tagIncest/TabooWe Need to Stop This Ch. 04

We Need to Stop This Ch. 04


Veronica and Jennifer sat up far into the night chatting with their soon-to-be stepbrother, Jake.

The three had opened another bottle of wine after Jake's mother had gone to bed, and Jennifer, with a wink at her twin sister, suggested that the three of them go out and get in the hot tub.

"Sounds great," Jake agreed. "Let's get changed, and I'll meet you out there."

Jen swirled her glass and smiled. "Don't be silly, Jake. Let's just go. I'm sure Ronnie won't mind, if you don't."

It took a moment before Jake's eyes grew wide, and he looked from one beautiful woman to the other. Clearly, Jennifer wasn't suggesting they go into the tub with their clothes on.

He lowered his voice a little, trying to keep it casual and steady. "Skinny dipping? Yeah, sure. OK."

The twin sisters were about 10 years older than Jake, but he was no less smitten by their identical good looks. And the idea of spending time naked with them in a hot tub would have been any young man's fantasy.

They turned out the lights in the kitchen and took their wine glasses out on the deck. It was dark, although not pitch black, and the Wisconsin air had just a little late-summer chill.

Displaying a hint of shyness, Jake turned his back to the women and worked his way out of his clothes. He could hear them getting into the water and starting the jets as he finally tugged down his underwear and stood there in front of the women, now totally nude.

He moved quickly to slip into the water, perhaps hoping that his penis would not get any firmer than it already was.

Veronica tugged on his arm as he settled in. "Here, you'd better sit over by me. After all, you know, Jen is a married woman."

"That's a fine thing," replied Jennifer, with mock indignation. "My own sister thinks I can't resist a little temptation."

"Oh sure," Veronica laughed. "Are you trying to say it's easy for you to keep your hands off an attractive naked body?"

Jennifer went along with her sister, hoping Veronica wouldn't go so far as to reveal what they had done together that very morning. "Well...," she said playfully, and the women both laughed.

Thinking of the subject of revelations sparked an idea. "I know what," Veronica said, with a playful gleam in her eye. "We should play 'Truth or Dare!'"

"I don't know about that," Jennifer said, her voice laden with doubt. She could easily see this heading where neither she nor her sister should want it to go.

"Oh, come on, we'll set some ground rules," Veronica went on. "What do you think, Jake, do you want to play 'Truth or Dare' with a couple of nude older women?"

Jake chuckled at that. "I don't see what could possibly go wrong." And, smiling, he added, "Count me in, if... you know... you all want to."

"OK, here's the ground rules," Veronica said. "First of all, you can't ask either of us questions about each other. If you want to know what I've been up to, you'll have to ask me directly. Understood?"

The other two voiced their agreement.

Jennifer piped up then, "and dares can only last ... 30 seconds, is that fair?"

Again, the other two accepted the rule.

"And nothing that could, you know, get us in trouble or be dangerous," Jake offered. The twins readily agreed.

Finally, Veronica added one more: "If anyone quits, the whole game is over." Jake and Jennifer voiced their agreement once more.

"OK, so, let's go in alphabetical order," Veronica suggested, even though that meant she would go last of the three. "So, Jake, you get to start. Who are you asking, and what is your question?"

Jake thought for a moment and then turned to Jennifer.

"Jennifer, have you ... ever kissed a girl?"

After just a moment's thought, she responded, "OK, truth." She paused again briefly before finishing. "Yes, I have," she added simply, suppressing a cute little smile.

"My turn, now" she added, with an eager wiggle.

Jennifer turned to Veronica. Having done this very thing in front of her sister just hours before, Jennifer asked her, "Do you masturbate?"

Well, there was no point in choosing a 'dare' for a question like that; it would make the answer obvious. Veronica easily said "Truth," and she added, with just a half-moment's hesitation, "yes." The blush on her cheeks was hidden fairly well by the darkness.

"My turn, now," Veronica said, rubbing her hands eagerly together. She looked back and forth between her sister and Jake.

Staying with the same topic, she said, "Jake, how often do you masturbate?"

Jen laughed at the question and added, "Since we know all you guys do it!"

Jake smiled as he thought for a moment. He looked at Veronica and replied, "Dare."

This meant that Veronica got to give him a command, and he either had to perform it, or the whole game was over.

Veronica thought for a second, and then ordered Jake: "Stand up for us. 30 seconds, remember?"

Reluctantly, Jake got to his feet. Standing knee-deep in the bubbling water, his penis grew thick with arousal from being eyed by these two attractive women, and as the twins counted out the slow 30 seconds, it only grew larger. And their voices, as they counted, clearly reflected their amusement as it swelled and began to stand out.

Finally, they reached "30," and Jake smiled and sat back down.

It was Jake's turn again, now, and he turned toward Veronica, who had just made him stand and expose himself. "Veronica," he began. "How many sex toys do you own?"

He was getting the hang of this. If you asked a "yes-or-no" question -- such as, have you ever done this or that -- you could be pretty sure you would just get an answer, because the choice of a dare, in all likelihood, meant that the more embarrassing answer was true. With questions like that, there was no point in choosing to risk accepting a dare, since doing so also, effectively, gave away the answer to the question.

He had two beautiful women naked with him in a hot tub. He was not going to squander his chances of giving them dares.

Veronica tried to tally up the number of toys she kept in the drawer by her bed. She quickly decided it was more than she was willing to tell this young man.

"Dare," she said, feigning bravery.

In the previous dare, Jake had been ordered to stand, and he had merely stood knee-deep in the water. Wanting a better view, he told Veronica, "Stand up ... on the deck."

Jennifer giggled. "That's a good one!"

Reluctantly, Veronica drew her bare body up out of the water, and placing her feet on the wooden deck next to the hot tub, with her hands on her hips, she stood there enduring the looks of her sister and Jake for the full 30 seconds.

When her time had elapsed, she hopped back down into the water. She knew quite well that Jake was watching her intently as her legs had to come apart to step down. She did her best to twist her hips away from him as she did so, but that just meant that it was Jennifer who got the immodest view.

Judging from the events of that morning, Jennifer would enjoy it as much as young Jake would.

It was Jennifer's turn. She looked at her sister. "How many sex toys did you bring with you this weekend?" There was clearly a rivalry playing out between the two twins, and all three of them were getting the hang of asking good questions.

Veronica hesitated barely a moment before blurting out, "Dare!"

Jennifer had been waiting for this one. "Make out with Jake," she proclaimed.

Veronica giggled, and without any protest, she shrugged. "Oh, OK." She turned to Jake, who just sat there somewhat stiffly, and with a kindly smile, she leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Getting no reaction, she took his hands and placed them low on her waist, and taking his face in her hands, she kissed him again, her mouth open this time.

"That's it, girl," Jennifer encouraged her, forgetting to count out the seconds.

Veronica rolled further toward Jake, straddling him and stroking her hands on his shoulders. He opened his lips and started kissing her back in earnest. Under the bubbling water, he was becoming insistently hard.

As Veronica started slowly lowering herself onto Jake's lap, Jennifer interrupted.

"All right, you two, I'd say it's been 30 seconds. That's enough."

Jake sighed audibly as Veronica rolled away and sat back down in the tub, which made both women laugh.

They all sat looking at each other, until Veronica asked, "Whose turn is it? Oh, yeah, it's mine!"

She looked back and forth between the two others, before at last turning to her sister. "Jennifer," she began, "have you ever done anal?"

Jennifer gasped, "Why, you... I can't believe you would ask me that." But she knew there was no point in choosing a dare: everyone would know anyway, so she quietly answered, "yes," while swatting her sister playfully on the arm.

"Jake's turn," she added, hoping to get their attention away from her as she felt her cheeks burn.

But Jake wasn't letting up on her. "Jennifer, which do you like better," and he paused before finishing, "anal, or swallowing?"

"Oh, now that isn't fair!" She protested.

"Oh yes it is," her sister replied. "Go on, Jen, truth or dare!"

Jennifer sat up, looking defiant. "Fine. Dare."

Jake was ready. Without hesitation, he told her, "Run down to the lake and back. Naked."

Glaring at both of them, but not completely able to hide a sly smile, Jennifer slowly stood up, slightly hunched and shielding her breasts with her arms, and as she stepped away from the tub and into the night, she squealed "Oh my God!"

She sprinted away, giving them a good look at her shapely behind before momentarily slipping out of sight into the darkness. Then she came running back to the tub, all the while holding her breasts to keep them from bouncing wildly.

"Whew! It's getting cold out there," she shivered as she climbed back down into the water.

"My turn, now," she said, and she paused to catch her breath.

"Jake," Jennifer began, "have you ever been caught while you were masturbating?"

Remembering the previous summer, by the pool with his mother, Jake answered that easily. "Yes."

It was Veronica's turn. Thinking back to that morning in the hotel room, she stayed with the theme her sister had started. "Jen," she said, "which do you like better, watching someone masturbate, or masturbating while someone watches you?"

"Oh, you are so bad," her sister said. This was going to be two in a row. "Dare," she said resignedly.

Veronica put her hand to her lips and said slowly, "All right, then... masturbate for us for 30 seconds."

Staying seated in the bubbling water, Jennifer smiled weakly and moved one hand between her legs and started to stroke herself.

"Hey, that's no fair," her sister complained. "Poor Jake here can't see anything."

"That's your fault," Jennifer replied, still touching herself. "You didn't say to get out of the water." Her gaze lingered a moment on her sister as her pleasure started to build.

The other two watched her as she touched herself, until finally she breathed, "hey, that has to be more than 30 seconds." She shook her hair back and straightened herself in the tub.

"Whose turn is it? Jake?"

Jake turned to Veronica, remembering how he had enjoyed her kissing him, moments ago, and how she had nearly sat down on his erection.

"Veronica," he began, "when was the last time you had an orgasm?"

The answer -- that morning, by her sister's hand -- would have given away more than she wanted. So, with a sense of dread in her voice, knowing that the dares had started to go far beyond innocently standing up naked, she said, "dare."

Once again, Jake was ready. He nodded to the other twin. "Make out with Veronica."

She laughed. "I am Veronica."

"Oh, right. Sorry. I mean, make out with Jennifer."

The twins both moaned, "Oh my God," at the same time.

They were not reluctant to kiss, but the glances they both made at Jake suggested that they were hesitant to let someone watch. It may have been concern that their mutual arousal would be obvious to him. This was still a secret that both of them wanted to keep.

The women turned toward each other, interweaving their thighs and gently wrapping their arms around each other. With one last soft giggle from each of them, they leaned together, and their lips met.

Jake, looking as though in a trance, wasn't counting.

The sisters traded kisses on the mouth for a moment, before Jennifer moved her hands to Veronica's breasts. Veronica arched her back in response, and Jennifer took the opportunity to move her lips down to her sister's neck. Veronica let out a long, ragged breath. Her head was back and her eyes were closed, and all thought of the young man who was sitting there, watching them, had been driven from her mind.

That young man, meanwhile, had slipped his own hand under the water and was idly touching himself, taking advantage of the fact that the two sisters were completely distracted.

Veronica brought her sister back to her lips. She started to slip a hand under the water along Jennifer's thigh when she opened her eyes and remembered Jake staring intently at them.

Barely able to conceal her arousal, Veronica gently pushed her sister away and breathed, "OK.... OK." She collected herself. "I think that was 30 seconds."

Jennifer chuckled, "yeah, someone forgot to keep time." She pulled her hair back from her face and added, "that was Jake's dare, so now it's my turn. Let's see...."

Jake took his own hand out from under the water, but he remained urgently aroused, and at that point, he didn't particularly care if they noticed.

Jennifer turned back to Veronica. Still glowing inside from the sensual contact with her sister, she asked, "Who gave you your best orgasm, ever?" As she spoke the question, she leaned toward her sister, clearly hoping for an answer.

Veronica gave her a look that spoke of sudden embarrassment. "Oh damn. Dare?" she said cautiously.

"Fine," Jennifer smiled. "Give Jake a handjob for 30 seconds."

This was crossing into new territory, but Veronica remembered how she had nearly sat down on his naked lap when they had kissed before. She didn't protest.

She scooted closer to Jake and reached down under the water. She squealed, "my, my, what have we here? Jen, our young Jake here ...." She never finished the sentence, proceeding instead to softly stroke his erection.

As the 30 seconds ticked by, it was Jake's turn to let his head fall back and close his eyes, as he tried desperately not to come right there in the water. He sighed with relief as Jennifer called out "time's up!" Then he jumped as Veronica gave his erection one last little squeeze before letting her fingers trail away from him.

She sat up straight, then, still sitting close to Jake. It was her turn, and she had already thought of a great question to ask him. It was an open-ended one, not the yes-or-no kind that would be likely just to prompt him to answer. Still, she had a good idea what the most probable answer was, and she thought, if he chose to do a dare rather than answer, she would consider that her guess was confirmed.

"Who was it that caught you masturbating?"

Jake thought back to that day by the pool when he had stared at his sleeping mother and made himself come. He knew he could not answer that question. Without hesitation, he said, "dare."

Not making the same mistake twice, Veronica said, "sit up on the edge and masturbate."

Jake was so aroused now that he knew there was no more point in hiding it. He was fairly sure that his full-blown erection was obvious to everyone in the tub.

Without a word, he pulled himself up with his arms and sat on the edge, leaving just his feet dangling in the water. His penis stood firmly at attention. Looking down at himself, and avoiding eye contact with the sisters, he reached down and started touching himself.

The twins began counting.

Their feminine voices weren't helping. Instead, knowing that they were watching and timing him was pushing him rapidly toward the edge. By the time they reached 15 he was in serious danger of exploding right there in front of them, and the thought of it was the last straw.

He kept stroking himself as stream after stream of his fluid sprayed out of him and onto his belly and chest.

"Oh, yes!" the girls encouraged him, suppressing their laughter as they watched his climax explode.

Jake moved to reach for a towel, but Veronica leaned over and stopped him. She stood up in the water and reached out to the chair that had a small stack of fresh, folded towels. As she stretched for one, she knew she was giving the two of them a great look at the shape of her backside.

She handed the towel to Jake and leaned down, giving him a kiss on his forehead.

She whispered just to him, "that was really awesome."

Then she sat back down into the water.

When Jake had finished cleaning himself, Jennifer nodded to him to slide back down. Then she raised her glass above the steaming water, her breasts coming out above the bubbling surface as she leaned forward. "To family," she proposed, and they clinked their glasses together in agreement.

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