

Up in my room I heard a car pull into the driveway and looked out the front to see my older brother's Mustang. I thought nothing off it and went to take a shower. Randy didn't live here anymore but he always seemed to eat here. Mom and Dad were away, so I'm sure he came to raid the fridge. I always thought he was so cool, probably because he was 6 years older and I was always looking up to him. He was bigger, tougher, had the girlfriend and the trophy and I hoped someday I could be him. I looked out the bathroom window to see Sarah climb out of the water and lie face down and ass up in the sun, just as the front door slammed downstairs.

In the shower, I again dreamed about Sarah the victim. This time she was taken hostage after a bank robbery. Blindfolded and tied up, she was made to suck the gangs' dicks. Alas, it was too soon and I couldn't get it back up. I had to get to work anyway. I hurried to dry off and snuck another peak at Sarah's ass outside. I was a little stunned to see Randy there, rubbing lotion into her back.

She shook her head and tried to get up but he increased the pressure on her back, pushing her into the foam cushion and tossing her long hair off to the side. While massaging her neck with one hand he poured some more lotion onto the center of her back. I could see Sarah talking, but couldn't tell what she was saying. I knew by her body language she was telling him "Enough", but instead of backing off, Randy pulled at the knot in the center of her back. Sarah sprung up but stopped abruptly as her tits fell out of her top. She tucked her elbows into her sides protecting, and dropped her face into the cushion, tense.

Randy continued to work the suntan lotion in firm slow circles and then leaned in to speak in her ear. Sarah shook her head "No" but otherwise did not move as he pulled the strings at her neck leaving her topless beside him. I should have been pissed but I couldn't resist watching Sarah under this pressure. I gently lifted the window a few inches so I could hear.

Randy kept massaging Sarah's athletic back and she seemed to relax a little. She lifted one foot and crossed her ankles. The apparent strain in her neck muscles eased as she let Randy knead her spine. It didn't take long for him to reach the trim of her bikini bottom. He placed one hand on Sarah's left butt cheek and gave a firm squeeze, grabbing a deep handful of her flesh.

"Hey! C'mon Randy, Cut it out." Sarah turned to look back, careful not to reveal her delicious breasts. He didn't let up though, instead he held her shoulders down with one hand while pulling at the bottom of her suit with the other.

Sarah was squeezing the sides of the cushion in her fists and had her eyes locked tight. Her whole body was tense. His hands roamed her nearly naked flesh, working without resistance from her neck to her toes. Randy snapped the waist of her bikini and when she flinched but said nothing, he grabbed both sides and pulled. Sarah pulled her chin in tightly and clenched her teeth, but did not resist as her swimsuit was dragged down her sexy legs and off. Her perfect round ass was lighter than the rest of her skin. She was shaking and starting to cry. Randy grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed it roughly even working a thumb into the crack. Now, Sarah lurched and kicked out, screaming "No!" and tried to get up.

Randy was waiting; he grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind and under her back as she flipped over face up on the plastic chaise. He pushed his way in between her wildly kicking legs and pinned her on her back helpless. She was completely naked and screaming until Randy planted a kiss on her open mouth. Her body was incredible as she twisted against her attacker, all tense and sinewy, oiled and sweaty. Randy freed one hand and went for her tits. I would have also. Those were the same tits I had come on half an hour ago. She tried to twist away but only managed to raise her chest to him. She kicked her legs, but it only brought more pressure. As she tired I could see the muscles in her legs relaxing. She was losing the fight.

Randy slid his kisses down her neck and then took hold of her left nipple in his teeth. Sarah arched her head back in a long "Ohh... You Bastard." Sarah could not have been more vulnerable and I was never more turned on. One hand held her wrists under her while he sucked on her tits. The other worked two oily fingers into her cunt. Her head rolled side to side as he worked her over. He was fingering her good and I realized she was getting into it. Her legs were rocking with his rhythm and she was biting her lower lip. When Randy lifted off of her tits I could see her nipples were hard as nails and shining with his saliva. Sarah looked up at him pleading helplessly with her eyes. Her perfect body sparkled in the sun and her dark hair hung back off the cushion.

Randy looked Sarah right in the face and asked, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

Sarah closed her eyes and let her legs fall to the sides. Without a word she nodded her head. Randy lined up his cock and eased into my girlfriend's wet pussy. He pushed in slow as she let out a slow moan unlike the sharp cries she gives when I fuck her. Then he pulled out all the way, leaned in again and began fucking back and forth with just the first few inches of his cock.

"Damn girl, you tight as new. Don't any of those high school boys give you a good fucking?"

"No." Sarah nodded and she gripped the cushion over her head and held on as Randy drove deeper with each thrust. Already he had lasted longer than me and he was just getting started. He paused with his cock buried inside her then pulled slowly back and slammed the full length back inside. He did this several times, pull out and slam. Sarah gasped loudly each time he forced his cock home. I could hear their bodies slapping together as they fucked, my brother and my girlfriend. My hand found my cock under my towel and I realized I would not be going to work today.

Randy fucked Sarah as hard as I've ever imagined her being taken. He turned her onto her side and she seemed to be looking right at me as he pounded her from above. I don't think she was being forced anymore. She was mouthing, "Oh God," over and over again and then I saw her orgasm approaching in the quiver of her lip. "Oh shit," she moaned, "You're making me come." And then a few seconds later, "Make me come, Oh, make me come..."

"That's it slut, now you're getting fucked by a real man." Randy said, and I knew he was mocking me. "You like that big cock, don't you?" He mauled her tits roughly as he pounded her cunt and she exploded in convulsion. He pressed in and held there, letting her have full contact to finish her orgasm. Then he started those long slow strokes again. I was amazed by his control. I think Sarah was too. She was writhing under Randy's assault, grabbing at her own breasts and trying to buck her hips back at each of his thrusts.

"You're a good fuck Sarah. It's a shame to waste this fine pussy on a wimp like my brother." Randy lifted her legs straight up in the air and fucked her like a jackhammer.

Sarah gave one long continuous wail of "Oh shit, oh shit..." as my big brother who I idolized, fucked my girlfriend like I only fantasized. He was now chasing his own pleasure and pounded her relentlessly for a few minutes before throwing his head back and firing his come deep into her cunt. Randy seemed to come forever, pumping Sarah's pussy slowly for a few more minutes. She lay back exhausted and let him finish what he started.

I realized my own hand was wet with come as well. As I wiped off, I saw Randy stand up naked. He lifted Sarah over his shoulder and tossed her into the swimming pool. She floated to the surface and slipped languidly into an easy backstroke. She wore a smile I had never seen before.

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