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Weekend Getaway


Four-day weekends are always fun, but I rarely have the chance to take advantage of them. Fortunately, on one such weekend a few years ago, an older friend asked my girlfriend and me to join him and his wife on a camping trip. It ended up being one of the wildest weekends of my life.

My girlfriend, Andrea (Andi, for short), had a reputation of being a bit of a slut before I met her, but I soon found out the reputation was undeserved. She didn't mind watching porn tapes, but when it came to acting out some of those scenes (anal, threesomes, toys), she said she wasn't interested. She preferred giving hand to giving head, and preferred giving head to fucking. I wasn't sure if that was because her previous boyfriends didn't know how to use the equipment they were given, or if she was just uptight about getting pregnant even though she was on the pill. When it came to sex, her options for positions could be counted on one hand.

Although she lacked imagination during sex, she had a well-toned body that she managed to keep tan year-round. Andi looked a little bit like Jennifer Aniston in the face, but a little thinner in the body. She was blessed with long legs, small-but-perky tits, a beautiful ass, and a tight, attractive pussy. She could have been a runway model if she didn't have her heart set on being a veterinarian. Mine wasn't the only dick in her life. We both knew she had better looking boyfriends, but none of them bothered to get her off as well or as often. When it came to her receiving oral pleasure, though, she would find a way to let me get her off, no matter where we were. She may have been high maintenance, but I had the satisfaction of knowing I could get her off any time, anywhere.

My camping trip friends were a little different. I had just turned 18 when I first met them. At the time of this camping trip, I was a few months from my 21st birthday. They were both in their mid 30's, but maintained a very youthful lifestyle.

Ken was short, balding, a little overweight, but a nice guy and usually funny. He reminded me of Ron Jeremy but with short hair and a much shorter pecker. His wife, Sarah, was a little shorter than Ken, natural, and pleasant to be around. As far as nice people to hang out with, I don't think I could have done better at the time.

Sarah was a reasonably attractive woman. She looked a little bit like Dina Meyer with just a touch of baby fat and bigger boobs. She had strawberry-blond hair, green eyes, and freckles across her nose and cheeks. Motherhood had been good to her, and she retained her full, round tits. Her waist was small, but widened to shapely hips, a beautiful ass and well-shaped legs. I teased her about how small her feet were, but I think she knew I thought they were pretty.

She was shorter and had more curves than Andi, but I thought she was still cute for her age. She wasn't a New York model, but she had what it took to turn heads in a good way. Sarah had had two kids (staying with their grandparents on this particular weekend), but her body bounced right back into shape. She worked out regularly, and rewarded herself (and the rest of us) by buying the skimpiest bikinis to wear while sunbathing. These were the days before Malibu Strings, but what she wore came pretty close. I asked Andi to buy similar "bathing suits" as all she had ever worn in the past were the standard bikinis. Sarah jokingly told me she'd see if she could help Andi (and me) out in that area. Their lot on the campground was very secluded, surrounded by trees, and only a quarter-mile from the lake where they kept their boat docked. It was still early in the season, and there were no other campers in our area. It wasn't unusual for Andi and Sarah to take their bikini tops off while tanning their back sides, but Sarah somehow managed to take it all off for that "all over tan" when she thought nobody else was around. Andi preferred the creamy white triangles of her tits, pussy, and above the crack of her ass.

A normal weekend in the summer would have us take Ken's boat out on the lake, water ski, and have a nightly campfire. At the end of the evening, my girlfriend-at-the-time and I would go back to our tent for some quiet outdoor sex, and an envious Sarah and Ken would go back to their camper with their kids. Ken would sometimes kid me the next morning, saying he could beat off 2 or 3 times for every orgasm I either had or gave to my girlfriend-at-the-time. If she were willing, I'd sometimes stand and have my girlfriend-at-the-time blow me just outside the tent, knowing Ken was probably watching. What I didn't know was that sometimes Sarah was watching, too.

Andi and I left Thursday afternoon and arrived at the campground just before sunset. Ken had already set up the campfire, and Sarah seemed to be enjoying the peace and quiet without the kids as we pulled up. After the usual hugs and handshakes, Sarah and Andi quickly unpacked the car while I worked on setting up the tent. Something was a little different about Sarah, though. I don't know if it was the fact that her hair was a little longer, she looked a little thinner, or if she was wearing her clothing in a more revealing manner, but something about her kept catching my eye.

The girls went in the camper to start preparing a late dinner. Ken handed me a beer and directed me to the campfire. When he thought we were far enough away from the camper, Ken decided it was time to get something off his chest. We've had personal conversations before, but it was usually me doing most of the talking, especially after a few beers. Ken knew about almost every girl I had ever been with; every position, good lays and bad. I figured I was in for a shock when it was going to be him doing most of the talking, and I was right.

He told me his sex life was lacking, recently, and felt like he couldn't make Sarah happy anymore. I asked him if he talked to her about it, and he said she could only get off if she fantasized about someone else. I told him that was OK, and that he shouldn't let that bother him. As long as they were still having sex, he should be happy and let things take their course.

Then he said that a few weeks ago he overheard Andi telling his wife about how well I could get her off, and how since then, Sarah moaned my name more than once in her sleep. I could feel my cock throb just at the thought of his wife dreaming about me. It was a strange feeling. At first I thought he was jealous, suspecting that I had been screwing his wife behind his back. (I hadn't). I was surprised to hear that Andi had even had a conversation about sex with Sarah. Maybe she still had a naughty side, after all. I felt a little awkward, but I told him to go on. The more Ken talked, the more I realized that this weekend was all part of his desperate plan to show his wife a good time. He wanted me to sleep with his wife! Maybe Andi, too! I listened as he went into detail of everything he fantasized about – thinking it was the same that Sarah fantasized about. He didn't want me and/or Andi to fuck her just once, either.

In his mind, he felt that the only way for Sarah and him to be happy again was to have someone else join them. I had told Ken about many of my sexual adventures, and now he wanted Sarah to have the same experiences. Thinking he was probably just a little drunk, I told him we had all weekend and I'd like to sleep on it. We were good friends, and I didn't want to ruin anything between Ken and Sarah. Andi was just a girlfriend that would eventually be replaced, but Sarah was his wife.

The girls came out with the food, as if on cue. We grilled some freshly caught Amber Jack, had a few more beers, and talked about the following day's options. All night, I found myself undressing Sarah with my eyes. We decided the weather looked good for taking the boat out for some early morning water skiing. We'd probably drop the girls off at the secluded campground to relax and enjoy the sun the rest of the afternoon. We'd then go around the lake to check out the other sunbathers, stop at the marina for more beer or food, and then head back to the campground. Sounded like a good plan.

It had been a long day, followed by an interesting evening, and it was time to turn in. The water hook-up to the camper provided a never-ending supply of water. Unfortunately, it would be a few hours before it was warm enough for a shower. Ken and Sarah said they didn't mind the cold shower, but Andi and I agreed we would have to wait a few hours, or even until morning. We waived goodnight to Ken and Sarah as they closed the door to the camper.

As soon as we got in our tent, Andi took off her clothes and pushed my face onto her pussy. Something had gotten her hot earlier, and she apparently needed relief. She had trimmed her pubic hair as short as it could be, and at first glance, her pussy looked practically shaved. It didn't look like that the last time I fucked her, so this must have been something special for the weekend. As I licked her to orgasm, I worked three fingers into her pussy, paying close attention to her G-spot. I was working on giving her another orgasm when she pulled my fingers out of her pussy and guided one of my fingers to her asshole. Our eyes were locked onto each other as I slid two fingers back in her pussy and the third carefully into her ass. She knew that I always wanted to try ass-play with her, but this was the first time she actually let me put anything in her ass besides my tongue. I barely slid the first joint of my finger past her sphincter when she let out a yelp signaling another wave of orgasm. She slapped my dripping wet hand away from her crotch and rolled me onto my back. I still had most of my clothes on, but I'm sure she could feel the bulge in my shorts as she ground her ass onto my crotch. She leaned over and kissed me as deeply as I could be kissed. For a while I wasn't sure if this was the end of the evening's events or just the beginning.

She pulled off my shorts and began what I thought was going to be the usual tug-job. She could see my disappointment, and quickly turned to inhale my growing cock. Her blowjobs in the past were rarely subtle, but she never sucked with as much enthusiasm as she was demonstrating now. I could feel her nose touching my balls as she deep-throated my cock for the first time. Obviously, she had been holding back. I tapped her on the shoulder to let her know I was about to cum (as she had asked me to do so many times before), but this time she ignored the tap and kept on sucking until my balls tightened up and I shot off in her mouth.

I expected her to spit, complain, and spit again, but was surprised to feel her swallow my cum and begin coaxing another erection. Within seconds, she turned around, impaling her beautiful pussy with my cock. She leaned over to kiss me as her ass bounced up and down behind her. The taste of my cum was still fresh on her lips. She was on the pill, so I wasn't completely concerned about coming inside her. Apparently, she wasn't either - which was also a first. It was only a matter of about five minutes before I realized I was ready to cum again, which was probably a good thing with all the noise Andi had been making. I expected her to hop off of me at the first sign of my orgasm, but instead she ground her pubic bone harder against mine, flattening her swollen clit against me. Within seconds of feeling the warm gush of cum inside her, her pussy tightened around my shaft, loosened for a second, and then tightened again. I could feel my cum drip from her pussy down to my balls and ass.

We remained motionless for a few minutes, and then, in her formerly typical prudish fashion, she hopped off, got dressed, and ran into the camper for a quick shower, cold water or not. About fifteen minutes later, she was back in the tent wearing pajamas, and kissing me goodnight. She was asleep within seconds of her head touching the pillow.

I put a towel around my waist and threw on a T-shirt. As I walked out of the tent, I could see Ken sitting by what was left of the campfire. He told me to have a seat, and handed me a beer.

"I thought you went to bed." I asked.

"I did, but Sarah woke up while Andi was getting her rocks off for the third time, " Ken answered with a grin. "She started fingering her pussy so fast and so hard that by the time I realized what was happening, she was finished. She was nice enough to give me a hand job before falling asleep, though."

"Well, that's good, right?" I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. He looked desperate. Ken knew that Sarah was hard-up, and he felt horrible that he couldn't rock her world as well as he did years ago. I figured it was just a phase they were going through, but it was affecting Ken's enjoyment, too. He almost felt guilty about Sarah not being satisfied by his efforts. Ken pushed his idea again.

"You should fuck her tonight, " he said. "Fuck her face. Fuck her cunt. Hell, fuck her feet. I know you like them. She knows you like them."

"And where are you going to be?" I asked.

"I'll wait right here, if you want. When you're done, take a shower and I'll know it's safe to go inside. I don't care. Just get in there!" he said.

"What about Andi? What if she wakes up?" I asked.

"Fuck her, too. Or I'll fuck her... I don't care. She'll probably sleep right through it after your fuck-session earlier, " he answered.

My cock was almost erect and no longer concealed by the towel around my waist. Ken couldn't help but stare, and I thought he was a little concerned about me stretching out his wife's pussy. Little did I know? The thought of Ken offering his wife made my cock swell even larger. I couldn't hide it anymore.

I had no idea how this would work. I didn't even know if Sarah would go for it. What if she didn't? How would we act the rest of the weekend? What would I say to Andi if she found out? Did Ken want to fuck Andi? That would be interesting. Ken wasn't well endowed in length, but he had most guys beat in girth – including me. The thought of young Andi being fucked silly by a short fat guy with a short fat cock amused me enough to make my cock spring up.

I threw the towel over my shoulder, exposing my erect cock and shaved balls. Ken gave me a big grin and subconsciously put his hand down the front of his shorts. I walked toward the camper wearing nothing but a T-shirt, flip-flops, and a worried smile. I carefully opened the door so it wouldn't make any noise. The lights were all out except for the bathroom/shower light. This was an older camper, but it was huge. It had a master bedroom on one end, and two bunk beds on the other. In the middle, there was a kitchen/eating area and a small bathroom that housed a commode and shower. Ken had made a few modifications to the camper, and I was impressed every time I stepped into it.

Sarah was asleep in the master bedroom. I decided to take a quick shower to wash the cum off my balls and ass crack and calm myself down. I hoped Ken would understand that this wasn't the "after I fucked Sarah" shower, and would stay outside. I didn't waste any time, and still had half an erection as I toweled myself dry.

I came out of the little bathroom and turned out the light. I quietly stepped into the master bedroom and found Sarah asleep on her stomach, naked, and with one armed tucked under her. Her hand was between her legs and it looked like she had been fingering herself in her sleep.

I carefully got into bed with her, and slowly slid into position beside her. I put my hand on her leg and gently ran my fingers up and down, giving her goose bumps on her ass. At first she thought I was her husband and just moved over, but when she felt my pre-cum covered cock pressing against her, she was startled. Ken had a short, fat cock that curved up sharply making it look shorter than it probably really was. (I made that discovery when his shorts came off while waterskiing with a hard-on.) My cock was seven inches in length, thick as a cucumber, and stood straight out when erect. This definitely wasn't her husband's dick.

She asked me what I thought I was doing and drew the sheets up around her as she rolled on her back away from me. I thought I had ruined everything.

"Do you want me to leave?" I asked. I knelt on the bed, making my cock bounce in front of me. She couldn't take her eyes off it.

"I don't know what I want, " she said. There was a long, uncomfortable pause. "But now that you're here, and you've crossed the line, I definitely don't want you to leave."

She asked if Ken had put me up to this, and I said that Ken just wanted her to be happy; that he thought this might help. She asked what I thought would happen when she told Andi that I fucked the shit out of her all night. I knew she was playing with me and told her she wouldn't tell Andi anything with my cock in her mouth.

Sarah thought about it for a minute, and let the sheets fall off her naturally large tits. My eyes were finally able to see in the darkness, and the moon was shining just enough to give me a great view of her incredible body. I leaned over to lightly kiss her, but she grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me hard on the mouth. Our tongues wound around each other like we were high school lovers. She reached down and grabbed the shaft of my cock while continuing to kiss my face, neck, and ears. She pushed me back and kissed my chest, stomach, and legs. When she got to my feet, she put one toe at a time in her mouth and sucked and swirled her tongue around them. Then she pulled me onto my stomach and began kissing the back of my legs. She worked up my legs to my back, intentionally passing my ass, and then kissed me around my neck again. She lay on my back and worked her body between my legs, spreading them as she slid down my back with kisses along my spine.

When she got to the crack of my ass, she spread my cheeks and began licking my crack lightly. I could feel her saliva dripping from her mouth as she began to concentrate on my asshole. She spread my cheeks further and pulled my ass up into the air as her tongue found my sphincter again and again.

"Now, it's my turn" she said.

I was seconds away from an incredible orgasm, but did as she asked. I kissed every inch of her body, in the exact order that she kissed mine, ending with her asshole. Her ass came up and her fingers found her clit while I tongued her anus. Within seconds, she was shuddering. She collapsed on her stomach, and then turned to give me a kiss goodnight.

"I'm not finished with you, yet, Sarah." I said. "Unless you really want to call it a night?" I asked.

"What else do you want to do? Aren't you exhausted?" she asked, almost whimpering.

"I know you've been talking to Andi, so you know I can fuck again and again." I said, kneeling again with my bouncing cock inches from her face. "A friend asked me to fuck the shit out of his wife tonight, and that's what I'm going to do." Sarah looked like a girl on her birthday with a dozen presents left to open. She wasn't sure where to begin. I helped her decide by holding the back of her head and gently pushing my cock in her mouth. She hadn't had to deal with a cock this long since her college days, and was a little out of practice. I let her gag a few times, then decided to give her a break and French-kissed her for a few minutes. While we kissed, I moved between her legs and pushed them back so her feet were near her face. She guided my cock to her pussy and I easily slid inside her. I kissed her feet as she pulled me closer to her. Within minutes, she was clawing my thighs and muttering my name under her breath.

I pulled out of her pussy, got on top of her, and slid my cock between her tits. I knew I was only going to last a few more seconds, so I decided to give her tits a little attention before I came. As I moved forward, I pinned her arms down and held her head back as I shot my full load in her mouth. Neither of us expected the amount of cum that I produced, but she winced and swallowed every drop like a college girl doing her first shot of tequila.

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