tagFetishWet Weekend Ch. 01

Wet Weekend Ch. 01


The months passed and then one day Martin surprised me during the holiday from college by asking if I'd like to fly to Greece. He was going to visit the family and stay over at the house for a long weekend of food, video games, and to do a little swimming.

I jumped at the chance especially when he said that, in the pool, the whole family indulged in games - both on the surface AND underwater. He commented that he hoped I could swim very very well! Friday afternoon arrived and we took off for our first leg to Athens.

We got to Athens and took the two hour flight to 'the island' and made our way over to the house with our swimming trunks, towel, and other things I would need for the weekend. I took my regular baggy shorts, my nylon running shorts, and I also took along my skimpy bikinis in case I got a bit friendlier with the girls.

I met Martin's mother, an attractive women of around forty with long red hair. She showed me to the guest bedroom. Said she hoped I would be comfortable. (The view was gorgeous and in the distance, I could see girls on the beach in swimming in the warm salt water. Yes, I was comfortable!)

I could not wait to see HER in a swimsuit! She had a great body and Martin said that she liked to show it. (As if that was a bad thing...) At dinner that evening, I met the rest of the family when they got back from the beach.

I was very interested in seeing the two girls in their swimsuits after I laid eyes on them. Martin's elder sister, twenty four year-old Sue, and his younger sister Traci who was nineteen were well developed with slim firm bodies. They both retired early and soon the house was quiet.

After an evening of Martin and me playing card games we both went our bedrooms. I lay awake in the quiet of the spare room imagining fun and games in the water. I liked both the younger AND the elder sister but I hoped to get the older girl alone. She had smiled at me and given me a look that brought instant arousal at dinner.

After breakfast the next morning, I was asked to go with Martin and do some of the weekly shopping so off we went to the supermarket leaving the girls to mind the house. I was beginning to wonder if we were actually going to do any swimming. It was nearly lunchtime by the time we returned and another half hour had gone by the time we had unpacked and stowed the shopping into the various cupboards.

I needn't have worried though - after a light lunch followed by an hour of sitting up the sun chatting poolside -the mother suggested that we all get changed into our swimwear and cool off in the pool. She said to me that usually Martin swam nude so she had no objection to me doing that as well. I asked what the girls wore and she said that I would have to wait and see. Nude nude nude, PLEASE, let it be nude!

With a feeling of excitement running through me I went to my bedroom, slipped on my trunks and then looked at myself in the mirror. They were OK but too American looking. I changed into my too--tight red Speedo swimsuit, looked at myself critically, hesitated for a moment, and finally headed back to the pool. I passed by the changing room leading to the grotto (grotto?) and noticed the sign on the gate leading to the pool:

WARNING! Bathing Suits are a major contributor to drowning deaths!

Formal research shows that in 99.99 % of drowning deaths the victims were invariably wearing either a bathing suit or some other equally inappropriate article(s) of clothing!

Whereas people who avoid the bathing suit, thereby swimming naturally as God intended (so-called skinny dippers) tended to tempt this ill fate of accidental drowning far less often and in fact any incident of drowning while naked is virtually undocumented anywhere!

At the least there should be this WARNING Label on EVERY bathing suit:

WARNING: besides unsightly tan lines this product has (at the least) been shown to be closely associated with drowning deaths!

Any attempt to try to swim in this thing could result in immediate death! Federal Law prohibits "swimming while impaired" by bathing suit. Do your bit by swimming naked everywhere and every time. Show your patriotism (among other things) and set a good example for your fellow man by avoiding fabric.

Hmmmm -- a sense of humor. I liked that. I kept MY pants on and pushed thought the gate to the pool. Everyone was in swimsuits except Martin. He did not even comment as he stood naked on the high diving board with Coke can in his hand. I did not feel too underdressed looking up at him from below -- his fairly large cock and hairy scrotum prominently displayed. He did not arouse me -- the girls that were all around me did!


The older sister, Sue, wore a French-style white mesh one-piece with high cut legs and a form fit top. She was dark and exotic looking. You could clearly make out the twin humps of her naked twat through the fabric! Her nipples were practically sticking through the course fabric. Sue was a kick -- I do not think there is anything that she would not do and the next few days would add to my confirmation of this.


The younger girl, Traci, wore a Brazilian-style bikini in light pink also in a very sheer fabric. I predicted that it would become transparent when wet. Traci was very tough and almost a Tomboy. She was always trying to live up to Sue's challenges. I admired her little bottom as she turned and walked along the side of the pool.

The Mother

The mother wore a red "one piece" the same exact color, fabric, and brand as my swimsuit. It was also the same size but on her it fit! Her but was smaller than mine. I guessed that the skinny-dipping sign was just a joke. (?) Or maybe it was because I was here...

The pool was tiled in a deep blue which gave the water a bluish look. There was a set of three wide steps leading down into the water on one end and a diving board at the opposite end. At the bottom of the last step, the water dropped to over five and a half feet deep and I realized that Traci and Martin would have to tread water in this depth to keep their heads above water.

After a safety-line of black tiles halfway down the length of the pool, the depth plummeted to almost sixteen feet. (!) Looking down into the deep water I could see that the steel pool ladder went all the way to the bottom. My attention was diverted by a small squeal as Sue gave Traci a hard shove into the deep end and watched with a grin as she went in with a huge splash and sank underwater. She went down long way sending up a small stream of bubbles before she thrashed back to the surface to gasp for air.

This was the signal for everyone else to jump or dive into the pool and I was glad that I could swim fairly well as it soon became apparent that all the family were great swimmers. They had probably learned at an early age in this very pool.

Soon we were all laughing and splashing each other and occasionally climbing out of the pool to jump or dive back into the deep water. Even the views of seeing Martin repeatedly climbing spread legged naked up on the diving board above me soon lost its shock factor. In fact, I wanted to strip off my suit and do that as well.

To be continued...

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