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It was always nice when her son came home during those breaks from college.

Yet another benefit was that Jack was a tech wizard. Not exactly a nerd, but he knew his stuff. She asked him to buy her the latest webcam along with a headset and microphone attached to it. Even though her equipment was still new, she reasoned to him that as a lawyer, she needed to interact with her clients online using the highest resolution possible-- a simple ruse.

Later that night, after Jack had installed the good stuff, and they were both in their rooms, it was time for Maureen's other job. The one that no one would ever know about. Or so she assumed...

Good thing Jack's room was down the hall. He'd never be able to hear this.

She opened her closet and sifted passed all her suits and blazers to find the right negligee for the night. It was black and mostly see through. It covered her breast area and she'd be wearing panties underneath.

After undressing, she slipped on the negligee. Next came the most important part. A black mask which covered much of her face. It was big enough to conceal her identity. Yet small enough to showcase her pretty smile and beautiful eyes.

She put a few touches of makeup and gave her hair a quick toss. Then she gave herself a once-over on a full length mirror.


The final pieces of the puzzle were all the things in her drawer. She neatly placed her small selection of sex toys on the computer table; different sized dildos and vibrators. Some lube too, in case anyone wanted anal.

Maureen sat in front of her computer and went to a popular adult webcam site, then logged into her performer's account. She was listed under the mature category. It was 9 pm, the time in which her fans had expected her, along with countless passersby.

She typed a few quick 'hellos' to her regulars. There was some discussion on her new equipment. Now, the resolution of her was much sharper, HD quality. She also informed her viewers that she couldn't talk tonight, only type.

Tips flowed in. So did the requests. She started small since the tips were small. A little dance. She got up and moved sexily for them. Not bad given her age and busy work schedule. A few close ups of her tongue, which people also loved, and she blew a few kisses right into the cam, which sent more tips her way.

As the tips piled up, it was time to get more risque. She pulled down the side of her negligee to reveal her breast and hard pink nipple. With more tips, she did the same with her other breast, and her top was fully down.

There were requests for oral action, and the tips followed to back up that request. She took a dildo and showed the room how she liked to suck. How it would be for them. Letting them wish they could feel it. She winked through the black mask, teasing them further as she sucked.

With more tips, she used a small vibrator in her pussy. But no close up, yet. There weren't enough tips for that at the moment.

A massive tip came. A horny guy was dying to hear more of Maureen's famous dirty talk. They didn't know exactly what she did for a living, but her online followers knew that she was a professional woman. They were also dying to hear that voice in higher resolution.

With enough pleading -- and tips -- Maureen relented and used her new headset. She whispered some dirty words to the large group of users in her chatroom. Words which always drove them crazy. How they loved hearing a professional woman talk nasty.

More tips came and people begged her to speak up. So she spoke a little louder and got carried away in the moment, which tended to happen.

As the vibrator buzzed in her pussy and the headset covered her ears, she was lost in the moment. Totally consumed by the sensations.

She only knew her bedroom door opened because she saw it move through the corner of her eye. She swiftly pulled the headset off her ears.

The voice on the other side called out, while opening the door:

"Mom, did you say someth...."

Jack's words stopped when he peaked inside the bedroom and saw his mother there. Black face mask. Tits exposed. A vibrator in her pussy. Her computer screen on a webcam porn site.

Maureen's jaw dropped and her eyes widened. She froze completely.

"Sorry..." Jack gasped, quickly closing the door and leaving.

Maureen nearly burst into tears, right in front of her audience. But she fought the tears and immediately logged off, something she'd never do without saying 'goodnight' to her audience first.

She tried desperately to summon her courage and put herself back together- emotionally speaking. She put the vibrator on the table and pulled her negligee up to cover her breasts. She pulled her mask away. Then she put on a robe to cover herself.

It was time for a much needed conversation.


Jack's bedroom door was slightly open and the lights were on. She gently pushed it opened and entered, while he was playing a computer game. Naturally, he turned awkward when he saw her enter.

"Can you come downstairs, please?" she asked uncomfortably. "We need to talk. Now."

He agreed, but he clearly didn't want to. Who would?

Once downstairs, she was in the kitchen fixing them some hot chocolate, while he waited in the dining room. When it was ready, she brought the drinks and they sat down facing each other.

"This isn't necessary," he said calmly. "Seriously. I don't care."

"Shouldn't you care? I'm your mother."

The look on Jack's face said it all. Of course he cared! It's a fucking weird conversation! He just didn't want to sit there having an agonizing talk over what he had witnessed earlier.

He shook his head. "It's not a big deal. Forget it."

"You're a young man. And you spend plenty of time on your computer. I'm assuming you know what I was doing?"

Jack reluctantly nodded.

"It's for a website," she explained.

"I'm familiar with webcam stuff, mom. Everyone is these days. God, I could have visited that site, whichever it was."

"I know. I know. But I won't apologize for what I do."

"Do you need the money or something?" he asked, completely puzzled by all this. "I could get a part time job if you want me to."

"This has nothing to do with money," she insisted.

He went silently for a moment. "Oh, so it's just...that's your thing..."

"Something like that," she sighed. "Look, it's been lonely for me since the divorce. Absolutely lonely. My love life is non-existent because of my job."

"I understand. But that? Online?"

For the first time since this conversation began, Maureen took control and refused to be a victim. She refused to be questioned in a judgmental tone. She sat upright and held her chin high. It was time for the courtroom lawyer to appear.

"I won't apologize," she said sternly. "I don't need to. If you want answers, I'll give them to you. But I refuse to feel like I'm somehow a slut or whore."

Jack immediately backed down. "Okay, okay. I never thought you were any of those things."

"I'm only telling you this because I don't want you thinking any less of me. I never thought you'd ever find out. So I want to make myself clear so there won't be any lingering thoughts on your mind. Understood?"

"Yes mom."

She took a deep breath. "The truth is, your father knew I was an exhibitionist at heart. He loved showing me off. So he came up with the idea of us doing webcam things together. I eventually agreed, and I found it enthralling."

Jack nodded, mesmerized by the erotic story of his mother.

She continued, "It started small. Chat rooms. Other couples. Things like that."

"It's common these days."

Maureen nodded. "Apparently, websites filled with cam models are common too. He convinced me that we should join. After our first session for dozens of people, I was hooked. I was unstoppable. It satisfied something in me that...well... I shouldn't go into further detail, but you get the idea."

"That makes sense. Obviously I was, you know, shocked as hell."

She finally managed to crack a smile. "You think you were shocked? Imagine how I felt?"

"I bet."

"I'm glad we've been able to clear this up," she said. "Or at least try."

"Can I ask you something?"


He hesitated for a moment. "Are you going to keep doing this?"

Maureen looked him straight in the eyes. Did she really owe him an answer to that? This shouldn't even be his business. She had already told him more than she needed to. But something inside of her craved honesty.

The problem was, she didn't know the answer.

"I don't know if I'll continue," she eventually said.

He gave a half smile. "Mom, whenever you give that expression, and you're undecided, it means you're still going to do it. You're just emotional right now. But you won't stop."

"I'm almost afraid you're right."


Maureen spent the next day in the office, speaking with clients on the phone, working on memos, and researching cases. When her assistants were busy and she had some extra time alone, she visited the webcam site.

Being a webcam model had been an amazing, fulfilling, and lust filled ride. Certainly an experience she'd always cherish. But after that moment of carelessness and being caught by her son, could she really continue with this sexual adventure?

As she sat there in her office looking at her profile page, the answer was clear. This online persona had become part of her sexual identity. It was also a huge stress reliever from her busy days and courtroom battles.

Of course she would continue!

She browsed at the different categories, at the different models, and she remained in awe of how many users there were. It still boggled her mind knowing how many people had seen her naked and masturbating on cam.

Also on her mind was the fact that her son viewed cam sites too. He seemed way too familiar with it, which shouldn't have come as a surprise. Had Jack ever been to this particular cam site? Worse, had Jack ever swung by her chatroom by coincidence? Had he ever seen her perform?

These thoughts swirled through her mind as she daydreamed. Her eyes focused on the different categories and performers. More thoughts swirled through her mind when she saw something eye-catching being advertised.

A smile crept on her face. Her pussy clenched. She now had a plan.


By the time it was dinner, Maureen had already planned out her entire speech, much like she'd present a case to a judge or jury. She had already thought of her main arguments, rebuttals, and the all important approach.

She had decided that the best approach was to be straightforward, in gradual paces. To make things easier, she poured herself some wine for additional courage.

"About last night," she casually said after they finished eating. "Do you really visit those types of sites?"

Jack's eyes widened. "Really? I thought we were done with this?"

"I've been doing a lot of thinking today, and I was curious. You mentioned how you were familiar with these sorts of sites. Are there any particular sites you frequent?"

He sighed, "I don't think we should..."

"Answer me," she replied, cutting him off. "I'm genuinely curious. Besides, it's not like I'm in a position to judge."

After a moment of skepticism and hesitation, Jack listed two webcam sites that he claimed he sometimes browsed, though Maureen was certain that he visited them more often than he was willing to admit.

Nevertheless, she was relieved that he had never visited the site which she broadcasted her cam. Not that it would have mattered, if this plan were to work.

"Nice choices," she smiled. "You have good taste."

Jack gave a playfully skeptical look. "Mom, you're up to something. Whatever it is, just say it. Spare us the awkwardness and let's get to the point."

"Fine. But hear me out. Make your decision once I've explained everything to you. And I want you to keep an open mind on the matter."


"Tonight is Couples Night on the website," she explained. "It's a chance for users to see their favorite performers with another partner. Meaning, users get to see, shall we say, a few extra things with a male performer. Now hang on a second, Jack, before you make a comment. Hear me out."

"Mom, I didn't say anything."

She nodded. "Tonight is also known as Incest Monday. Please don't comment yet, it's just a fancy name."

"I didn't say a word, even though that's a very strange name to appear on a webcam site."

"It's for fake incest. That's when couples would roleplay on cam for users to see. Basically the cam models would pretend they're family members; like mother/son if there's an age gap, or brother/sister if they're both young adults, or..."

"Mom, I get the idea," he said awkwardly.

"It's a very popular fantasy, you know? Those sorts of stories are quite popular on erotica sites such as Literotica. There's a huge demand for it."

"Yeah, I know...uhh...I mean, okay. Whatever people like."

She smiled at her son's slip up. "The point I'm making is that couples who do incest roleplay gets tons of viewers on their page. Tons. More views, more attention, more tips, more everything."

"I still don't get why you're telling me this."

Maureen took a deep breath. "Let's do a couples chat together."

As she expected, Jack was blown away by the suggestion. Stunned beyond belief. Frankly, she was stunned too, that she even had the courage to ask such a thing.

"Tell me you're joking," he managed to say.

"I'm absolutely serious. Be honest, have you ever fantasized about me before?"

Jack was totally caught off guard and seemed endlessly frustrated. His reaction was an instant giveaway. Maureen got the answer already.

"I--- wait a minute. What does that have to do with anything? Totally irrelevant."

"I know it's a common fantasy," she tried reassuring. "There are tons of stories written by young men about it. And in my chatroom, people ask me all the time if I have a son. When I say yes, that I have a college boy, I get flooded with all sorts of lewd questions. So be honest. Just answer me."

He huffed. "Sure I have. I mean, you're gorgeous. I'm not proud of doing that, but it just happened."

"Masturbation doesn't just happen."

"Oh god," he sighed in embarrassment. "This is horrible."

"There are three reasons why I want you to join me," she said firmly.

"I'm dying to hear them."

"First," she said. "Young men like yourself visit a variety of different porn sites these days. It's only a matter of time before you accidentally stumble across my room and see me perform. Rather than sneak around, I want us to be open and honest about everything."

Jack listened attentively.

She continued, "Second, doing this in my bedroom is a huge escape from my stressful life. It takes me to another world. I love my audience. I love the spotlight. It gives me a thrill that I can't get anywhere else. So having a partner and doing a couples chat would allow me to reach a wider audience. I can't trust my webcam secret with anyone else. And since you already know, I want you to be my partner, because I know you'd never tell anyone."

At this point, Jack hung on every word, trying to understand this unusual situation.

"Thirdly," she said. "And most importantly. You bear a striking resemblance to your father. You have all his best qualities, without any of his negatives. As crazy as this sounds, doing this with you would bring back so many warm, loving memories of doing this with your father. I've always been a sucker for romance, and this is the most romance I'd feel in a long time. So what do you say?"

It was all laid out there. Maureen perfectly stated all the points she had thought up in her office earlier, and verbatim too.

Now was the waiting part. Jack paused for a few seconds, but like the old cliche goes, it felt like an eternity, until he finally spoke.

"Do I have to show my face?" he cautiously asked.

She smiled broadly. "No way. I'll wear my sexy mask. You keep your face off camera."

"Will the viewers know that we're actually a mother/son duo?"

"I'll tell them. But the thing is, lots of online couples say they are, and it's obviously a roleplay. I'm sure many of my viewers will believe me though. I'll convince them. And it'll drive them wild."

"What will I have to do?"

Maureen's smile morphed into a sly grin. "Oh, nothing really. Just stand there while I suck your cock, then you can fuck me."

She was thoroughly amused at Jack's priceless reaction. How shocked he was. How amusing it looked. How crazy this situation was.

Although he'd never admit it, Maureen was positive that Jack had instantly become erect.


9 pm was fast approaching. Maureen was already dressed in sexy lingerie, naked underneath, and she slipped on her skimpy black facemask. She had already fixed her hair nicely, and wore extra mascara and red lipstick to make herself look even sexier.

While logging in to the porn site, the realness of the situation grew when Jack came to her bedroom wearing nothing but his boxers, as she had instructed. He looked uncharacteristically shy and timid, but the faint bulge poking through told another story.

"You look handsome," she teased.

"I doubt anyone would care about me. You're the star of the show."

"You're right; they just want to see me sucking that delicious cock of yours. Now have a seat on the bed. The show's about to start soon."

She went to her control panel and did all sorts of things, requesting access to appear on the couples chat on 'incest night.' Success! She was in and a longtime fantasy was about to come true, with her son of all people!

"And we're live," she said.

The moment Maureen's online profile was listed on the cam site, viewers started pouring in. All of them ecstatic that they'd finally get to see her sucking on a real cock, instead of a sex toy.

The enthusiasm in the room grew when users pointed out that she was listed under the incest theme as well. People wanted to know if she was going to roleplay with that young stud sitting on the bed (with his face out of the screen.) She was pleased to announce that this was the real thing.

Maureen put on her new headset and spoke to the group. "There's nothing fake here. He's my son, that many of you have been asking about. I obviously can't prove this, but you'll have to take my word for it. He's my son. And this show is real."

Automatically, the tips came pouring in, along with a slew of comments.

Real incest?! Oh shit!

what a dream come true!

Lucky guy.

this is going to be the best night ever!

have you two been fucking for long?

Maureen responded to the last question. "Actually, no. We've never done anything before. Honestly. Nothing besides an innocent kiss. This will be the first time that I've ever touched him in a sexual way. On this special night, all of you get to witness this."

The online reaction was immense. She watched as the tips came flooding in, along with all the wonderful comments. Most of all, the number of views she had in her chatroom were at a peak she'd never had before. This was going to be a hit.

She set a financial goal. She made it clear that the more they tipped, the more they'd see. If they'd tip high enough, they'd get to witness some incestuous oral action. More tips, they'd get to see some fucking.

With enough tips at this point, she owed it to her audience to show them something. And she did.

"Nudity has been reached," she informed her audience. "Believe it or not, my son has never seen me fully nude. Thanks to all of you, it's going to be a reality for him."

She blew a kiss to the webcam as the audience went wild, then she turned and winked at Jack, who sat there stunned like a puppy dog with his tongue out.

Despite being a rigid lawyer for her day job, Maureen did have a few moves. None of these moves came natural to her, as she wasn't much of a dancer, or a show person. These moves came from a long learning experience and gradually allowing her inhibitions to slip away throughout her time as a cam model.

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