Weekend in Memphis


Teri pushed back against his cock feeling it entering her ass. She moaned in pleasure as she felt a cock in her ass for the first time and begged "Fuck me Jerome, please fuck me in the ass." Her body began to move and she moved her ass up and down on Jerome's cock, while he just kneeled behind doing none of the work.

Daniel and Ahmad had been watching and walked over to where Teri was, kneeled in front of her and offered her their cocks. She opened her mouth and they both tried to stuff their cocks into it. Her tongue flew over the cocks swirling around the heads licking the beginnings of the precum into her mouth. She heard Jerome say, "I'm gonna cum, guys, lets get set." Daniel and Ahmad pulled free of Teri's mouth and Ahmad lay back on the floor, and he told Teri to climb aboard. Teri swung her leg over Ahmad and reached down and guided his cock to the entrance of her cunt, she pushed down and he filled her. He reached up and held her tight and kissed her. She felt someone's hands on her ass cheeks and expected to feel Jerome probing her ass again. Instead, she looked up to see Jerome walking up in front of her, and felt a sharp pain as her ass spread open to allow Daniel's cock entrance to her body. Daniel pushed forward, as the pain ripped through her body. Finally he stopped and held still. Teri thought how full she felt right now as she realized that she was stuffed full of cocks. After what seemed like eternity, they began to slowly push in and out of her body and she began to love the feeling of being filled with cock. Jerome moved up closer and offered her his cock she opened her mouth and started to suck him when she heard him say "Clean that cock you filthy whore, you know it's been deep in your ass don't you?"

Teri looked at him and tried to nod as she enjoyed the three cocks that were working her body. She tasted her ass on his cock, but she didn't care, she just wanted to have another major orgasm and please the men she was with.

For the next 10 minutes these three men worked in and out of her body, and then Jerome announced that he was going to cum. They all pulled free and Ahmad told her to get on her back and open her mouth, then they proceeded one after the other to take their cocks in their hands and jerk off until they each filled her mouth once more with cum. Most of it went into her mouth and she swallowed it, but some of course hit her forehead, cheeks and in her hair. She was then offered each cock to clean and she lay there as the three men sat in chairs and looked at her well fucked body. Both her cunt and her ass hole were gaping as she left her legs spread wide enjoying the wonderful experience she had just had. She still had three days left in her vacation and she hoped to meet more of Daniel's friends. She smiled.

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