tagBDSMWeekend in Paradise Ch. 04

Weekend in Paradise Ch. 04


The car smelled of sex as I think Lacy was just as turned on as Ice. It wouldn't take a genius to figure that out either as they were both secretly pawing themselves at the wedding also. Once we arrived at the house, which only took about two minutes, I helped Ice out of the car while James helped Lacy. "I don't think they'll be needing our services this evening." James said as he kissed Lacy.

"No, I am sure I can handle this on my own." I said while kissing Ice."

We will still need to go clean up after the party." James said thoughtfully. "But first, we need to change clothes before ." James said leaving the sentence hanging.

Ice and I walked arm in arm to the front door. I opened the door, turned on the lights then kissed Ice deeply and with passion. I picked her up and carried her across the threshold, kissing her gently as I slowly lowered her legs so she could find her footing. Kicked the door shut then took her leash and pulled her along to the bedroom. Pulled is more symbolic as she couldn't wait to get there.

"Master, may I remove my shoes? she asked. "They have been hurting my feet the last hour or so." she further stated. I really wanted her to leave them on for a while longer but decided it wouldn't matter so I acquiesced in the end.

"Sit." I said pointing to the bed as she complied. I unstrapped one shoe, rubbing her leg and massaging her foot. "Mmm that feels wonderful Master." she cooed as I did the second one the same way.

"Master, may I go to the bathroom first? I really need to go and although it might be kinky. I don't think an overly wet bed will help us sleep tonight." she asked with lust in her eyes.

"Go, but don't take anything off." I said helping her up. I watched her walk into the bathroom with hips swaying. I got undressed throwing my clothes over a nearby chair. Sitting on the edge of the bed. My cock was hard as a rock and straining.

"Mmmm, Master more surprises." she said giggling upon her return.

"Yes Love, my cock is dying to meet your lips, tongue and warm mouth." I said with a wink and grin. A sudden gloominess crossed her face.

"Master, your cock was the last and you know I wasn't all that good at it back then." she said a little worried. That admonition made my cock jump even with the not so fond memories of that incident flooding me. She chocked and gagged that night and tossed her cookies all over me. Chocolate chip to be exact if I remember correctly.

"Love, I know you will do your best and practice makes perfect. Just don't try to impress me or push yourself." I said as I saw the relief in her face. She came and kissed me hard on the lips then kissed a trail down my chest and stomach. Lowering herself to her knees as she went.

She kissed the head and licked the full length of my shaft. Tickled the underside until my cock jumped from the wanted sensation. Then swirling her tongue around and taking the head slowly into her mouth making sure she was getting things as wet as possible with her saliva. She must have done some reading on the subject at least I thought. Then she started a slow journey down my cock into her mouth. She only went about halfway then made a slow journey back up making sure her tongue found the sensitive spot. She repeated this action several times as she looked up at me, watching my reactions with her loving eyes.

She tried going deeper but her natural reflexes wouldn't allow more. To me it felt like heaven and I knew in time she would be able to handle the entire length. The head started swelling and I started to pant and strain to hold off as long as possible. She realized it also and started bobbing up and down faster and faster but not all that deep but her tongue was working its magic. Normally a guy will grab a women by the head and push it down but I had the presence of mind to resist and only place a hand on her head. "I'm cumming!" I cried as I closed my eyes relishing the extreme pleasure. I am not sure what she did after that, but I know there was no mess so she must have swallowed it all. I know I had to stop her as her tongue and lips kept going after my overly sensitive spot.

I reached down and grabbed her leash and gently tugged as she was still licking her lips wanting more. "That was extraordinarily wonderful my wife. Come, get comfortable, and I will return the favor in a moment." I said commending her for the wonderful blow job. She was quick about it and knew how I wanted her. As she climbed on the bed, laid down and bunched the skirt up around her waist, with knees bent and legs spread wide.

She was right about one thing for sure. Her thighs were soaked and glistening as little rivulets were seeping down to her little rose bud. Her thighs were soaked as were her stockings and had actually progressed passed her knees, I observed. I started with her right leg as I lifted it and started planting little kisses trailing to her knees. Then rubbed the side of my face back leaving the leg hoisted on my shoulder. I did the same with the left leg listening to her coos, ahs, mmms, gasps and little moans. I licked her thighs gathering and savoring the sweet and tangy nectar.

I made a long lick from her rose bud through her swollen lips to the top purposely avoiding her clit. She was anticipating the assault that never came as she grunted from disapproval. I kept licking her slit and diving my tongue in her heavenly entrance, kissing and pulling her swollen lips now and then. She was writhing and would buck a little and tighten her legs but I held steadfast in my ministrations. When I decided she couldn't take much more I licked her clit, she let a loud gasp and moan, thrust her ass upwards, pressed her legs downward trying to get more pressure on the extended nub.

Finally I sucked the nub into my lips teasing it with my tongue. She bucked upwards and clamped down tight as her orgasm spread through her body. "Master, I'm cumming!" she screamed though very muffled to me. The orgasm lasted a long time as she sounded like a wailing banshee and I was getting worried she might smother me. She went limp suddenly allowing me my freedom. Her face was serene with a wide smile as priceless as when she learned we were getting married earlier.

She looked at me with so much love showing on her face. "Oh Master, that was..was..absolutely indescribable." she said with satisfaction.

"Yes love, I heard, felt and now see." I said with a wide grin. She gave me a confused look. "Lets say it didn't matter that you went to the bathroom before hand." I said laughing. She started giggling then reached up with her arms locking them around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. It just so happened that action lined my hard cock with her sweet love canal and I plunged into her depths in one thrust. Her legs immediately wrapped around me, as her moan erupted into my mouth.

It wasn't going to be long before I spewed forth as I was so turned on and was pounding her hard. Her grunts and loud moans reminded me of Lassie. She actually rocked into orgasm before me as she suddenly clamped me tight and her contracting pussy massaged my cock into eruption. As we both collapsed into a sweating tangled mess. "Oh Master, I have never came so hard in my life." she panted out of breath.

"You can get naked now and put your leash on the dresser and come to bed. We can further explore in the morning." I said. I pulled the wet comforter off the bed. As we laid in each others arms and peaceably dozed off to sleep.

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