tagFirst TimeWater Park Fun Ch. 02 - The Mall

Water Park Fun Ch. 02 - The Mall


I woke up to sunlight shining on my face and the scent of bacon cooking in the air. I rolled away from the sun and listened to the faint dripping as the rain from last night fell one last time from the roof to the pavement below. I thought back on the perfect day yesterday with Amanda and wondered if I had somehow dreamed it all up. Before sleep could claim me again I started to think about last night. I thought about Amanda's smile, her toned body in the candlelight, the sound of her laughter in the rain and later her cries of pleasure. These were details too beautiful for me to be able to make up.

I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed running through all that happened yesterday but the sound of water woke up my bladder and the smell of bacon my appetite. I opened my eyes and realized I wasn't in my bed. I took in the unfamiliar room, seeing most of it for the first time. The walls were plastered wall to wall with posters and pictures from bands, athletes, and some anime posters. A bookshelf along one wall was bursting with books in double rows and stacked in the space between the top of the books and the next shelf above. I thought I had a decent book collection but hers put mine to shame.

I walked into the bathroom and relieved myself. I took extra care that my aim would be perfect so that I wouldn't ruin things by pissing on her floor. When I stepped back out of the bathroom I saw my clothes were laid out at the foot of the bed. She must have washed them for me because they felt clean and smelled like laundry detergent. How long has she been up, I thought. I walked down the hallway and then down the large staircase. With each step the smell of breakfast cooking grew stronger like I was descending into a greasy heaven. To the left of the staircase was the front door and a sitting area. To the right was a dining table. On the wall where the dining table was perpendicular to was two archways that led into the kitchen, one was smaller against the far wall and the other was large and connected to a tiled path that leads from the front door to the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen through the large archway on the tiled walkway and saw Amanda cooking with her back turned towards me. I took a moment to admire her while she worked. She wore an apron on and a bright pink t-shirt. I wanted to surprise her but there was a kitchen island behind her. I realized that sneaking up on someone I just spent the night with for the first time might be weird, so I decided to take a seat on one of the stools in front of the kitchen island instead. She heard the stool scrape on the tile and whirled around. "Good morning," she said brightly.

"Good morning," I mumbled.

"I take it you're not a morning person?" she asked me.

"Honestly, sometimes I'm not even a noon person," I said.

"Want some coffee?"

"Yes please. What are you making? It smells amazing."

"While I don't know about you, but last night I certainly worked up an appetite. I thought it would be nice to surprise you with some food. Unless you were in a hurry to leave?" She tried to sound nonchalant in the way she said it but I could hear the hesitation in her voice.

"I am completely free today so I definitely have time to eat breakfast with you," I said.

She smiled and said, "Perfect, I can't eat all of this on my own." She handed me a cup of coffee and pointed out the cream and sugar to me. "I just have to finish the eggs and I will be done."

"Are you sure this is enough food?" I asked pointing at the several plates of different breakfast foods. There were waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and hash browns.

She laughed. "I didn't know what you like. Besides I like to cook."

The coffee was strong but tasted great. when I was halfway done with my first cup Amanda announced she was done and undid her apron and placed it on a hook inside of the pantry door. She set a plate down for each of us and sat down. The plates of food were laid out in front of us so that I could reach out to grab what I wanted. I loaded my plate up with a couple of fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs mixed with cheese, bacon, and a pair of sausage links. I was surprised to see Amanda load up her plate nearly as high as mine.

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then we started to eat. The pancakes tasted as good as they looked. The eggs were well seasoned and the bacon was perfectly crisped. I quickly cleared my first plate and said thank you. "The food was really good."

"Do you want more coffee?" she asked as I set up a second plate.

"Yes please. Thank you." Once the coffee started to kick in I finally started to wake up. I had never spent this much time with a girl before. The thought of going home away from her wasn't a good one. I felt like there was a connection building between us and if I left now I might break it before it could get stronger. "So, I was wondering, are you free today?"

"Yep, today is my day off from work."

"Would you like to go to the mall and see a movie or something?" I asked.

"Are you asking me on a date?" she asked.

"If I was, would you say yes?"

"Yes," she said.

She didn't say anything after that. I didn't know if she was saying yes to the date or just saying she would say yes if I asked her so I clarified, "Would you go on a date with me?"

"Yes, I would like that very much." We spent the next ten minutes finishing our breakfast and planning out what we were going to do for the day. She said she needed to buy some things and asked if I would mind if she dragged me through some stores. I replied how she could drag me anywhere and I wouldn't care as long as I was with her. It was a little dumb and sappy of a thing to say but it earned a smile from her so it was worth it.

Once we were finished eating she put the leftover food away and started to do the dishes. I asked if she wanted help and she said sure. She scrubbed the dishes while I rinsed them and lined them up on the drying rack. She splashed some of the soapy water over on me so I retaliated by spraying her with the removable sink head. She shrieked and the water war was on. After a couple of minutes, we finally called a truce. I thought I would have easily won since I had the sink sprayer but she made good use of her sponges and I had to rinse the soap suds off my face.

When we were done cleaning up I checked my phone for movie times at the nearest mall. We found an action movie that we both wanted to watch. We had an awkward amount of time before the movie started, about an hour when the drive would take 20 minutes, so we had some time to kill but not enough to be able to browse the mall before the movie started. Amanda decided to give me a tour of the house. There was five bedrooms, two living rooms on the ground floor and one on the second, and an office that connected the front living room to the laundry room and garage. The bottom floor was like a square that allowed you to walk all the way around. We walked out to the back-yard hand and hand. The backyard had a sidewalk that wrapped around the house in a U shape. There was a lush garden with benches and a gated pool with a waterfall and a jacuzzi. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

The tour killed 15 minutes and we got back into her car. She connected her phone to her car with Bluetooth and we took turns playing songs for each other off her Spotify. She rested her hand on my thigh the whole drive and I held her hand. Puddles of water lingered on the streets from seldom-used drainage systems not being able to handle last night's downfall. During the peak of summer, the sun would have already evaporated most of the water away already, but the combination of a cooling weather and a cloudy sky allowed the water to escape being vaporized for a little longer.

I hadn't ever been to this mall before and was amazed at just how big it was. There was even numerous restaurants and shops placed around the mall to add even more shopping options. We drove around to the parking lot where the movie theater stuck out from the mall in its own addition to the bloated complex of buildings. We walked in and purchased our tickets. It was one of those theaters where the seats were recliners and you picked your seats. When we went to choose our seats, I was surprised to see that the movie was nearly fully sold. The only seats left were the ones at the very front. We decided to watch the next showing and we now had 2 hours to kill at the mall.

I let her lead the way and she led us to Barnes and Noble. I was curious what book sections she would go to. The answer was, almost all of them. Or it seemed like it. We managed to hit the fitness, cooking, teen fiction, romance, science fiction/ fantasy, and at least 3 other sections in just 30 minutes. Rather than just browse one section she would walk into a section, and the next moment have a book or two in her hands. With a growing number of books she would ask if I wanted to stay in a section, once I started to say no she would be leading me off before I could finish my sentence. She was like a whirlwind of shopping.

As we walked towards the checkout counter I compared the three books I had against her stack of about 12. I had offered to carry them for her. She smiled and said she had it. She saw me staring at her stack of books. "So, did you just grab those at random or what?" I asked.

"No, I know what books I want before I come here and then come to pick them all up at once. This cookbook I picked because it looked good but other than that I knew I would be getting all of these books."

"That's a little odd. What about taking your time to browse?" I asked.

"I like browsing too every now and then, but it takes too much time for me. Sometimes you got to know what you want and just go get it."

I leaned forward and gave her a kiss over the stack of books she was carrying. "You mean like that?" I asked.

"Exactly like that." We purchased our books; Amanda's stack had to be split up between three bags to be able to handle the weight. Once we were done paying I snatched up two of her bags. She started to complain but I told her again how I was just going for what I wanted which was helping her. She smiled and accepted my help.

Amanda led me deeper into the mall. There were at least three floors overall but there were multiple sub-tiers of floors reached by mini stair cases that are all at different elevations so it makes it hard for me to keep oriented on just what floor I was on at any given moment. She led me into a couple of clothing stores. In the first one she bought a couple of blouses and a pair of short denim shorts that I would love to see her in. While she paid she must have caught my thoughts because she smiled knowingly at me over her shoulder.

The second store was an almost even split between guy and girl clothes. She pulled me to the guy section and asked what type of clothing I usually liked to wear. I'm not the most fashionable guy so I confessed nearly every one of my shirts was a graphic-T. We went through the men's shirts and she picked out a couple she liked for me. One was something I would normally wear but the other one was a little too preppy for me. She asked me to try them on, before I could complain she started pouting at me. I couldn't hold up to her watering eyes and upturned bottom lip so I agreed to go try them on.

The first shirt fit perfectly, but the second one fit a little tighter then what I was used to. I took a moment to look at it in the mirror. I had to give Amanda credit because it did look good on me. There was a faint knock at the door. "Hey let me in," Amanda whispered.

I opened the door, "What are you doing? You're not supposed to be in here."

"The employee watching the dressing rooms really isn't good at her job." She eyed me up and down. "As long as we are fast and quiet we don't have to worry."

"You snuck in here? And fast about what?" I asked. She took the single step between us and kissed me. The kiss was intense, I could feel her hunger in it. She pressed me back against the wall. She was taking the lead and I liked it. She pulled away from the kiss and started to suck on my neck. She alternated between, suckling, licking, and nibbling on my neck and it caused a shiver of pleasure to radiate through my body.

She started to lower herself down onto her knees, her hand trailed down my torso. When she was on her knees she undid my fly and zipper. She rubbed my erection through my boxers, purposely avoiding the opening that would make this good feeling feel great. She stroked me a couple of times lightly through my boxers. I was about to urge her to not tease me due to our time limit but then with each stroke she started to apply more pressure. Her touch caused me to sigh and I closed my eyes for a moment. She stopped stroking me. I opened my eyes to see she was leaning forward just as Amanda kissed the base of my shaft. Even through the fabric, her lips on my member felt amazing.

She looked up and maintained eye contact with me as she slowly kissed up along my shaft. It was cold in the dressing room and the feel of her warm breath and the slight wetness left in the wake of her soft lips made my dick twitch in anticipation. I knew we didn't have a lot of time and I wanted to tell her to hurry up, both from a fear of being caught and the anticipation was killing me. She broke eye contact; her full attention was on the outline of my cock straining to be free from its plaid prison.

Amanda reached in and freed my erection, then leaned forward and planted a kiss right on my head. The kiss was chaste compared to what she was doing to my neck just a moment ago, just a quick peck and nothing more. It was cute but also frustrating. She looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and smiled mischievously at me. Precious seconds went by and she still kept me waiting. "Please," I begged.

"Please what?" Amanda asked as she rested her hand on my dick.

"Please suck it."

Amanda lightly squeezed my dick. "Well, since you said please." She punctuated her sentence by wrapping her lips around my head and sucking. The sensation of being inside of her mouth but with a barrier keeping us away from full contact was tormenting. She took nearly my whole head into her mouth. She started to bob back and forth, taking the small amount of me that she could into her mouth. Her saliva started to slowly seep through the fabric. The damper my boxers got the better I could feel her lips as they slid along my head. Eventually, it almost felt like there was no barrier at all.

I looked to the side and saw our reflection in the mirror. Amanda's hair was tucked back so I could watch from a side view as she continued to bob her head. She pulled her mouth off my head and sat with her mouth a few inches away from me. Cold air blew down on us from the vent above and chilled me through the moisture that clung my boxers onto my dick. Mentally I urged her to continue before the cold could have disastrous effects on me. Amanda reached up and pulled my erection free. Seeing her holding it in her hand from a different angle looked amazing. Amanda stared intently at my dick, like she was preparing herself.

I involuntarily inched my hips forward so that my dick was just an inch away from her hips. Instead of wrapping her lips around me again, she flicked her tongue out. She continued to flick her tongue along my cock, spending extra attention on the sensitive underside of my head. She applied more pressure with her tongue as she pressed down harder. The focused pressure of her tongue caused me to moan. I tried to stifle it but failed. "Be quiet," she scolded me, but her smile tells me that she was pleased she was getting such a response from me.

She leaned forward and took my head back into her mouth. Amanda would move her mouth up and down on my member, occasionally swirling her tongue around the tip of my dick. I could feel my orgasm getting close. The more my muscles tensed up the harder it was to stay standing. I huddled inwards and placed my hands on her shoulders for balance. I closed my eyes for a moment in pleasure. Amanda's fingers tickled my stomach as she reached inside of my waistband. She tugged them down, sending my pants and boxers to fall to the ground with a sound that made me think of a ship's sail being unfurled. I opened my eyes when Amanda grabbed the base of my cock and held it as she lowered her mouth. She was four inches away, three inches, two, and then her soft lips were just one inch away. Her warm breath made my cock twitch and it almost jumped enough to touch her lips. Right when she was about to wrap her mouth around me there was a knock on the door. I jumped, causing my dick to gently slide up across her lips for a moment before resting beside her mouth.

"Is everything ok in there sir?" The changing room attendant asked.

"Yes, sorry, just taking pictures to see which shirt looks best on me." It doesn't even make sense since there was a mirror and I speak so fast that my words are all jumbled on top of each other. I wondered if she believed me.

There was a brief pause before the attendant responded, "Ok, just let me know if you need any help."

Amanda had been holding her breath since the knock and exhaled right onto my dick causing me to shudder, I was so close to coming just 30 seconds ago that that breath alone would have done it, but at almost being caught I could feel my erection starting to wilt. "That was close," Amanda whispered. She gave my dick a quick peck and then pulled my pants up for me. I wanted to beg and plead for her to finish but that was a narrow escape and I wouldn't be able to get back to the point of release again in time. The thought of getting caught was an added thrill, but now that it almost happened I wanted to flee. I grabbed the waistbands of my pants and boxers and Amanda tucks my semi-hard cock back into my pants. I changed back into my own shirt. Amanda quietly fake coughed and I realized that I had put it on inside out.

"I'll go first, follow a minute later," I told Amanda. We kissed and I walked out of the changing room. As I stepped down the hall I imagined that there would be police officers or security waiting for me. When I stepped from the changing room hallway all I could see was just the tired looking employee. She asked if everything fit ok and I said yes as I walk away as fast as possible. A couple of minutes later Amanda emerged from the changing rooms walking confidently as if we didn't just almost get caught. She reminded me of the scenes in movies when the hero walks away from an explosion without even looking back. We started to walk towards the registers at the front of the store. "So, what did you think of the shirts I picked out?" she asked.

"One was a little tighter then I am used to but I think it fits me good."

"I agree," she said.

"I think I looked great in it actually. I bet I will get all the cute girls' numbers when I wear it." I joked.

She squeezed my hand hard and hit my chest with the back of her other hand. "Jerk, you haven't even got my number yet. You can't use the shirt I picked for you on other girls."

I completely forgot that I didn't even have Amanda's number yet. Even though we had only spent less than 24 hours together, I felt like I had been with her for much longer. Realizing that I didn't even have her phone number yet made me think about just how new whatever we had growing between us was. "Can I have your phone number?" I asked.

"Are you wearing the shirt," she asked.


"Then no," She said. She smiled and squeezed my hand again, thankfully not as hard as a few moments ago. We made it to the register and when the cashier told me the total was over 70 dollars I paused in handing over my debit card. I was so enamored with being with Amanda I didn't even think about the price of the shirts here. I was used to spending at the most 15 dollars for a shirt. Amanda wrapped one arm around my waist and gently bumped her hip against mine to nudge me out of the way. She had her card out and swiped it before I could protest her buying the shirts for me.

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