tagIncest/TabooWestward Bound Final Chapters

Westward Bound Final Chapters


Please read the first chapters before finishing these, it'll make more sense. I hope those of you that have taken the time to read this story have enjoyed reading it, as much as I did writing it. I don't know if I'll try and write another story like this or not, but will continue with a short story now and then. Thanks again for the kind words of support. ENJOY

Chapter 10

David, Hank, Jr., and Phillip rode hard and fast, the tracks were easy to follow in the light of the full moon. The men didn't talk, they knew what had to be done, they could only hope and pray that they'd return safe and sound to their families. In the distance, Jr. saw a faint light glowing, he pointed as he slowed his horse, the others followed suit. Even though they were far away still, they whispered so the sounds of their voices wouldn't travel across the plains.

"I think that's them." Jr. said, The men agreed. David told them all to stay put, that he'd scout it out, if they heard gun fire to come to his aid. Without waiting for any of them to say anything David rode off towards the light, once he was about half a mile from it he stopped his horse and got off. He left the horses reigns loose, the horse would graze or sleep unless spooked, getting his rifle David made his way towards the light. It took several minutes to reach the area close to it, once there he dropped to his belly and crawled forward, as he topped the knoll, David was greeted with his worse nightmare. The Indians had both of the Davidson's, both were alive, barely, they had Herman tied up to a tree stump. The way they had it, he was forced to watch what they did to his wife, he sobbed openly.

"You animals, leave her alone, I'll kill you all when I get free from here!" he screamed at them. One of the Indians standing beside him, kicked him in the face, saying something in their language, then laughed. He was joined in laughter by the others. Esther was silent, David could see she was crying, but she made not a sound, one reason she wasn't making too much noise was because one of the Indians had his cock stuffed deep into her throat, another was busy pumping her cunt. David counted six Indians close to the fire, he could only hope that there weren't any out of his vision range of the fires light. Easing back down the knoll, David slowly made his way back towards the waiting men.

When he returned to them, they were very jumpy, "Well, are they alive?" Phillip asked. "Barely, I don't know for how much longer, they've beaten Herman up pretty badly, kicking him if he says anything. Esther's suffering the worse of it though, they're taking turns with her, two at a time. I counted at least six, so we're out numbered, I didn't see any guns so that's in our favor." David reported, "If we were to surround them, maybe they'd think there was more of us than there really is, we scare them off and get the Davidson's back safe and sound." He suggested.

"I don't know David, we're not Indian fighters, hell only time I ever used a gun is for hunting. What's going to happen if them Indians decide to fight, or what if there's more than what you saw. Then we'd be in trouble, and possibly put the rest back at camp in danger too." Phillip said. "We have to do something Phil." Hank said, "I know I'd hope the rest of you would do something if it were me and Carroll instead."

"We don't have time to go back for any of the older boys, and we need to act while its still dark." David said. The finally agreed, and headed towards the light, the plan was to surround the Indians camp, start shooting avoiding the Davidson's. If any of the Indians tried to run, then the others were to jump on their horses and follow at a distance hollering and shooting. The men spread out Hank and his son riding off to the east, Phillip to the west, David waited for the men to get positioned. While he waited, he watched the raping of Esther Davidson, it had been along time for David, since he'd gotten the clap, and the doctor shoved the hot iron rod down his piss hole, David found that getting hard was not only painful, but seldom. Now as he watched the scene below, the Indians now had added a third to her abuse, Herman sat there and sobbed. Esther was sucking a cock, getting fucked in her hot pussy, and one in her tight ass.

David thought to himself, she almost looks like she's enjoying it, then as he'd formed this thought, the cock in her mouth popped out, she grabbed it and started to lick it, teasing the head, poking her tongue into his piss hole. David stared in disbelief, Esther was enjoying it, she let out a moan her hips grinding against the cocks in her other holes. "Esther, I can't believe you, you fucking whore, you're loving it!" Herman spat at his wife. An Indian standing near, kicked him again, and again, he started to keep time with the fucking going on behind him. David's attention returned to Esther, he felt the unfamiliar stirring's of a hard on in the making. He couldn't believe he was getting hard from watching the slut fuck these Indians. Knowing the men had time to get into position, David aimed into the camp, and opened fired, he yelled loudly, "You men take off to the right, the rest to the left, well pin them down and kill them all!"

As soon as he fired the first shot, the others followed suit, shooting and yelling, the camp site was in a commotion. The Indians shouting grabbing what they could, the ones that had been in Esther jumped and started running for their horses. The one that had been kicking Herman, drew a knife, before David could get a shot off, he plunged the knife deep into Herman. "NOOOOOO!" David shouted, he fired at the Indian before he could get near Esther. David ran through the camp after the Indian, firing off into the night aiming into the darkness. He ran a little further into the darkness and stopped, he heard and saw Phillip riding off after the fleeing Indians, he walked back over toward the area that Hank and Jr. had been.

He saw Hank kneeling over his son, one of the Indians and sliced the boy as he ran past. David knelt and helped Hank tend to the boy, Hank looked at David with questioning eyes, David lowered his head and shook it. Even though Esther was still alive, he had other plans for her, and if the others thought she was dead as well, then it wouldn't matter if he had the clap or not. "Take the boy back to camp, the women can tend to his wounds better there."

David said as Phillip came riding up at that moment. "Well?" Phillip asked. David looked at him and shook his head. "Damn, so we risked everything for nothing, and Jr. got hurt to boot." Phillip whined. "Phillip, help Hank get Jr. back to camp, I'll take care of things here." David said. Phillip not wanting to even see what the savages had done to his friends agreed quickly. Once the boy was on his horse, the three rode off, Hank looked at David and said, "Watch your back David, them Indians are sneaky, they might come back."

"I don't think so, but I will, tell my family I'll be home shortly." David said as the three rode off towards their camp. Once David couldn't see the trio anymore he returned to the campfire, kneeling he checked Herman, he looked over at Esther, she was now curled up into a ball sobbing. When he touched her, she screamed, then seeing it was David, she flung herself into his arms. David felt his cock rising, he caressed her face, then moved his hand down to her breast, Esther stiffened at his touching her breast. "What are you doing David?" she asked as she tried to pull away. "You fucking whore, you slobber all over them Indians, and when a real man touches you, you pull away."

He snapped. David stood, removed his boots, and his pants, he stroked his cock to its full length. Esther gasped when she saw the monster cock, when she realized he intended on trying to put that thing in her she started to scramble away. David grabbed the woman and flung her onto her belly, he shoved as much of his cock into her abused hole. Esther screamed, never in her life had she felt anything so big, never in her life had she thought a man capable of having such a cock. She wondered if David's mother had fucked a horse or donkey before getting pregnant with David. Just as she was getting used to the monster in her, she got another surprise, David pulled all the way out and put the tip of his dick on her asshole and started to push. "NO David! Not there, please, I'll suck it and fuck it, but not in my ass." she begged.

"Shut up whore!" David yelled. With that he shoved his cock deep into her ass, Esther thought she'd pass out from the pain. After four strokes David had his cock buried deep inside the woman's ass, after another ten strokes, Esther had grown accustomed to the monster cock. She started to enjoy being filled, truly filled for the first time in her life. She started to push back against David's thrusts. Esther started to moan and talk nasty to David, telling him to fuck her ass like the slut whore she was.

David was really enjoying it, so much was the couple into what they were doing, they failed to hear what was coming until it was too late. When David turned his head, everything went black, he'd been struck in the face with a war club. He fell like a rock, his cock pulling out of Esther's ass, popping out with an audible pop. Esther squealed, not sure if it were in fear or delight. The Indian threw her over his shoulder and ran off into the night, leaving the two men to get cold together.

Chapter 11

The men arrived back at the camp site, soon everyone was up and in a hurry, the women scrambled to making things ready to take care of Jr.'s wounds. Peter approached Phillip and inquired about his father, Phillip explained that he'd stayed behind to clean up after what the Indians had left. Adding that he'd be along as soon as he could. Peter was half relieved, half disappointed that David had survived, he looked at Betsy, she was crying hysterically into Patty's shoulder. He went over to comfort her the best he could, Patty went to help the women reheat the food, and tend to the men's needs after trying to save their friends.

"Why, Peter, why did they have to kill my ma and pa? " Betsy sobbed. Peter stroked her hair, hugging her and rocking her. "Shh Betsy, it'll be alright, I'll take care of you. You can live with me and Patty, or Patty can join us when she's able." Peter said. Betsy looked at him through tear filled eyes, "You mean it Peter? You want me?" She sniffled. Smiling, Peter said as he caressed her cheek, "Betsy, I couldn't ask for a more beautiful wife, I know your ma and pa would approve of us. I know you'll make a good wife too." He leaned down and kissed her deeply, as his lips parted from hers he whispered. "Betsy, will you marry me?"

"Yes, yes, yes." she replied and kissed him back. As soon as things had calmed down some in the camp and everyone was sitting around the campfire, Peter and Betsy walked up. "I have an announcement." Peter said, "I've asked Betsy to marry me, and she's accepted." Only the crickets could be heard chirping at first, then Patty let out a squeal of glee. Soon the rest were cheering and clapping, coming up and shaking the young couples hands. Sarah walked up, kissed her son gently on the cheek, smiled at Betsy and welcomed her into their family. Peter thought he saw a look of sadness in her eyes, but as quick as it appeared it was gone. Little did any of the group realize what had taken place would soon change all of the O'Shea family's life.

After some celebrating they decided to save the real party for when they arrived to the area they'd picked to be their new homes. Gradually everyone started to get into their bed rolls and go to sleep. Betsy and Peter, kissed good night, she went and crawled amongst the rest of the O'Shea girls. Peter, still not sure all was safe, sat up waiting for his father to return, staring at the embers of the dying campfire, he hoped he'd made the right decision in asking Betsy to marry. A noise behind him made him turn with a start, he saw in the moon light and the light from the fire, it was Sarah his mother, she was in her night gown. The sweat made the thin material translucent, he could see her nipples and the patch of fur between her legs. He stood as she came to him, wrapping her arms around him, she kissed him deeply, like a lover instead of a mother. "Are you sure this is what you want Peter?" She asked, searching his face.

They sat, and his mother soon was pouring her heart out to him, saying how she'd only just discovered the joy of pleasure her oldest son could give her. They moved away from the camp, kissing, he untied her gown letting it fall to the ground around her feet. He kissed his way down her body, pausing at her nipples, then again at her navel and hip bones. He lowered her to the grass spreading her legs, and started to suck and lick her hot, wet, slit. He sucked her till she came, then lowering his trousers, he entered her in one thrust causing a gasp of surprise and joy to escape her lips. She whispered they'd have to hurry before his father returned, then wrapped her legs around her son's waist and let him pump in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. It took longer than she was expecting, never knowing that sex could last longer than a few pumps.

Sarah felt her second orgasm rising, building, she gripped her son's shoulders tightly, her pussy starting to spasm on his cock. When Peter felt his mother start to cum a second time, and her pussy started to squeeze him, that's all it took to push him over the edge, his cock swelling the shooting his seed deep into his mothers womb. They lay there for a while, soon they dozed, they slept for several hours. Patty gently touched Peters arm, whispering, "Peter, you two better get up and get presentable before the rest of the camp starts to stir." Peter woke with a start, it was still dark, but he could see dawn forming on the horizon, smiling at his twin, he kissed her deeply, then they turned and looked at their mother. She was smiling in her sleep, it'd been a long time since she had any reason to smile.

They gently woke their mother, Sarah searching her daughters face, Patty smiled and said, "We'll talk later, Ma." Sarah got her gown and went to the wagon and changed into her dress. Sarah and Patty started breakfast, Peter went to the stream to clean up. No one had realized yet that David still had not returned, it wasn't until after people were sitting around eating breakfast, when Jr. said, "Thomas, where's your Pa? I wanted to talk to him about last night." When they realized David hadn't returned, Thomas ran to the stream and told Peter. Peter, Hank, Phillip and Thomas saddled horses and rode fast back to the area from the night before.

As they came up over a ridge of a hill they saw the smoke from the Indians camp. When they arrived, Thomas cried out, "NO, PA!" He jumped from his horse and ran for his fathers body. The rest dismounted quietly, and walked into the camps grim scene. Apparently during the night the rest of the Indians came back into the camp to finish, they'd stripped both men, scalped them and left them for the buzzards. Peter looked around and saw the clothes belonging to Esther Davidson, the rest of the clothes were gone, he looked all over the camp but couldn't find Mrs. Davidson's body. He couldn't believe it, they'd taken her body with them. Little did any of them know that Esther Davidson, had now be come, Grunting Dog, an Indian whore that traveled with the war parties and scouting parties making sure the Indian soldiers were taken care of sexually. Esther, Grunting Dog, was now truly happy. The men quickly dug shallow graves, and placed the two men into their final resting place.

Thomas still sobbing over the lose of his father, mounted his horse, Peter knew that the up coming moments in camp were going to be sad. He knew that for most this wasn't going to be that sad of a moment, but the younger members of his family didn't understand the monster their father could be. But the closer they got to camp, the more it sunk into Peter's mind, he was now the head of the O'Shea family, his dream was coming true. Now he could have his mother, his sisters and Betsy, all living as husband and wives, this he knew would help ease the pain and suffering that the rest might feel.

Chapter 12

At the camp, after all had expressed their sadness for their lose, Peter called a family meeting. Once they were all away from the rest of the group, Peter told the rest of the family his plan, he told the boys of the family they could stay as long as they wanted, they could participate in the sexual goings on or not. Same with the girls, Betsy and he were getting married, but he'd still have Sarah and Patty as his wives also, and any of his other sisters that wanted to be wives could join as well. All the girls were thrilled, and the boys said they'd stay until they found women of their own and would help Peter get the house built and make sure the crops were planted and all, before even thinking about leaving.

The rest of the camp thought the O'Shea's were having a private good bye for David, little did they know the real intent of the meeting. Peter, came into the camp site and said, "We'll be continuing onward, as close as I can figure, we've got about two more months of riding before we get to the area that's been allotted to us for our homes." With that, they broke camp and headed west, at the first Fort they came to, they stopped and reported what had happened. Peter and Betsy were also married, then continuing on, the ride to the new area was very uneventful. Of course there was the honeymoon sex, which to Peter's delight, his mother and sister's soon joined in.

The other O'Shea men liked what Peter had, after getting settled, the cabin they built had several rooms for sleeping, but the plan was to fill those with children, the main sleeping room, was big enough for all to sleep in a pile if they wanted. Thomas was the first to find a young bride from a neighbor almost 20 miles away, a few months after they were married, her sister came to live with them, she was soon taken in as a second wife. As the area grew, and more people came there to live, soon each O'Shea man had at least 4 wives. One day a stranger came riding up to the O'Shea farm, "Hello," he said, "This has got to be the most beautiful place I've ever seen, I could see a huge body of water over to the west. I see happy families everywhere, big families too, I might add."

"Yea, that old lake is pretty to look at, but not much use for anything else. Dang thing is salty as the ocean." The stranger couldn't believe his ears, "So what are they calling this area then?" He asked. "Salt Lake City." Peter replied, he walked back into his house full of wives and kids, little did he know he'd started something that many to come would continue with.

Men would soon flock to the area just so they could have more than one wife. Peter was happy, as he looked out over his family, his mother was pregnant, his sisters were pregnant, and Betsy was pregnant. So far, eleven children had been added to Peter O'Shea's family, more to come, and when the girls were old enough, more wives would be added also. Peter started Salt Lake City, so others could live without the fear of others condemning them for their lifestyle, hundreds of years after his death, his way of life would become a secret once again. People feeling the way Peter did, would have to hide their feelings and love behind closed doors. But up till his death at the ripe old age of 104, Peter was truly happy with the way things turned out.

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