tagBDSMWeekend in Vegas Ch. 01

Weekend in Vegas Ch. 01


This story is a sequel to Soccer Mom Slave published on 6-26-13. To put this story in context and to better understand the characters I suggest you read that story first. -Kahiltna-


Brenda had been running errands most of the morning. After dropping the kids at school she went to her aerobics class at the health club. Then it was off the dry cleaner, followed by what was supposed to be a quick stop at the library where she did volunteer work. That stop turned into a nearly hour long meeting. Her last stop was the supermarket before heading home.

Brenda stood at the kitchen counter looked through the mail. Most of it was junk but she did take time to look at the quarterly financial report from their investment firm.

Things were going remarkably well for her family. After Bill's father passed away 8 years ago, they received an inheritance that put them on a firm financial footing. Not a huge amount of money but they were able to pay off their mortgage. Their home was not large but it was comfortable and in a good neighborhood. They resisted the urge to buy a more expensive home which turned out to be a good decision. They came through the housing market crisis OK and were now dept free.

Their investment portfolio was doing well. Brenda was confident about having college money for the kids. They weren't getting rich from of Bill's job with the Sheriffs Department, but between his recent promotion to Sergeant and some overtime they were far from being broke.

Bill's side business building custom golf clubs had gone from a hobby to some pretty serious cash. They were living very comfortably within their means and doing better than most thirty-something couples they knew.

On a personal level, things couldn't be better. The kids were a joy; well most of the time. Brenda knew she had the teenage years to look forward to, but she couldn't imagine life without her children. Her relationship with her husband and her Master couldn't be better.

It was strange, she almost thought of him as two different men. She loved family life with her husband. There were a lot of limitations on their sex life with the kids around but almost all couples had to deal with that. For Brenda, the meetings with Master were the stuff dreams are made of. When she was with Master she was swept away in a fantasy world.

Brenda felt like she was having a torrid affair with a man whose sexual demands she could not resist emotionally or physically. The best part, her Master is her husband, no guilt, no fear of getting caught.

Brenda wasn't sure if she could take a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. With the kids in the house, it wasn't a decision she had to make. There would come a time when the kids graduated from school and moved out. She had a while before that was going to happen so it wasn't something she had to worry about now.

After lunch Brenda checked the clock, an hour and a half until she had to pick up the kids. She decided to take a look at the internet. She logged on and checked her email, then looked at a few face book pages some friends and relatives. She looked at the news for a bit but knew she was just stalling. She hit the private browsing icon and typed in 'subspace.org'.

This was the site that had first piqued her interest in Dominant/submissive relationships. It had a great deal of general information like forums, blogs and advice. There were also links to many other web sites with similar interests.

At first she just read the forums. What she read really turned her on. Then she registered so she could ask questions and get advice. She had developed some relationships with other people on the site, none of whom she ever met in person. At first she couldn't understand why anyone, including herself, would want to be a Sub. After discussing this with others on the forum, someone named 'slavesuzi' explained how she got started.

"Remember how much you liked watching vampire movies when you were a girl. Remember how scared and excited you were to watch the vampire take control of the beautiful young woman. The sexual references may have been subtle, but they were always there. As a consenting adult submissive you can have those scary excited feelings right up until you orgasm."

That got Brenda's attention and made her want to know more. Communicating with other people with similar interests had a positive effect on Brenda. She remembered one of the first bits of advice she received.

"If you really want to have fun as a slave, don't always do what you're told".

That was so true, being an occasional disobedient slave had its rewards. Other advice like safe words and stated limitations were helpful in the beginning. She had since gone beyond that. She had given herself to Master, simple as that. He could do anything he wanted to with her, anything. That level of trust didn't come easy and it was a big responsibility for Master. He handled it well, Brenda had no complaints.

Eventually Brenda became comfortable enough to start her own blog spot on the site. She used the web name luvBnaslave. She would describe her feelings and some of her meetings with Master. Eventually she started to offer advice to others. She was getting quite a following. At the direction of her Master, she started posting photos of her own about a year ago. No full face of pictures of course.

Brenda logged on and checked her blog. She was still getting comments on the photos and brief description of her last meeting at the farm house with Master. He told her to post two of the photos he had taken of her. In the first photo she was standing with her hands tied above her head. Most of her face was blocked by her forearm in that photo, but the red ball gag in her mouth and the stub of red dildo poking out of her cunt were both clearly visible.

The other photo was of her on the horse, taken from behind. The dildo still roped in her cunt and her ass bright red from Master's flogging. The comments from strangers was a big boost for Brenda's ego. Anonymous strangers saying things like "beautiful, sexy, hot, your Master is the luckiest guy in the world," always perked her up.

It had been almost a month since that meeting with her Master. She had met him twice since then but neither of those meetings were as intense.

Two weeks ago Master told Brenda to meet him behind an abandoned meat packing plant. There was an old loading dock that blocked the view from the road. Master handcuffed Brenda's hands behind her back, then bent her over the back of his patrol car and fucked her from behind. This was right near the top on the list of Brenda's favorite things. Brenda had the exact fantasy the first time she saw him in uniform.

On Tuesday of last week, Master was in court all day for a trial. He told Brenda to meet him in the stairwell of the parking garage next to the courthouse during the lunch recess. She sucked his cock just before he had to return to court.

Brenda sighed with disappointment. The last day of school was at the end of next week. With the kids out of school for the summer it would be much more difficult for impromptu meetings with Master. They would still meet, but Brenda knew it would be less often and would require more planning.

Brenda surfed through the forums for a while, then took a look at the blog spot for her old friend slavesuzi. Brenda was surprised at the latest post. Slavesuzi had never posted anything indicating she was attracted to women, but today there was something different. She was describing an encounter with female Domme named Mistress Juliana.

She described the encounter in great detail, including being fucked by Mistress J (slavesuzi's abbreviation) with a strap-on dildo. Brenda clicked on a link to a photo. There was slavesuzi bent over a desk with another woman fucking her from the behind with the strap-on.

In the photo Slavesuzi was nude, Mistress J had on a black garter belt and stockings. Slavesuzi had her head turned so her face couldn't be seen, but Mistress J's face was clearly visible. Brenda had seen other photos of slavesuzi. She was a very cute, petite with small firm tits. Mistress J towered over her. She must have been 5ft 10in and had a powerful figure. Her tits were huge, DD or maybe E cup.

Mistress J looked to be around 40 with blond hair and striking good looks. The strap-on was secured to the Mistress J's waist, upper legs and crotch with a leather harness. She had a firm grip on slavesuzi's hips. Slavesuzi had her arms stretched out in front of her holding the opposite edge of the desk. Imagining the hard fucking slavesuzi was getting in the photo made the tingling start to stir in Brenda's cunt.

Oh...thought Brenda. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

She couldn't take her eyes off the photo. Brenda had never had sex with another woman, but she thought about it often. When she was younger she told herself she was a deviate for just thinking about it. As she got older she had become a little more open minded but still couldn't imagine herself in a sexual relationship with another woman.

Since becoming so submissive to her Master she often thought about another woman forcing her to have sex. Today she was fantasizing about the two women in the photo. She started to imagine herself as slavesuzi. Brenda could almost feel the Domme gripping her hips and fucking her. Brenda realized her hand was between her legs, her fingers rubbing gently.

Brenda picked up her smart phone and sent a text.

"Master, may I please masturbate today?"

She continued looking at the photo, not sure what she would do if Master said no. Her phone chimed, she opened the text message.

"What would you fantasize about slave?"

Brenda wasn't sure what to do. She could say she would fantasize about him but she didn't want to lie. How could she explain that she was thinking about another woman?

Brenda had an idea. She opened the internet connection on her smart phone and went to the subspace web page. Opening slavesuzi's blog spot she copied the link to the photo. After attaching the link to her text message, she sent it to Master with no other explanation. A second after she pressed the send button she wondered if she made a mistake.

Will Master be angry? Brenda thought. Will he think I'm more attracted to a female Domme than to him?

Her phone chimed, she opened the message,

"Yes you may masturbate today slave. Use the glass dildo. Send me a photo."

Brenda's heart skipped a beat and she felt a twinge in her cunt. She logged off private browsing and closed the browser. She jogged upstairs to the bedroom, closed the door, stripped off her clothes and threw them over the chair in the corner of the room.

She went into the closet and pulled the brief case off the top shelf. Dialing in the combination, she unlocked and opened the case.

There were several sex toys in the case, the glass dildo was the biggest. It was seven inches long, dark blue with a large round head. The shaft was covered with little nubs and bumps. The bottom had a large round plate that kept it from going all the way in her cunt. Holding the dildo in both hands so she could feel the nubs, she went back into the bedroom.

Then Brenda remembered she had to take a photo. Tossing the dildo on the bed, she ran back downstairs to get her phone. She felt a little thrill at being naked going downstairs. With kids living at home it was rare to be without clothes.

Back in the bedroom she closed the door and looked around,

How am I going to get a photo of myself, she wondered.

She already decided she wanted to be in the same position as slavesuzi. Brenda noticed the dresser was about the same height as a desk. Then she thought of the full length mirror on the wooden stand.

This will work, she thought.

She cleared everything off the dresser and dragged the mirror from across the room. She set the angle on the mirror and then leaned over the dresser with her legs spread. She guessed she would hold the dildo in her right hand, so she held her phone in her left.

It took several awkward attempts to snap a photo. After checking the photo, she wasn't happy with the angle so she adjusted the mirror and tried again. This time the angle was better. It showed her from the side and rear. Brenda was sure the dildo would be visible in her cunt. Pleased with her ingenuity, she left her phone on the dresser, and walked over to the bed.

Brenda picked up the dildo and smiled thinking of the first time her husband showed it to her.

"Say hello to my little friend," he said in his best Al Pacino/Scar face imitation.

She remembered laughing out loud and Bill had to ssh her, the kids might hear.

Brenda lay down on her stomach holding the dildo with both hands and looked at the dresser.

What would Mistress Juliana do to me if she were here, she thought.

Brenda closed her eyes and fondled the dildo. She imagined soft hands stroking the backs of her legs followed by sharp spanks on her ass. Brenda rolled over on her back and started to lick the dildo while she touched her tits.

Mistress J's hands would surly touch me here, she thought.

Brenda continued to fondle her tits while she put the head of the dildo in her mouth. She pinched her nipples one after the other feeling them harden under her touch. She ran her fingers over her stomach and thighs, then back to her tits, pinching her nipples a little harder. Brenda sucked and licked the dildo while she imagined Mistress J forcing her to suck the strap-on.

Brenda started squeezing her tits roughly now, imagining Mistress J disciplining her. She thought of Mistress J's big tits. Brenda tired to imagine having those tits rubbed in her face and Mistress J ordering her to suck them.

Brenda's hand moved to down her body to her cunt. Her fingers slipped in easily and she felt the familiar wet smoothness. After rubbing and pinching her cunt lips, she stuck two fingers into as far as she could reach. Fingering her cunt, Brenda imagined it was Mistress J violating her.

After a while Brenda slid her fingers out and spread her cunt lips. Taking the dildo out of her mouth, she slipped it between her legs. She rubbed the smooth glass head up and down her clit enjoying sensation.

Brenda imagined Mistress J squatting over her. Keeping her eyes tightly closed, she imagined what it would be like looking up at the other woman's cunt. She thought of Mistress J slowly lowering her cunt to her face. Brenda moved her wet fingers to mouth in and spread them in a narrow V. Smelling and tasting her juices, she imagined her fingers were Mistress J's cunt lips.

Brenda licked and sucked her fingers fantasizing about being forced to eat another woman. She rubbed the nubs of the dildo across her clit and savored the sensation. She rotated her hips and stuck the head of the dildo inside her. Sticking the tip of her fingertip in her mouth she sucked and licked it imagining it was the Mistress J's clit. Brenda continued her self pleasure until she felt her orgasm nearing.

She could almost hear the Mistress J ordering, "EAT ME SLAVE."

Brenda let out a long sigh as her orgasm flowed through her. Holding the dildo in her cunt, she let her fingers slip from her mouth. She took a few minutes to enjoying the warm afterglow but knew she wasn't finished. She pulled the dildo out and rolled over on her stomach. Looking at the dresser, she started getting excited again.

Brenda rolled off the bed and walked over to the dresser. Standing with her legs spread, she bent over slightly she put her left palm flat on the dresser. Brenda stuck the dildo in her mouth tasting the sticky sweetness of her cum. She mouthed the dildo mixing her saliva with her cum to make sure it was well lubed.

Holding it by the round base, she slipped the dildo between her legs and started to rub it up and down her slit. With long slow strokes, she used the head and nubs on the shaft to massage her clit and cunt lips.

She continued the long strokes and added some rotation. The nubs rubbing against her clit were having the desired effect. Her cunt was alive with sensations again. She stroked faster and faster. Thinking of Mistress J, she bent all the way over, flattening her tits against the dresser, turned the dildo and rammed it in her cunt. She gasped at the pleasurable intrusion.

Gripping the dildo tightly by the base, she pumped it in and out of her cunt. Brenda imagined Mistress J fucking her with the strap-on, gripping her hips and, pounding her against the dresser. Feeling her orgasm near, she rammed the dildo in and out of her cunt in a frenzy. She came with the image of Mistress J burned in her imagination.

After her orgasm, Brenda felt weak in the knees. She started to slip the dildo out of her soaking cunt but stopped when she remembered the photo. Holding the dildo with her right hand she picked up her phone with her left hand and snapped several pictures.

Handling the phone this way seemed even more awkward than when she had taken the practice shots. When she was done she felt exhausted and lay on the bed.

After a few minutes Brenda checked the photos on her phone. She started by deleting the practice photos she took while setting up the mirror. Of the four action photos, one was out of focus, one was at a poor angle, two were not bad. She picked the better of the two and deleted the rest.

Looking at the photo she was surprised at how erotic it looked. Her face was almost completely hidden behind the phone as she snapped the photo. She hadn't realized she was standing on her tip toes, her ass was arched up higher than her back as she leaned over the dresser. Her tight grip on the dildo was obvious, as was the dark blue color contrast against her white skin.

Addressing the photo to her Master, she got a little thrill when she hit the send button.

Hope you like it, she thought.

The reply came back in 5 minutes.

"Very nice slave, post the photo on your blog."

She lay there thinking of her relationship with her Master and husband. She wouldn't change anything.

She sighed as she thought, Back to reality.

Brenda cleaned herself up and washed off the dildo. After making sure all the toys were back in the brief case, she locked it and put the case back on the shelf. She straightened up the bedroom and got dressed. It was almost time to pick up the kids and she had a photo to post. She couldn't wait to read the comments from this blog entry. "Master let me masturbate today."

Later that evening Brenda used her online identity, luvBnaslave, to send a personal message to slavesuzi. Brenda told her how much her photo had turned her on. She even described how her Master ordered her to take the photo of herself masturbating and post it on her own blog. Slavesuzi replied to her PM commenting on Brenda's photo and giving her a little more information about her encounter with Mistress J.

Her master had ordered her to submit to Mistress J. He had not participated but watched and took video. The photo on her blog was a frame shot from the video. Slavesuzi described being fucked by Mistress J while her Master watched as, "FABULOUS!"

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