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Werewolf Chronicles - Omnibus


"The Werewolf Chronicles -- Omnibus" Part 9 of Supernatural Earth.


Author's notes:

This story happens a couple of months after "The Creature Below - Omnibus 03" and well over three years since "Snow Maiden - Omnibus 02" and "The Prison Creature". The current year in the storyline is 2020 as established with Brad's math in the last installment.

Recommended complete reading order of Supernatural Earth (and yes, there will be a consolidation done once I've competed the series. I will be coming out with a proper timeline in "Maiden of Summer"):

00 - "The Crimson Tithe" (Optional)
01 - "Vampiress, Mine -- Omnibus"
02 - "The Snow Maiden -- Omnibus"
03 - "The Creature Below -- Omnibus"
04 - "The Creature Below -- Omnibus 02"
05 - "Vampiress, Mine -- Omnibus 02"
06 - "The Snow Maiden -- Omnibus 02"
07 - "The Prison Creature" (Recommended, but still Optional)
08 - "The Creature Below -- Omnibus 03"
09 - "Werewolf Chronicles - Omnibus"
10 - "Amazon of Mine - Omnibus" (forthcoming)
11 - "Maiden of Summer - Omnibus" (forthcoming)
12 - "Werewolf Chronicles - Omnibus 02" (forthcoming)

13 - "By Mandate of Heaven" (forthcoming - end of series)


To Recap: there are 12 women currently imprisoned in the Prison Creature:

Mary - former mayor of Newhaven

Kimberly - former Assembly Councilwoman of Newhaven.

Kaitlyn - Caretaker of the Crystal Lake Lurker that was killed by the Hunters.

Erica - Spy for Newhaven

Jen - Former Nudist Camp Owner

Plus 7 unnamed civilians from the Nudist Camp


Some side notes for my regular readers: I've been wanting to do the redemption story for the Werewolves around Metro for some time now as they'd been the bad guys ever since I first wrote "Vampiress, Mine" Chapter 1 back in 2013 for the Halloween Contest that year. They've been the big baddies for the Vamps for half of the series now and I think it's now the right time to not only set things up for the end of the series but to get them back on the straight and narrow.

This story also marks a couple of firsts for me. This is the first time that I've done a threesome with openly bi males (I usually do threesomes with a single male and two bi females, if you've been paying attention) and I get just a little bit into it with them (hey, baby steps... I am, after all, straight, and this is new territory for me). I'm also pretty much going full metal furry here with the Werewolves having sex with mortal women. Yeah, I've touched upon it in the past and while I did it a bit with the Minotaurs in SM02 and CB03, but to me that seemed more of within the realm of monster sex. When I did Crimson Tithe, the Werewolf-Human scenes there were so brief that it was hardly a thing. Here, I think that I went all out on the details with all the Werewolf-Human sex that's in here.

With that said, I hope that you enjoy the story!


"Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice,

She said: we are all just prisoners here of our own device.

And in the Master's Chambers, they gathered for the feast.

They stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast!"

-The Eagles, Hotel California (1977)

"A little revolution now and then is a healthy thing, don't you think?"

-Captain Marko Ramius, The Hunt for Red October (1990)


CHAPTER 1: Restlessness...

"Sir, the werewolves are getting restless again," one of the guards reported to Raymond Tillis inside of his study, now command center.

At his desk, Raymond swore under his breath. Those miserable fleabag hounds of his were becoming more trouble than they were worth. But he wasn't about to release them or anything, that'd be a sin. Supernaturals would serve Humans and that was all there was to that. However, he still had to throw the mutts a bone occasionally or else they might somehow overcome their magical imprisonment and rise up against him. That, he could never allow. "What do they want now?" he grumbled irritably. "They'd just been ran in that last operation that took out that migrating band of Minotaurs."

"They suffered losses in our last series of strikes," the guard replied at once, all business to the point that despite the bad news, Raymond respected the man for delivering it straight and to the point. "Despite the fact that they don't have a full moon for their females to be in their optimal fertile period, they want breed again to replenish their numbers..." he paused. "They claim that they're almost to the limit of their genetic diversity."

"Those damn whelps grow slowly like humans do," Raymond sighed, leaning back in his chair and silently lamenting rubbing his head in the process. "It'll take a good thirteen years for them to be lethal and another five after that to be considered breeding stock themselves." He fished out a report from his desk that indicated the current numbers he had in his werewolf population. His numbers matched what the Werewolves were saying. Outside genetic material was needed in order to keep inbreeding to a minimum. Then, he consulted his computer to pull up what he was planning on doing with the breeders that he had imprisoned beneath the estate.

Twelve women were in stasis tubes in a sub-basement at the moment while the Prison Creature was going through its programming to tunnel its way further down to a cavern that had been discovered. The next phase of his plan required, at minimum, three of the women in their tubes. All twelve would be optimal. Nine should work just fine. He wished he had some breeder men to fuck the werewolf females but no self-respecting man on his payroll would do it. "Alright..." Raymond said slowly, "Take Kimberly out and have her birth another pup for them, she's used to it by now. Get Erica so that we can show Newhaven and all who support them what happens to traitors and spies, and, let's see..." he tapped a finger on his chin as he thought it over, "Get this petite little Strawberry Blonde... Amanda. She looks like she could use a monster cock inside of her."

"Yes sir," the guard replied at once. "Anything else, sir?"

"Yeah, get those Magi bitches in here ASAP so that they can tell me when we're going to begin!" he lamented. "The backlash from the supernaturals coming out of the closet has ebbed for now and I want to capitalize on the lull.


Kimberly was wondering what was up as her belly shrank back to normal a moment before she was taken out of her tube along with two other girls. Thanks to Jen's arrival, who managed to get a faint psychic link going on between all of them again, she knew their names and that was about it. All they could do was relay messages through Jen. It was like they went from digital FaceTime messaging to analog texting overnight. But at least they had something until they could get back into the main body of the Prison Lurker and try to mentally hack it again. It was also good to have some reassurance from the outside that they were still there and planning on getting them... someday.

Right before she was taken out of the tube, the biomass holding her arms and legs had shrank into small blobs again and the creature that was wrapped around and up inside of her loins, a Facehugger, dropped off of her body having drained the last of the nectar out of her womb. Oddly enough, her breasts still felt plump, round, heavy, and full with milk. When the workers pulled her out, she still had the Hugger that was on her face and head on her and it was still in charge of her body much like the Seekers had done when she was first captured. She caught glimpses of the other two and saw that their bodies were much the same; full tits and empty bellies. "March!" one man commanded them and they all fell into step in line behind him. Three other workers walked with them on either side.

They were led up the stairs and out a back door to the outside. It was nighttime and Kimberly took the opportunity to look up at the stars since she didn't know when, or if, she'd see them again. Then it was across the open courtyard to the back corner of the estate grounds where a massive barn was at. Kimberly had been here before and so she knew what was coming. Erica and Amanda, however, probably did not. She sent a mental ping to Jen and the response came back that they were informed as to the contents of the barn.

Inside, once the airlock like room had been cycled to ensure that no one attempted escape, they were taken to three beds in a pinwheel formation that had been laid out by other workers in the center of the barn in preparation. The women were handcuffed spread eagled on the small military boot camp beds before the workers gave the order whistle to the Facehuggers to release their prey. Kimberly, Erica, and Amanda all sputtered and coughed the moment the tubes were retracted from their lungs and their stomachs. The workers placed the Huggers into black steel cylinders and then promptly left the room.

Immediately, Kimberly rolled as much as she could and looked up and to her left at Amanda. The young girl was already shaking and crying with fright. "Hey," Kimberly said in a motherly tone. She stretched and was able to get a hold of Amanda's hand to gently squeeze. "Amanda, listen to me, alright honey? Hey! Are you listening to me?"

"Y-Y-Yes..." Amanda's reply was shaky and fearful. Tears were already flowing from the corners of her eyes. She squeezed Kimberly's hand back in a death grip. "Why is this happening to me?"

"How old are you, honey?"

"Eighteen... I was about to start my Freshman year at Metro University." Amanda replied. "I was at a nudist camp on family vacation before I moved. Then... this!"

"I have a son around your age. Have you ever had sex before?" Kimberly asked. Amanda shook her head no. The girl was still a virgin. Well... this is going to be an experience... Kimberly thought as her eyes traveled over the two levels of the barn over the holding pens that housed the Werewolves. She blew out a breath. "Okay, Amanda, here's what's going to happen. I've done this before so this isn't anything new to me. Any moment now, they're going to open the doors. Werewolves are going to come out and they're going to mate with us," she explained in a hurried fashion.

Amanda gasped in shock. "How long are we going to be here?"

"At best? Ten months." Kimberly replied somberly. "But don't worry; they're gentle people just like we are. Just... trapped in a humanoid wolf body. They'll consider us part of the pack and look after us during that time"

"I'm betting nine months," Erica piped in. "Judging by the way my sides are twinging, I think that the Huggers made us ovulate before detaching." She reached up and found Amanda's other hand and squeezed it. "Hey, you're not alone here. This'll be my first kid, too."

Amanda twister her head to regard the short cropped brunette. "You're taking this awfully well."

Erica shrugged. "I knew that this was a possibility when I came here and it's not like this is my first rodeo with a supernatural," she admitted, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. At the same time, though, she sought out Kimberly's free hand so that they could all be connected in silent support for one another.

A buzzer sounded, catching their attention. All the doors to the holding pens swung open and the Werewolves, all in their humanoid wolf form with their silver collars on, started filing out to see what was going on. The biggest and baddest looking one, the Pack Alpha that Kimberly knew as Fenrir, paused from where he exited with his pack mate and looked down at them. "Well... that was quick..." he rumbled before coming down the stairs. "I did not expect Tillis the Betrayer to honor that request."

"Hi Fenrir," Kimberly said in a sarcastically bored voice from where she lay at, her eyes tracking the direction of his voice as he momentarily moved out of view. "How's my baby doing?" she asked, turning back to serious.

"He is doing well," Fenrir told her, walking up on his hind legs and looking down at the three of them. "He is strong, just like his mother," he acknowledged her role in the baby's birthing with a formal bow of his head. "He will be a good warrior once he is old enough."

Tears glistened in Kimberly's eyes and she forced a smile. While she passed the months away at a time while in either the Prison Creature or those damn tubes that Tillis made, the fruit of her own loins and that of a Werewolf was growing up. "Can I see him?" she asked, her normally hard voice hitching at the request.

"We have been expanding this barn above and below and are keeping the females who are raising the young sequestered away from this main communal place as this is where we work out, socialize, feed, and... other... activities," his lustful gaze swept over her body. "We can also keep them away from the Hunters as much as possible. I don't think that even Tillis has the nerve to try and separate us from our young. I will have Carthel take you to his mate, Lyra, later once the Hunters see fit to release you from the bedding." Fenrir explained.

Kimberly nodded her understanding. Carthel had been the lucky one to knock her up the first time around. They were able to tell by scent alone who the father was and after that was determined, Kimberly slept with Carthel and Lyra until the baby was born. The same thing was going to happen this time as well. She made the quick introductions and Fenrir nodded to each of them in turn.

Fenrir's attention fixated onto Amanda. "You are untouched?" he noted after getting a good wiff of her scent. "Aside from those creatures that Tillis has spawned, that is?" Amanda managed a shaky nod. "Do not worry, little one, we will be as gentle as possible with you until you have acclimated to our bodies."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Amanda asked, panicked.

"Sadly, none of us have a say in this. We are all prisoners here." Fenrir shook his head. "All things being equal; you'd have a choice in the matter to mate with us or not. Tillis does this to remind us that he is in charge and that he holds the power of life and death over us now thanks to our arrogance and our blind hatred for the Vampires." His eyes focused on Amanda. "Unfortunately, were we to simply ignore you and leave you untouched and unsullied, Tillis would come in here and force copulation upon you. Or, worse, he might take one of our females to throw to his creature."

Kimberly squeezed Amanda's hand in rapid succession to get her attention. "Its a triage thing with them; he has to think of the pack and while he sympathizes with us, he can't do the noble and honorable thing that would damage the pack," she added in. "It sucks but it's literally a rock and a hard place. If they could free us and avoid repercussions, they'd do it in a heartbeat.

"Yes... exactly." Fenrir confirmed. "Now... we will have to find someone suitable to not only mate with you but to care for the young after they're born..." His eyes scanned his pack and then he started barking and howling out orders while pointing and gesturing with his clawed hand. Six Werewolves came up; four male and two female. "This is Trnald and Dasha. They were mated long before our enslavement and have yet to reproduce. Erica, you look the most like Dasha when she is in her human form. So I will have Trnald be with you."

Erica looked at the pair and nodded. Both of them smiled back at her. "I assure you," Dasha replied, leaning over to give Erica as much of a big hug that she could despite Erica being restrained on the bed. "No... I swear to you that your child will have a loving home with us and you will always be welcomed in our den." Erica nodded back, tears now glistening in her eyes as she was overcome with emotion.

Fenrir motioned the next pair over in front of Amanda. "This is Yovel and Barald, two young males who are hopelessly in love with each other. Naturally they cannot bear young themselves but they will make a strong family unit. They will be best suited for you as they will be gentle."

Amanda blinked, curiosity and surprise overtaking her fear. "You're gay?" she blurted out before realizing how that sounded.

Yovel and Barald both laughed. "Bi, actually," Yovel corrected her. "We both had female mates who were killed in the war with the Vampires. The four of us had been extremely close before. After our mates died, we just naturally gravitated to each other for support."

Kimberly could see that, just like she'd done before, Amanda's heart broke at their bittersweet tale. Kimberly remembered her time with those two fondly as they kept her nice and filled up in both holes in their attempt to impregnate her. The memory made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. "You'll like them, dear," she reassured Amanda. "I don't think that Fenrir could've picked a better couple for you." Amanda smiled back in response.

"This is Elias and Glinda," Fenrir motioned to the last couple as brought them in front of Kimberly. "And please, no showtunes jokes; we've heard them all from the Hunters. Glinda was injured when the Vampires attacked the compound here last year. Our healers and Tillis' doctors just confirmed that she's now barren."

"I will be a good mother to your child," Glinda declared with a trace of fear and panic as if Kimberly could just up and walk out of here and say no to the whole ordeal.

Kimberly gave her a reassuring smile. "That alone tells me that you will," she said. Her eyes flicked up to Fenrir. "We should probably get started before Tillis and his goons come in here and screw your plans for selective breeding up."

"I agree," Fenris nodded. "We will give you privacy for this first mating but I cannot guarantee that after today as after we confirm that you're pregnant, I'm going to allow the pack to have you in turn." With that, he motioned for the assembled members of the pack to get on with their duties while he took Dasha and Glinda under each arm to lead the sad women away while their men stayed behind to impregnate Erica and Kimberly.


Within her stasis tube, Jen watched as Kimberly, Erica, and Amanda were taken out of their tubes, lined up, and marched out. Naturally, she couldn't do anything except observe out of the corners of her eyes. She couldn't even turn her head left or right. That was how much control the Facehuggers exerted over her body as they were attached to her head and abdomen. She knew that a couple of things were going down from recent changes and decided that it was time to report in.

She feigned sleep by closing her eyes and she concentrated on the relay that had been established. Looking back on it, she had to applaud the sheer genius of Brad's fallback plan. The last two Lurkers that she'd birthed were setup in places so that when she was brought here to Tillis' Estate compound, they'd provide a direct relay link to Newhaven. The Magi, from what she'd learned when she reestablished contact with Brad, might have magical wards setup to prevent long range telepathy between a Lurker and a Caretaker, but they didn't have it setup to prevent Lurkers that were nearby. The Lurker Young that she'd birthed were acting as single amplifiers.

Jen was under explicit orders not to let on that she had this power. Even she didn't have all the specifics as to what Skulker had done to her body to allow her to do this and that was to protect the methodology. Brad always apologized to her but she kept on telling him that it was okay. Where other women had found hell, she'd found heaven and loved every minute of it.

Brad? She mentally spoke along the relay link. Brad? Are you there?

Hold on... Brad's mind replied. She felt a wave of sexual release from his end and then he was back. Sorry about that... you caught me in the middle of something.

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