tagAnalWelcome to the Resort Ch. 02

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 02


The muted light cast a warm glow over the naked bodies entwined on the enormous bed. In the centre lay the powerfully built body of John Prester. Along his left side lay the small body of half Japanese Anna, her head on his shoulder, small fingers twisting the dark curls on his chest. Along his right side lay his wife, Sophia, her glorious copper tresses pooling around her head as she looked across at the smaller girl.

From the bathroom came giggles and splashes as the other four, busty brunette Josephine, Latina Isabella, and the blonde twins Monica and Lisa, played together in the oversized spa bath. Although new to the Resort and its hedonistic practises, the four girls were eager converts and they gladly pursued the Sapphic pleasures together.

Anna was different, and Sophia could see it in her face. She well knew that expression of infatuated desire mixed with lust. She had seen it before on the faces of those deflowered by John. She could even remember it on her own face after their first night. It was the face of a girl falling in love. Sophia could sympathise, even after many lovers, mostly women but some men, John would always be the man she returned to.

Sophia reached over to caress the girl's hair. She knew; and she knew that Anna knew, that such an infatuation was hopeless. For all the pleasure John gave and took with other women, his heart was hers alone. Anna smiled back at her then leaned across to kiss her lips. Still slightly awkward, the passion expressed was genuine and Sophia kissed her in return with the benefit of years of practise.

John's strong arms tightened around them both, and Sophia looked up into his blue eyes. She could see the awakening of arousal once more, and her right hand caressed his hardening shaft. Anna joined her, stroking together until he was at full size and hardness.

Anna licked her lips. "Sophia, do you take him up your... umm... ass?" The question was rhetorical. Anna already knew that she did, but it was opening the door to another question. Sophia nodded. "Isabella and Josie did it too..." Sophia nodded again. "Can you help me take it up my... up my ass?"

Sophia kissed her again, feeling the involuntary twitch in John's cock. "It would be my pleasure." She rolled over and opened the drawer beside the bed. From it she pulled out a variety of artificial penetrative implements; Anna's eyes widened at the sight.

"Is that a Feeldoe?" The young girl asked. Sophia grinned and handed her a couple of the silicone toys. In the drawer were a variety of the Feeldoe dildoes, a mix of the available sizes along with a few custom made models. Sophia passed Anna one of those.

In form it was like the Feeldoe, but both the "pony" and the "horse" extensions were much larger, patterned after a real penis. Anna stroked her hands over the thick rubber, and then looked down at John's erect member. "Is that...?"

Sophia laughed. It was a common enough reaction. "Yes, the full length for the horse, and the top three inches for the pony." She directed a wicked smile at the girl. "We thought it appropriate to call it the 'John Doe.'" Anna giggled at the play on words. "Every woman takes one of these away as a parting present." She paused. "The feedback we get is very... umm... appreciative. We've had a few tell us their husbands are grateful too."

Anna took a moment to catch on, then her eyes widened. "You mean...?"

"Do I mean that some of the women bend their boyfriends over and ass-fuck them with a replica of John's cock? Yes, that's exactly what I mean."

"Have you ever... fucked John with one of these?"

"Have I ever... what... sucked John to full hardness, greased up my fingers and stretched out his tight asshole, then lubed up a massive dildo and fucked his ass until neither of us could stand?" She paused for effect. "Don't you think that fucking a man with his own cock is a frightfully depraved thing to do?"

"Well yes..." Anna hesitated; Sophia leaned closer and kissed her lips.

"Of course I have." Anna started and then smiled. "Really I prefer him fucking me, and he prefers it that way too, but sometimes when we're in the mood for something a little different..." Sophia let her voice trail off. "Anyway enough about that, we need to get your ass fucked. I won't lie, there's something really hot about seeing you petite girls stretched on John's cock. I love watching him ride Yoko, and you're smaller than she is."

"Am I... too small?" There was a sudden fear in Anna's face and voice. Sophia soothed her.

"He'll go slowly, more slowly than he did with Isabella and Josie," a wink. "More slowly than he did with me." John chuckled at this. True Sophia had been a virgin when they first met, but it was only a few short hours later that she had been bent over the bed and his hard shaft sheathed in her bowels for the first time. The first time of many it must be said. "With preparation and lubrication you can take it." She thought for a moment. "I think we should get some help. John, just lie with your head at the foot of the bed."

John took the position Sophia indicated, then she positioned Anna above him. The girl knelt astride his head and then leaned forward to take the head of his cock in her mouth. She felt his tongue caress the folds of her sex and stroke the swollen bud of her clitoris. She felt Sophia's slender fingers slide down between her widely spread buttocks, touching the tight ring that would soon be stretched around the tool between her lips. Fear and excitement knotted her stomach. She tried to control her nerves by focusing on the cock before her. Although lacking personal experience, she had received a crash course in penis appearance earlier with almost twenty represented on her arrival at the Resort. His shaft was veined, slightly upcurved but otherwise almost straight. Although uncircumcised, the foreskin was short and exposed a third of the glans when flaccid. Erect it slid well back leaving him fully exposed. She lapped at it, her small tongue arousing a satisfied sigh from the man beneath her. She wondered again that he had fit within her so completely earlier. She fancied she could taste her juices on him, although she knew they had both washed since then. She realised that her mind was racing, took a deep breath and concentrated on John's cock.

Sophia watched the 69 approvingly, and then went to the bathroom to get the help she wanted. The tiled floor was awash as four girls cavorted in and out of the infloor tub. At that moment Lisa and Monica knelt side by side, bent over the edge while Isabella and Josie knelt behind them, licking the blondes. In turn the identical twins kissed and caressed each other. Sophia rolled her eyes and then knocked on the wall. Four pairs of eyes were turned in her direction.

"Dry off." She instructed. "Anna wants John up her ass and you're all going to help." The four towelled off quickly, Sophia pulled up the towel that someone had dropped over the floor drain and sighed as the spilt water drained away. Young people!

The quintet returned to the main room, just in time to witness Anna climax on John's tongue. The girl ground down involuntarily, her body shaking. They came to her, stroked her hair, her back, her bottom.

"What do we do now?" Monica asked. Sophia handed her a Feeldoe. It was one of those marketed as a "Slim", at 1¼ inches it was the thinnest model released. Monica looked at it uncomprehendingly for a moment and then caught on. "Ahh, I see," she pressed the short "pony" end between her nether lips until it slipped in, its shape holding it without need of a harness. Lisa received a "Classic", quarter of an inch thicker than her sister's. Isabella got the "More" with 1⅝ inches thickness and then Josie received the 1¾ inch thick "Stout". Although none of these toys were as long or thick as John, Sophia intended them to provide Anna with a gradual introduction to anal penetration. Sophia took a thin wand, just ½ an inch wide and lubricated it, the girls doing likewise with their "cocks".

Sophia circled Anna's tight ring with the thin Perspex wand. Rounded and smooth it presented no difficulty in Anna's accepting it and Sophia eased four inches into the small girl's body before withdrawing. "I think we can do better," Sophia assured Anna reaching for a dildo just an inch in diameter. Once greased up Sophia had no difficulty feeding that larger toy into Anna's virgin asshole. The combination of John's tongue and the feeling of fullness quickly had the girl moaning in pleasure.

When sure that the girl was relaxed Sophia stepped back. "Monica, it's your turn." The blonde stepped forward, lining her greased cock with the dilated pink ring.

"Hold still Anna." She pressed into the hole and Anna hissed her satisfaction with the new level of fullness. Monica bucked gently, the toy entering the virgin asshole. John lapped Anna's clit and the teen girl shuddered with yet another orgasm. The feedback through the toy had Monica writhing in pleasure too, but Sophia pulled her back before she could share in the orgasm.

"Later dear," she motioned to Lisa. "It's your turn in the back door." Lisa didn't hesitate, taking her position she guided her cock into Anna's anus. Arousal and preparation made her entry as easy as her sister's. The increase in size was barely noticeable to Anna; all she was aware of was the mix of sensation from John's tongue and the pressure between her cheeks. Lisa gripped Anna's hips and began to thrust, awkwardly at first, but soon settling into a steady rhythm. She was aware of Sophia's fingers as they pried out the stainless butt plug inserted so recently. "Monica, fuck your sister's ass."

Deprived of Anna's tight bottom Monica didn't hesitate before pressing into her twin's sphincter. Lisa meanwhile relaxed as the smooth plastic entered her. Its size wasn't a challenge to her and she took over half the length easily. Now when she thrust into Anna, Monica pulled back, and when she pulled back, Monica thrust forwards. Sophia removed Monica's plug and pressed her dildo into the girl's hole. "Good girls," she breathed; her own excitement building.

It wasn't long before Sophia ordered Lisa to withdraw. Now would be Josie's turn, and the brunette had already removed her plug. Her thicker and longer tool extracted a satisfied mew from Anna as it slid in, and Lisa's Feeldoe was sheathed in her own ass just as quickly. John lapped, Anna sucked, the girls fucked, and the chain developed a smooth beat. Isabella worked her own toy, enjoying the sensation but frustrated that her own unplugged ass wasn't full.

Sophia smiled when she finally motioned Isabella to the head of the queue. Anna cried out as the thickest tool impaled her. Isabella growled her satisfaction as Josie filled her, while the other girls panted and moaned as they fucked each other. Isabella was by far the most aggressive of the girls, her fingers left white marks on Anna's hips as she fucked the small girl. Sophia had left her till last in order to give Anna time to adjust, and her plan was successful. What would have been shocking, even frightening, a half hour before just drove Anna to greater heights of abandonment.

Screaming incoherently the Asian girl convulsed in orgasm, followed to a lesser degree by the other girls. Though there was no collapse, the girls were drained and weak on their feet. Sophia disentangled them, and helped Lisa to a chair when she looked ready to fall. Anna lay on top of John, whimpering, tears running down her cheeks.

John rolled Anna off him and then pulled her back into his arms. She clung to him for a few moments until she was in control of herself again then she kissed him. "Please, I think I'm ready now."

He lay the girl face down on the bed. A pair of pillows raised her hips to the right angle and his still hard shaft lined up with Anna's abused anus. He pushed against the resistance of her muscles, feeling her open for him like a flower. What little pain might have been was washed away as her fingers found her clitoris. John entered her, withdrew fully and entered her again. Not his full length, perhaps a half, but more than enough to meet her need.

He let her passion grow gradually, never rushing, rewarded by her sighs and moans. Anna began to meet his thrusts with her own, trying to take him deeper still until at last, as she shivered and shook, he reached his orgasm. His cream flooded her bowels, even leaking around the seal his girth formed with her tight ring.

John sat back, leaving Anna's gaping asshole presented to all eyes. Isabella and Josie looked satisfied. Monica and Lisa looked shocked, but not a little aroused. Sophia looked like the proverbial cat that had swallowed the canary. Her blissful smile was made all the wider by Anna's final statement.

"Please sir, I'd like some more."

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