tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWell-Bred Family Ch. 03

Well-Bred Family Ch. 03


The Routines – Day 1

The Couplings

The Keepers came for the captives every day after breakfast. We were taken to the river and washed, until we chose to do it ourselves. As the other captives were marched to the center of the village, they kept the six of us back for three days. Every morning after washing, Keepers would have our women lie on the ground and pull their knees apart. Their cunts and asses were inspected; by the fourth day, the swelling was gone. The six of us then joined the others for what Andre described as the "Routines." The first of these, which he called "The Couplings," occurred each morning.

When we got to the center of the village where our initiation ordeal took place, men were directed to the right, women to the left. That is, most of the women. Since there were only six men, four of the women were at the end of our line, including the three pregnant ones. I noticed as we formed up and faced the women across from us, the Keepers arranged us in a specific order. Andre said they changed the couplings each day.

There were grass mats between the lines of captives; a hole was in the middle of each, with jars below the holes just as during our ordeal. Two male Keepers were to rove up and down the lines, periodically checking the levels in the jars. Two female Keepers knelt at each end of the line; the four of them would remain there until everyone was finished.

I was across from Andre's wife, Monique. She was not nearly as heavy as Elizabeth, but slightly larger than Mother, and taller. She had curly red hair, kept short by the Keepers of course, like the other women. I glanced at Mother; she was three down the line, across from Jacques. I was subconsciously comparing them. Her tits were like Mother's, perhaps a little larger, and hung lower. Her hips were wider and legs were just a bit thicker. Monique's pubic hair was thin enough to clearly see what awaited me. She had a large mons, thick lips with a well-defined slit down the middle, which she was slowly fingering as I watched and waited.

The Keeper behind the women said something I didn't understand, but the women moved forward and stood with their crotches above the jars in the ground. All laid back with their knees in the air. The Keeper's next order was directed at our line; Andre had explained what was expected, so I followed his lead. He was next to me, ready to attend to my sister. My wife was next to them, across from the Portuguese man. I hadn't met the woman with Burgess; and Jeremiah was assigned to one of Andre's daughters, at least from his description I was relatively certain it was his daughter.

We knelt between the legs of our appointed women. One of our primary responsibilities, as "attendants," was to make sure the woman's cunt stayed over the mouth of the jar. Everything that flowed out of her pussy was supposed to fill up the cup. When a woman's cup was full, she would be done with that segment of the "Routines."

Our initial task was to prepare the women; get them wet and ready to fuck. Andre said the six new captives would be assigned to experienced ones. He told me all women were different; some came quickly, others took more time to reach their peaks. If I listened to the woman assigned, she would tell me how to please her.

He and the other two men would train Mother, Alison and Elizabeth today; prepare them for the daily "Routines." Andre assured me that his wife and daughters spent the last three nights coaching our women for what their roles would be. Men would continue to fuck them every day, in hopes of getting them pregnant. But the pace would be less intense than the original ordeal, and the jars were somewhat smaller than those used in the initiation. I saw Andre and the others then place their heads between the legs of our women.

I looked down, and Monique was beckoning me forward. With her other hand, she spread her lips. She had a large pussy, with thick outer lips which puffed out. I suppose it would be unkind to say the woman was fat, certainly not anything like Elizabeth. As she lay on her back, her large tits rolled to the sides of her chest with nipples pointing out at wide angles. Although her legs weren't exactly heavy, there were clear lines, actually small rolls, where her legs met her torso. There were larger rolls above: one going across where her tits joined her chest; another across the middle of her belly; and a fainter one just above her pubic hair.

Monique and the other women on their backs smiled up at the men behind me waiting to fuck them. What struck me about it was that the smiles did not appear insincere, but contented, as though they were truly pleased to be in this position of waiting for strangers to try to impregnate them. It was as though they enjoyed being fucked, to put it bluntly. Only the three newcomers, the women of my family, seemed tentative. I knew Monique and her daughters had been prostitutes, but what of the others? Were they used to sex before they were captured, or did they learn to take pleasure in it after they accepted their fates as breeding slaves?

I slowly lowered my face to her crotch, touched it with my tongue and pulled back. She chuckled, and told me: "Don't be shy, son. It's just a pussy. You already had village women rub theirs in your face, cum all over you during the initiation. Better get used to eating pussy, young man, because there's going to be a whole lot of them in your face from now on." Her very direct conversation reminded me she had been a madam, and a whore along with her daughters, in New Orleans.

Both her hands were on her pussy, pulling her lips wide, when I started back down. I could see a darker pink, inner area, glistening and with a slight pulse. "Start your tongue around the outside, in easy circles, and slowly work your way to the middle. Then just lick up and down a little while."

I followed her instructions, and kept licking the inside of her cunt until she said, "Now move up to the top of the opening. The bump you see sticking out is called a clit, or clitoris. Play with it a bit using your tongue, then start sucking on it really hard. That's usually all it takes for me to have an orgasm. Just keep sucking while I cum, until I lift your head up. Don't stop sucking until I lift you up."

Again, I did as I was told. Her crotch began moving up and down as I was sucking her clit; the harder and faster I sucked, the more she pushed up against my face. Monique started to shiver, and let out a loud sigh before she started seriously fucking my face. She finished with three very loud moans; her legs went limp as she gently lifted my head. "That was very nice, for a new fellow. What's your name?" I told her, and showed a little smile for the compliment.

"Well, Jacob. Now that I'm wet and sloppy, it's time for you to kneel next to me so we can invite our guests for the day. Did Andre explain what you are supposed to be doing?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll try to remember everything," I nodded.

"I will remind you if you forget, or if you're not sure, just ask. Be certain to move quickly as you're doing your duties. The Keepers can be very impatient. There is some type of status for the Keeper whose woman fills up the jar first.

It would not do to get whipped the first day on the job, would it? Now, Jacob, it's time to show them the 'Welcoming Womb,' as they call it."

With one hand she spread her lips again, showing off the wet insides. Monique beckoned to a village man standing behind me with her other hand and smiled up at him as I moved in position beside her. When he was on his knees, she reached up and guided his penis into her. He slid right in since she was well lubricated. As soon as he started pumping, she rolled her pelvis in rhythm with his strokes and moaned loudly in encouragement.

I looked around as I waited for her first "guest" to finish. One of the pregnant women raised up with blood smeared on her face. "Andre, Andre, look at her!" I whispered at him. He got my sister to cum just after I finished with Monique. It appeared as though Elizabeth was going to need a lot less "training" than I originally guessed; she was already trying to grasp her first cock of the day.

Andre saw what I was staring at. "Relax, my friend. Everything is fine. That is Sarah Jane. Her woman, the oriental named Sun Ying, is just in her cycle."


He chuckled at my ignorance. "The woman's monthly cycle, her menstruation is for about a week every month. Have you never discussed this with your wife?"

"No. We didn't talk about it. There were times when she refused to have sex. But she was never that interested in sex anyway. So I never thought about it, never questioned it, and it never came up in discussions," I told him.

"Your mother, your sister, no one ever told you about a woman's period?" He seemed astonished at my lack of experience.

"The only thing mother ever said was that there were certain times when a woman needed to be alone. She didn't explain why, and I never asked." I was still staring at the woman with blood on her face; she didn't appear upset or concerned, just waited as the first man started fucking her assigned woman. When she looked around and saw me gawking at her, she smiled. I'm certain I had a strange expression on my face; it was one of the most bizarre things I've ever witnessed.

"I will explain everything to you tonight. Even though she cannot get pregnant while she's that way, they collect the sperm of the men, together with her blood, into the jar. The time will come, very soon, when you will be assigned a woman on her period, perhaps that very same one," he said. "At first it seems very disgusting. If you just don't dwell on it, you will find it much easier to perform your duties when it is your time with a woman in that condition."

My attention was diverted as I saw Jacques lifting his head from Mother's crotch, and moving to her side. She glanced over and saw me staring, and then looked back at the man climbing between her legs. I watched as she reached up and guided him in. Once he was in and started thrusting, she turned back in my direction. We kept our eyes locked on each other until the man on Monique grunted and stopped.

He backed away and moved to the nearest one of the female Keepers at the end of the line. As Monique was inserting the next man, I watched the Keeper take the previous man's penis in her hand and lick it on all sides. She covered it with her mouth, and I could see her cheeks fluctuating; she was sucking anything left out of him.

Monique was watching me while the second man was on top of her. She saw where I was looking, and said softly, "The man is supposed to be clean of my cum and my scent before he goes home to his wife. The Keeper is also to suck any cum left in his dick out so it doesn't mix with the cum he gives his wife later tonight. His wife was probably in the crowd watching him fuck me, maybe even cheering him on. Of course, everyone knows all the men are expected to fuck us. It's just that he's supposed to be fresh when he gets home and fucks her." This woman was carrying on a casual conversation with me while another man was pounding her pussy!

She must have seen the startled look on my face, because she stifled a laugh, not wanting to insult the man on top of her. "Don't look so shocked, Jacob. I used to smoke and drink and sing at the same time I was being fucked. It helps to have distractions during the routines here; otherwise, most of us could keep cumming until we passed out. That would make the Keepers and the villagers very unhappy. Your women, too, will soon be able to speak to their attendants while they are getting fucked. My daughters and I have worked hard to help your women adjust and it seems they are doing fine, does it not?"

I was staring at Elizabeth, lying next to us with her feet high in the air. "With her, and perhaps with your wife and mother, they may be enjoying sex for the first time in their lives. Your society had many restrictive and repressive rules about sex, what men and women were supposed to do, and even more things about what they were not supposed to do," Monique said softly.

"The rules have changed, Jacob," she continued. "For the first time, they can have very positive sexual experiences, without the guilt attached by the clergy or town council or the local women's leagues. Their primary duty in this life, this environment, is to breed and promote breeding for the benefit of the tribe. They have very few additional responsibilities or expectations. We shall all live uncomplicated lives of popping babies from our wombs, then preparing for the next one, and the next one. And fucking every day, of course." Monique was very blunt and unemotional about the whole thing.

After the second man finished in her, I checked the jar below Monique's cunt. The bottom was only partially wet with cum on one side. It seems as though it could take many hours before the jars would be full enough to allow us to return to our pens to avoid the midday heat.

"Relax, Jacob," she assured me. "Our women have been trained to use the muscles in their pussies to milk cum from the men before they pull out. We call them 'pussy kisses,' something we used all the time in the whorehouses. Much is left inside for you to scoop out of us. The jars will fill much faster than you imagine."

The third man was already in and aggressively attempting to make sure it was his sperm which would impregnate Monique. Looking over his shoulder at me, she inquired, "How are your women doing so far? I haven't heard any yelling or screaming, at least not of terror. So it is probably safe to assume your women have at least accepted their destinies, and quite frankly, they could be enjoying their fates by now. Fucking men, lots of strange men, is much more pleasant than it sounds at first."

We both looked over at Elizabeth next to us. "My sister appears to have found a particular talent for her new... destiny, as you call it. Your husband made her come in about the same time it took me to get you to reach a climax. She is waving to the men to step up and be ready to fuck her soon as the one on her finishes," I told Monique. "She's humping her hips up and down rapidly, moaning and shrieking like a common tramp!"

As I knelt next to Monique, I watched the closest of her big tits rolling back and forth under the man fucking her. At various times other women up and down the line would groan or cry out, some jerking their hips up and down, some kicking their legs higher in the air and grabbing the ass on top to pull the man in deeper. She saw me looking at her tit, then moved her hand from the man's ass, and gently tapped the end of my very hard dick.

"Don't think I haven't noticed this. I'll make sure you cum after we're done with the guests this morning. That is, if you don't blow before then," she smirked and tapped it again before returning her attention to the man on top.

I was still dazed. The first day of the "Routines" was different than the initiation. A large crowd stood around and watched our women get repeatedly fucked during the induction ordeal, which I guess was to be expected.

Today the ten women, along with each attendant, were positioned in the center of this wide corridor between the two sides of the huge village. It was as though we were in a midway at a country fair; there, but not there. What was so strange about today was that it literally seemed to be "routine," at least for the villagers. They stood there chatting and pointing; some women stood nursing infants while observing the activities. Behind the crowd of spectators, people casually walked by on either side of us, talking and laughing. If they recognized one of the men, they might stop and cheer him on. Captive women in the middle of very vocal and visible orgasms also drew temporary applauding crowds.

"Jacob, it's time," Monique called to get my attention. I must have been in another world for a few moments, subconsciously avoiding my surroundings. "Scoop the juices out of my cunt into the jar. It's time for me to turn over."

Just as Andre had instructed, with one hand I held her pussy lips apart. With two fingers on the other hand, I dug the cum out of her into the jar below. As she repositioned, I glanced down to see the bottom of the jar was now at least covered; less than a quarter of the way full. She had done five men so far.

The routine, at least this part of it, was that each woman would take the cum of five men before changing positions. This was meant to avoid back sores or cramping. They always started on their backsides for the first five, then up on their hands and knees for the second five, and so on. When the women were in this position, what Andre referred to as the "dog style," attendants had to be much more involved.

As Monique settled into position, she spread her legs for easier access. Now that both of her hands were supporting her body, it was the attendant's duty to open the "Welcoming Womb."

"Go ahead, honey. Help him stick it in there," she instructed while looking back at me over her shoulder. I glanced up at the man on his knees behind her, then down at his penis. I tried not to mull it over; I just needed to do it and get it over with. I separated her butt cheeks with one hand, and guided his cock into the underside of her pussy with the other. Since she was still very sloppy with the cum of his predecessors, it slid right in. I shook my head in disbelief. I just stuck a stranger's pecker in another stranger's cunt!

The man was already banging away when Monique looked at me, and said, "Jacob. My tits. Don't forget about my titties."

I glanced across at Andre. He was already "milking" my sister during her first fuck of the day on her hands and knees. It wasn't really milking, since she had no milk yet. It was part of the breeding ritual of these people. The attendant was supposed to use both hands to pull down on the woman's tit and stimulate her nipples, which was theoretically to encourage her body to get pregnant. I couldn't imagine how this would speed up conception; but it sure quickened the women's reaction times considerably. Andre said most women love to have their titties played with while they were getting fucked.

I was not able to get my hands all the way around the first of Monique's tits, so I just squeezed it with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other. I could see Andre was struggling with Elizabeth's even bigger ones, juggling more than milking. He smiled at me and shook his head.

After I inserted the third man's penis, (actually Monique's eighth of the day), I was able to look around while playing with her tit. It took less concentration now that I had the hang of it. Until now, I had purposely avoided watching my wife; seeing my sister and mother was peculiar enough.

The Portuguese man had is hand around her smaller tit, using a finger on the other hand to rub small circles around her nipple. The man behind her was in a slow, steady rhythm. She had her eyes closed, as if in a trance or daydreaming, while pushing back on him very slightly. As I played with Monique's tit, occasionally I saw Alison wince a little then smile as though the man had scratched a particular itch of hers. It was uncanny to watch the only woman I ever had sex with now relaxed and enjoying the fact she was being fucked, again, by a total stranger.

The few times we'd had sex, she seemed in a hurry to get it over with and never once responded. Alison used to just lie there until I was done; with my limited experience, it rarely took more than a few minutes.

Rather than be depressed about my wife now liking to be fucked, I chose to focus elsewhere. Although I could only see the tops of their bodies from where I was, it was obvious three of the attendants at the end were milking their women. The fourth was inserting a penis into hers.

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