tagIncest/TabooWestward Bound Ch. 7 - 9

Westward Bound Ch. 7 - 9


The saga continues, if this is you're first time reading Westward Bound, please take the time to read the first few chapters so you won't be lost. For those of you that have written, thank you for your kind words and support. I'll try and post more of the story soon. Enjoy.

Chapter Seven

Herman and Esther Davidson had decided to leave their comfortable cabin to head out for the west, in search of a place of their own, for the past 12 years they'd sweat and bled for a way to get by on a share croppers farm. They felt blessed that they had their loving daughter, Betsy, she was growing quickly into a beautiful young woman, they'd hoped she'd been married by now, bringing a husband into their family. Herman needed an extra set of hands, Betsy and Esther did all they could, but it took both of them to do the work a man or older boy could do. Herman loved his family, and would do anything for them, he knew that life on the frontier was going to be rough and dangerous, but if they didn't try, then he was going to die on land that didn't even belong to him. Herman met Esther at a barn raising, he fell in love with her the minute he laid eyes on her.

He asked her father permission to court her, Esther's Father gave his approval, three months later, they were getting married. Three months after that, she was pregnant, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. They'd been trying ever since to have more, but they never could produce anymore offspring. Unknown to Herman, Esther was fooling around when he was off on hunting trips, and any other time she could spread her legs while her husband was gone. She'd gotten pregnant, and wasn't sure who the father was, now 18 years later, she knew that Herman wasn't the father of Betsy. Esther saw Betsy when she came running back into camp, she looked flush, she went over to check on her daughter. "You feeling ok Betsy?" She asked. "I'm fine mamma, just a little hot from running." Betsy replied. Seeing her daughters hair wet, she thought a nice refreshing dip in the water would be a very welcomed event. She told her daughter to tend to the fire and watch the food she was cooking. Heading off towards the stream, Esther wondered if she was going to be able to have sex with Herman tonight.

Lost in thought of having Herman slam his hard cock into her, she almost walked into a situation that would've proved to be very embarrassing for all. She was watching a mother let her son, suck her and fuck her for all they were worth. At first she was repulsed by it, then as she thought about it, she was so turned on. She lifted her dress, placing her hand inside her undergarments, she started to finger her clit. When the incestuous couple came, so did Esther, she quickly hid behind some bushes till the mother and son left. She hurried into the clearing and removed her clothes, and dove into the water. Floating on her back, Esther relished the feeling of the sun on her naked body, as she floated, she drifted off into another world, letting her hand and fingers play on her hot, wet pussy.

Herman got back to the camp, saw Betsy at the camp fire, she was so beautiful he thought to himself, it was all he could do to keep from having his way with her. He loved to watch her bathe, he also had caught her fingering herself one morning in the barn, if he'd known she wouldn't have caused a scene, he'd have walked in and given her a hand. Betsy turned and saw her father approaching, automatically her eyes went from his face, to his crotch, sure enough his cock was starting to rise. This made Betsy feel very special, knowing she could maker her father hard just by letting him look at her. "Where's your Ma?" He asked. "She went to the stream to cool off, Pa." The young girl told him.

Smiling, he leaned down and kissed her forehead, almost running towards the stream, as he came around some bushes, he almost knocked Peter and his mother over. Quick apologies and he was back on his way towards his sexy wife, he knew that she'd been unfaithful to him in their early years of the marriage, so had he, but they were both young. He had one thing to be thankful for, Betsy, he knew that she wasn't his, but he still thought of her that way, raising her, not letting on that he knew other wise. He peered through the bushes, Esther was floating on her back, her large breasts looked as if they were what was keeping her afloat. Her thick hairy pussy, looked like a patch of moss or grass floating on the water. His cock grew longer and harder, he stripped off, and eased into the water, unknown to Esther. Sinking down he swam up under his wife, grabbing her by the waist, he shot straight up into the air, tossing her high, she screamed out in terror before she plunged into the water. H

erman was standing there laughing as she came back up in a panic, unsure of what had grabbed her, tossed her, it scared her so badly, she'd started pissing allover the place. When she heard Herman laughing, she knew what had happened, she turned and hit at him, laughing now herself. Herman grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him quickly, their mouths locking together, her legs wrapping around him tightly. She could feel his hard cock pressing between her lips, and against her belly. She loved his big cock, it wasn't the largest she'd ever had, but it was the one that fit just right, giving her that perfect feeling. They moved to the waters edge, Herman looked deep into her face, "I love you, Esther." He said. "I love you, Herman." Esther said as she kissed him passionately. Laying her on the grass, he slid his hard cock into her wet hole, plunging in deeply, Esther let out a sound that was between a growl and a moan, almost a purr. Their love making was so intense, that neither heard anything going on around them.

The Indian scouts, heard Esther's screams, they went back to look, they saw the big man and the woman kissing. They watched with growing hardon's as the man plunged into the small woman. They knew they were taking a risk, but they wanted this white woman, they wanted her badly. They worked quickly and quietly, neither of the couple heard the Indians approach, Esther saw the first one, but before she could react, the second one hand clubbed Herman in the back of the head. Out cold, Herman collapsed on top of her, knocking the wind out of her, she was unable to scream for help. She saw the front flap of the first Indian's loin clothe sticking up, she knew they were going to rape her, these savages, these animals, were going to touch her. She swooned at the thought, feeling her husbands softening cock still in her, looking at the Indians hardon, she started to cum herself. She heard them talking, then she blacked out.

Chapter Eight

Supper was done, and her parents still weren't back. Betsy didn't know if she was jealous, or made because she knew what they were doing. She'd give them a little longer before she went down to get them. She wondered over to the O'Shea's camp site, talking to the girls of that family. The one thing Betsy hated about her life, was the fact that she never had a brother or a sister, she grew up alone, played alone, it wasn't until she started going to school that she even saw another child her age. Before long she felt like she was part of the family, they even teased her about Peter, she blushed at this, not knowing if she should tell the girls about what had happened at the stream earlier. Sarah O'Shea called out to her family that supper was ready, Betsy told the girls she had to go to the stream and fetch her parents, Robin told Betsy she'd go with her if she wanted. Betsy, told the girl she'd love the company. They ran off together into the trees in search for the Davidson's.

"You know, I was with Peter earlier." Betsy confessed to Robin. "Really? What did y'all do?" Robin asked in excitement. "We had some fun, but he kept calling me Beth, I didn't want to ruin the moment, or embarrass him, so I didn't say anything." She confided to the youngest female O'Shea. Laughing, Robin explained, "That was Peter's last girlfriends name back home. He didn't mean anything by it, he just called you that out of habit. You'll see."

The girls giggled and continued on down to the stream, telling Robin if they were quiet on their approach they might get to see her parents fucking, so the snuck up quietly. As they peered through the bushes, they expected to watch a good show, instead, the clearing was empty. They entered the clearing, looking around as they emerged, no one was there, Betsy saw her mothers clothes over on a rock, she went over and picked them up. "Surely they didn't go back to the camp naked." She said out loud. Both girls scanned the area, finding nothing, they decided to go back to the camp and see if they were there. Betsy carried her mothers clothes with her. As they were leaving the clearing, Robin almost tripped over something, she picked the object up, it was Herman Davidson's clothes. This really worried Betsy, she knew her father would never leave his clothes just laying around. They ran back to camp, hoping the couple was there already.

Sarah O'Shea looked up from the iron kettle she was cooking supper in, she saw her youngest and the Davidson girl come running up, they both had clothes in their hands. At first she thought the girls were playing a trick on the Davidson's. But the girls frightened looks, told her they weren't playing around. Quickly and out of breath the girls told her what they'd found at the stream, Betsy's worst fears were quickly becoming reality when she was told her parents weren't there. David O'Shea came riding up at that moment, he saw the young girls with frightened looks on their faces, concern on his wife's.

When told what was going on, David yelled for Peter, Thomas, and Robert, he also yelled for Hank Brooks, Phillip McPherson, and hollered for them to bring their boys too. The men gathered at the O'Shea fire, they all carried rifles, David explained that the Davidson's were missing, and they needed to see if they could find them. James Brooks, ran over and grabbed his coon dogs rope, "Ole Bessie will find them." He boasted. He was proud of his coon dog, she had won him several prizes at different events. He took Herbert's pants from Robin, he winked at her as he did, putting the pants to Bessie's nose, he handed the pants back to Robin.

He then reached down unfastening the rope around the dogs neck, "Go get em girl!" James encouraged his dog. Immediately the dog started sniffing the ground, and started to bellow out her lonesome cry, she ran towards the trees, the men all followed. James ran behind his dog, she took the men to the spot where Herbert had removed his clothes. "Go on girl, find him." He told the dog. Again she started sniffing the ground, she ran on through the brush, everyone followed. In the clearing Bessie ran up to the waters edge, sniffing quietly, she moved over a few feet, then stopped. She started to bellow and howl, James knew something was wrong, he ran to her, there on the ground it was as if someone had painted the grass red. He placed his finger into it, he drew back a blood covered finger.

The other men came running up, all grew quiet when they saw James' finger. "Look for him, girl!" James ordered the dog. She immediately sniffed the ground, she bellowed and ran over to a shallow area of the stream, she crossed the stream, sniffed the other shore, bellowed and took off. The men followed, when they came out of the trees, it was open land again. Bessie had come to a spot and sat, James looked, there were several sets of horse tracks, riding off into the distance, the tracks were of horses that had not been shoed. This could only mean one thing, Indians. They ran up towards the top of a hill, the tracks went on towards the horizon. James was petting and praising his dog for a job well done. The group returned to the camp in a hurry.

Chapter Nine

Every eye in camp were on the men as they returned to camp, "Did you find my parents, Mr. O'Shea?" Betsy asked tears filling her eyes. "Not yet young lady." David replied, trying to sound hopeful. The men went to the area where the horses were, David said he'd go, and wanted his boys to stay with the family to protect them, Both of the older men saddled their horses, as well as James Brooks, although he tied Bessie back up to the wagon. The men all rode out, telling the ones that stayed, that if they didn't return by sun up, they were to break camp and head west, if they came across any soldiers, they were to tell them what had happened. Peter walked back to the camp site, his little harem was standing there looking at him, a few with lust in their eyes. Betsy ran to him, burying her face into his chest crying, "Oh, Peter, what am I going to do?" Peter, wrapped his arms around the girl in a protective manner, he looked up and caught his mothers eye's, jealousy and hatred was what he saw.

Smiling at her, he put his fingers under the girls chin, lifted her face towards his, and gently kissed her on the lips. He heard a gasp escape from her lips as well as his mothers and several of his sisters, he looked at Patty, she was smiling, licking her lips, his mother was so mad, she almost tipped the kettle over that was filled with their supper. "Let's everyone come eat." Sarah said, in hopes that the young slut would leave her sons arms. She couldn't believe how she was feeling, this was her son, but only moments earlier, he had been between her legs, the same place 21 years before he'd came from. She wanted hem there again, she didn't want to share him with anyone, though she knew she would if that was what it took to get him back into her on a regular basis.

As she was filling bowls with the hot food, she breathed a little easier as she saw the girl pull out of Peters arms. The camp turned and watched as the men left the camp site, as soon as they cleared the trees, they urged their horses into a gallop, racing towards the trail of horse tracks. Everyone sat by the fire as they ate, Peter could feel his cock getting hard from the warmth the fire cast upon his crotch. He couldn't believe that he was getting hard again, not after all he'd been through today so far. When he heard his Pa say he'd be leaving, and Peter had to stay to protect the family, a fantasy formed in his head, Peter was now the head of the O'Shea family, and once he was settled into a place, he'd have all of the O'Shea women and treat them as his wives.

Betsy came and sat down beside Peter, she was still shaking, tears flowing, Peter sat his plate down and put an arm around the girl in comfort. Leaning into her, he pressed his lips to her ear whispering that all would be ok. When he looked up, he saw all the O'Shea women eyes focused on him, some looked on as if nothing were wrong, some with jealousy, some with lust. Peter knew that for this to work, he'd have to lay down the law and make it stick. "Patty, will you take Betsy and see that she gets some rest." Peter said to his twin, the way he said it made it sound more like a request but still had the firmness of an order. Nodding as she came to the girls side, Patty helped her to her feet and ushered the girl off to the wagon. Peter stood, scanned the group of women and said, "You all best get some rest too, me and the boys will make sure nothing happens while you sleep."

At this point Sarah snapped out of her dream like state, she'd been thinking what it'd be like to be able to have her son anytime she wanted or needed, agreeing with Peter, she started to get the rest of the girls ready for bed. Peter had the rest of the male members of his family and the older boys from the other family and sat down to discuss who would take what turn standing guard.

Peter knew he wouldn't be able to sleep, he posted a boy on opposite ends of the camp, while he wandered around amongst the wagons. In moments everyone was settled and sleeping, the crickets chirping, the frogs croaking, the soft gentle snores of the younger kids in camp. His mind wandered off into the distance, wondering what his Pa and the other men found, he wanted all to return safe but secretly wished for his fantasy to come true of his becoming the head of the family. He wouldn't know what was happening till morning, then they'd all learn what fate had dealt them.

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