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We Had It All - Aftermath


1. We Had it All -- Aftermath

When I reviewed We had It All, I realised that I may have short changed Debbie by not exploring her motivation and decided maybe there was room for a sequel. I also read the comments saying the ending was rushed. So here it is! It is written with Debbie in first person.


I sat in my house reading a letter that Gary had left me. My dad had picked me up at the prison gates, I had been released from prison that morning and was trying to come to terms with my life now that I was divorced and estranged from my children. I had been imprisoned for trying to Pervert the Course of Justice, I knew my world had ended. I had lost my husband and my children through my own selfishness and lust! As he drove, it ever occurred to me to ask him where he was taking me. It wasn't until he turned into the street where my family home used to be that I asked, "Why are we here?" Before he could reply another question escaped my mouth, "Are Mark and the children waiting for me here?" My excitement and the sudden burst of hope flooded my senses, but my dad deflated that hope in an instant, "No Mark and your children don't live here anymore! The house is yours and he has left you letter that explains it all.

He stopped the car, we had arrived at my old home. My mother was waiting inside and rose to give me a hug, but could not bring herself to say more than, "I'm glad you are out of that horrid place. You deserved to be in there for what you did, but now you need to try and build some bridges with your daughters. Despite what they might say, they need their mother now that they are growing into womanhood. It's too late for you to do anything about Gary, he has started to rebuild his life, without you, I might add and I for one wish him every happiness." She had said her piece and asked my father to take her home, so I was left alone in my home with plenty of time to reflect on the damage my actions had caused.

My husband, Gary had me served with the divorce papers while I was out on bail awaiting trial. I was still working at the Accountancy Practice, but from the Milton Keynes office. I had found a small flat to rent, it was pointless looking long term until the trial was over. I was not seeing Mark he and I split up after I learned that he tried to shift the blame for our arrest on me. Gary had been awarded temporary custody of our children pending the final decision. He had also filed for full custody of our three children, Hazel, Gemma and the baby Danny even though he believed that Danny was not his child, but the child of my lover, Mark Bennett. I say baby, but he was nearly four years old when I was incarcerated. I didn't fight Gary on the divorce or custody issue, he was a far better parent than I had been, loyal and loving, only I didn't appreciate then just how lucky I had been.

Life in Prison was tough for me, not the type of environment or the inmates the kind of people that I was used to associating with. I only spent a couple of weeks in a Medium Security Wing of our local Woman's prison before being transferred to an Open Prison which has a more relaxed environment. Those first two weeks were a complete eye opener for me. I didn't realise just how butch some female prisoners could be, never mind the guards! I'm not so easily shocked by that type of behaviour now as I was then, where the bitchiness, meanness and sheer brutality of the place shocked me! Don't misunderstand, I wasn't raped or propositioned during that first fortnight, but it was made clear to me that I would be someone's bitch before the month was out. I witnessed a few fights and thanks to Gary, I knew how to punch and move. He had been a professional boxer and had taught me how to defend myself. One particularly butch woman tried to intimidate me in the dining hall and tried to push me against the wall so she could use her weight t to crush me against it, I slipped passed her and unleashed a punch into her soft belly. After that I had no more trouble while I was in there. Due to the overcrowding in the prison, a case review had been conducted and low risk category prisoners were being transferred to one of the new Open Prisons. I was lucky enough to be transferred out of hell and into a much better environment.

Life in the Open Prison was much better and I had the opportunity to reflect on my behaviour over the last three years. One of the comments that Gary made while we were still married haunted me and I spent of lot time thinking about it. He had accused me of not feeling any remorse for cheating on him and it was true! I didn't feel remorse even then and I started to explore why that should be. I'm a fairly intelligent woman and knew that I should be feeling guilty, but didn't! I went back over our whole life together from teenagers through to the present day. Did I love Gary? Certainly not when we first married, a shotgun marriage is not the best way to start ones adult life. Did I grow to love him as the years passed? I honestly couldn't answer that then or now. I loved my family and I was content with our life for many of those years together despite the scrimping and saving to make ends meet.

The more I thought about it the more I was coming to the conclusion that I resented being railroaded into marriage because of the condition I found myself in. I also discovered that deep down, I resented the fact that I never had a chance to experience life and freedom as a young woman. I further defined that down into believing that I felt aggrieved that I never had a chance to play the field a little. I'm quite a sexual being and Gary had been my only lover. I had surrendered my cherry to him fully conscious that I would have a chance to spread my wings when at University. Early on in our relationship, Gary and I had agreed that we would both see other partners while I was away. Therefore, I believed that I would have the chance to experience other men then and until that time, I was happy to be with him.

That resentment festered and reached a climax after I enrolled for the Open University Course in Accounting. Over the first year, I met other mature female students and in the bar after dinner, we took it in turns to recount our experience of the other sex before we either married or entered into stable relationships. I found myself envious of them and when it was my turn to reveal all, they were shocked when I told them that I only ever had experienced one man. I was teased constantly about my lack of experience and kept telling them that I was perfectly content with the man I had.

That seemed to satisfy them until one night during our final week's seminar for the academic year, our tutor Mark Bennett came into the bar, the other women started making comments about how sexy they thought he was and what they would do to him given the chance. We were pretty well drunk by this time and when he came over the giggling started. Naturally, he had to know what the joke was and Jenny, one of the more forward girls, told him that I was looking for a lover so I could experience sex with another man for the first time. Well I was told later that I went beetroot red and tried to hide my embarrassment by getting up to leave, when he grabbed my arm and ordered me to sit back down. It was all just banter at first and we all had a good laugh afterwards, but the seed was sown and after that night, he always seemed to single me out for private chats. I tried to ensure we never spent any time alone together, but I was getting drawn in and found myself attracted to him, even wondered what he would be like in bed.

When I returned from that first week away, I was all over Gary like a rash. I had him fuck me the first time as I was so wet from my sexy exchanges with Mark and the second time was more satisfying as we made love and the third time that night was amazing. I had to give him a blow job to get him ready for action before I impaled myself on his cock and rode him for ages, slow at first, then gradually increasing the pace until he was almost ready to cum and then slowing down tormenting him to distraction. In the end he got too impatient and pushed me over all the while keeping his throbbing cock deep in my pussy and pumped into me hard and fast until I had the best climax in years. He said something to the effect that if I was always going to return that hot, he could definitely get used to reaping the benefits. That set me wondering even more.

My second year was the one where I gave into my deepest fantasy and allowed Mark to take me. It was the second weekend seminar and we were in the bar with all the others. By this time they all had a fair idea that we were attracted to one another so when Mark arrived, they discretely left us alone. At the end of the evening, that we had spent gently flirting and gazing into one another's eyes, I ended up in Mark's rooms and before long in his bed. He took that first time in a brutal and almost clinical fashion. He simply started to strip off his own clothes as soon as we entered and brusquely told me to strip if I wanted fucked! This was not what I had anticipated! In my fantasy I thought he would gently kiss me and then take me slowly, but for some reason his approach, so different from Gary's made me instantly wet with desire. I looked at him, standing with his back to me stripping off his jeans and hurried to comply. His foreplay was minimal, he just pulled me to him and kissed me, his tongue forcing its way past my lips and his intertwining with mine, walking me back towards his bedroom and onto the bed where I opened my legs to let him enter my core! I was so wet that he slipped easily into my pussy and started to pound at me. My legs, almost without any conscious command from me, wrapped around his waist and held him in. I started to orgasm almost within seconds and just kept on going. I had heard of multiple orgasms, but this was the first time I had ever experience them. I was on fire and when he finally exploded deep within me, I almost passed out.

We must have slept for a while and I awoke to find his prick pushing and nudging its way once more into my vagina and he proceeded to repeat the experience. I didn't have multiple orgasms that time, but he still brought me off just after he shot another load of his jism into me. That's when it dawned on me that I had no protection against getting pregnant! Gary always used condoms unless I told him it was safe. As I lay there in the post sex languor, I realised it was too late to do anything about it now and I was eager for more. I slipped down and took his penis in my mouth and brought him to another erection. He stopped me before I made him cum and told me to get on my knees. I complied and pushed back against him as entered my sloppy pussy once more. He didn't stop there long and at first I thought he was just reposition to get at my pussy better but that wasn't his plan. I felt his finger moving towards my anus and tried to pull away, but he held me firmly by the hips and told me to relax and enjoy.

Enjoy! What the f..... I was a virgin back there! Even Gary had never tried to do me there! I tried to relax as first one finger then two eased into my back passage. I started to anticipate his probing fingers and felt myself responding. Then he changed position once more and I felt his cock pressing at my nether entrance. I stiffened up and once more was told to relax as he started to work his cock into my bowels. I felt a sharp burning pain as he pushed past my sphincter and thought the worst was over. Wrong! I was screaming at him to stop and that he was splitting me in two, the burning pain had not eased but increased in intensity, but he just ignored my pleadings and continued to push, all the while telling me to relax and that I would soon get into it. He was right, once he stopped moving and just let me get used to feeling of being totally filled, the pain eased and I held my breath until he started to slowly ease back out, only to slow push back in. I started to respond and my body rocked trying to ease his passage. He took that as a signal that I was ready and increased his pace and going deeper. I asked if he was fully inserted and he laughed and said not quite so I told him to go for it. I couldn't believe myself! Demanding that he bugger me deeper, but I did and he complied. I had never felt so full and so sore at the same time. He increased his pace and soon had me screaming in a mixture of pain and ecstasy as I came. He made one final thrust and I swear I felt his ejaculation all the way down to my toes. He pulled off me and rolled onto his back gasping for breath. I couldn't move my bum was on fire and my legs were trembling uncontrollably, After a few minutes he arose and gently helped my walk to the bathroom where we shared a wonderful hot shower. He gently soaped my body, paying particular attention to my pussy and anus. The soap burned a little as he pushed me his fingers into my back passage to clean his sperm out of me. With the water still pouring down on us he dropped to his knees and started to use his tongue on my clit bringing me swiftly to another orgasm! I had never in my life experienced anything like that and knew that I could not resist his advances from that point on. I couldn't wait for the next and final night to continue my education.

When I returned home from that seminar, Gary as usual wanted to make love to me, but I was too tender, my pussy felt sloppy and my behind was tender. I had spent most of the train journey standing as I was so tender and it was all I could do not to squirm in the seat as Gary drove me home from the station, so the thought of allowing him to screw me, was out of the question. I told him I had picked up a yeast infection and it would be safer to wait until it had cleared up. This was not an uncommon occurrence for me, so he accepted easily accepted my explanation. Feeling a little guilty, I did give him a blow job and we went to sleep in each other's arms.

I couldn't wait for the next University week end seminars to start and kept up my correspondence with Mark via the web under the cover of my Accountancy studies. Poor Gary, he didn't have a clue that his wife was cuckolding him and at that point, I didn't care! He was right in one thing, I had no regrets about it, only anticipation of the nights to come when I could experience my lover's efforts to please me. I was in panic mode when my period failed to materialise, luckily Gary accepted my explanation that we must have miscalculated and that he never suspected that Danny wasn't his child. To be honest, I'm still not too sure myself about who the actual father is, as Gary and I had resumed our sex life and I made sure that he didn't wear a condom! At first I was angry at first about being 'caught' once more, but between us, Gary and I worked out a plan that meant I would only miss the one year of University and that I could pick it back up when I was ready.

I restarted my University studies after having the year out to have Danny and Mark and I resumed our affair the first weekend I was away, but this time I was back on the pill! Gary didn't suspect a thing as we were careful only to get together at the seminars. I worked it out once and we actually only had twenty nights together in total! Right up until Gary found out about us, I had no regrets whatsoever. I rationalised this to myself by believing it was just a University fling soon to be over.

Even though I knew that Mark was married, I had never once questioned what he told his wife on the nights we spent together, right up until he suggested that we move in together when my degree was completed. I was stunned and was divided about what to do. He was very persuasive and the sex had lost none of its eroticism. This was in stark contrast to my life with Gary where our sex life was getting stale. I longed to suggest to him that he take me anally, but didn't know how to approach the subject. While I pondered what to do, I sounded out my employers about the possibility of moving to their office near Milton Keynes and they were agreeable, so I had that option up my sleeve.

My final weekend with Mark proved to be my undoing! Mark knew about my love of attending boxing. Fight nights were something Gary and I both enjoyed and I knew how the action turned me on sexually. Mark told me that there was a World Championship fight scheduled for that second weekend when I would be in Milton Keynes. I wasn't really interested until he told me that the main fight involved Barry Boston. I told him that I knew him and maybe I could cadge a pair of tickets off him. He had offered Gary and I tickets to his fights before and we had often taken him up on his kind offer. Mark was all for it and I phoned Barry and asked if he could help us out. I told him up front that Gary wouldn't be there but I had a friend that was keen to see him fight. A couple of days later, I had my tickets and not just any tickets either! Barry had really come up trumps an gave us two ringside tickets as he said this was probably his last fight before retirement. I can still relive that night as if it were yesterday. Mark and I went to the fight and I had chosen to wear my green silk dress. It had been a Christmas present from my parents, Gary and I didn't have that sort of money and it was pretty tight on me since little Danny had been born, but I loved the sexy feeling of it next to my skin. I chose not to wear a bra that night as I knew that would add to my excitement.

I never knew that Gary was there that night. I didn't recognise him when he was working in Barry's corner and even when I saw the repeat of the fight later on TV, I had to concentrate to identify him. On the night, it must have been due to the fact that, as usual I got pretty excited. Mark got the benefit when we got back to Milton Keynes. We were just starting to have an early morning romp before getting ready to attend a class when to my horror, Gary burst in. The rest you know if you've read the Gary's story, but in the aftermath of being found naked by Gary and his wholly justifiable assault on Mark, we concocted a complete fabrication to try and cover our asses. Mark was worried about his job and so too were the two witnesses. Mark assured me that it would be easy to get them to confirm our version of events. That may well have been enough, if Gary didn't have the foresight to record my virtual confession that we had set him up and the story about the breakfast meeting in my room was a lie. I didn't know that the tale we wove, would have led to Gary being convicted of something he didn't do. But at the time Mark had convinced me that he would only be charged with assault and as a first offender would probably get off with probation. So I agreed to go along with this and it wasn't until after I was charged that I found out that Mark was telling me lies. He had spun he story around to make out that Gary's attack had been premeditated because, Mark claimed he had told Gary of my intention to leave him in favour of himself. He told the police that I had already arranged to move to Milton Keynes after I qualified to live with him. I knew that my boss, if asked would verify that was true. My lawyer told me at my trial that if it could be proved that his attack was planned and not some random act of jealousy, they would have enough evidence to press for a charge of Grievous Bodily Harm. A charge that could send Gary down for four or five years! Gary always was a street wise guy and he must have cottoned on to what was happening and decide on some insurance, hence the tape recorder.

In a way, I was glad that Gary had tricked me into revealing the true circumstances leading to his attack on Mark, the last thing I wanted was for him to be sent to prison, a fine and probation was as far as I was prepared to let things go. I tried to justify this to myself and kept telling myself that I would have stood up and come clean before Gary's freedom was threatened. Fine words, but deep down I wondered if I would have had the courage if push came to shove!

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